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  1. Frank Reich's Staff

    I think the defense will be closer to what Seattle runs especially in coverage.
  2. No, but I would imagine that conflicting or unconfirmed information contributes to the retraction. I would make the assumption that they shouldn't have ran the story in the first place as they might not have had enough confirmed evidence. The point still stands though, just because they didn't get caught doesn't mean they didn't do it.
  3. Says Goodell, not a great track record. What's Walsh going to say, "I know you didn't catch us red-handed like you did with the Jets, but we did it to other teams also". Didn't the evidence get destroyed in that case without anyone other than Goodell and the Pats knowing what was on the tapes? Not being caught is not the same as being not guilty.
  4. Colts hire Frank Reich [Merge]

    Yep, I haven't watch a pre-game show for any sport in years.
  5. I question if you know what that word even means if you think that there was nothing wrong ethically with this entire situation. McDaniels agrees to become coach, hammers out details of a contract, starts hiring assistant coaches, continues to recruit additional assistants and then decides that he would rather stay with the Pats. He created a difficult situation by not being up front and honest and compounded it by walking away from his commitment. He is an unethical *. His agent agrees as he fired him over this whole mess.
  6. The article was SI not ESPN, didn't you post it?
  7. First, he was giving his legal opinion. It was definitely based on fact, but his legal opinion could very well be swayed by his location and his views on the situation. Throughout the article he had a few items and particulars incorrect according to multiple reports. I am sure that you can find differing opinions on the matter. This person is not the sole authority, since this would be a civil case there are many different avenues to explore if you wanted. In other words, just because this guy says that the Colts have no recourse doesn't necessarily make it so which is why I made the joke.
  8. Colts hire Frank Reich [Merge]

    But yet he is in the HOF, interesting that you could make that assumption. How good is Bill without Brady?
  9. Let's discuss Ballard's "Binder"

    That we can agree on
  10. Let's discuss Ballard's "Binder"

    Understandable but I truly trust Ballard but only time will tell if he makes the right choice. Pederson was phillys third choice. There are still quality coaches available just have to find them.
  11. Let's discuss Ballard's "Binder"

    You didn’t know that but chalked him up to garbage and the immediately changed your mind. The Parcells connection is with Campbell and those have good results.
  12. Let's discuss Ballard's "Binder"

    Your reasons could literally almost be applied word for word for Reich and Campbell
  13. Let's discuss Ballard's "Binder"

    The are 10 busts for every successful higher anyway. Nagy had about the same responsibilities as Reich for the majority of his time in KC as did Pederson I might add. Wilks was a hot name this year just like Frazier until he flamed out. Nobody even the league knows who will work out.
  14. Let's discuss Ballard's "Binder"

    You said that the current situation does not inspire confidence in Ballard for you, which insinuates at least to me that you don’t have confidence in Ballard.
  15. Let's discuss Ballard's "Binder"

    So you are already off Ballard? When he was hired, he was rated as one of if not the best GM candidates in the league. Trust him to find a quality coach. I think he is better than those FO that made those other hires and trust him to find a good coach.