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  1. Quick questions.

    So we are going to pretend that our offense in the fourth quarter has been acceptable? While we've held leads...?
  2. Rigoberto Sanchez

    you think sanchez can kick field goals too?
  3. Rigoberto Sanchez

    I like him. I think this is Vinnys last season. Who's gonna be our kicker?
  4. Quick questions.

    Why do we keep throwing screen passes to Gore? Why do we only run four verticals the entire game? Why do we run HB dive on every first down? Why do we only get one yard on first down? Why do we throw on second down, take a sack and then throw on 3rd and long like every drive? At what point are we going to stop blaming quarterback play and question the decision making of Chud? Andrew is a good enough passer to run four verticals all game, but is that the reason he takes so many big hits? Are we running an extreme amount of deep patterns? Why are we taking full 7 step drops as often as we are? I'm confused, because these coaches are paid a lot of money. And it looks like my little brother is picking plays on Madden. AK
  5. Quan Bray

    Does anyone else hold their breath when he fields kicks? I really do not think he is our answer at return man.
  6. Adam Vinatieri

  7. ballards new defense

    Can you do simple math? 46 minus 14.(Defensive TDs) Lets see, start with the tens. So take 40 and subtract 10. That gives you 30 okay? Now take the 4 and subtract that from 6. That gives you 2 okay? Now add 30 and 2. That gives you.......... 32 Now subtract 2 points from the safety, K? 32-2+46 right? Nope.... it gives you 30. The defense gave up 30 points. Thanks for participating in our weekly math lesson.
  8. Colts @ Los Angeles Rams Game Day Thread

    Anyone else see pagano hand the rams TE his hemlet? That's gonna be his ******* job next season. Get used to handling equipment.
  9. Colts @ Los Angeles Rams Game Day Thread

    Optimism is okay, but don't be naive.
  10. Colts @ Los Angeles Rams Game Day Thread

  11. Rooks

    Mack got some touches. You want us to run it while down 14? And yeah, Butler is too small to play safety.
  12. Ready to admit Tolzein is a joke ?

    He needs to be benched. He needs to be cut when Luck returns.
  13. YES! Gameday baby !!! Who to watch at 12cst ?

    The defenses in our division are going to be VERY stout this year.