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  1. This. CB now has 6 picks in the first 4 rounds to fill 4 big needs. Colts are in a great spot heading into the draft. Plus, they still have the flexibility to trade down and pick up another 2nd-4th if their guy will be there later in the 1st.
  2. This isn't how supply and demand works at all. I agree with the end of your post though. Exercising patience is never the easy route to take, although it's typically the right one.
  3. I like this draft a lot. I'd probably swap out Walker with a CB, but hard to complain about it as a whole. I still don't see any way Foster drops that far. Too many teams in front of us need play-making LB's. Can't see that many people passing even with his temper tantrum at the combine.
  4. That alone should result in much better production for a handful of guys in that locker room. Anyone that has ever worked for a bad manager knows how it can keep you from doing a job to the best of your ability. I'm looking forward to seeing who, if anyone, takes that leap next year.
  5. By the way, it looks like Jax still has more cap room than we started with. ($53 mil)
  6. Jacksonville is absolutely desperate to be relevant. I could see them telling DP they'll beat any offer Indy puts forward in both years and $$.
  7. Foster out of that group. After the Sidney Jones injury, Reddick is 2nd for me but isn't on the list.
  8. Maybe Lardarius Webb? He just got cut by the Ravens.
  9. I posted this on the main board but just now saw this thread. I like Kayvon Webster. 2013 3rd rounder for the Broncos that has been stuck behind Talib and Harris. He's been a special teams stud for Denver, but he just hasn't been able to get on the field with the two guys in front of him. Sounds like he's looking for a shot to start. I'd offer him a 2-3 mil per and let him compete with an early draft pick for the #2 spot. Measured out at 5'10 200lbs with a 4.41 forty. Plays very physical and would fit into the culture/play style Ballard is trying to build with the defense. Plus, I think guys like Webster and John Simon will have a chip on their shoulder to prove they should have been more than depth pieces on really good defenses.
  10. No, he's a former 3rd rounder for the Broncos. He's been buried behind Talib and Harris the past couple years. Still only 26. You have to think he wants a shot to start somewhere.
  11. I'd give Kayvon Webster a shot to fill the #2 spot. Draft another CB in the first two rounds and create some competition at that position.
  12. In this example, moving from #15 (1,050 points) to #22 (780 points) leaves a delta of 290 points. Pick 61 is valued at 292 points so you're looking at an extra late 2nd. Since those two picks don't align with the actual draft order, you're probably looking at something like this: #15 + #122 + #144 = 1,140 points for #22 + #54 = 1,140 points OR if you don't want to give up anything outside of #15, an almost even match would be: #15 = 1,050 points for #26 + #58 = 1,020 points Swapping #15 for #25 + #57 is a perfect match value wise, but that's the Texans so it would be a very cold day in hell if that happened.
  13. Matt Miller is a good one. He's doing an AMA as we speak on Reddit. I may throw together a post with some of the highlights. He's had a handful of interesting comments about some pretty popular prospects around here.
  14. I really liked some of Harris' game film before the combine. Thought he was a top 20-25 guy for sure. His combine numbers weren't very good for a true edge guy though. I would imagine you could get him early in the 2nd. 40 - 4.82 3 Cone - 7.47 20 Shuttle - 4.42 60 shuttle - 12.48

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