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  1. I would hope he would be judgmental. I think that's part of the job description.
  2. This is hilarious! It's preseason and Luck hasn't taken a snap and most likely won't start the season. Without Luck we will be expected to lose. If we win Chuck will probably get a lot of the credit. I really hope we open up with a win.
  3. I could support this trade and probably a few others that have been suggested. I think this is the best time to trade him and receive some value. There are plenty of teams with player issues of their own that could move a player in order to receive a young receiver like Dorsett. The Bills got the best of us in the J. Hughes trade. Hopefully Ballard can pull off a trade that works in our favor this time. I do think he will have many suitors to choose from and I wouldn't be surprised if this happens pretty quickly now.
  4. Let's see how they both play in the next two games. Best player starts.
  5. It's the field! It's a joke. The Lions lost two players to IR on our field. We could pay the price for not replacing it in the offseason. I feel our players are safer when we are on the road than when we're home. Just my opinion.
  6. Makes sense to me. Then I have to ask what is going on with Pasztor? Why is he not getting the calls? Is it about the dollars? I wish I knew the answers. But Pasztor is the player I would be bringing in. He is only 27 I believe. I don't get it. Why no interest?
  7. I don't know. If he is isn't a fit it's worth a conversation IMO. It appears they are in a wheeling and dealing mode. No Watkins and a hurt Matthews. Why not?
  8. All for it. And bring in Pasztor too! Time to get some real depth on our OL.
  9. I have to admit I wanted the Colts to draft him when he came out. I was worried about Vinny's age and consequently his leg strength. So far Vinny has bucked all odds although he is the oldest player in the league. Someone said earlier kicking is 90% mental. Maybe spending some time with Vinny could be very beneficial. Maybe he could handle kickoff duties to start. I know roster spots are valuable but kickers could lose it suddenly just like any other player. Sitting behind Vinny could be just the answer for him and maybe for the Colts long term. Consequently I have no problem with bringing him in now and adding him to the roster. I would trust Ballards judgement on cut down day.
  10. I'm kinda worried about Bostic not playing, He's had a great camp so far but he's out injured. And he's had injury issues with his other teams. Hopefully nothing to be concerned about. about.
  11. My first thought was it was to make room for a big move. His cap savings could help us absorb a big cap hit from a big time acquisition. The timing signals a trade is about to go down IMO.
  12. I like the idea that they have Dorsett and Rogers listed as co # 3's on the 1st depth chart. Makes for an interesting battle and keeps Dorsett appearing to be in the running for that spot. Which he probably is. But it also keeps his trade value higher than if he was listed as the 4. He is not a Ballard pick just as Allen was not a Ballard pick. So I think there is a chance for a trade here, assuming they are happy with Rogers. Just a thought but maybe straight up for Kendricks of the Eagles?
  13. Of course I will. You have got to be kidding.
  14. I really don't see the Colts cutting Dorsett, thus getting nothing for him. He should make the team as a 4th WR. But a team desperate for a WR might be willing to trade for him now before the season starts. Desperate teams will pay more now versus a team in the off season that is trying to upgrade the position. Especially if the team views itself as a playoff team. If he does have a good preseason this might be the time to deal him assuming Rogers is the No. 3 and Aiken could take the 4. I think we would have more leverage now than at the end of the season. We could even have multiple suitors. It could be for a player or a pick who knows. If he takes the 3 away from Rogers the issue is over. But if Rogers takes the 3 spot and they both have solid preseasons than I think they could get some calls. I would rather make the deal now and get something for him when we still can. I think there will be a lot of trades before cutdown day. Dorsett could be a hot commodity. We shall see.
  15. Well this didn't take long. With the first preseason games about to be played and camp injuries having already started Eric Galko of Optimum Scounting and Sporting News contributor has identified Dorsett as a possible WR on the cusp of being cut that could be a target in a trade before cutdown day. He mentions the Jets as a team that should be calling the Colts now to check on his availability. Other teams will soon follow. I always thought this could be a possibility, especially with Rogers doing so well. I just didn't think the talk would start so soon. Thoughts?

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