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  1. Jacoby Brissett and His Future

    All I'm saying and said it in the post. Most definitely keep him this year while Luck is out. But next year if the Colts can get a 1st for him I'd make that move. The reason why Garoppolo hasn't been traded is that Brady's career is about over and Jimmy is their future. Luck next year should be 100%.
  2. Jacoby Brissett and His Future

    I see your point and I agree but this guy is a starter in my mind. A league of Qb needy teams is what if a team offers a 1st or 2nd. This roster has many holes and the possibility of getting a high pick is something I can see Ballard being very interested in.
  3. Jacoby Brissett and His Future

    I don't know if this topic has been made before and lock it if it has but I've been reading that Jacoby is to valuable to be a back up and if he was traded the Colts could possibly get a good return for him. Personally I love Brissett and think he can be a starter in this league but this has me thinking. I think it's very possible the Colts could get a high pick in return. I'm not saying do it now but next year I can see Ballard getting as much picks as possible. Here's the Link to top NFL backups Here's another link talking about Brissett Bucky Brooks Scout
  4. Draft pick 2018?

    With the talent of OL in this year's draft. I would look to trade down and snag and extra pick or 2 and get a OT. There is not one worthy in the top 10 this year. One thing I love about Ballard is he goes BPA and focus on the OL and defensive front 7. It's true what they say. Come playoffs, it's a battle of the trenches.
  5. Who will be the next HC of the Indianapolis Colts?

    How about Shaw from Stanford. I personally would like to see him and Luck reunited.
  6. We have to....:

    Shaq Barret from Denver is a RFA this year. Dude is a very good 3-4 OLB but gets over shadowed by Von and Ray. Barret most likely will not be signed because Shane Ray will be due for a contract soon. Barrett is also 24 years old, so he is still very young.
  7. Interesting topic

    Even though Darnold looks like he will be a good Qb but that is not for sure. If that was to happen, I'm keeping Luck all day and use the draft picks to build a team around luck. Plus, Luck is only 28 and is barely entering his prime. In my eyes Luck is a generationall talent with no help.
  8. I Have A Feeling Moncrief Will Be Gone After Season.

    I agree with most. He has the tools but injury and putting it together he hasn't done. This is my personal preference, If I'm going into free agency I rather take Allen Robinson over Moncrief all day. If Allen was paired with Luck my god. I know Allen will cost more but this year's free agency class is weak. Pay a little bit more and get the top dog. Other options would be Pryor or Jeffrey even though Jeffrey's injuries are concerning as well.
  9. Possible Luck Update

    If this report is true I still don't think he has had a setback. I think the Colts are still doing the right thing and looking long term. This is something you simply do not want to rush and I think Andrew will even appreciate this more knowing the Colts is doing best by him. I'll say this. Newton had surgery on his shoulder, not as severe but I think they rushed him back a little bit too soon. There are some that say watching him he does not look right. As much as I want to see Luck it's the best thing is to make sure he is 100%
  10. Chuck Pagano Live

    One thing I don't get is I know luck is close but why it's taking so long for practice and all. Drew Brees shoulder was horrific with a complete tear, rotator cuff jacked and he was able to play 16 games that year. His injury even happened on December 31st.
  11. Starting O-Line

    If the coaching staff was comfortable with puthing haeg at RT they would. IMO he's better suited for guard at the nfl level just like mewhort is. What I think people need to understand is its very hard to play tackle at the next level especially learning new technique. Terron Armstead didn't play his first year and had struggles in his second year. That's the way it goes. To completely write off Clark and have Banner in my mind is foolish. Banner will not be able to keep up with edge rushers off the edge if he was to start. Clark has the ability to keep edge rushers off the end the problem for him still is keeping the inside protected. I'm not saying banner doesn't have a chance I just think he's better off sitting the bench for awhile like Clark did.
  12. Starting O-Line

    I think as of week one it will be Castonzo, Haeg, Schwenke, Mewhort, Clark. I still think Clark will hold the RT spot. I know he's been getting some flack but I think it's because they expect a lot from him and trying to motivate him to win that RT spot. I think Banner still needs some work but who truly knows.
  13. so no playoffs this year?

    I'll say this, the first half of the schedule isn't favorable if Luck misses games. But the games after Pittsburgh I can see the Colts winning those.
  14. Could Zach Banner become a legit starting RT?

    I will be disappointed if Clark doesn't win the RT spot. He has all the tools to be a great tackle in this league.
  15. Ryan Kelly will miss multiple weeks [Merge]

    As much as you don't want your young O-lineman to miss time this is a huge relief. I'll definitely take multiples weeks over multiple months. They just need to make sure he is fully healthy before he goes back out there. Don't need a lingering injury