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  1. This would have merit if it came from someone other than Brad Wells here. How come he hasn't broken one major FA visit? Or why Manning was at the Rams HQ the other day? Or Grigson getting canned?
  2. His dad grew up in Mississippi. I see him taking a role on the Saints before he ever comes back here. However he has a home there but his family still resides in Denver. I find it hard to believe they want to move back here full time they seem to like it there even if Manning no longer plays for the Broncos. Brad will milk it though as will other Indy reporters for some inexplicable reason considering that the hiring of Ballard should have been a sign to these people that Manning is likely not coming back here to work for the Colts again in the immediate future.
  3. Hopefully still a productive QB for the Colts with the hits he's taken they are shortening his career. I do think the Colts will at least appear in 1 SB before Luck retires but not sure if they will win it depends on who shows up that day. I will still hate the Patriots and Tommy Uggs enough for everyone if needed.
  4. No but surely if this was all set in stone Manning was returning to the Colts why would he be seen at other teams facilities? Or Manning letting himself be seen in such places for that matter. That wouldn't be a good look. I personally don't see him wanting to work in the FO. Ownership at some point when the kids are older but not now its only been a year since he retired.
  5. Thanks to all who responded. Funny how he doesn't know why he visited the Rams but he knows all of this allegedly. Surely if he's going to become minority owner of the Colts why visit another team? Especially the Rams( the Rams/Colts switched ownership way back when) He also didn't know that Grigson would be fired or Ballard would end up the GM either. So yeah I'm not taking Brad Wells seriously here. If it came from Mort or something I would've.
  6. So what does he think about Manning being seen at the Rams HQ yesterday?
  7. So? He won 3 SBs in dramatic fashion no less for the Patriots people will remember that more than how long he played for the Colts. Its naive to think otherwise. You're right its a career not what team they played on but teams they were on will be listed on the bust of the HOFer. For Adam the Pats and Colts will be on his if he goes into HOF. However if you asked someone who wasn't a Pats or Colts fan most would say he's remembered mostly as a Patriot was my point. Reggie will be remembered mostly as a Colt since he played his career here and only a preseason game with the Pats.
  8. It will probably be listed on his head bust but it doesn't matter nobody is really going to remember he was a short lived Patriot except Pats fans. To most people he will be a Colt (like Saturday who played half a season with the Packers most remember him as a Colt) It gets kind of tricky when talking about Vinateri though (who played Pats/Colts and was memorable for both but mostly the Pats)
  9. Yet you think he wants to return to the Colts because he used to play here? I just don't see him wanting to join an FO anywhere and if he does he will want an ownership stake something I don't think Irsay is willing to concede(not really him his daughters)
  10. John Lynch was hired by the 49ers and he never played for them so I disagree with this. But I don't see him wanting to be in the FO despite what the media purports.
  11. I do think if he takes an FO job it won't be with the Colts but I don't see it with Denver either.
  12. Look I think all teams bend the rules to pretend otherwise is naive. The Pats are just incredibly successful compared to others. That's not really my issue with the Pats its their persecution complex they exhibit while being entitled. Look their arrogance is deserved but to act like you are the wronged party/underdog is laughable when you won 5 SBs in 15 years. Own it.
  13. I know that but I saw the last part about hope the Vikings win the NFC made it seem that people think they will rep the NFC. It would be nice but I doubt it as long as the Pats aren't in it I'll be thrilled.
  14. The Vikings aren't winning the NFC(they aren't good enough) Especially not next season no way the NFL would want the home team to represent in the SB they would lose so much money out of it.
  15. I wish he did no regular season MVP has won the SB the same season since Kurt Warner in 1999

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