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  1. A New Man Crush.... (RB)

    My newest EDGE/OLB crush:
  2. Yep, that's the one game that is still in my mind from the previous week. Davin Bellamy beat him twice for sacks with the exact same handswipe to the outside. Lorenzo Carter was causing him troubles too. I think he got lucky several times that the refs didn't call holds on him... again - to the same move to the outside. I think he will have trouble with speed rushers in the NFL. I started watching Notre Dame vs Harold Landry the other day too, but Boston College's coaches were being stupid and keeping Landry on the sidelines supposedly to keep him fresh for the 4th Q... and the game was decided by that time so I stopped it and didn't watch. I'd love to see how McGlinchey did vs him. My biggest problem with him in this one was his 1 on 1 pass blocking - he was getting beat to the outside consistently. He allowed 2 sacks(one of them strip sack to ice the game), several QB hits and IMO should have gotten several penalties for holding too.
  3. IMO McGlinchey is not the best O-lineman on his own team(check out Quenton Nelson, he's probably the best G in the class) , let alone the best OT in the country. I have at least 2 others ahead of him and I haven't even started watching O-line film of the less prominent prospects, where you might find some gems. Meniscus tears are not a huge problem nowadays and players return from them seamlessly for the most part. I personally still have Williams as OT1 in this class.
  4. Ballard turning things around

    I will continue to contend that this was never about this year. I like what Ballard is doing for the long-term future of this team, but we will struggle this year, with or without Luck. Young players don't win games and our best talent is in young players right now. Our run defense seem to be shaping up well for now, If Gaethers and Vontae return to their regular form this secondary is going to be nasty in a year or two... hell even if we don't pursue extending Vontae, we might find a good corner in next year's draft. I can see Ballard focusing on pass-rush and OLine next year... and if Moncrief doesn't get his % together we might be looking at a WR. The good thing is - we have a ton of capspace to use(that's what failed drafts will do for you) and will hopefully have a high draft pick(and if it's really high we might be able to extort some poor QB hungry team for a kings ransom type of deal - several 1st rounders + 2nd rounders + 3ds etc). I don't like the present much, but I'm excited for the future... Just for example... look at the range of Hooker on this play: He made this look easy. He made it look like a stupid throw by Palmer... he made it look like he should have known the seam was covered. It wasn't covered... it got covered with time to spare because of Hooker reading the QB, his instincts and amazing closing speed. This will continue to happen. I have no doubts that Hooker will make a lot of QBs look stupid for even trying to throw at seams most rookie FSs will never be able to cover.
  5. How Good Is Arden Key?

    I just watched their game vs Mississippi state(like literally finished 5 minutes ago) and his return. I was left wanting more. He was getting flushed out of plays or getting stuck on blocks and couldn't shed blocks on running downs. He created some pressure and got a sack though. His sack was a very nice display of what scouts seem to love about him - his twitchyness and sudden and quick change of direction - he faked a move inside and with a quick step moved to the outside of the tackle, where he swiped his hands and when I thought "good effort, but he seems to be getting flushed out again", he planted his foot and exploded changing direction with amazing closing speed towards the QB ... and jumped on his back. There are things to like for sure, but I kind of expected him to be a bit more consistent in the run game for a player that's being projected as a top 5 pick.
  6. A New Man Crush.... (RB)

    I didn't want to make a separate thread "A new man crush(WR)", I hope you don't mind me posting my newest crush here instead... Collin Johnson. Just watched recording of Texas @ USC! And WOW! What a monster of a receiver Texas has - Collin Johnson. He's a sophomore so I am not sure if he's eligible for the draft this year but HOLY MOLY! He's huge(6'5")... he's fast and athletic... and he can catch. He had 191 yards receiving. You guys have to see him. I have hard time coming up with a comparison that isn't Megatron. He's probably not 4.35 fast but I wouldn't be surprised if he's 4.45 fast. Here's his last year's highlights:
  7. Tanking The Season A Blessing In Disguise?

    It's not that I want it to happen.... it's that I won't mind it if it happens and I think it's probably the best thing that can happen for this team's long-term future.
  8. Tanking The Season A Blessing In Disguise?

    Yes, being naturally bad and not having enough high end talent across the board is the starting point. Then on management level you do the additional things to minimize the risk for your best players(injury risk mitigation) and develop the young ones that are the future of your team by releasing the aging vets, etc. which results in even more losing.
  9. Tanking The Season A Blessing In Disguise?

