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  1. Lance Zierlein on Bradley Chubb

    I agree with you man. Everyone wants to say he's no Myles Garret or Von Miller but the thing is those types don't come out every year. I know people are wanting Nelson because we need O-line help which is true but Pass Rushers don't come cheap and if they tend to hit free agency your paying a premium price to beat out others. My thing is it's been proven you can find a really good guard in the later rounds like 2nd or 3rd. Ya I know the Colts haven't had previous success at drafting O-line but that was with Grigson. We got Ballard and Ed Dodds.
  2. Lance Zierlein which is a nfl draft scout that writes all the draft profiles for shares a little tid bit on Bradley Chubb. For all the people who think he's not worthy of a top 5 pick this year or can't play a 3-4 OLB. Look at him contain and chase Lamar Jackson down.
  3. I agree O-line is a priority but the most 3 important things that a nfl team need are a Qb, OT, and Pass Rush and you tend to use high draft picks to get them. The thing right now is their in too high of a spot to draft Nelson any other OT. Yeah they can trade down and hope he's still there and get em or you stick with BPA at the current spot they would be at which its looking like Chubb will be the best player at that spot and is a desperate need. Than early in the second round where they're at they can snag a Billy Price or Will Hernandez. Either way i think Ballard will make most people happy because he has made a point the game is won in the trenches. So I'm pretty positive he will be going OL or Pass Rush come April.
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  5. I respectably disagree with your guys comments although I agree with some of the comments made. Yes he doesn't have the hand technique like Bosa or the speed by Garret or Clowney but not many players do but to even mention Lawson in the same breath is disrespectful in my eyes. Yes size wise they are similiar but play is completely different. Chubb hasn't had near the quality of players on the DL like Lawson had at Clemson. I don't know how many of you guys actually watch college football but if you watch his games this guy not only gets to the Qb quite often he also does being double teamed. Teams purposely set up game plans for him and he still causes havoc. He also sets the edge and plays the run beautifully and most pass rushers going in don't develop till later. He has a quick first step and can bend and has dropped back while playing at NC State not often though. All I'm saying is we could play the whole what if game about how he's not worthy based off Elite traits but it's not all about traits. It's about hard work and passion and this Chubb who I watched plenty of games of is worth a top 5 pick imo. Also not sure if anyone knows this but he just won't Best Defensive Player in college football.
  6. How many of our recent free agents will be back?

    The only players I can see coming back is Pierre Desir and Jon Bostic. Melvin was with the team last year so he wasn't a one year signing but I do think Melvin has a shot as well. I think Bostic will definitely be back after the way Ballard was talking about him yesterday.
  7. I agree and Ingarm and Graham have played in 3-4 defenses just like Houston. For all the guys that say he can't play in a 3-4
  8. It's funny how some say Chubb isn't worth the a top pick because of measurable but I'm telling you this dude will be a pro bowler. Look at Justin Houston 6-3 270 coming out with a 4.68 and Chubb is 6'4 275 and i gurantee he will run in the late 4.6 area. Another couple players who didnt have elite numbers coming out who was drafted high was Melvin Ingram and Brandon Graham. Ingram measured 6'1 264 with a 4.79 40 and Graham was 6'1 268 and ran a 4.72 40.And before any comments well Houston was a secound rounder that was due to off the field and projected as a first rounder. Im not sure if anyone watches his games but he has stand up and scouts like Daniel Jeremiah and Matt Miller have said he could stand up and be a 3-4 lb. If you also watch his games the guy gets Doubled team a whole lot and still gets pressures and sacks. I agree he doesn't have elite measurable but doesn't mean he isn't worth a top pick. His production is unreal and I'm praying the Colts snag him.
  9. Bradley Chubb

    Matt miller put on his recent mock that he can play in the dirt and standing up. Chubb is no Von orr Garret but he makes plays even being double teamed. This dude is a guy you want and I hope they take him.
  10. Tony Donahue: It's very possible that Luck never plays again

    I'm sure there are people who do have concerns but to report he is done is nonsense!! Ballard has been completely honest from day one! I believe when he says that when doctors have not said it's career ending. Rapoport also had interviews with the doctors and confirmed everything that Ballard is saying. What people need to realize he is not a year away from his surgery. Even Herm Edwards said on Pennington is that he was sore coming back and playing and how it will take a couple years to feel 100%. And for some people to say how Luck may not want to come back is nonsense. This dude loves football and is passionate about playing. I will say this I won't be surprised if he has surgery to clean up some stuff and it will take time. Just have to be patient.
  11. Luck visiting specialists Here is some more information Mortenson reported.
  12. Luck visiting specialists

    This is not good. I'm just hoping this is a smoke screen basically saying your not playing this year. But seeing a specialist is never a good thing.
  13. Thoughts on Hankins so far?

    The defense in general is running out of gas in the second half because they're on the field way to long. I really don't look at the stats too much because the teams that are getting yards usually come in chunks in the 2nd half. I don't care what defense you have. If the defense can't get off the field they have no shot. Hankins, Woods and Anderson are doing their jobs it's time for the others to step up.
  14. Jacoby Brissett and His Future

    All I'm saying and said it in the post. Most definitely keep him this year while Luck is out. But next year if the Colts can get a 1st for him I'd make that move. The reason why Garoppolo hasn't been traded is that Brady's career is about over and Jimmy is their future. Luck next year should be 100%.