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  1. Why is this thread still going?
  2. I didn't notice hairston too much. I feel as if he wasn't targeted too often. Which in my book, is a success.
  3. It's partially related to today's game and partially not. This team without Andrew Luck is a 4-12 team at best. That's what the record is based on. Honestly, I think we are going to intentionally tank this season. I probably sound insane. But this season will be the second iteration of "suck for luck". Luck will likely have some "setback" when he begins to throw, and sit out the entire season. All extremely speculative without any facts may it be; it is my prediction.
  4. Andrew doesn't play a single game this season. & We go 4-12 or 3-13
  5. "But it I want to thank coach chuck" Huh? "yeah it's the first pressing game....." What?
  6. I enjoyed the discussion regarding Green. I believe that he will develop on the same trajectory swoope has since joining the team. Remember, Swoope was learning football from the moment he joined our team. Swoope was also just a pure athlete but not so much a good football player. He is devloping into quite the athletic TE who can run, catch, and block. His measurables are rare. With that being said, I believe Green is in that exact same category. Once the game begins to make sense, I believe we will be seeing a more reactive and involved Green. And on a site note, I also enjoyed the random banter about the baseball childhood memories between two older members ;)
  7. Woods is such a massive dude.
  8. bump i think this is a video worth watching if you enjoy peytons witty side.
  9. Rogers and TJ Green are definitely not on the bubble this offseason. With Geathers questionable for the season, Green will probably start at some point. And Rogers was the second best receiver on the roster last season. Idc what anyone says. He was more reliable than dorsett in crucial situations, And yes I think he ran better routers, created more separation, and was more clutch than Moncrief as well.
  10. How the Colts Free Agent Signings on Defense will Improve Their Offense | Game Theory | NFL Network
  11. Anyone not a colt fan who discusses the leagues WRs.
  12. It's just ridiculous the amount of hate the colts receive. I feel as if you don't sign overpriced free agents; every single pundit in the nation will condemn your season before it even begins. Their opinion isn't crucial, it's just irritating that any news I hear about the AFC south has the colts crashing.
  13. Thoughts...?

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