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  1. And checked out his injuries. Can't be too serious.
  2. I didn't see this pick coming but I trust Ballard. You can't teach instincts and we practically ran in with the pick so so much for trading back. Looks like a playmaker and day 1 starter. I think it's going to prove to be a great pick.
  3. I would love Barnett but I just don't see him being there. That being said it looks like there might be a rush on Qb's being taken in the first 10- 15 picks. Maybe we have a chance.
  4. The tape is the most important measurable. Per CB.
  5. I could see this happening. Especially after the earlier reports of Ballard doing some inquiries about moving up. I think it would take this years 1st. next years 2nd. and another pick from this year or a player (Moncrief or Dorsett) to get to seven. He is a blue chip talent with no injuries or off field drama and would be the missing piece to our offense. I can also see us making more than one trade this draft. This is going to be fun.
  6. I don't mind trading back but trading out of the 1st is going to require one heck of an offer. That fifth year option is pretty sweet for 1st. rd. picks. and is probably why some teams try to trade back into it. Dropping back five or so picks and then trading back into the 1st. by adding a pick from next years draft might be worth exploring.
  7. I would love Foreman as a colt. I think he would be a great fit for us. Just read where his newborn son passed away last November. He is going through a terrible loss, the loss of your child. I'm really pulling for him.
  8. So, which 1st. rd prospect is from Cleveland?
  9. Foster as a pick makes me real nervous. Not just his personal issues but his violent style could find him more on the sidelines with injuries and not helping us that much. Sort of like Bob Sanders. Great player short career.
  10. This is another report touting our interest in Davis so there is probably something to it. But if we stay at 15 and draft defense my hope is that Barnett somehow falls to us. Probably not likely so it would be Reddick then Harris or Davis for me.
  11. I understand the frustration with Dorsetts progress but remember we pulled the trigger to quickly on another 1st. rounder, Jerry Hughes, and we can all see how that backfired. An ER no less. Our new receivers coach is the real deal according to his former pupil Sammy Watkins. He swears by him. We might want to count to ten slowly here.
  12. I don't know who's right but Ballard has always said it's in the tape. Watch and study the tape. If he does take plays or games off it should be seen in the tape. Teams do get all excited about the combine workouts and drills but seeing how they play is the key. The physical attributes are there but if he doesn't play hard every play maybe he isn't the best player. Time will tell.
  13. Bleacher Report is now reporting the 49er's(2), Titans(5), Jets(6), and Bills(10) have all made inquiries about trading down. I know everyone is on board with the Colts trading down as well but I thought I read where it was reported CB was making inquiring about trading up. With at least four teams above us willing to move back CB just might surprise us all and move up. Maybe willing to trade picks from next years draft. Probably unlikely but I am ready for anything. I have a feeling we are going to be involved in multiple trades this year. Hope so because I am very ready for the draft and what it could do for us.
  14. You just talked yourself out of signing him. But your analysis did have a lot of "ifs" going our way. And they might not all go our way so I would be inclined to give him a real look and sign him to a contract if he looks okay. A lot can go wrong in camp. Now is the time to protect yourself and load up IMO.
  15. I like Barnett a lot. If we take an ER he is my 1st. choice if he is still there when we pick. Lamp would be an awesome pick as well.

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