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  1. The Ghost

    They had him double teammed for a majority of the game. Thats what happens to top recievers from time to time. Part of the job. That was time for others to step up. While Hilton is double teammed everyone else had single man coverage. One of them should of gotten open/ caught the ball when its on the way.
  2. This is Marlon Macks world

    Im glad he is producing. Seems to be boom or bust on plays. Either a first down or line of scrimmage. I think we will still be in the market for a bell cow type back this offseason. Wouldnt mind another fourth rounder (or around that area).
  3. Anyone going to the Seattle game?

    I had a good time. The Seattle fans were funny. Started off with some good smack talk but they were pretty quiet during halftime. Started to speak up again near the end lol. I also enjoyed the difference between their loud screams vs a few colts fans here and there cheering lol. I would go again. Hopefully its not another twelve years.
  4. Anyone going to the Seattle game?

    Tickets are getting a little cheaper now. Will be there section 300. GO COLTS
  5. Sunday night PRIMETIME

    Ill say from living in the Seattle area that their fans as confident of the hawks as we are about the colts in this game. All i hope for is a good game
  6. Grades: Week 3 vs Browns

    Why did Anderson end up in the fail column. He hasnt been who he was as a rookie but didnt see him in any other lart of the write up. Jw
  7. Unless someone does dangle either some great talent or a very high draft pick/a couple of them, I dont want him to go anywhere. With how Andrew misses games from time to time we need a good backup QB. Not to mention he is cheap for a couple more years.
  8. A Challenge to all Colts Fans

    I hope every single year that we make it back to prominence. I miss the days of talking crap about football teams and when others say "who is your team?" ready to gang up and talk a whole bunch of crap on my team. "Im a colts fan" i reply. They all look dissappointed because they know they cant say anything. The good days.
  9. Anyone going to the Seattle game?

    Yeah i have been trying to get tickets for awhile but theyre expensive. The best i saw was $114 per in the nose bleeds. Still considering it though because the colts dont come near here often.
  10. T.Y.

    This rookie is so good he lead the league in recieving last year. Lol
  11. Defense stats

    Some of these guys I really didnt think much of when we got them. Like Al Woods. I really didnt think he was going to make the final roster initially. Good acquisitions that hopefully happrn again next year.
  12. Defense stats

    I think Hunt has found his niche being in a 3-4. Glad we got him.
  13. Roster update 9-18

    Good pickup on Perry hopefully
  14. Breaking: Jacoby Brissett named Starter

    Even with him starting we are going to have yo rely heavily on the run game. Thats going to be our saving grace. Tire their defense out and keep their offense off the field.
  15. Reggie Wayne Statue Coming

    They should make a quiet room to remember Marvin.