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  1. ar1888

    Never draft a Georgia Bulldog

    I'm Sure it was finger print, and password protected.
  2. ar1888

    Favorite Colts Underdog?

    Addai was a first round draft pick
  3. ar1888

    Favorite Colts Underdog?

    Tony Siragusa. Then Gary Brackett Both undrafted, both great.
  4. ar1888

    Your Favorite Colts Team and Non-Colts Team?

    2004 is my favorite Colts team. Manning,Wayne,Harrison,Stokley in the slot, then Edgerrin James in the backfield. Not to mention Dallas Clark, Marcus Pollard at TE. My favorite none Colts team is the 2007, and 2011 New York Giants for keeping the Patriots from being undefeated in 2007, and keeping them from winning a Super Bowl on our field in 2011.
  5. ar1888


    I think that time has passed by waiting on McDaniels.
  6. No way. I was surprised he wasn't traded at the deadline for a conditional 7th rounder. I feel horrible for him finishing his career here. trading him to a contender would have been the right thing to do.
  7. ar1888

    Name your Dark Horse HC for Colts in 2018

    Checked past and all, Rams DC Greg Williams.
  8. Chubb is the best player in this draft. Barkley is a close second. Has a chance to be a Von Miller, Khalil Mack. Players like that do no come along every draft.
  9. ar1888

    Green at WR ???

    No. The Colts have wasted enough time with this guy. Easier to just move on at this point.
  10. As bad as Cowboys oline is this season, Its still better then what the Colts have.
  11. The Cowboys Oline is also years ahead of the Colts Olines current state.
  12. ar1888

    The Edge

    Always a great back. I’m curious what his career would have been without his ACL tear. He was always a complete back, but never quite the home run threat he was pre injury.
  13. ar1888

    Former Colts Players We Miss Watching

    Edgerrin James, Marcus Pollard, Ken Dilger, Jim Harbaugh, Flipper Anderson, Tony Siragusa,Ray buchanan, Andrew Luck.
  14. ar1888


    Okay, my fault, I thought his contract was up at the end of this season.
  15. ar1888


    Inlive in Michigan. Harbaugh is not going to be leaving anytime soon. Pagano will not be fired, his contract will just not be renewed.