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  1. Yeah, he has fairly soft hands but his vision isn't very good yet. Who know's, JF could be better than he was last season. Like the kid, and I wish him well.
  2. Well said. Folks here get along with each other pretty well, and there will be differences in opinions. At the end of the day, we who post here are a Colts family after all.
  3. While I totally agree with you as of right now. I'm hoping "they", as a group take that leap to a new level. Hopefully this happens, and our new WR's Coach can make a difference(fingers crossed). Here's to hoping!
  4. Like the Manning/McNair days of the South!
  5. Blows my mind how you folks break this information down like you do!?! Bravo
  6. Great stuff @TKnight24. Great to hear players opinion of playing in Indy. Seems not only us fans are excited about Ballards vision of the Shoe. Keep em' coming.
  7. At the risk of sounding nerd like, I prefer Chaotic Neutral myself.
  8. Glad to hear he'll be back with the Shoe. Lunch pale player.
  9. Decent is an upgrade already! Anything better than decent is icing on the cake for me as a fan. Just knowing we have linebackers on our squad that are used to lining up against Hoodie/Brady offenses(In weekly practices) has me excited. And nothing wrong with being realistic.
  10. Thank you Supe for this write up. This is the type of detailed info that had me coming to this forum many years before I ever made an account. Keep up the great work!
  11. Gonna play devil's advocate, and cross my fingers for Poe still!!
  12. Well said
  13. This^ Not everything's an affront.
  14. This^ My only knock on the man really. They were usually at inopurtune times it seemed. With that being said, I'm appreciative of EW's efforts while wearing the Shoe. Thank you sir, can't hate on a player that seems to be improving, his age nonwithstanding.

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