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  1. brently76

    Carlos Hyde

  2. This thread could easily be a response to the multiple other threads going on in this forum regarding this topic. I've read this forum for 2 years now and man has the substance gone downhill.
  3. Davante Adams if Green Bay doesn't pay him.
  4. brently76

    First Game

    Expected the community to recommend a little more with all the views. Guess I'll try a root beer and check out the Peyton statue. Thank you neverstop.
  5. brently76

    First Game

    I'm going to my first nfl game this Sunday for the Titans game. I am pretty excited about it. Anyone have any suggestions for pregame festivities or must do activities at the stadium. Thanks!
  6. brently76

    Colin Cowherd Theory on Colts

    I wasn't implying that I wanted to trade him. I was simply providing a segment that I thought was interesting. Time will tell how this plays out.
  7. brently76

    Colin Cowherd Theory on Colts I didn't see this anywhere but feel free to remove if it has. I thought this was an interesting segment. Thoughts?
  8. brently76

    Colts Joe's League 2017

    I am going to have to remove myself from the league. Unfortunately I started a new job in a new industry that is going to take up a lot of my time. Thank you for the opportunity though.
  9. brently76

    Hard Knocks

    I have Evans in my keeper league so I am pretty excited. But the show itself was not as entertaining as it has been in the past. I was really disappointed when it was over.
  10. brently76

    Hard Knocks

    Anyone else excited for the season premiere tonight?
  11. I have Sundays off for the first time in 4 years so of course I'll watch. Go colts!
  12. brently76


    I think the situation is similar to when Tebow was in the league, not very good when teams figured him out and he brought a lot of unwanted attention and criticism from media and others for his off the field behavior.
  13. brently76

    Colts Joe's League 2017

    If there is still available spots open I would love to play. For some reason I wasn't able to send you a direct message. I have been reading the boards the last two years and just recently made an account. Let me know about the availibilty. Thanks!
  14. ESPN has Lewis rated as an 87 and Williams an 80. Based on that I would be happy with either one of them.