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  1. Colts Waive RB Matt Jones

    No the bears were the only team with a higher waiver claim then the Colts to claim him, they just had him at a lower priority then the Colts.
  2. Colts Waive RB Matt Jones

    A lot of other teams put a waiver claim on him last week. I don't think he will be there to be back next week
  3. Do you think Luck will play in week 2?

    Remember last season they played Luck week 17 with nothing on the line. Delaying Lucks surgery, and dropping back 3-4 drafts picks in the process
  4. It is good to know we will have the room to re-sign any or all of the pending free agent coming up next season. Mewhort, Moncrief, and Davis all need to have a great season to cash in.
  5. Ok guys I am curious what you think.

    What have you heard that makes you think that? If he were coming back that early don't you think the Colts would be publicly saying that? Not giving a time frame tells you to prepare for the worst.
  6. New IR rule and Vonte Davis

    I think the IRs will go to Kelly, and Geathers.
  7. Who do you think should start week one at QB?

    It has to be Tolzein. Morris had a good preseason, but never saw time with the ones, so im not sure it means much.
  8. streaming tonights' game

    You can get a trial for nfl game pass.
  9. Reports: Phillip Dorsett available for Trade

    I would be good getting Ragland for Dorsett and a 5th.
  10. Reports: Phillip Dorsett available for Trade

    Any GM that gives us a 4th rounder for him will be in the same boat Grigson was in this offseason. I'm guessing we would be lucky to get a 6th rounder for him at best.
  11. Jeremy Zuttah just signed with the Ravens
  12. Would it be the worst thing if?

    It would be horrible if we went 5-11. We have already wasted enough of Andrew Lucks prime years.
  13. Remember the...

    It was the cause of Jim Harbaughs mysterious hand injury causing him to miss multiple games during the 3-13 1997 season. The Colts drafted Peyton Manning the following draft, we all know the rest.
  14. Remember the...

    The game was on nfl network a few years ago. It was still too painful to watch. 20 years wasn't enough to heal the wounds of that loss.
  15. USA Today Predictions

    I'm looking forward to our 2018 top 10 pick.