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  1. Lets try and not hype this guy up like Mike Miller was last year..
  2. Jamie Collins at ILB 92% of snaps along with van noy and McClenian. You must be a liberal can't understand facts
  3. Your question was how many players go from olb to ilb. 3 on the Super Bowl champs. Anymore questions you need me to answer?
  4. agree 100% don't think ayers should be a full time. Was just thinking possibly some sub packages and blitzing situations.
  5. I said out of 5 not 5 I understand your not good with number or stats and this is a single team so 40%. You want me to go through every single team or you want to admit your point was completely wrong and *ic?
  6. I said maybe about Hightower at Alabama and why would they use Collins as a spy he's solely a OLB. Your wrong take the L and stop trying to make irrelevant irrational points
  7. Collins, van noy, McClenian, maybe even Hightower. How does someone with so many posts know so little
  8. On the Super Bowl winning New England Patriots alone 3 of 5 ILB were OLBs. Maybe do some research on the subject because it's pretty clear you lack knowledge
  9. Ok let's get 53 players and pigeonhole them into 1 single postion. Have you not listened to any of teds interviews he wants flexibility. Not only game by game but down by down
  10. Or maybe like asking joe haeg to play guard. Or Eric swoope to split out wide. Or Denzelle Goode to play guard. Or haasan ridgeway to play DE?
  11. So Derrick Johnson 63 244 around 250 now from Ballards Chiefs team is too big?
  12. He played OT in college not sure why we moved him to OG. Square pegs in round holes right
  13. So are you implying 63 250 is too large for an ILB?
  14. Yeah your right postion versatility and depth has no place on this team. Wise words.
  15. Any chance Akeem gets some reps at ILB? I thought he looked really solid in coverage last year and even got a pick. I think he could also provide some inside pass rush from the postion similar to a Jamie Collins. Thoughts?

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