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  1. It would be horrible if we went 5-11. We have already wasted enough of Andrew Lucks prime years.
  2. It was the cause of Jim Harbaughs mysterious hand injury causing him to miss multiple games during the 3-13 1997 season. The Colts drafted Peyton Manning the following draft, we all know the rest.
  3. The game was on nfl network a few years ago. It was still too painful to watch. 20 years wasn't enough to heal the wounds of that loss.
  4. I'm looking forward to our 2018 top 10 pick.
  5. I expect him to be cut before the season starts. If not, I expect him to be a game day inactive more often than not. Ballard has zero connections to Dorsett, So it should be a easy cut if he once again underperforms.
  6. It always make me worry when rumors like this pop up during this time of year ever since the Manning second neck surgery being a "rumor" about this time of year 6 years ago..
  7. Does it help you that AQ Shipley is on this list? I'm not saying he isn't good, im just saying not as impressive stat as it is being made out here.
  8. The center historically is not a position that gives up too many sacks. 1-2 a season seems to me the league average. I like Kelly, and think he is going to be special, but too much is going into thd no sack stat.
  9. I always said when he makes the HOF, he should have David Carr give his induction speech.
  10. I think he was let go for the weed charge because he already had quite the checkered past at Ohio ST.,and Ball ST.
  11. I love Gore, but history says the wheels will fall off of him. I'm guessing 5th. This will be his final season IMO.
  12. Under Constuction
  13. I'm sure he means many fans,(including myself) That feel Dorsett has not lived up to his draft position. Last year he was unable to step up when Moncrief went down. He was outplayed the entire year by undrafted free agent Chester Rogers. He so far has the looks of a draft bust.
  14. Great Player. I have watched him play at Ohio State, very solid player. I did very liitle pre draft research because I thought he would be long gone by the time the Colts picked.
  15. I see. Thank you.

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