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  1. Why Ballard should take Bradley Chubb at #3

    Good thing it's not all that he has. Or even the best part of what he has. Basham has no moves and is truily all effort. The best part of Chubb's game is that he's an elite technician with great strength. His hand usage is exceptional and he complements it with very good adjustments mid-play. He wins in a very similar way to how Bosa wins. All he needs now is to test similarly to Bosa or better and I will be absolutely sold.
  2. If you have a Bosa like prospect there for the taking at 3, you do NOT pick Bo Jackson/Barry Sanders ahead of him. I'm sorry. IMO they have to really not like any of Fitzpatrick, Chubb, OT, trade back options... to pick Barkley at 3.
  3. Well, not to force you do it, but I always love hearing your input on prospects.
  4. Wasn't Brandon Scherff drafted pretty high? But I get what you mean. I meant this more as a hypothetical scenario to think through, rather than me really thinking that he can't fail. Every prospect can fail for variety of reasons really and that's part of their evaluations - assessing the various risk factors. More on the topic - from your scouting - do you have higher grade on Nelson as a guard or on Chubb as a DE? (that is disregarding the positional value, just evaluating how good the player is at what he does) edit: BTW do you plan on releasing some scouting reports for potential Colts targets? I enjoyed your scouting posts in previous years.
  5. I'd be pretty hyped if we managed to trade down to 5. There is enough talent in this draft that I would feel comfortable that I will get an elite prospect even in a worst case scenario(say, we trade back with some team and that team decides they want Chubb at 3 rather than a QB)...
  6. OK, here's a more interesting one... would you draft Nelson at 3 if you are guaranteed he will have Zack Martin-like career with the Colts? And if not, how far down would you have to go for it to be worth it in your opinion?
  7. McDaniels Offense and FA's that could Follow

    I'd like to see a similar breakdown of their current year schemes, because I think what they are doing this year is closer to what McDaniels will want to do with the Colts than what the Pats did before this year. I don't know if people have been following closely their offense, but they have been using much more deep vertical routes this year in order to accommodate and maximize Cooks' strengths. IMO McDaniels will try to do something similar with TY Hilton. That's still a pretty awesome breakdown, and I expect to see a lot of those with the Colts too. Thanks for posting it.
  8. McDaniels Co-Ordinators Lined Up

    What does that even mean? You don't think there can be good people on a staff lead by a fired coach? Or good players on a losing team? This makes no sense.
  9. McDaniels Co-Ordinators Lined Up

    Here's an interesting tidbit I stumbled upon. It seems like Jake Peetz is highly regarded in NFL circles as an offensive mind on the rise. Greg Cosell was on radio in Tennessee and they talked about potential coaching candidates for the TItans. After they went through all the names that are being thrown around their coaching job, the host asked Cosell if there is some name that nobody is talking about but is highly regarded and might be good offensive coach to pair up with Mariota. He thought for a while going through all the team and he finally said Jake Peetz from Oakland is a name of a good young coach who is probably not ready to be a head coach, but he can be a guy to be on a staff as a QB specialist(the question starts at 23:50):
  10. Here are some videos of Eberflus coaching: Here's Eberflus at a Cowboys practice mic'd up: Here's him conducting a Senior Bowl practice:
  11. Thanks for the research @Superman. Ed Werder confirms that he was offered the DC job in Dallas but he refused it; This is another thing to consider as to why he accepted our offer - McDaniels as a new coach will have better job security than JG in Dallas, who might be gone as soon as next year.
  12. I've been watching more of him since he declared for the draft. Here's a hot take - Edmunds is the best linebacker prospect in this draft. Just for the record - the kid is still 19 years old(5/8/98 - he's the youngest player in the draft) and will be 19 when he gets drafted and IMO he has tape on similar level to that of Roquan Smith and I loved Roquan this year. The more I watch him the more I think he will be one of the players who will jump into the first round by draft time. If he fell to us in the second he will be an absolute steal.
  13. Sick of Gregg Doyel

    My problem with it is that he treats this hire like it's happening in January of 2011 after he's been fired by Denver. His faults are forever and irredeemable, his wins and successes are momentary and due to luck and/or everybody else but himself. It's an extremely slanted/trollish article. I would like to know if anybody would want to be judged like that - take the worst parts of your professional experience, ignore everything good? Is this how Doyel himself would like to be judged?
  14. Sick of Gregg Doyel

    Don't click on his articles.