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  1. Matthias Farley - Trade Bait??

    Where did you hear that Hooker wont be ready for camp? Just wondering.
  2. Bradley Chubb

    I watched two of his draft breakdown videos last night (against Louisville and South Carolina). He stand up alot throughout those two games so that's not a worry. He has good bend with good speed. Excellent motor, never gives up on a play. He needs work on tackling. He misses alot in those two games. In the South Carolina game he has the RB in his arms but dosnt finish. This missed tackle lead to a TD. That's something that is coachable. His motor is not. I would pick him at #3 if available.
  3. Ross Travis

    When the coaching staff is changed next year I think we need to keep ahold of the TE coach. He seems to do a pretty good job of coaching up talent. Heck Swoops knew nothing and looked good late last year. To bad we couldn't get a sample from him this year.
  4. Good on Zach Kerr for starting in that D
  5. I dont think these premium guards are going to make it to us. We're not the only ones with OL issues. Heck, Pugh is a guard for the Giants, who have OL issues. Even if one of the few FA guards signs with us, we still need two starters and a depth guard (maybe Heag or Good can be the sixth man, whichever isnt the RT). FA and the draft should hold different strategies and not be planned on together. You get what you can when you can.
  6. I like that he mentioned the colts for trade back. I have my eye on both of buffalos firsts and one of their thirds for our pick. Don't care if theyre near the bottom. That's two picks close to eachother in the first round. Long shot but i can hope.
  7. Bradley Chubb

    Is he going to be able to play OLB? Most of what I have read is he would be a better DE. If he can then great. There is a good amount of guard talent we can choose from on day two.
  8. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.stampedeblue.com/platform/amp/2017/4/29/15486336/nfl-draft-2017-colts-draft-cornerback-nate-hairston-in-fifth-round#ampshare=https://www.stampedeblue.com/2017/4/29/15486336/nfl-draft-2017-colts-draft-cornerback-nate-hairston-in-fifth-round From what this says, he didnt allow a touchdown last year. That was also his first full year at cornerback so I'm wondering if he has ever had a touchdown scored on him in game.
  9. Jack Mewhort

    Maybe if he dosnt retire and someone picks him up, then we could get an extra pick. Depends on the contract I think. Probably the same for Moncrief too.
  10. Colts Activate Clayton Geathers from PUP

    With how Farley is playing Geathers dosnt have to start, and can be brought in slowly/ situationally.
  11. Mingo

    So during the offseason, hopefully we bring in a pass rusher. We have Sheard, Mingo, Simon and Basham. Do we bump up to five or does someone have to go? Then who? Would be nice to get a pass rusher with our high first.
  12. I wouldnt mind either of them. Not really looking for the next superstar back just someone to pound between the tackles for positive yard. I do agree that Hyde has more intensity to him and could lead the backfield. I feel like unless we want to spend a higher pick on a back like Chubb, or hope for one to fall, then we need to spend some of our money on a FA rb. Nothing to big just a modest amount but easy to walk away from.
  13. I think Isaiah Crowell is someone we should pursue this offseason. That would help us not be in need of a high or mid round pick on a RB and take a late flyer on someone who might develop. Evaluate and see if we need someone else next offseason.
  14. Please let us get through the fire Pagono and fix the offensive line issues before we start any trade Luck talks. Only so many things us fans can figure out for the team at a time.