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  1. gspdx

    Question about Quenton

    Yes - that block where he picked up the 2nd guy coming in from the right side was amazing. No idea how he saw that coming. And the body slam. Wow. If he performs like this on a regular basis in the NFL he is definitely worth the #6 pick in my mind. It all starts up front.
  2. gspdx

    Culture Change

    Here is the quote: “The first day I got here I was like ‘Is this what a real organization feels like?'” Rogers said. “Just the energy, the culture, the atmosphere … it really feels different. I’m really loving it.” Don't see any comment about instability or the relationship between the GM and coach. Seems like you are making some assumptions here about his comment. That could be true but we don't know it from this statement. Maybe he didn't think Pagano did enough to like a fire. Or maybe he thought the game planning and preparation were lacking.
  3. gspdx

    Thoughts on Ballard's vision

    Rated higher? Do we know how Ballard's draft board is laid out? I will confess I don't follow this near as closely as many people do but do we even know how all of these players were rated by Ballard and his team?
  4. gspdx

    The big Nelson gamble

    I don't think we should waste our draft picks on anybody. It's just too risky!
  5. Is this some kind of weird competition? Are you going to look back 4 years down the road to see if you picked the busts better than someone else? Why are you "calling people out" on a message board? Lighten up man. There are way more important things in life.
  6. gspdx


    Yep. For most fans around the league he is old news and not very likely to make a comeback. I hope that is not true and would love to see him back at full strength this year.
  7. gspdx

    NFL removes Color Rush

    Let's hope so!
  8. gspdx

    Andrew Luck is freaking ripped

    The only book I want him reading right now it the new playbook.
  9. gspdx

    Andrew Luck is freaking ripped

    Depends on who you talk to. Many people are concerned about Mayfield's behavoir and many are also defenders of the way Cam acts. Personally I think any of this immature behavior could be improved. Just grow up man!
  10. gspdx

    Breakfast with Frank Reich

    He didn't say he's not worried. He said the issues don't scare him. And why should they? He will be on the sideline.
  11. gspdx

    OL Matt Slauson visiting Colts Tuesday

    We won't offer enough and he will sign with a division rival, or the Pats. Sorry, well you know the rest.
  12. gspdx

    Ballard explains free agency strategy.

    He has a plan and is sticking to his plan. I like that. We ,ight still find out as time goes on that we don't draft as well as we would like and this plan doesn't quite work out. A reality of any plan. But in the end I do agree with the approach. This will be his second draft. After his fourth draft and into the fourth season under Ballard I think we will know.
  13. gspdx

    Instant Karma

    I think Ballard is missing a huge untapped source of data and analysis. He should allow this board to manage all aspects of the Colts organization. We would win every Superbowl because the folks here are so savvy and in the know on what it takes to win a SB!
  14. Great move. Way better than over paying for some FAs.
  15. gspdx

    Mike Silver Calls out Ballard

    I bet Ballard is hiding in the corner of his office in the fetal position after being "called out" by Mike Silver. Wow.