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  1. No it was Pep. Arians was already in Arizona.
  2. This guy has been a major disappointment since day one. Look elsewhere, size alone does not make a NT.
  3. Sounds like he is visiting the Raiders next. I think its time to move on to whatever plan B is.
  4. Even if he didn't put his hands on the medical staff, it is unacceptable threatening to do so.
  5. I'm more worried about his checkered past then anything. He was charged with 3 different crimes while at Florida State. His 13 fumbles also a concern. If the Colts are going to gamble with a RB I would rather them take Joe Mixon in the 3rd round. Too big of a risk in the 1st IMO
  6. The same article also estimated Ingram would get in the range of 5 years 80 million. If that's what it takes to sign him, I say pass.
  7. I wasn't trying to make money, just enjoying the games with friends.
  8. I gave up 4 in the lower bowl after 15 years. Driving 8 hours round trip for every game has become too much to watch them lose.
  9. I would believe it was a coaching problem if he didn't disappear with Moncrief out, or drop more then half of what hits him directly in his hands.
  10. After 15 years of season tickets, im out.
  11. I'm not trying to sell anything on here. I was just hoping someone on here had gone through the process before, and could answer a few questions about it. My rep is very slow to answer questions.
  12. If so I have a few questions I was unable to find through the FAQ center on the board. If I sell the rights, do I still get to keep the tickets for the rest of this season, and any playoff tickets I have purchased?
  13. This season and the last one,2 steps forward, 3 back.

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