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  1. Connor Williams is supposed to be coming back this week vs West Virginia. Will be interesting to see if he stabilizes that O-line.
  2. And they have another one that might be better than both Chubb and Michel. He's a freshman and has a very appropriate name - Swift: About Coleman. I've seen him and he seems like a powerful runner but isn't he more of a straight line runner?
  3. And he practically never misses a game. This is underrated aspect of what AC gives to this team.
  4. I can tell you what's happening. Regular fans don't watch the details but they see the big picture. Regular fans don't know who's starting next to Castonzo but they know Castonzo is starting. 0 The details are that Castonzo and Kelly are the only ones performing at any level resembling starters in the league. The big picture is - our O-line as a group is trash and giving up #ton of pressures and sacks and QB hits.And when the regular fan knows only one name in the unit they blame him for all the troubles of the whole line, whether he is to blame or not. Castonzo is not perfect by any means. He's still better run blocker than pass-protector, but he's a damn good tackle. The chance that you will get better performance from a rookie than what Castonzo is giving you now is not great. The chance that you will get better player in the long run than Castonzo in the draft is not great either. Fans should stop blaming our best(and as it happens most recognizable) players for the problems of this team. There are about 15 spots on the roster that require much more urgent addressing than the LT position. It's the same exact issue with TY. Fans don't watch how many times he gets open but the QB either doesn't have the time to throw the pass or simply doesn't see him. They don't realize that the very type of player TY is(relying on lower success-rate throws that on the other hand gain chunk yardage) lends itself to high variance results. Stop trashing our best players and wanting them out of the team. None of them are perfect. Julio Jones and AJ Green are not perfect either. Lets replace the truly trash players first. The path to making a good team is not to throw away every good player you have because he's not the absolutely undisputed best man at his position in the league.
  5. Castonzo is having a great year. He had troubles with Chandler Jones, but other than that he's been playing really well. (also, just look at the year Jones is having... he's whooping pretty much everybody's butt this year). I mentioned it in the other thread - AC is currently the 5th ranked OT in the league by PFF and he's allowed just 11 pressures in the last 8 games. THis is tremendous. This is pro-bowl stuff... especially when you consider what's going on around him with the rest of the O-line.
  6. I think it really ends up being about him being the best player. From the games I've seen Nelson is much better at his position than any of the tackles is at OT. For example, McGlinchey is considered by a lot a top 2-3 tackle in this class(and a lot have him no. 1 tackle in the class). You can watch them on the same field next to each other. I don't think there really is a contest about who the better player is... so then the question is - why draft the worse player? The one wild card is Connor Williams, who needs to get back on the field and show he hasn't lost a step after his injury. BTW I don't think Castonzo is as bad as people make him out to be. He's a good tackle. Right now he's ranked as the 5th best tackle by PFF. PFF is not all perfect and neither is Castonzo but he's not bad. He's allowed 11 pressures in the last 8 games. That's pretty damn good. I wouldn't be rushing to replace Castonzo. There is not any guarantee you are going to get an improvement when you replace him. We have 3 other positions on that line that need MUCH more serious consideration about improvement than LT. IMO, if Brown lasts until the second he would be a phenomenal right tackle. Put Nelson at LG and sign a RG in FA(if you don't think Mewhort is in the future plans) and it is starting to look like hell of a unit.
  7. Here's my November mock draft. I love Chubb and he's been getting better and better as the season has gone on. He just had another great game on Saturday. Joshua Jackson from Iowa is asserting himself as one of the best corners in this draft and I'd be pretty happy if we managed to get him in the second round. In the third I went for one of the better G prospects on my board in Will Hernandez from UTEP. I'm not quite sure he will be there on draft night but oh well... In the 4th I went with our RB of the future Rashaad Penny. In the 5th I got Skai Moore. Someone mentioned him last week and I had to go watch a bit of him. He's one instinctive SOB. Such great instincts and such great reading of the QB. It's not a coincidence that he has 13 INT in his career and that's as a ILB. One of the best coverage ILBs... has to work a bit in run support but oh well... you can't have it all in the 5th round. Lorenzo Carter in the 6th. Again I don't think he will be there on draft day. In the 7th I got Hunter Renfrow. He's one of the better slot receivers in college and I would love to get him for the Colts - great hands, great routes. 4: R1P4 EDGE BRADLEY CHUBB NORTH CAROLINA STATE 36: R2P4 CB JOSH JACKSON IOWA 68: R3P4 G WILL HERNANDEZ UTEP 106: R4P4 RB RASHAAD PENNY SAN DIEGO STATE 142: R5P4 LB SKAI MOORE SOUTH CAROLINA 183: R6P4 EDGE LORENZO CARTER GEORGIA 226: R7P4 WR HUNTER RENFROW CLEMSON
  8. The more I think about it the more I'm thinking I will be perfectly fine with drafting Nelson in the first. And the more I think about it and the more I watch our O-Line the more I'm thinking - hell, draft Nelson in the first and Brown/McGlinchey/Williams/Okorafor/Rankins(whoever the best available OT is). Fix that thing once and for all.
  9. Colts Vs. Steelers Game Day Thread

    Good effort, great loss!
  10. BTW the pass-rushers have been going on a tear last several weeks. Several of them look more and more like worthy top 10 picks, something I didn't think I could say in the beginning of the year.
  11. Well there is a difference between a second and a second. I suspect the second they were trying to trade was not the 33d pick, but rather one of their later picks. Still, you know that all it takes is one team to be in love with the player. IMO Brissett has shown a lot in his sting with the Colts so far. One can argue he's shown traits that are better than Garropolo has shown. Lets see how he plays in a situation very similar to what Brissett has been put in(barren roster with severe lack of talent). I wonder when the 49ers will be willing to put him on the field. With that said - a reminder that Brissett came and played 5 practices after he was traded to us. IMO he's done a very commendable job given the circumstances.
  12. OK, lets put it this way - if the Browns were ready to give up a second and a third for AJ McCarron, what do you think Brissett is worth?
  13. I just watched...

    Joshua Jackson from Iowa might be the best corner in this year's draft. He did this last week: And he just had a pick six against unbeaten Wisconsin. This is his sixth pick of the season. Incredible ballskills. Colts fans should watch. He's the exact type Ballard loves.
  14. I just watched...

    I have heard his name but I haven't watched him. As far as I remember he was injured for a while and he's one of the best coverage LBs. I think he had something crazy like double digit INT from the ILB position. I haven't watched him play though. Might be worth a look.
  15. Here's the interview if anybody wants to listen: