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  1. Well clearly you should be asking yourself that question because I wasn't dissing Indianapolis(since I lived here for the past 12 years). I just was responding to why its laughable for people around here to say "Its Cleveland" As if Indianapolis is much more upscale in comparison. Ask someone from Chicago they would say both suck its all relative.
  2. What does that have to do with being the God-King of Cleveland ? My point is people here diss Cleveland as a city as if people haven't said the same thing about Indy. If Manning was willing to live here for nearly 15 years I don't see why him being associated with the city of Cleveland is so laughable.
  3. RIP Terry Glenn

    I also remember him referring to Glenn as a "she" (that wouldn't go over well today)
  4. LeBron? Who would want to be the God-King of Indianapolis? That's a question that can be asked just as easily by people outside the Colts fanbase. I don't see it happening either but I don't think it would be absurd for him to be part of a franchise he has no professional connection to if he got something he wanted out of it either. Unless it comes directly from Mort himself I'm not buying any of these stories regarding Manning at face value.
  5. Nope this is just clickbait just like Manning running the Browns. Could it happen? Sure Is there any real indication it will? No
  6. Quenton Nelson

    If they draft Nelson he won't have to leave the state.
  7. What If Jimmy brings Chuck Back in 18?

    I won't lie the thought has crossed my mind I mean many thought he was going to be fired two years ago only to be re-signed for four more years. I wouldn't put it past Jimbo to stick with Chuck if he can't find someone better I mean that's what he did this past season.
  8. New England (- 7.5) at Denver (11-12-17)

    Most people will be in a turkey induced coma it might be a good thing to have that on
  9. New England (- 7.5) at Denver (11-12-17)

    There are a lot of teams that have no business being in primetime the Broncos is one of many. Who thought this matchup was a good idea for SNF? I thought NFL Flex scheduling was supposed to kick in by now.
  10. Luck Seeking Treatment for Shoulder in Europe

    For some inexplicable reason you do though. Yes he had 3 really good seasons but the last three not so much. Usually Generational QBs are talked about decades later with a long sustained level of success. Luck hasn't had the latter for whatever reason. Russell Wilson won an SB his second season so did Ben Roethlisberger Neither of those guys are generational QBs either. Very good franchise QBs and that's okay.
  11. Luck Seeking Treatment for Shoulder in Europe

    Maybe or none at all you never know. He's very good but being a generational talent is just rare. Its the type of QB you talk about decades later. I don't see that with Luck outside of Colts fandom. Of course I never had that unrealistic expectation of him to begin with. The AFC South was bad I think any good QB could've won games with the Colts these past few years. Now the division has caught up and the Colts have regressed.
  12. Luck Seeking Treatment for Shoulder in Europe

    Agree with a lot of this except I don't think Luck was a generational talent. People throw that around a little too loosely.
  13. If you're referring to the PFT article by Florio of all people its just speculation its not actually happening. If they didn't sue in 2011 when Manning was out for the year they aren't suing now.
  14. Conspiracy of the day

    Manning was never put on IR I do agree that within house they gave up on the season before it began since Pagano will be fired after this season(most likely)
  15. Ballard to be on JMV today

    I thought it was a good interview. Just wish it didn't take Kravitz's article for this to happen.