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  1. 20th tight end what are your talking about we only have 3 tight ends on the roster. And this would allow us to not have to draft a tight end and focus on defense and oline.
  2. I'd take a UDFA lol. Frees up 5 mil this year 5 mill in 2018 and 7.5 mill in 2019
  3. This is starting to look like a possibility. We are listed as 1 of 4 interested teams
  4. Tall fast corner who played reciever before. Has no coverage technique skills.. Let's go ahead and take him in the 2nd round
  5. Damn nice pff so I guess we should bring back laron Landry and Ricky Jean freasis becuase they were top player according to pff
  6. Sub 4 second 20 yard shuttle and 6.5 3 cone most definitely is not slow at all. Haven't watched any game tape though
  7. They have 34 mill in cap space but don't have desean or garçon locked up so not sure there plans
  8. Not going to lie never watched him but the pats are also interested so I'm interested
  9. I don't think that anyone is disagreeing that Rietz is a decent versatile player. But when you have young cheap guys who can do the same cut the older similar to patriots and Logan mankins. Harrison also proved to be a good guard and can be a beast if Philbin can get him some help with his pass pro
  10. True but neither can leveon bell. Steelers don't seem to care
  11. Don't forget about martavios Bryant
  12. Any chance we go out in get this go for fairly cheap. He's a littl older at 29 but doesn't have a lot of NFL miles on body. He appears unblockable at times and would be essentially free if we cut art jones.
  13. Haeg is a cheaper and younger Rietz. Clark and Goode also have some versatility
  14. Signing guard also makes Rietz expendable so frees up 3 mill to put towards there contract
  15. He's my favorite prospect. Trading back to 25ish and taking him is my dream scenario.

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