    There is a fundamental misunderstanding about what tanking is. There are so many ignorant opinions on the matter, even in this thread. No player ever has been like - you know what, I'm not gonna play hard so my team can get a higher pick next year... you know... a pick that might take MY spot so I can be out of the league... No one ever has had that kind of attitude. And tanking still happens. Tanking is done on management level, NOT on players and coaches level. Players try to win, usually to the best of their abilities... just with tanking teams the management sets up the team so it cannot succeed or sets goals that are not tied to winning(developing young players). For example: - management doesn't get a competent QB on the field or waits until 1 week before the start of the season to get a QB who will need months to get the full playbook. - management doesn't rush back injured players. Let them heal to 100%. Never put someone on the field who is injured but can play... you know ... the way Luck played all of last year but didn't practice most of the year because he wasn't 100%. - stack the team with young players and get rid off vets who can win you games by experience but are not part of the long-term future of the team - look towards the future. Make all moves with the priority towards the future rather than this season - develop young players and rookies for the future by playing them a ton even if they are not the best way to win games right now. Cut the old experienced punter and long snapper and put in rookies at their spots. Prepare for Vinatieri's retirement. Try to secure the long-term backup QB. - run experiments. A ton of them... you want a new O-Line configuration for training camp? Sure, why not... Oh, how about for first game of the season.. you know one that has never been on the field together before? Sure, what can go wrong? A team can tank without the players ever thinking about not performing to the best of their abilities. They can play their butts off and still not have enough firepower offensively or defensive resistance to win games. I absolutely agree with the opinion that this year is a perfect year for tank. If we somehow manage to get a no.1 pick, there are enough teams that are QB hungry that Ballard can set up the team with amazing multiple assets(multiple firsts, seconds, third rounders) to improve a team that needs improvement at multiple positions both on O and D.
  10. With the disclaimer that I don't believe in drafting for need, but just for fun here's what I came up with at the draft position and on-field position of the players you've specified using the fanspeak draft machine(they put us drafting at no. 8): 1: R1P8 CB TARVARUS MCFADDEN FLORIDA STATE 2: R2P8 EDGE OGBONNIA OKORONKWO OKLAHOMA 3: R3P8 S MARCUS ALLEN PENN STATE 4: R4P8 RB KALEN BALLAGE ARIZONA STATE 5: R5P8 LB RASHAAN EVANS ALABAMA 6: R6P8 OT COLE MADISON WASHINGTON STATE 7: R7P8 DL FOLORUNSO FATUKASI CONNECTICUT I won't pretend I know much about the last several picks. Tarvarus McFadden is one of the best CBs in the draft and a turnover machine. We know how much Ballard emphasizes turning the ball over. Last year McFadden had 8 interceptions. I was very impressed by Okoronkwo in their game vs Ohio state. He's a quick twitch explosive athlete in the Tyus Bowser mold, but I think Okoronkwo is actually more refined as a passrusher. I'd love it if we manage to get him in the second. Marcus Allen is thePenn state's defense leader. He's a tackling machine. IMO he will be in the box safety in the league but that's OK since we have Hooker already. If Gaethers doesn't come back he will be a suitable replacement. Kalen Ballage is a huge back(6'2" 230) with a twist - he's actually great in the passing game. He had almost 500 receiving yards last year. He has power and some wiggle as well as good hands. I think he can be a good complement to Mack. Rashaan Evans is an interesting prospect. I've seen him much higher than what fanspeak projects him at... but oh well... if he falls, he's a raw prospect with interesting athletic upside, who can both drop in coverage and blitz.
  11. A New Man Crush.... (RB)

    I will check him out at some point. It seems like this year is again very RB-heavy. So many good to great prospects. My new riser is USC's Ronald Jones II. I thought he was OK last year, but he seems to have taken another step forward this year and is straight up beasting so far.
  12. Rick Venturi On JMV 9-11-2017

    There really are 4 reasons to fire the coach right now(as opposed to end of the season): 1. You think the new coach can turn things around and win with this team. 2. The current coach has lost the lockerroom and has created an atmosphere in the lockerroom that is likely to cause long-term harm. 3. The current coach is actively hurting the development of the young players and you think a new/interim coach will be better. 4. You can get the long-term coach you want right now. I don't think this team has enough talent to win consistently in the league right now thus I don't think 1. applies. I don't think Pagano seems to be well liked by his players so I don't think 2 applies either. We are in part of the season where I think the best candidates for the job are employed and not likely to leave their job for the Colts mid-season, so I think 4 doesn't apply, either. I think 3 is really the only reason you would want to push for a change right now, but even then I'm not sure an interim coach will be that much better.
  13. Chuck Pagano Press Conference

    Ah, yes! Splitting reps between Tolzien and Brissett... because when you have two under-prepared QBs the best course of action is obviously to cut the prospective starter's reps in half.
  14. Rick Venturi On JMV 9-11-2017

    You now what bugs me the most about the Brissett trade, besides all the unexplored potential of Dorsett? What bugs me is when I ask myself what happens in the best case scenario? In the best case scenario we traded for someone who will never see the field. This is BEST CASE!
  15. How Many Times Have we had 40+ Dropped on Us?

    I don't know, but: