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  2. CF4L

    Dwight Freeney set to retire as Colt

    Oddly enough I was thinking about him the other day wondering whether he would retire or not. The fact he would do it as a Colt is a bit surprising given how Pagano and Grigson dumped him. And he went to a bunch of other teams afterwards but his career was best here obviously.
  3. CF4L

    Ravens sign RG Knee

    Which is why the RG3 vs Luck debate around this fanbase is laughable to me for this reason. Now if Luck comes back and wins an SB then you have something if not Russell Wilson will be remembered as the one with the better career.
  4. CF4L

    Ravens sign RG Knee

    As a backup I think this is a good move for them. Its only for a year and unlike Kaepernick no media circus will be involved.
  5. CF4L

    ESPN and Fox fighting to sign Peyton [Merge]

    But he got cut from the Colts is my point when a player is cut = fired. He didn't choose to retire or leave as an FA(or even demand a trade). The Colts let him go. Like they did with so many other players before him and well after. This isn't about whether he should've been cut or not. Manning isn't going to put himself in a position where he doesn't decide when he can leave or not. If he took a broadcasting job he wouldn't have that choice compared to ownership.
  6. CF4L

    ESPN and Fox fighting to sign Peyton [Merge]

    Well he was fired from the Colts. But if he owned a team(even partially) he wouldn't be fired he could be his own boss etc is what I meant.
  7. CF4L

    ESPN and Fox fighting to sign Peyton [Merge]

    I can't picture Manning taking any job where he could possibly be fired.
  8. CF4L

    Peyton (this is cool)

    Thanks for posting I forgot some of these guys were ever on the Colts. Also that Marcus Pollard caught 35 TD's from Manning
  9. CF4L

    Manning Dominates!

    Despite this being a lame article in general. I have always thought better overall career- Brady Better individual talent- Manning. Peyton could go to any team and succeed. The Broncos and Colts aren't the same after his departure.
  10. Unlike a lot of others I didn't really care if we went all out in FA but I do like his thought process. Build through the draft get guys who will be here a while.
  11. CF4L

    What if Denver calls?

    No different than what I read around these parts when it came to Manning
  12. CF4L

    What if Denver calls?

    I think people forget how much Demarcus Ware helped. He took pressure off of Von Miller he doesn't have that now. Peyton was a shell of himself physically but he could still read a defense. Something none of the current Denver QBs can.
  13. CF4L

    What if Denver calls?

    Yes and they also dealt with them when it came to the McDaniels debacle. Ideally it shouldn't matter but its not always ideal. I think after that they would be gunshy.
  14. CF4L

    What if Denver calls?

    But then Peyton went to Denver and did well there too so really Elway benefitted from that move as well. Its life after Peyton that's been rough for him at this point in time.
  15. CF4L

    What if Denver calls?

    It was 1983