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  1. Color Rush unis

    I think the away jerseys are the best in sports. Just White with a little blue. I'm not sure if the color rush was that inverted but i liked them.
  2. Would You?

    hes worth the risk. remarkable talent
  3. The facepalm looks like something else to me or are you saying you want the colts to take Chubb.
  4. if they want ricky williams, i want their entire draft this year and their entire draft next year otherwise i'll stick where i am and pick edgerrin james.
  5. Matthias Farley - Trade Bait??

    lets try to keep all the good players
  6. Twilight Zone

    As reruns but I was obsessed with them
  7. Twilight Zone

    I’m not sure we’re good enough for a twilight zone. Maybe an outer limits.
  8. Colts rule out five for Thursday night

    Confucius say you already have with that attitude
  9. Saw a report Ron Meyer has passed away .

    He did sign harbaugh and said harbaugh and Walter Payton were the most competitive people he ever met.
  10. Player IR List

    I was trying to remember what put Anderson out. So crazy. At least we know he will be at full strength next year
  11. Jags This Sunday Will Say Alot

    I hope you play the pats in the playoffs. Strength against strength and weakness against weakness. Would/will be a good game. Of course I hope you win it
  12. Basham Deserves Some Praise

    Welp, I wanted Tim Williams and he has zero sacks so Basham is a steal over how I would have destroyed this team if I was the gm
  13. If luck does not return, i would rather stick with Brissett for another season, build the d. maybe get a qb the next year