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  1. Fun Fact

  2. "Landing spot"

    Every thread becometh a draft discussion.
  3. "Landing spot"

    I've been seeing a lot of NFL talking heads speaking about possible landing spots for FA and trade bait. What is beginning to frustrate me is that the colts are never mentioned. I know what Ballard said. I've seen every press conference. Please don't fill this thread with Ballard quotes. I guess I'm just tired of the media short changing the colts.
  4. [Marvez] Colts will hire Tom Rathman as RBs coach

    I hate that everyone thinks we need Barkley to solve the rb problem. I also think maybe one of the top five rb prospects will probably still be there early in the second.
  5. free agents

    Bell isn't leaving Pitt. Lol
  6. We are moving back to a 4-3 zone defense

    Last offseason's aquisitions make even more sense now.
  7. Tarell Basham as a 4-3 Defensive End

    Really? What a useless response. I wasn't even signed in, but I just had to let you know that these kind of responses are one of the worst that I read here. The only thing it contributed to was your post count.
  8. My Season Prediction

    Ballard said it without saying it in one of the pressers. just go rewatch them. I knew Luck wasn't playing when I posted this.
  9. My Season Prediction

    yada yada yada. luck could have played this year. they benched him to draft high and fire pagano. IDC what you say tbh.
  10. My Season Prediction

    It was definitely intentional. Although that could be argued day and night.
  11. My Season Prediction

  12. My Season Prediction

    he didn't play week 1. he didnt play all season and we went 4-12
  13. My Season Prediction

    we won 4 games.
  14. My Season Prediction

  15. My Season Prediction

    Isn't this exactly what happened?