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  1. never heard of them.
  2. Considering Tolzien has been receiving all of the first team reps, if he is in better shape than Andrew; he should play. With all the talk surrounding our defense this off season, a backup QB would be the perfect opportunity to see if the team TRULY is more than just Andrew.
  3. I would love to see Sean Spence and Jackson in the middle. The speed and tenacity out of both of them would be a great energy to have on the field.
  4. Sarcasm overload. Make it stop.
  5. Isn't it great when a man is true to his word?
  6. That will happen when you miss almost half the season..
  7. Point of the thread is clearly to say he is an acceptable depth corner.
  8. I agree. He has the speed and length to keep up with most receivers. The problem I've noticed is tracking the ball, and going for the breakup at the right time.
  9. I'll take him as depth any day.
  10. Kinda feel like this year's analysis of players are a little lackluster. It also upset me that they used the same highlight from T.Y's top 100 video. The throw that should have been featured was the one he lobbed to Moncrief at the opposite sideline while being sacked. Oh well.
  11. I don't see us having four active RB on the 53. With that being said I do see him being retained on the practice squad.
  12. I feel like we used to do a really good job of neutralizing Texan's pressure. Now that we also have to account for Clowney it seems we haven't done so well. I know this is captain obvious speech, but if we can neutralize their pass rush we should have no issue keeping their underwhelming offense off the field.
  13. This is why I haven't been too concerned with those griping over what we will do with Green and Butler. I feel as if Geathers will miss some time this season; probably something around four games. With that being said, he is definitely a better safety than Tj. I see Butler reinforcing the FS position, and Green perhaps transitioning to more of a SS role. He has the frame for it; he just needs to put a little more weight on his frame; whilst hopefully maintaining speed.
  14. Interesting video about two premiere players in our division. This video also helped me to understand why Vontae always does so well against Hopkins. Davis thrives in the more physical rather than finesse match-ups.

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