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  1. Dont we have the easiest schedule every year?
  2. In the nfl that ball would of been fumbled
  3. I use the "tune in radio" app to listen to it.
  4. Im out in seattle and usually listen to the 1070 the fan broadcast. Dont feel like playing for the sunday ticket lol. I like the way bob and jim call the games though
  5. I usually use this forum and Google colts to get my fix.
  6. No that was last year during training camp. It was a non football related injury then.
  7. I think the statue is more to commemorate what he's has done for the city not just the colts. He got the team to be relevant but he also did so much for the city.
  8. I wonder home much material they used to form the forehead.
  9. I agree that good has a higher ceiling. The question for him is does he have the talent between the ears. His biggest miscues last year before the injury were mental. Another year should cure alot of those mistakes but maybe he just isn't smart enough. No offense to him (and not saying he isn't smart enough) but there so many players thay have all the physical tools but lack the mental aptitude for the game.
  10. We should trade Adam Vinaterie to father time for a younger Mathis. We all know father time has had his eyes on AV and a young Mathis would really bolster the pass rush.
  11. Him a heag are polar opposites. Good is big and strong but needs work on technique and stunt recognition. Heag is technically sound but needs help in the strength department. The fault for both of them are correctable as long as they put the work in. A goal line formation with six lineman of good banner then Clark on the right side would be massive and should make a good size push into the endzone.
  12. When I was a youngster i played in a peewee soccer league in speedway and jim harbaughs step son played on my team. He came out one game and I got an autograph. My grandpa owned a barber shop in Indianapolis and Reggie Miller's wife liked getting her hair done there. I was about eight years old just wandering around the shop when I saw him. I recognized him but couldnt put my finger on where i knew him from. He looked at me and asked, "do you want my autograph?" Told him nope I already have Jim Harbaughs lol. He gave me a dirty look.
  13. I believe "cardiac colts" will still be in play for use this year lol.
  14. I think Bray might be safe if nobody else can return punts. One of these young running backs will take of kick returns (money is on Mack returning those). Returning punts is a different beast. Not sure what skills are required to return pbut vs kicks but I know they're slightly different.
  15. He's just jealous he didn't become a colt. The way history unfolded I'm happy that he didn't. If we would of grabbed him we would of been a much better team while manning was here but we wouldn't of gotten luck. He demolished us that last game of the year which gave us that number one pick. Funny how things work out.

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