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  1. With the 124th pick, the Kansas City Chiefs select Scott Quessenberry, C, UCLA @Finball Titans are on the clock!
  2. Don't think 4th is too early for him, like him a lot... With the 122nd pick, the Kansas City Chiefs select Kevin Toliver II, CB, LSU @stitches: Dolphins are on the clock!
  3. With the 120th pick, the Seattle Seahawks select Folorunso Fatukasi, DT, UConn @OffensivelyPC the Bills are on the clock!
  4. I'm not going to make it until my picks at 120, 122 and 124. I PM'd my picks to WarGhost and OffensivelyPC, I'd really appreciate if one of you could make them public once the Seahawks and Chiefs are on the clock!
  5. With the 86th pick, the Kansas City Chiefs select Rashaan Gaulden, CB, Tennessee @HectorRoberts Rams are on the clock!
  6. PureLuck

    Zach Banner Released

    http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000926698/article/zach-banner-drove-7-hours-to-panthers-offseason-workouts - nice story on Banner... seems like a really good guy and even though picking him didn't pan out for the Colts, I'm still rooting for him to find a spot on a roster in the NFL!
  7. Read that Settle could have problems staying in shape, he really is big enough right now, might have to lose a few pounds... he'd be fine playing nose in a 3-4, I think that's where he'd play in KC, while I don't see him as a perfect fit for our new defensive scheme to be honest... Hill on the other hand is someone I could see Ballard targeting in Round 3 or if he's still there with our 4th rounder...
  8. I'm not going to be available to make the pick for the Chiefs at 78, Chiefs take either BJ Hill or if he's taken by crestmount Chiefs select Tim Settle ;)
  9. I think we might have to move up more than 5-6 spots to get one those 2 though...
  10. I'm all for it, especially if we trade down from 6 again, we should have the capital to move back into the first from either 36 or 37. Gives you a 5th year option as well and I think picking one of those 2 gives you better value than picking Nelson at 6...
  11. Every team needs linemen, so the 2nd round might see a run on those, which is why I think Ballard will adress the line with either 36 or 37 to avoid missing out on one of the top guys... I'm hoping Hernandez will fall that far, but Wynn and Hernandez will probably be gone by then...
  12. With the 54th pick, the Kansas City Chiefs select Frank Ragnow, OG, Arkansas @WarGhost21 and the Panthers are on the clock!
  13. Best offensive lineman left for Seattle's offense... I'm aware it's a little high, expect him to go in the 20's, but noone wanted to trade up... personally I think McGlinchey would just not be a fit at all in Seattle, lineman there need to be able to move when Wilson scrambles, which is not McGlinchey's strong suit, though I admit I haven't watched much of him, just going by scouting reports available...
  14. Since there are still no offers the Seattle Seahawks select Isaiah Wynn, G, Georgia. @Clem-Dog ad the Cowboys are on the clock.
  15. Sorry for the delay, I've been asleep already, time difference from Europe to the US can be tricky ;) - didn't anticipate the draft to move along that well... Seahawks are still trying to find a trade partner for the 18th pick, if anyone is interested just PM me, otherwise I'll just make my pick at 8am.