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  1. Green at WR ???

    No. The Colts have wasted enough time with this guy. Easier to just move on at this point.
  2. As bad as Cowboys oline is this season, Its still better then what the Colts have.
  3. The Cowboys Oline is also years ahead of the Colts Olines current state.
  4. The Edge

    Always a great back. I’m curious what his career would have been without his ACL tear. He was always a complete back, but never quite the home run threat he was pre injury.
  5. Former Colts Players We Miss Watching

    Edgerrin James, Marcus Pollard, Ken Dilger, Jim Harbaugh, Flipper Anderson, Tony Siragusa,Ray buchanan, Andrew Luck.
  6. Harbaugh

    Okay, my fault, I thought his contract was up at the end of this season.
  7. Harbaugh

    Inlive in Michigan. Harbaugh is not going to be leaving anytime soon. Pagano will not be fired, his contract will just not be renewed.
  8. Paganos signature wins

    2014 Playoff win at Denver. 2015 Vs Broncos Andrew Luck Spleen game.
  9. With Melvin out, this should have been his week. Its like we are trying to lose.
  10. Vontae Davis receiving trade interest from 2 teams

    Im guessing a 5th rounder would be best case scenario.
  11. Our history of cornerbacks.....

    Tim Jennings was thrash in Indy. Played well with the Bears.
  12. Colts Waive RB Matt Jones

    No the bears were the only team with a higher waiver claim then the Colts to claim him, they just had him at a lower priority then the Colts.
  13. Colts Waive RB Matt Jones

    A lot of other teams put a waiver claim on him last week. I don't think he will be there to be back next week
  14. Do you think Luck will play in week 2?

    Remember last season they played Luck week 17 with nothing on the line. Delaying Lucks surgery, and dropping back 3-4 drafts picks in the process
  15. It is good to know we will have the room to re-sign any or all of the pending free agent coming up next season. Mewhort, Moncrief, and Davis all need to have a great season to cash in.