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  1. Running List of Reich Slogans

    After McD ran home to momma, all that was left was Reich ...

    If the Colts beats NE for the next six times, would we not consider it a rivalry and NE would?
  3. Colts sign WR Rodney Adams to a future deal

    An obscure quote from the movie In Like Flint "Why are all the bad guys named Rodney"
  4. How does McDaniels win over the fan base?

    Don't forget that he has to bring about world peace.
  5. Thank You....

    This website is where I get most of my Colts information. I love all of the information and the banter back and forth. Sometimes, people misunderstand or take things that are the wrong way but in the end we are all COLTS fans. I also say thanks to everyone on the site and especially to the mods(you guys are the best).
  6. How does McDaniels win over the fan base?

    Besides winning, just different game plans for different opponents and some halftime adjustments if we are behind at the half.
  7. Luck Update

    Was that Jim Bob Cooter's Slim Roadside Motor Inn?
  8. 4-3 WILL Jermaine Grace (If needed)

    Thanks for the info. He sounds like he has all the measurables.
  9. Will you be watching the Super Bowl?

    I'll have chili and wings on Sunday so i have to have something to watch while I eat. I have to root for the Eagles because i dislike NE and Vinny Curry(Marshall grad) is on the Philly team.
  10. Big WR's or Small Wr's

    I would hope the main things are can they get open and can they catch, big or small.
  11. XFL Returning in 2020

    Husky Man?
  12. XFL Returning in 2020

    Hoosier Daddy.
  13. Aaron Rodgers is dating Danica Patrick

    It all depends on where they rate on the psycho/hotness scale.
  14. Broncos at Colts

    Make that 4. I'll be watching.
  15. Broncos at Colts

    That's not how the Jags did it.