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  1. DaColts85

    Linebacker Jenga

    Moore can cover both RB's and TE's. He has a natural safety look to him but can play LB. I think he can sustain at MIKE if he adds muscle but looks to be geared more towards a WILL. I think having him and Leonard out there on passing downs with a nickel allows us some good coverage ability.
  2. DaColts85

    Oline lineup

    Yea I am hoping for AC, Nelson, Kelly, Smith, Howard. That would be a quality line. I can see Smith working his way in. He is very solid imo.
  3. DaColts85

    2018 Colts Road Games

    Titans to end the year! I wish I could go to more and am jealous of your trip! Have fun man, two nice cities.
  4. DaColts85

    Josina Anderson Tweet

    Geathers played in the last 5 games last year. We already know how he looks, and he looks fine. Can we get competition for him though, yes!
  5. I think that Hankins did a good job with penetration and giving the chance to "see ball, get ball" as everyone is saying I think he would do just fine. He was not bad last year but yet lining him up on the shoulder would allow him a quicker step to get in and create havoc versus just trying to take the lineman into the gap and plug a hole. Again in my eyes I think he could have been fine, but I trust Ballard and his decision making abilities for sure. In todays NFL and with what they are trying to move to I do not know if you will see to many of those types of MLB's on this roster. You will probably see more guys around 6'0" - 6'3" and closer to 230 or 240 moving quick and covering a lot of field. I also understand the basics of Tampa 2 and I see us running a variation of this but not the exacts. Just my thoughts and opinions on that anyways. I am still very curious on who the starting LB's will be though.
  6. I would argue that Hankins could have played the DT spot as well as, or better than Al Woods or whoever the starter is. You also have Ridgeway and Stewart who are big bodies like Hankins, and again I would still say Hankins has the better upside. Regardless I will say I trust in what Ballard does. He has a solid plan and did not see the fit or did not want to pay him for this position. He would in my eyes though still be a "fit" based on the guys that are still factoring in to the roster for the d-line. I agree about the MLB spot though. Not sure if we have one on the roster right now, but I hope someone shows up. Hearing Skai Moore playing Mike in rookie camp was interesting but I am not sure he would be able to hold up. He can easily gain about 5 or 10 pounds though and that would be huge. What about Leonard at Mike and Moore at Will? Then you have a Walker/various others that can come in at Sam. I don't know it will be interesting come TC time.
  7. DaColts85

    Terrance West visited Colts on Tuesday

    That we shall. I doubt he makes it either. Hints why I stated I would take West over him.
  8. DaColts85

    Terrance West visited Colts on Tuesday

    You try and make a statement and do not like the response... that is what this debate thing is right?
  9. DaColts85

    Terrance West visited Colts on Tuesday

    Regardless of YOUR thoughts he is on our roster still. Why is he still here?
  10. DaColts85

    May 16th, 2018: Day 500

    I will say everyone is clueless for the most part for sure. I see him transitioning just fine. Watch games where we go into a hurry up offense and he does just that. Quick throws and quick decisions, in small windows. We typically have the best offensive movement when we do this as well, imagine that! He will be just fine in this offense that allows for a better all-around scheme and play calling (hopefully).
  11. DaColts85

    Terrance West visited Colts on Tuesday

    Teams still always want some veteran for leadership/knowledge, but also rookies come in and make mistakes. Mainly in pass blocking assignments. You keep guys like Turbin for that tough yard to gain and for pass blocking. Michael is there for something similar plus depth for any injuries. If West is better than either Michael or Turbin you can sign him and get better depth. I think West is better than Michael.
  12. DaColts85

    Tre Boston & Kenny Vaccaro visiting Colts today

    We have better competition and then intern better depth. Good bye to both if need be, but good bye to Green for sure.
  13. DaColts85

    Tre Boston & Kenny Vaccaro visiting Colts today

    No sensitivity here just not trying to get into a topic that YOU try to claim facts and have nothing to back it up with. Speaking in reference to the kneeling thing. If he doesn't get a tryout so be it. If we were to sign him tomorrow then so be it. Only looking at talent. You can continue to complain about everything else.
  14. DaColts85

    Tre Boston & Kenny Vaccaro visiting Colts today

    I am aware of the positions which have little to nothing to do with anything. The whole lying thing is based on you and your thoughts with NO facts. Lets just end this before you get it locked.
  15. DaColts85

    Tre Boston & Kenny Vaccaro visiting Colts today

    touche lol