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  1. But what will be bicker over after the draft? Oh I'm sure we will find something. Carry on.
  2. I like Dawkins but in the second round.
  3. Honestly it is what it is with a RB in the first or any player they choose throughout the draft. I could live with a first round RB if he is BPA. There are multiple guards to be had in the mid rounds that could solidify the o line if they work out and yes a starting cb can be found in the second round. All those picks would have to work out greatly though. If most our picks work out then all praise be to Ballard but realistically 3 starters is a good draft let alone good ones. The FAs we picked up could defiantly help this defense out but I don't know how good out secondary is gonna be with the look of multiple rookies, and as BOTT mentioned the pass rush is still an important need as well. We don't need a first year starter there but at least someone with good pass rush ability.
  4. I agree with a running game being helpful to the defence but there is one problem with it in regards to our team, and Dallas and Seattle have proven this point. You need a solid secondary to make it work and we don't have one. With Elliot Dallas was able to do as stated above but when it came to the playoffs they were not able to hold good passing attacks at bay well enough. Allowing the other team to be able to win. Now Seattle a couple years ago was able to maximize Marshawn lynch's value because he could run over them and then they were not able to pass easily due to the legion of boom. This means for this to work, this year, we will have to hit on a fist round CB, mid round RG, a mid-late round RB, and sprinkle in a slot corner/ groomball FS in there. Not just draft but hit the nail on the head. That's unlikely that four draft picks work out like that year one. We can build towards this but that's a couple years down the road.
  5. Most of these meatings and work outs don't mean much when it's all said and done. They might just be getting information from them for other players they're interested in.
  6. I think that is what BPA boils down to in this draft anyways. I'm not enamoured by alot of the offensive talent in the first round, especially QB. The only outlier I can see is fournette but I don't think he will 1) make it to our pick 2) have a long life in the league. I trust him to pick the best player for our team. I also expect some bad picks this draft due to rookie mistakes. 16 years experience or not.
  7. Why would you get someone at a position of need that is worse than another player who could also contribute. It's about putting the best players out there not the most well rounded team. He used Reggie Wayne a couple of weeks ago as an example. Everyone probably wanted a defensive player there too but I'm glad we got Reggie instead. Would rather have a chance at an elite player than someone who just fills a need.
  8. I send my condolences to you and your family.
  9. You're right.
  10. One would think the rest is for rookies, next year, and emergencie signings.
  11. The better question is "can he cover a wide receiver?" Lol.
  12. If he chooses McDonald's over Wendy's then they need to fire Pagano yesterday and put Ballard on a short leash. Unacceptable!!!
  13. I've taken this route as well. I was looking at alot of guys last year then the only one we grabbed that I looked at outside of Kelly was Green. I'll just save some time this year and wait lol
  14. For a late second this makes sense. I know alot of people are thinking about trading back in the first but he might just trade back in the second to gain an extra fourth. This guy definatly could be there late second.
  15. Not that we don't want running backs drafted in the first round. Just not by the colts.

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