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  1. I think they have the tools, they probably will just take some time and coaching to get there.
  2. Mo Hurst is the premier 3tech inside penetrator in the draft it seems. I don't know if he would last until the second round if he gets cleared medically. Taven Bryan is the other high potential 3tech, he's mostly potential and athleticism though, would need to be coached up hard. His production was very much questionable in college, even though he did cause a lot of disruption and has obvious athletic talent. Rasheem Green is the third one I can think of.
  3. Worth pointing out that he was an UDFA for the Chiefs in 2015 when Ballard was there.
  4. Hankins?

    They probably have been trying to trade him until the last moment(tomorrow is the time his 5M bonus gets guaranteed) and when they couldn't find a partner they released him.
  5. Hankins Released

  6. Hankins Released

    I'm not certain about this but I would assume it would be our choice about which pick to put on the line.
  7. Hankins Released

    How would you feel if it's David Irving we are after?
  8. Hankins Released

    Another head scratcher. Weird move.IMO nothing makes sense besides Ballard not thinking he's worth that pay. Suh is an option but... do you do this move before you've secured him and signed him? Others have mentioned another name - David Irving got a 2nd round tender as a restricted free agent by the Cowboys. Maybe Ballard is preparing an offer for him with one of the 2nds we got from the Jets trade. I'm not sure he's worth that and it would go somewhat against what Ballard preaches(Irving missed 4 games due to PEDs this year). Irving was UDFA of the Chiefs when Ballard was with them.
  9. He won the starting spot in two different power 5 conference programs as a walk on and then won the Heisman in the second one and led the team to the playoffs. I have absolutely no issue with his confidence. If anything I love it. I would be worried if he's shown he doesn't have the work ethic or talent to justify his high confidence, but this is like... the opposite of what seems to be in his make up. He works like hell to improve and to succeed. Manziel was a guy who was born with a golden spoon and was given things on a silver platter all his life. Mayfield's path is the complete opposite - he had to fight and work for every bit of success he's had.
  10. Colts met with Grand Valley State TE Nick Keizer at his pro-day:
  11. If that pick is the lowest it can be we get 2810 value, which is overpayment by 610 points. The 31st pick in the first round is worth 600 points. So in essence, purely value wise, Ballard just acquired at the very least a late first round pick value above what is fair by draft charts.
  12. I wouldn't say robbed them since if they hit on their QB it's totally worth it, but we got awesome value.
  13. #3 - 2200 --------------- #6 = 1600 #37 = 530 #49 = 410 --------------- this is 2540 value in this year's draft + we get their next year's second round pick. We are 340 points ahead in this year's draft + more value(between 580 and 270) to come next year. The median pick in the second round is 420(about what is fair to expect). So overall value is around 2960 which is overpayment by 760 points.
  14. The points are not close. We give up 2200 points. We get 2540 points of value just this year! Even if the Jets become great next year the minimum value we get next year is 270 so that would be about 2810 points. This is the MINIMUM. The maximum is 3120. The median is about 2960, which is overpayment by about 760 points, which is the value of a mid-20s first round pick.