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  1. Serious Question Regarding Ballard.

    This we have never seemed to be able to accomplish. Granted, Fred Taylor was no slouch in his time(big fan of him), but we made him look Canton worthy every time he played us for the most part. Ditto for Jones-Drew.
  2. This is possible. I and I believe @southwest1 were both stating when the Jags brought back Coughlin, their identity changed and shouldn’t be overlooked(not verbatim, but in context).
  3. Tony Dungy's response

    Quoted For Truth. Was talking on this subject with my wife a couple of days ago. We’ve sadly taken on an attitude in this country that everything(I.e. relationships/handshake meaning something) is disposable and lacks meaning. It’s all about self-gratification now.
  4. free agents

    Hopefully this is running through Ballard’s mind also! After his presser ending the way it did and all. Gotta say for me personally, i’m even more excited for the season now. It’s my hope the guys play angry this year. Intelligent football, just with anger behind it.
  5. Tony Dungy's response

    Had to stop reading the hate-filled, Faith-bashing manner that was spewed like venom @ Coach. He spoke the truth, but that’s supposed to take a backseat to “Political Correctness”. I’ve never been one to push my beliefs/faith on others, but i’m sick of hearing people being mocked for it.
  6. Rest In Peace, Edwin Jackson

    Terrible. Sad news indeed. Prayers for the Jackson family and friends.
  7. How does McDaniels win over the fan base?

    I believe this sums it up nicely.
  8. Edgerrin James makes finalists for Canton

    My all time favorite Indy Colt player. Dude was a “Baller”. Didn’t EJ take Jim Browns Yards From Scrimmage record. He’ll get his nod wether it’s this year or one in the near future.
  9. Pagano was 63-53 in 6 years

    I can appreciate your view. And for the record, i’m not a Mallinial(Retired Army). A healthy Luck won those comebacks for the most part. If Coach’s strongsuit/wins we’re because of his ability to adjust, why the falloff for the last cpl of years. How’s it possible he didn’t improve an already strong coaching trait, but regress, I personally think it’s an honest question. And i’ll reiterate that i’m in no way bashing the mans character.
  10. Pagano was 63-53 in 6 years

    This is the main dig on Pagano for me personally. In-game adjustments under his watch were as rare as unicorn sightings. He mostly seemed out of his depth on the sidelines. Super likable human being, but “not quite there” in the ability department.
  11. Irsay hinting at picking Barkley

    I completely understand those that are leaning on an Egde Rusher, or O-lineman. Either would help tremendously. But we haven’t had a 3 down back since EJ. I wouldn’t be mad if we took Barkley honestly.
  12. Happy New Years Colts fans

    Happy New Year to all. Here’s to an awesome comeback in 18’.
  13. Walker and his 2 starts

    Had to bump you purely on the chuckle I got reading this.
  14. Wow... Colts Favored by 5 to 5.5

    Is that you George Bailey?!?