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  1. CB tried to sign Jeffrey and he did sign Aiken. Who spot was Jeffrey supposed to replace Moncrief or Dorsett?
  2. I just read an article in Bleacher Report stating they found it hard to believe we didn't address the OL in FA and they could see us adding a OL starter with our 1st. rd. pick.
  3. IMO there are only a handful of players that I would deem as truly safe. This will be a big year for a lot of our veterans and core players. They have to continue to get better. Moncrief , I think, is one of those players.
  4. I think your heart might be broken but it just might be McCaffrey instead of Cook.
  5. Just from what I have seen from CB so far I think he would do it. He was supposed to be the best kicker to come out in a decade. That's why they went after him. He would have a lot of suitors IMO. Playing behind Adam for a year could really be a plus for him and us.
  6. Just read an article from Bleacher Report predicting what round some of the top prospects might be drafted in due to injury concerns or personal issues. No mention of Foster but interesting enough predicted J. Allen at 12-20, Mixon top 50 pick. Also Cook and Williams 2nd. rd.
  7. I could easily get behind this pick and he could actually be the BPA when it's our turn. Instant starter at RG which is what I want from our 1st. pick, an immediate starter. I am hoping our 2nd. pick is also an immediate starter.
  8. I have been a proponent of your Cleveland trade for quite some time now. The only difference is that I want Dan Shelton their NT and a second and a third versus your two 2's and a 4th. Same idea give them what they need to trade for Jimmy G. Shelton is there former 1st. rd. pick who is still in his rookie contract. They are switching to a 4-3 so they really don't need a NT. I like the trade for Kendricks but there is still a chance they might release him anyway. The Giants trade looks good to me as well. I can see Chris trying to trade for more picks. Nice job.
  9. I agree. For the life of me I don't understand why we haven't brought him in. A deal full of incentives. Something is holding us back. All I can think of is that we must have other plans that CB feels better about.
  10. Sure seems like they have alienated a lot of teams. Maybe it's his agent? Who knows?
  11. I would give Hankins a 3 yr. deal @ 7 mil a yr. But so far not an inkling of any reported interest from us. Other options? Yes, trade for Dan Shelton the big starting NT on the Browns. He is still in his rookie contract. Playing extremely well and they are switching to a 4-3. I have posted this before and now that it appears we are not interested in Hankins I am hoping CB makes an inquiry.
  12. I know many are still hoping we bring in Z. Brown but don't forget about Michal Kendricks of the Eagles. They are trying to trade him and so far no deal has been struck. There is still a good chance he gets released and I think he would be a great pick up for us.
  13. Outstanding job. Just for grins did a post FA analysis ranking every teams top needs after FA. For the Colts he listed OL,DL,RB. Most Colts fans seem to be comfortable letting Haag and Clark start this year. We have lost Reitz, a former starter, and a few backups and added a backup. Most analysts feel there is still a need to help Luck on the OL. And we know how CB feels about the trenches. I would not be surprised if we draft OL with our 1st. pick. Maybe trade back and draft OL. I really think it's a strong possibility. DL means NT to me. I can see a trade if Hankins is not brought in. Everyone is on board with RB as a need. Still possible more players can be brought in before the draft and of course I don't think Chris is hesitant about a trade as we have already seen. Going to be a fun month leading up to the draft and the draft itself could be full of surprises.
  14. I see this as a fall back signing after losing Minter. We signed him quickly after losing Minter and we did not want to lose him too. He does increase the competition but he appears to be a situational player to be used on passing downs. If we saw him as anything more we would have given him a longer deal IMO. I haven't read where he was only looking for a short term deal.
  15. According to A. Schefter on twitter the Colts have signed Sean Spence to a one yr. 3 mil deal. To me it looks like we signed our no. 2. choice after we lost out on K. Minter. He is reported to be weak against the run but strong against the pass. Looks like a situational player to me.

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