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  1. I don't hate any of the picks individually... I just think it would be such a waste to not come away with a pass-rusher in this EDGE-rich class.
  2. Well I didn't think he HAD to release him in the beginning, but for Jones himself it probably would have been better to be released in the beginning of FA, just like the reasoning Ballard gave for releasing DQ early. If he knew he wanted to release Jones I guess he would have done it early. I think probably he had not decided at the time and waited to see if we can improve the D-line or if we will need Jones. And here's where my speculation about Ballard wanting to free up a roster spot and 5M of capspace to pursue another player comes in. Of course, that's just speculation and I'm not sure if that's good reasoning and that's why I asked if I'm missing something and if there might be some specific reason to do it now that's escaping me.
  3. What's the chance he cut him because he plans to use the money on Hankins? It's kind of weird timing to wait until now. Anybody has an idea about the rationale behind it?
  4. Too bad it didn't work out. This one I'm willing to chalk up to injuries. It's a bit harsh to count it as a Grigson mistake when Jones never really had the chance to justify his contract.
  5. Or if possible trade down several spots and get him + additional picks.
  6. Are you doing more of your scouting reports? Will you do one for Harris?
  7. @Superman @Defjamz26 Just checking twitter. People are speculating there was something wrong with Harris at the combine. He just bettered his vertical by 5.5 inches(from 32" to 37.5), his broad jump by 6 inches(from 109" to 115") and his 3 cone by almost half a second (from 7.47 to 7.03). Also look how pumped he is after the drill: I already love him. edit: seems like he's been invited to the draft:
  8. Weird. I hope he runs the agility ones at least. I don't care for 40 times. The 10 split, 3 cone and shuttles are more important, IMO.

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