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  1. Krauses

    Erik Swoope signs tender

    Agree with the WRs but think we are good at tight ends with cox and Darnell being somewhat considered rookies this year.
  2. Krauses

    Erik Swoope signs tender

  3. then he will be ineffective ans lose his only only good qualities as a player. Exact same thing that’s happened to walker last year. You dont change players to fit scheme you find players that best attributes flourish in system.
  4. You do know that weigh ins are in the offseason when players are in top physical condition muscle wise and can do anything in terms of water weight gain before stepping on scale. Was he 223 at time of weigh in probably. Does he play at 223 during season probably not.
  5. Unfortunately he’s not. Was 223 at pro day and ran 4.57. In college played at 210 and ran a 4.38. Still think there is some situational spots for him on this team as well as special teams
  6. He weighed in at 209 at combine then later gained fake weight to bulk up to 223 at pro day which was likely 5 lbs of water. Would say he’s around 215 at best
  7. I do like speed in LBs like telvin smith and Deion jones. But 209 lbs is not goin g over hold up in NFL in my opinion
  8. I agree. I don’t think it’s as much of a weight issue as it is he was gaining weight for 3-4 inside backer. I follow him on Instagram and he appears to be a lot leaner down in the 230 range
  9. While I think Linebacker is our weakest position group on the team I do believe we have some players that will improve from the scheme change. You guys think any of these 3 have potential to be good starters. Anthony Walker - Was playing over weight last year and appeared slow at times. From social media he looks like he’s down about ten lbs and has been working on flexibility a lot. Think he is best of the bunch. Jermiah George - Much faster than 40 time indicates. Is great leader and has passion for the game. Think he would be solid Will if aloud to free flow from blockers josh Perry- I honestly didn’t even know we signed him last year. Was a stud in college but probably fits better in 3-4 ILB. Is thumper with decent cover skills. Better than Morrison IMO
  10. The dude who was smoking weed going 140 with his 1 year old daughter in the car. I'll pass on that