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  1. Colts sign Matt Slauson

    Slauson or Vuj. Are you kidding me. We have to start somewhere.
  2. Hurns already has his 1st. visit lined up and he claims at least ten teams interested so far. Looks like he's going to go slow like Suh. He mentioned 5 or 6 and we weren't mentioned but that doesn't mean we not one of the ten. It will be interesting to see how Ballard approaches this. They let him become available so that says something. If I'm Ballard I sign him and put the decision in the Bears hands now.
  3. Sorry. Dallas can take a lesser rd pick if they trade him before he signs the tender. That trade could be for one of our other 2nd.s and could also be for a third or whatever. It turns out to be a regular trade for all intense and purposes. The 2nd. rd tender means they get our pick if he signs it game over. The whole strategy is you show them the contract he is willing to sign. We won't let him sign it unless you agree to take another one of our picks in a trade first. If you don't we walk away. The choice is theirs. Take a lower pick or keep him. It could easily be for another one of our twos. Usually teams only have one two. If you really want to move him now then you have to negotiate. It can go down that way.
  4. This looks like another possible good signing for the Colts if it works out. He has already had the visit so it will be interesting if this attempt goes down soon. The other interesting aspect of this is that he is a RFA. Ballard is looking at all the possibilities of how to acquire players as the frenzy gets quieter. Makes me think he could be working on a strategy to get the Cowboys Irving as well.
  5. Suh visiting Titans

    Just an update on Suh. He visited the Rams today and will visit the Raiders Wednesday on his apparent west coast tour. If no signing tomorrow I'm expecting a visit to Indy by the end of the week. If he does make it to Indy I think we will sign him. The drama continues.
  6. Report: Colts signing WR Ryan Grant

    Great addition. He's really going to be motivated to get that long term deal again and with Luck it could happen. And we will get the first shot at resigning him to a longer deal if it works out. You can't ask for more than that. A prove it deal that could easily prove out.
  7. OL Matt Slauson visiting Colts Tuesday

    Gotta get Fleming in here.
  8. Colts sign Eric Ebron (merge)

    Doyle is going to make him even better. When he sees how he practices and how much the team loves Doyle he's going to want to be just like him. They're going to be a great twosome for opponents to worry about.
  9. There are a few people out there who think the reason the Cowboys put a 2nd. rd. tender on him is they really are trying to invite and offer and get something for him now. They have Lawrence to deal with and other upcoming players to sign or put options on. They don't have a lot of cap space. They are hoping someone signs him so they get the pick. They would love our second pick because it is so high but they only get it if he signs the tender. We could agree with him on a contract then tell Dallas we will sign him only if they take a lesser pick and trade him instead therefore avoiding our high 2nd rd requirement. We are fortunate because we have 3 2nd.s so we could work a deal for the lowest one and they would probably be receptive if this theory is true. Who knows but I think he is player worth investigating and pursuing.
  10. OL Matt Slauson visiting Colts Tuesday

    Slauson coming in before resigning Mewhort. Never saw that one coming.
  11. Ballard explains free agency strategy.

    I hope he also doesn't wind up on IR again and back under the knife. So far nothing on the OL and that scares me but he says he has a plan so I would expect some major upgrades are still on the way.
  12. All I'm saying is if he stays with Dallas this year and has a great year Dallas has the tag option among others. You're assuming he wants a big contract now which is conjecture as well. We don't know. I think Ballard could get him with a good contract with the poison pill so Dallas couldn't match. Maybe a shorter deal to prove himself and then go for the big one. He has been out there awhile already and no offers yet that we know of. We could also strike a deal and offer a lower pick to see if they would go for it. There are many ways to go after him. Ballard has stated he likes having the 7 picks in the 1st. two rounds but they could be used in any number of ways to secure good young players. We shall see.
  13. Ebron to visit

    It's only an opinion.
  14. Why wait until next year when Dallas can sign him or franchise him or if he hits FA we have to compete with everyone for an ER. We know Ballard won't overpay for anyone and ER's are overpaid when they hit FA. I say sign him to a contract now when he have more leverage. His agent knows his situation. I think Ballard could make this work with incentives and protection without overpaying him at this point. I say go for it.
  15. I couldn't agree with you more. The media and fans in Dallas couldn't believe they didn't put a 1st. rd. tender on him. And they are very worried now about us making a move. He was second in sacks with 7 only behind Lawrence after playing only 8 games last year! The connections to Eberflus and Ballard and the Hankins cut all point to this move IMO. Ballard knows how to construct a contract to protect us and to assure the Cowboys can't match. He's a 24 yr. old ascending player with so much to lose if he screws up. And this would only cost us a 2nd. rounder for a proven starter. I can see Ballard making this trade as well. I put the probability of this happening as high.