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  1. The next one. (hopefully pick #32 of the 2018 nfl draft)
  2. Pagano is supposed to be a DB whisperer so this could be a perfect draft for him to show what he can do too.
  3. I was surprised that it didn't save his job but glad it didn't. This draft and the free agent moves is very impressive. Lets hope they work out.
  4. if only the nfl network was playing "return of the mack" like a few years ago.
  5. That would make my day. I want carl Lawson if he is there first but for rb definitely Marlon Mack and hope he can cure his fumblitis
  6. A urine screen isn't the only test out there. They can easily give him a hair follicle test that will show results for the last 90 days. Failing for dilution is not a reason in my mind to pass on him at all. He will be a steal at 15.
  7. Welp I bet a friend 500 that they'd win 10 games so that's it for me. But really making the playoffs would make me happy
  8. is lamp in the top 15? To me this sounded more like get ready for OJ Howard.
  9. Marlon Mack for me
  10. Take Mixon off and I like it.
  11. It's not a legal term of art for a contract or anything. Just a player betting on themselves to get more in free agency the next year.
  12. This list. Nearly in order for me

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