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  1. I think he played very well for a rookie. We do, his name is La'raven Clark.
  2. I don't think JJ Watt was from the ghetto. As a matter of fact I know he wasn't. Does JJ watt not play with passion? ... I don't understand why you even mentioned the "geto"
  3. the speculation has this forum shaking to its core. colts news is our fix.
  4. It all depends on this upcoming season. He will not be moved before the season begins in any trade.
  5. I don't think we necessarily have to go edge if the best talent at 15 is ILB. Both of those were equal needs before the offseason started. Now that we have all but completely revamped the OLB position, ILB might actually be the bigger need. Think back to the Lions game. Running backs in space have been eating us alive. I think if sheard can produce a 10 sack season, with Simon getting 4-6 and our rotational guys picking up some slack we will be fine without a Rd 1 Edge. Now that doesn't mean we won't go edge in 2 or 3, however, I think getting a leader and 3-down ILB is essential to fixing this defense.
  7. Yeah i was excited that he touched on those things and did so in such a clear, concise way.
  8. I hope so. I feel like Ballard will have a good relationship with the coaches. And thus the coaches being able to voice their opinions about personnel a little more freely. I'm really excited to see what we do to apply some pressure.
  9. Good interview, and to my liking he seems to agree with what most here have been saying about our defense this offseason. Wouldn't want you guys to miss the sound bit.
  10. 68 for woods is interesting
  11. Just another "oh you shouldn't have an opinion on a discussion form" remark. Ignore it.
  12. I think I want to give Morrison at least one more season to display his talents. Even if he is just a 3-4 run thumper I wouldn't mind him staying, even as depth. Morrison may not be able to cover but he plays with passion and hits hard.
  13. I really hope we did not overpay for him. I assume he will primarily be WR4 and step up to WR2 or WR3 if anyone goes down. Moncrief better stay healthy this year, I wouldn't be surprised if Aiken has his eyes set on Moncrief's job.
  14. Enjoy this highlight video of Sheard. I'm excited to see what he can do for us.
  15. Hindsight is my favorite thing in this world. Right next to hangnails.

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