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  1. Wow. Thank you for posting that.
  2. Rso: hooker - I'm believing the hype! bo: I agree with Clark but think Luck will show what he really can do and will be in serious MVP discussion bd: tough one as the d needs to gel. I'm going vontae rtw: I'm really excited to see marlon Mack mist improved from last year to this: Chester rogers
  3. I think the 3rd year is the time when receiviers either have it or not. Didn't Reggie take a little time? ill take a chance and say he puts it together this year.
  4. Who is your favorite safety? Ok who other than bob sanders if that's the answer. I was a big Belser fan and remember polian saying if you liked Belser you'll love sanders when he drafted him. He was right for me but Belser was gritty. I was really sorry to see Adams go but geathers is easy to like. I feel like that's been a good position for us. QBs and safeties have been strong imo.
  5. Can you imagine if we took the best players from all 32 teams today and created a 10 team league then one of those players led the league in passing, interceptions, and punting?
  6. that was pretty funny. I tell you that you made a personal attack which was questioning my knowledge of language instead of making a point in the argument, state that I could say something personal too, then I ask you a reasonable question to get back on track and you respond that your personal attack was just an observation meaning that you are doubling down on the original attack and avoid my question which would continue the real argument. The argument devolves further and further when you bring personal attacks- which is attacking the person instead of their argument if you don't know. I don't want to go forward with that. Anyway, I don't see any value in continuing with you. You're can feel you are right that if I don't agree with you then I must not know what great means.
  7. No. I'm pretty good with the English language. I can make a personal attack against you also and say I don't think you are being rational or objective but what's the point? It's fine. That's why you're a fan. Let me ask you this. How many wins do you think the Colts would have had if they had an average punter and kickoff guy - say jeff locke - instead of Pat? 8-8 still I think. You know that is true.
  8. I get that you think he was the greatest. I don't. I considered the kicking off and holding kicks. The whole fourth down army concept was kind of cool but I don't think he is going to be remembered 5 years from now by the average fan. I think he was good but I would hesitate on using the word great.
  9. I said I think he's good. I think he's just as good as the last lot we've had. Nothing super special. Its not like he's a punter and a runningback or linebacker or safety. he punts a few times a game and may throw a pass or run once a season. He was good but not good enough to stand out in nfl lore.
  10. I speak the truth! maybe you don't listen to the radio or your memory isn't that good. I don't know why you don't hear the calls ive heard. It may be that as a colts fan I listen for that talk more than other people here though too. Felger was shooting people down who were calling in regarding the hearing-aids just last week! And Zolak loves to bring up anything Colts or Grigson or Irsay. Pats fans comment on the Indystar articles and come in to Colts message boards all the time. I would agree that the hatred isn't to the level of the Yankees but those are the two teams in the respective sports that they seem to focus on more than others here. Even when they aren't playing them.
  11. Oh they certainly do. I live 2 miles from Gillette and listen to local sports radio. They hate the colts and Yankees here more than any other teams and constantly bring them up.
  12. That's great! It doesn't change that I never felt he was better than those that came before him. We are talking about punting right? I don't think I ever felt happy that when the colts were punting that pat would get it to the other teams 25 instead of the 30. I only care about a punt not being blocked or on the positive side being downed at the 1. I don't know who myles is or is that a publication or website? I wonder who holds the team records for special teams gunner. wait, no. I don't care about those records either.
  13. Don't get me wrong. He's a good player and I like him but even with those numbers (.7 diff plus i don't think ave punt is the best way to judge. Pinning inside the 20 would mean more to me) I wouldn't say he's better than those two and stark who I forgot about. I remember gardockis wife on bob and Tom or other media. Very charismatic. Not sure if she could punt.
  14. I read his book- my story and I'm sticking to it- very funny stuff. Up there with fatso for Balt colts books
  15. I hope he plays well this year but two years from now is when I will expect him to play well.

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