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  1. Depending on how significant the injury is, if it's nothing serious like nerve damage and he falls to to the 3rd or 4th because he might miss the whole year I say do it. Mayock said he's the best DB in this class and reminds him of Marcus Peter
  2. Overpaid for the guy smh
  3. I know that. I've seen all kinds of people on here hoping that these top free agents will be signed and I just don't get how people still think it can be done. Yes it is possible but I think Ballard will sign a couple low key free agents especially the way the defense is right now. Ballard made it clear he wants to build through the draft and raise their own. He even said he's not setting unrealistic goals that can't be achieved. Signs that don't expect a whole lot right away. I understand that the fans want rosters holes to be filled asap but it takes time. I'm a realistic colts fan and know it may take a couple years to get done. Ballard is credited as an excellent evaluator and I trust he will nail the future drafts.
  4. I think people need to understand that the Colts were never going to be big spenders. Ballard stated he wants to grow within. I know it may take a couple years but he stated that he's not setting high expectations. The great teams build within and I believe he will try and do the same.
  5. Looks good on paper but will see how it plays out. Bortles looked like crap. Their O-line is pretty bad and how will a 30 year Campbell look in a new scheme. AJ bouye could be really nice but will have to see. Without a strong Qb and o-line the team isn't worth a damn
  6. Rapoport just reported Doyle got a 3 year deal with indy.
  7. I had a feeling the Colts were going to lose the coin flip. Oh well
  8. I pray the Colts make a serious run after him if he doesn't get signed
  9. So much for him not being signed and tagged lol. I guess Rapoport doesn't know how to do his job smh
  10. Make sure you watch the video so you can understand fully lol
  12. Did you even look at the time of the article. 8:45 a.m. Things have changed. Rappaport said the Chiefs are planning on making him the highest paid safety.
  13. Smh. I pray Poe or Brandon Williams hit the open market
  14. I agree with you 100% T.j green was horrible but is silly to give up on. He has all the tools just needs some more coaching and developing. Last year Landon Collins wasn't nearly the player this year. Just hope he learns from his mistakes. Also, I agree with Morrison. He didn't get credited nearly as much at the end of the year. I think in the beginning of the year he was put in the wrong situation to try and play ilb when he's meant for mlb. I also think he wasn't accumulated fully to the playbook in the beginning as well. At the end of the year though, he proved that he can play. Just needs more time to develop and needs to stay at the mlb position.

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