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  1. He could be a decent receiving back if he didn't constantly trip over his own feet. I hope he figured some things out this offseason though so he can be a contributor.
  2. One injury on RB and it become a huge hole. Say Robert turbin goes out for just a few games. What are we going to run gore into the dirt even further. O line is looking up but that dosnt mean fixed. If it was fixed then a guard in the first wouldn't even be considered. I'm ok with waiting til the fourth but if Mewhort goes down at all this year then we are screwed. Very few CBs come into the league and are able to start right away. Most take a year or two to put it all together. Any vet WR will be able to run routes so well it will give them space to catch the ball. We need to snag a few no matter what (one preferably within the first two rounds) but I don't expect us to have a good secondary at all this year. If we are average then I will be amazed. No matter what this team will have alot of work to do for next offseason.
  3. It's become clear that no matter what we do in this draft there will be a glaring hole somewhere. Either corner back, o line, running back, or linebacker is still going to need alot of improvement. Even if we take a good amount of corners it won't matter. Corner is one of the hardest trasitions from college to nfl. A hand full of rookies no matter how good is not going to change that. So I hope CB just picks the best available player to help the defense or solidify a position so it won't be a worry for awhile
  4. I don't see any NT's worth drafting and I think we can pass on S with Butler back. If we do go for those they will need to be UDFAs.
  5. If we do pick up Lamp in the first then I hope we trade down to get him. That's my only stipulation. He could definatly solidify the line until we have to replace Cantonzo, or if we don't resign Mewhort and let Heag take his place then we don't have to spend another high pick/ spend top dollar for a sixth man. The guard I'm looking at though is ethan cooper in the 4th. Will probably need a redshirt year but he has all the tools. They were praising him at the combine too. Total gem.
  6. You make it seem like he did absolutely terrible when he actually ranked pretty well out of the entire league. For a fourth rounder that's pretty good and he will only get better. Davis was part of the worst defense so we should probably get rid of him too. You know what while we're at it since luck didn't have the most yardsor completion percentage out of all quarter back he should go too. Let's just can everyone and start new. Who cares if Geathers hits hard and is great at run defense. He was part of worst defense. Every single one of our defensive players has hit their ceiling. No need to let them grow any further.
  7. I figured he would of went to the Lions with his back tattoo.
  8. Yeah but probably not to well. We should leave him at tight end if signed.
  9. Might just be a camp body to compete. You don't want to go into camp with just three TEs. Then there really isn't any competition. Everyone knows who is making the roster then. I believe last year we signed two TEs to compete with Doyel, Swoop, and Allen. We could still draft a TE in the later round draft or UDFA. If they don't preform better than Brandon Williams then we keep him and throw them on the practice squad. If they do better then we cut him.
  10. About time lol. Good to hear he stays. We needed that veteran presence back there. Especially since it seems like a majority of our corner backs are gonna be rookies.
  11. I'd like to get one in both years. Have someone behind gore and turbin, and see how they do. If they flop then go for Royse freeman in the earlier rounds. If they do well then find a suitable change of pace for them.
  12. Another good reason to trade pick 15 to Denver for pick 20 and 82. I think Hunt has boosted his stock to the third. If he can be had in the fourth then great.
  13. #fireballardandrehiregrigson
  14. He wasn't a full time OLB either tho. He was a DE that stood up periodically.
  15. He has all the tools but has never played linebacker before. He does not have the muscle memory and instincts the position requires in the league because it is so fast paced. Like I said he has all the tools, but he will nother come right out of the gate and demolish. I give him two years at the position and then yes he will be a good to great LBer. Day one starter only for this defense.

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