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  1. Yeah, he was too slow for EDGE in our scheme, IMO. I know you loved him, but probably his fit wasn't great with what we want from our OLBs.
  2. Malik Hooker is the anti-TJ Green. I love the Hooker pick as much as I hated the TJ Green pick last year. Horrible coverage vs elite coverage Horrendous ballskils vs elite ballskils best attribute - run support vs worst attribute - run support
  3. Yeah, I think people mistake poor angles with inability to tackle. I think he can tackle relatively well, he just takes bad angles at times. This is COACHABLE! What is not coachable is his range, his speed and size, and his INSANE BALL SKILLS. We got a blue chip prospect and we did it without losing any draft capital.I'm extremely happy with our first pick.
  4. This was my board for the Colts from before the draft: I am HYPED! Short of Myles Garret somehow falling to us I don't think there was a much better situation we can be in. We had our pick of the litter among 3 of my top 7 players and that's without moving up. Amazing. I LOVE IT!
  5. I mean... you will always have the odd one getting drafted too high, but... what\s tricky is having ALL of them happen in the same draft... all 3 WRs? 2 RBs? 3 QBs? Damn...
  6. Besides his injury concerns, the thing that's knocking Lawson down are his incredibly short t-rex arms. I absolutely love his tape and he tested well, but damn... I'm not sure how Ballard would feel about his length.
  7. I couldn't have scripted this one better. A while ago I joked around here that all we need is for 3 QBs, 3 wideouts and 3 RBs to go before us and we going to get some of the awesome defensive talent fall in our laps and it freaking happened!! This development was unreal! I can't believe we had our pick between Hooker, Foster, Allen, Harris... Those are 3 of my top 7 players in this draft. And we had our pick of the litter at 15. Insane! I love it.
  8. There is SO MUCH TALENT still on the board that might be available. I can see us going so many ways. There are good pass-rushers, corners, some ILBs, there are running backs ... hell even Lamp is still there. I'm hyped for day 2. Such a deep draft. And we started it off with a homerun(IMO).
  9. When I went to watch his tape I got more impressed by Elijah Lee... and he's a 4th-5th rounder probably. His tape doesn't correspond to his testing numbers. I don't know what to think about him. It's not that I don't like him... it's just that I like the others better.
  10. I love Tim Williams, Derek Rivers, Carl Lawson, Bowser and Daeshon Hall... I'd prefer them in this order.
  11. How do you, guys, think I feel about this one
  12. It's kind of disconcerting. I don't know what needs to happen for people to be happy. Hooker is PREMIER talent. Who cares if he misses OTAs, how many games do we have in OTAs? wth is wrong with people?
  13. Ballard had several key criteria for DBs he shared - size, length, speed AND TURNOVER ABILITY/BALLSKILS!!!! Hooker hits all of those and especially the last one - he is a ballhawk - 7 interceptions - 3 of them returned for TD. He is the embodiment of what Ballard is looking for. I'm not surprised at all by this pick.
  14. BPA in action! I love this pick!
  15. YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! He was top 5 on my board. And he fell to us! NICE!

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