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  1. Hankins Released

    Wth kind of roller coaster am I on?
  2. Tremaine Edmunds. We missed on Hitchens and at 19yo, Edmunds could run that unit for the next 15 years if he lives up to his potential.
  3. Sounds a little bit like a guy we're about to let walk in FA.
  4. If either the Giants or Browns decide to draft anyone other than a QB, the value of the Colts pick skyrockets. We would then have line of sight to one of the top 2 QB's on the board and someone would almost surely throw together a king's ransom at #3 to trade up. Both Cleveland and NY know that. They would be dumb to pass on their guy at #1-2.
  5. I don't know what I thought the market would be for these guys, but Davante just set it. Offering $14-15M+ to Landry/Robinson really makes me think twice. That's almost $30M in salary to your top 2 options.
  6. Chubb 40 yard time

    More concerned with his 3-cone time. Bosa ran a 4.86 two years ago. Tamba Hali ran a 4.87 back in 2006. I'm sure there are plenty of other examples as well.
  7. Sounds about right. Who's next?
  8. Colts @ Steelers Preseason Game Night Thread

    Yeah. I'll take 3.0ypc against that line all day long. Don't care who is carrying the ball.
  9. Vontae Davis vs Sammy Watkins Week 1

    Rams still need to find someone to throw to him.
  10. Colts Sign Kaepernick......

    Great title.
  11. Basham's arms are almost 2" longer than Rivers too. Don't underestimate how much of a factor that is in the bench press. Plus, that longer arm length is going to be a much bigger aid to Basham in rushing the passer than a few extra reps would have been on the bench.
  12. 2 RB's will push Bray for return duties most likely.
  13. What in the world is happening to Desmond King? Wasn't he an early-2nd pick just a month or so back? Would love to see him in the Nickel role. Still think he has potential to be a strong #2 in the future.
  14. 2017 NFL Draft Day 1 Thread [Merge]

    I'm taking Foster if I'm the Browns. Garrett/Foster is quite the haul in Round 1.
  15. 2017 NFL Draft Day 1 Thread [Merge]

    Man. Charles Harris looks so good in highlights. Happy with Hooker but he would have been a great fit for our D.