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  1. I don't know looking back if they would've won more than one ring. I mean they should've won in 2009 (and maybe 2005) They were all about offense its fun to watch but its not enough to win it all. Plus there's luck and matchups the Colts were lucky to draw teams that were rather meh offensively our SB year(except for the Pats). They can matchup with them. They couldn't match up with teams like the Saints and Chargers though.
  2. The ESPYs will air on ABC tonight not ESPN BTW and yes I'll watch I probably wouldn't for anyone else. Peyton will at least make it palatable.
  3. What sucks is that I will be compelled to actually watch the ESPYs now...
  4. While there's some truth to this he didn't just stop there he talked about after the first Colts/Broncos game how he only wants players who want more than 1 ring. Apparently Peyton didn't want another ring somebody alert the Broncos. I wish we won more but it doesn't always work out that way life isn't fair. I mean really its one thing to want more than 1 ring but not everyone gets that or any ring at all be glad for the one you do have. He just seemed rather ungrateful.
  5. Yes because we know Peyton doesn't choose his words carefully when talking to the press or anything. He's not going to say anything bad publically that's not his nature it doesn't make him look good if he goes that route(and he would be right) Of course he's going to say he's grateful about this did you think he wouldn't be? Doesn't change the fact that Jimbo said those ungrateful comments after he left either and after the Colts beat the Broncos in the playoffs he had to go on about how it was the right decision. He doesn't hate the Colts or Colts fans but its not as if he has to work for Jim Irsay ever again during this ceremony either so why is it so surprising he would be a part of it. But its clear Jimbo is going in overdrive with these comments when not too long ago he talked about how him winning 1 ring was a disappointment. Guess a couple of years of missing the playoffs and Andrew Luck not being healthy has humbled the dude.
  6. Yeah sure all of us who think this are wrong apparently... if most people think this then maybe that's how Irsay felt. Which is fine he didn't say anything the media didn't already say themselves but at least own it.
  7. Again you really don't read I never had a problem with them moving on from Peyton to Andrew but his comments afterwards really were ungrateful. Reading too much into Irsay saying he wanted players who wanted more than 1 ring? Really? He said it. If it was anyone else but the Colts you would talk about how ungrateful he was. And no I don't think Irsay or any owner wants to watch a former player they dumped and talked about how great it was to move on from them win an SB while their team has regressed afterwards. I mean there are people who think less of Jerry for not "doing right" by Romo despite the fact no owner wants to let go of a player they think could get them something in return for nothing. Irsay did what 31 other teams did in the process but you don't need to crap on the past to prop up the present even the Patriots didn't do that to Drew Bledsoe they didn't have to they have 5 SB trophies that tell them it was the right move. I don't feel bad for Peyton the Colts dumped him they did him a favor I think people here can't admit that this move benefitted him more than it has us at this point in time but it wasn't intended to be that way though.
  8. I wouldn't like it but it would be a lot more preferable than New England to me and it would for once be new blood since it would be the first SB for that franchise that's a better story IMO.
  9. I don't get why its that surprising. Jeff Saturday was offered a job here he didn't take it and unlike Manning played for another team half a season and chose to retire here after it ended. Some players don't want to rock the good standing they already have. Its a cutthroat business. If you succeed great if you don't you are out the door and past accolades mean very little. If Manning doesn't think something would work out he wouldn't do it(broadcasting, politics, joining the 49ers) People just want to put him somewhere when he probably doesn't have an idea what he wants to do just yet.
  10. Not entirely accurate People say this now but back then it was a close call. Now Luck/RG3 yeah most thought Luck would be better and I think that debate is over.
  11. Peyton still lives in Denver but a reporter for the Rams posted this
  12. Clearly you don't read because if you did you would know that I never had an issue with the actual decision I had an issue with Irsay's comments after Manning left about Manning only winning 1 SB. If anything I think the only person that gained the most out of all of this was Manning he got to go to 2 SBs and win another. I doubt that's what Irsay had in mind when he made the decision. We did him a favor but I doubt that was the plan. The plan was to go for the younger guy and win it all with him(see Steve Young and Aaron Rodgers) while the old guy faded to oblivion and not win an SB not the other way around.
  13. While I don't think Manning is joining the Rams FO(or any FO) I don't know why its so hard to believe that he might find it awkward to put himself a position to work with a former team. What if it doesn't work out? Then Irsay will have to dump him again. I really don't see Manning wanting to put himself in a position that would make him possibly look bad. He might want to actually enjoy life and is not sure what he wants and that's okay. If anything this should finally show everyone that Brad Wells may be full of it once and for all. In Colts twitterverse other Colts fans have been using him as a reliable source that Manning will return to the Colts as a VP etc before the draft. Yet he had no idea Grigson would be fired among other things.
  14. A similar story happened in Greenwood I don't know what happened after that with the mother though.
  15. Yeah now you say that back then many thought Manning was gutless to not go to SF which had a great defense and was an SB contender. Nobody thought Denver would turn out so well and back then they didn't have Talib, Ware, Emmanuel Sanders guys who wanted to come there when Manning was there. I never thought he would make another SB here but people act as if Irsay did this out of the kindness of his heart more than him doing this out of his own self interest. He figured he would get more SBs out of Andrew Luck(and with more years out of him than the limited time Manning had left)than he would've out of Manning. Its not a bash 31 other teams would've done the same. All owners care about their own bottom line not "doing right" by a player(or fanbase). Jerry leaves a lot to be desired but people bashing him for wanting to get something out of Romo if he thought he could while Irsay was so selfless with Manning is just laughable to me. I doubt if Irsay thought Manning had an SB left in him he would've let him go for nothing was my point not that it was the right decision or not.

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