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  1. If true then I owe Irsay and the Colts an apology and blame Luck for not putting the team first. But this is if its true which I remain skeptical. Probably wouldn't even get to this point had the Colts been transparent to begin with.
  2. Robert Mathis Hired by Colts

    I don't see Freeney really wanting to come back here. It didn't end well for him here plus I never thought he was that attached to the Colts like Robert is.
  3. Another Wasted Season

    Outside of Curtis Painter in the 2011 season those other games were mostly aberrations of a season that had at least 10 other wins. A better example would be games before Manning came along. Those Colts teams were awful except for that great season with Harbaugh the franchise in the Indy era were irrelevant. Blackouts, barely got any night games. These Colts remind me of those teams above all else. NE? They won the SB that year
  4. Tanking The Season A Blessing In Disguise?

    I don't think Irsay is going to put Andrew on IR he didn't do that with Manning I doubt he would with Luck with tickets to sell and all.
  5. You're right it is but guess what that's how the Colts have been operating for quite sometime now. While its plausible that Luck may be unhappy I would believe someone with more credibility than Mike Greenberg
  6. They signed him to a long term deal why waste a franchise tag on a player they initially believe will stay for the long haul. Of course long term deals mean nothing in the NFL
  7. You will get flack OP but I agree which is why it doesn't really matter to me what moves they make unless Irsay is gone or takes a reduced role like he has before the Colts aren't doing anything that matters.
  8. If I were Andrew Luck I wouldn't have re-signed with this team who clearly has no clue what they are doing and left first chance I got to a team that just needs a QB there are plenty.
  9. I don't think its hard to believe that Luck is unhappy but I doubt Mike and Mike would be the first people to know about it if true either.
  10. Could Colts be interested in Osweiler?

    Please I wanted Kizer to stay another year I didn't want him to be drafted by the Browns where QBs go die.
  11. Could Colts be interested in Osweiler?

    I hope some people realize that if Osweiler comes to Indy that if he ever gets pulled for a game or is knocked out Peyton Manning won't return onto the field.... (this is said in jest BTW)
  12. Andrew Luck Update

    I already resigned myself to the fact he's going to miss the first week anyways. I don't trust Jimbo at face value.
  13. I don't know looking back if they would've won more than one ring. I mean they should've won in 2009 (and maybe 2005) They were all about offense its fun to watch but its not enough to win it all. Plus there's luck and matchups the Colts were lucky to draw teams that were rather meh offensively our SB year(except for the Pats). They can matchup with them. They couldn't match up with teams like the Saints and Chargers though.
  14. The ESPYs will air on ABC tonight not ESPN BTW and yes I'll watch I probably wouldn't for anyone else. Peyton will at least make it palatable.
  15. Peyton Manning to host ESPYS

    What sucks is that I will be compelled to actually watch the ESPYs now...