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  1. I think he was let go for the weed charge because he already had quite the checkered past at Ohio ST.,and Ball ST.
  2. I love Gore, but history says the wheels will fall off of him. I'm guessing 5th. This will be his final season IMO.
  3. Under Constuction
  4. I'm sure he means many fans,(including myself) That feel Dorsett has not lived up to his draft position. Last year he was unable to step up when Moncrief went down. He was outplayed the entire year by undrafted free agent Chester Rogers. He so far has the looks of a draft bust.
  5. Great Player. I have watched him play at Ohio State, very solid player. I did very liitle pre draft research because I thought he would be long gone by the time the Colts picked.
  6. I see. Thank you.
  7. I'm pretty sure Houston doesn't have a second rounder. They traded it to Cleveland to taking Brock Osweiler off of their hands.
  8. D'Onte Foreman might the worst pass protection RB in this draft, or any draft in the past and future 5 years.
  9. I'm a Michigan fan, and I think Peppers was over rated going into the draft season. The biggest problem with the Cols drafting Peppers, is where do you play him? He will be a fist rounder, and make a impact for a team in 2017, but it will be a team with a semi established defense already in place. The Colts have too many holes of the defensive side of the ball to roll the dice in the first round. I see him going to a Patriots/Falcons type of team.
  10. Good player when he is healthy. Does a great job vs the passing game. But has had trouble staying on the field.
  11. Not horrible, but still leaves a giant gap at DT.
  12. I think Elijah Qualls from Washington, or Dalvin Tomlinson from Alabama are our best bets. I think both will still be there in the 3rd round.
  13. No it was Pep. Arians was already in Arizona.

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