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  1. Chubb 4.66 forty

    Also Myles Garret at 272 ran a 4.64. That boyh Chubb is with today's greats!!!
  2. Chubb 4.66 forty

    Keep this in mind folks. Khalid Mack ran a 4.65 at the combine at 251. Bradley chubb ran the same at 269. Miller ran a 4.53 in mid 240.
  3. Tweet about Luck's bicep 2-16-18

    This is NOTHING NEW. Just watched the video on YouTube and he was just saying like its been reported before that the shoulder is not the issue it's the Bicep. He was letting Tiki know why people ask about the shoulder when the shoulder is completely fine. He did not give any new updates.
  4. Not getting either Norwell or Pugh

    I'm definetly not ruling out the Giants getting Norwell because Gettleman definetly has ties. My question though is i don't know if Giants can make that work especially long term. The Giants have about 24 million in cap space and need about 10 million for the draft. That leaves them with 14 million. Ya they can get him but that's really all they can get because Norwell being undrafted will not take a pay cut. They also got OBJ coming up on a contract as well.
  5. McD has not let Patriots know he is leaving (Rumor)

    It's funny that assistants reportley being hired, every big network reporters saying McDaniels is going to be the next head coach and yet people are still questioning it or "discussing rumors." Annoying as hell.
  6. McD has not let Patriots know he is leaving (Rumor)

    Can this thread just be shut down. Shefter, Rappaport, and Mortenson has said Josh will be the new head coach.
  7. I think it is Grigson! He loves the older players!
  8. At 1:25 of the clip Mike Mayock talks about Marcus. Very intriguing!! If a possible trade down scenario this may be a option.
  9. RUMOR: Possible Important Luck Health Update....

    If this were true, Mcdaniels wouldn't even consider the Colts job and I think it would be reported already that Luck would need another surgery to fix it.. Nagy did get interviewed a couple weeks ago so I'm assuming it would have been reported by now.
  10. I think the Bosa comparison is reasonable but Bosa's hand usage is better but I think Chubb is much stronger and his Bull rush is better than Bosa's coming out.
  11. Actually Bosa's rookie season the Chargers were in a 3-4. They went to a 4-3 this year when they hired Gus Bradley. Also Bosa did very well in the 3-4 and Melvin Ingram have almost similiar length and weight to Chubb. Melvin Ingram also ran a 4.8 at the combine and Bosa and Ingram are in top 5 of pass rushers. Just saying, 3-4 you tend to sometimes play your OLB in coverage but hardly ever. You let a pass rusher pass rush. Chubb can play in a 3-4 or 4-3. Lots of people thought Jabaal couldn't and he ended up being pretty solid at it and Chubb is a bigger freak than Sheard.
  12. Colts were 'all in on Nagy

    Nagy said that we will be calling the offensive plays. Hahahahahahah good luck Chicago
  13. Quincy Wilson tops PFF grades for Colts rookie class

    I know these 3 guys aren't on the list but I'm excited to see the growth of Basham, Stewart, and Walker. They seemed to look a lot better towards the end of the year. I think with an off season and maybe some new coaches these players can be even more of an impact.