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  1. Haag and Mewhort both at 305 and Costanzo and Clark both at 311. Looks like the coaches have there weights where they want them. Clark losing 8 should help him too. Hopefully Haag has really improved on his strength. I thought he was losing on bull rushes most of the time last year. If he has this line really has the potential to have a great year IMO.
  2. Yes I agree. And the "snarky" comments toward Irsay are so old, lame and juvenile. Embarassing for sure.
  3. Now it's being reported Eric Decker has been told he will be released or traded by the end of the week. Jets are in a total teardown and rebuild mode. It's hard to believe Richardson will be a Jet much longer after all the trade talk surrounding him. He has the look of a typical Ballard FA signing too. If he's released I can see us being one of the suitors. Our DL would be unbelievable with him in the lineup. This is going to be interesting to see how this unfolds.
  4. With Maclin's release now being reported that it was primarily cap related i am wondering if Richardson could follow suit and be released if they can't find a trade partner. The Jets are also under cap pressure.
  5. Never saw this one coming. But he does fit the mold of our other FA signings. Young, 26, with a lot of upside who has seen success in the league. I do like it. Pasztor and Hodges fit the same mold as well. Hodges was supposedly signing with the Bills but I haven't seen it formerly announced yet. I must have missed it.
  6. Three that are locked in; Luck, Hilton, Kelly that's it.
  7. IMO they discuss and agree on every player that is brought on the roster. That's how I'm reading the comments made by both of them. And it makes perfect sense that they are on the same page. Who plays is up to Chuck.
  8. Just because it hasn't happened yet doesn't really mean it couldn't before the season starts. According to the article his 8M salary is keeping some teams away and he could possibly change his mind and rework his contract to get out of NY. On paper it looks like we are okay at DL but that could change if Langford or Anderson are not able to show they are fully recovered. Langford is 31 and Richardson is 26. If Langford has not fully recovered or has lost a step or two Richardson could become an option to replace him. The situation sort of reminds me of last year when the Giants brought in Harrison to play alongside Hankins and that produced huge dividends for NY. I could see a scenario where Richardson is brought in to play alongside Hankins ,this time with the Colts. I'm not saying it's going to happen but I wouldn't rule it out entirely. If the Jets really want to move him I think CB could work a deal that would be good for us. Like I said he's 26yrs. old, former 1st. rd pick and a proven quality starter. Acquiring young stars in their prime doesn't happen very often. There is still a long way to go until the season starts. It could still happen.
  9. No. And you're right. It happens all the time. He wasn't going to be unemployed for long. And if Chuck is ever released he will find another employer pretty quick too.
  10. I think that's correct. Hodges is the same kind of player and he has yet to sign with a team. Not sure if he had injury issues but he's only 26. I'm looking forward to seeing where he signs. Hopefully with us.
  11. I don't know anything about NFL contracts, but I wonder if Jim is still obligated to pay out his full contract with the Colts now that he has found another job in the league. Anyone know?
  12. Yes we should! Maybe it has a better chance of happening now.
  13. Clayton, himself, said it was a serious injury. His comments don't sound like a player who wants to rush back to playing. He wants to be 100%. I would expect the Colts would be planing on an extensive absence so it's going to be interesting to see if they bring in another player right away or let Green carry the load at first and see how he does. I am actually pretty confident in Green making a second year leap and doing pretty well. He needs to be able to focus on the one position and receive the majority of reps. If that happens we could be pleasantly surprised. I like his physical measurable's better that Clayton's too. He's another great athlete that needs to find a position. This could be another case of a player being able to take advantage of another teammates misfortune.
  14. I'm thinking Giants. It's the best situation for him out of the three. I think we would follow the Giants.
  15. Yes it is. He is certainly drawing a lot of interest. He should be able to start for us so I will be anxiously looking forward to his decision. I wish we would bring in Pasztor too.

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