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  1. richard pallo

    Mychal Kendricks released

    I couldn't agree more. I wanted him in a trade as well and now he is there for the taking. His release was all about cap savings IMO. I hope Ballard moves on this one.
  2. richard pallo

    Keeping Brissett at #2

    Supposedly we received trade offers for Brissett. Ballard said no probably to hedge agains Luck not being ready. If Luck returns fully recovered you can bet he will be gone next year and we will sign an older veteran backup. If he has a good preseason we could easily get another 2nd. rd. pick at a minimum to help finish the rebuild. Especially since next years QB class is not that great.
  3. richard pallo

    Keeping Brissett at #2

    I agree. And don't forget the Patriots weren't afraid to trade him while he was on a cheap contract and Jimmy G was gone. They obviously thought they could find an eventual Brady replacement and he wasn't it.
  4. richard pallo

    Keeping Brissett at #2

    We traded Dorsett for Brissett just to be accurate.
  5. richard pallo

    CB Bashaud Breeland likely to sign with Colts

    Breeland is a young proven starter in this league. He earned his 3yr. 24m contract. Unfortunate circumstances cost him to fail his physical. Comparing him to Melvin is apples vs. oranges. Melvin signed a 1yr. prove it deal for a reason. He's 28 with one good year. Breeland doesn't need a prove it deal. I believe he was a 4yr. starter. If he's healthy he should get a contract longer than one year. If we want him we should sign him to a fair contract and not take advantage of the situation. I would much rather have a player who is happy with his contract than one who feels a team is taking advantage of the situation and making him prove himself all over again. That would leave a bad taste in my mouth. If we do it the right way I believe we will get a great return on our investment.
  6. richard pallo

    True or False: Week 1 Edition

    Totally agree. He's the perfect example of a very talented player on just an average college team. He could really flourish with a real QB like Luck throwing to him.
  7. richard pallo

    CB Bashaud Breeland likely to sign with Colts

    Exactly. We don't have too many young four year starters on our team period. He received a nice contract from Carolina before he failed the physical and rightly deserved. He is a proven and capable starter in this league and would certainly start unless Desir has a huge preseason. I hope it all works out and we sign him. We could certainly use another proven veteran CB in our secondary and he would be a real nice addition at this time of the year.
  8. richard pallo

    Josina Anderson Tweet

    I bet It was interesting because he told them he was planing to sign an un drafted rookie, Cirino, but he wanted to make sure he was looking at all his options. He told them he respected them as players and he wanted each of them to convince him why he should sign them and then he would make his decision on Wednesday. That's why he brought them in on the same day, Tuesday.
  9. richard pallo

    CB Bashaud Breeland likely to sign with Colts

    Breeland is going to get a good contract from some team. The question is whether Ballard is going to do it. He did bring in two safeties and a RB before his visit and nothing happened with them. My guess is Ballard has his number in mind and he won't go over it. That's how he appears to operate. I think that's how we lost Norwell and a few others in the past. Ballard sticks to his guns.
  10. richard pallo

    Colts sign S Michael Cirino, release CB Kenneth Acker

    If they were going to sign him as a CB why not sign him at the same time you sign the tackle from the rookie minicamp? Instead they sign him after bringing in two veteran safeties for a look see and then announce his signing as being a safety. Seems clear to me what happened and where they view his position.
  11. richard pallo

    Colts sign S Michael Cirino, release CB Kenneth Acker

    It certainly looks like Ballard chose Cirino over Boston and Vaccaro. Maybe he decided to check out the veterans before he made up his mind. From the look of things he also seems to be okay with the current CB's on the roster. Cutting recently signed CB Aker says a lot IMO. Of course we know Ballard is forever looking for talent. No ones spot is safe except for a few.
  12. richard pallo

    Tre Boston & Kenny Vaccaro visiting Colts today

    Very good question. He looks like a perfect fit to me.
  13. richard pallo

    Your Surpise Starter(s) for 2018

    Zaire Franklin
  14. richard pallo

    Colts HC Frank Reich LIVE

    Hearing coach mention the power of both Nelson and Smith as players who impressed him on the 1st. day has me thinking that Smith could also be a day one starter. At least I hope it turns out that way.
  15. richard pallo

    Colts Rookie Minicamp 5/11/2018

    I thought I read somewhere where Smith was a 1st. team All American. If so I think that would qualify as a big time guard.