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  1. I think his production was more so due to the lack of talent around him. I appreciate the physicality he brought to the edge however. With that being said I am not disappointed we moved on from him.
  2. I didn't create the video. I enjoy his videos though. He makes quite a few of them on a regular basis.
  3. who starts next to the draftee?
  4. I understand. The highlight video facilitates the discussion, it is not intended to dictate it. He is fast, and he does tackle well.
  5. You guys know I love to share these highlight videos with you. As always, what are your thoughts on this guy?
  6. thx 4 sharing.
  7. I think Simon is going to surprise a lot of people this season. Thoughts?
  8. i enjoyed the vikings game more i think. however, it was a satisfying victory.
  9. We need a run game and depth. depth solved. rb incoming.
  10. ravens
  11. as depth? sure. darius butler type of thing from last season. full time starter? kill me.
  12. You speak of this like it is poor? We did the same thing to Antonio Brown in the second half when he was slaughtering Davis. It's smart coaching.
  13. I think it is obvious that if there is a value pick at 15 then Ballard will take that player. There is no way Ballard passes on a player that he thinks can increase our chances of wining football games. With that being said, if BPA available may not be the most impactful option for us, then he will be open to trading down a few spots. Please stop being drama queens. There is nothing unconventional about what he said.
  14. Why is this thread still going? People must be bored.
  15. I really like his comments about Swoope. I also like that he emphasized that there is also competition for WR2.

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