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  1. Colts v Jaguars Predictions Thread

    We stack the box and dare Bortles(and James, old wine cooler reference) to beat us. Colts 21 Jags 17... I hope.
  2. Mewhort to IR, Colts sign G Isaiah Williams

    Do we have an idea who is starting on he OL tonight?
  3. Colts vs Titans predictions

    I don't know why but I have a feeling that we squeak one out. COLTS 24 Flaming thumbtacks 20.
  4. TY guarantees Colts win in browns game.

    I'm beginning to believe that whichever QB throws a TD pass will win. Hopefully Brissett.
  5. TY guarantees Colts win in browns game.

    Hopefully the start of better things.
  6. TY guarantees Colts win in browns game.

    I hope they both step up too. Doyle needs to stay on the track he is on and we need the running game to improve. I'm with TY, I think we will win a close game.
  7. TY says the Colts must win and will win on Sunday.
  8. Remember when people used to say this?

    The article said that Andrew was only 4 and 5 against teams with good records but don't most QB's have worst records against the better teams? it only makes sense to me.
  9. Brian Cushing Suspended for PED Use

    That was terrible ... but I love it.
  10. NFL Schedule Map Colts broadcast

    Well, it looks like I have to watch the Colts on the radio this week.
  11. The GOAT

  12. Hey Colt fans

    Thanks, i wasn't sure who it was.
  13. Hey Colt fans

    Worst loss for me was the game against the Squeelers in the playoffs, when Bettis fumbled, Bethea(I think) recovered and was shoe stringed by Roethlesburger. Vander-slice was wide right on the kick. I vowed never to watch the Colts again but that didn't last long.
  14. Jurrell Casey talks Colts

  15. Remember the...

    Alamo... Maine idk.