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  1. This^ QFT Eerily reminds me of what Cleveland did to Tim Couch after they drafted him(Couch was an amazing talent out of UK). Got dude killed, and it cost him his career.
  2. Jacoby Brissett and His Future

    At this juncture, Brissett is worth his weight in gold to the Colts organization because of the uncertainty surrounding TreeBeard.
  3. Should we consider trading Andrew Luck at this point?

    Wow, and I thought the off-season around here was hard to take. NUTS!
  4. Colts: Stats so far show promise for future.

    Good post. Like the positivity.
  5. This is Marlon Macks world

  6. 2nd Half Play-Calling Explained

  7. Robert Mathis Hired by Colts

    Good for Mathis! Well deserved respect from Jim Irsay imo. Great for Colts nation, because he's here to stay so it would seem.
  8. Quincy Wilson. Great Playing, Bad Luck??

    I think he and Hooker are gonna be a great combo in the backfield for our Colts. They both seem to have good instincts.
  9. Browns predictions

    Browns are historically pretty good on D, so who knows there. As of right now, I think it's pretty even to tell the truth(makes me ill to say this). I think it could come down to the last possession, as to who wins. As long as we don't have another meltdown like wk 1, we have a shot.
  10. I Have A Feeling Moncrief Will Be Gone After Season.

    I don't think many here would argue w/Crief's measurables. It's his lack of availability due to injury(up to this season) and from the way he played Sunday, maybe lack of ❤️. JMO
  11. Say What You Want

    These two alone really hurt our chances for winning. Crief played so timidly, you would have thought he was made of glass(I'm being pc here, he had me cursing the tv!). AC has been a true disappointment since signing his fat contract. We need a real LT in the next cpl of drafts for sure, AC is soft and isn't cutting it imo.
  12. Another Wasted Season

    Even if the season ends up being a down year as far as W's and L's go, i'm still looking forward to watching the youngsters grow and the team gel. Probably gonna take the majority of the season for them to get comfortable. Only hoping our OC/DC can get their guys in better situations, because as far as Pagano goes, he gets a vote of "No Confidence" from me. He's completely out of his depth imo.
  13. tolzien

    I agree w/what others have said, with this being basically an opportunity to show another franchise that he's their guy as the #2. With Ballard bringing in Lucks true backup(once he learns the playbook), Tolzien's services will no longer be needed. He seems like he's a smart guy with a decent football IQ, so if the O can hold their end up who knows, he may shock us all. Still excited for the season regardless.
  14. Swoope Placed On IR

    @Jdubu, hey I get it. I could easily let myself slide in your direction of thought, then I remember all of those lean years of Count On Losing This Sunday! It can, and has been worse for Colts nation my friend! I'm just hoping for lightning in a bottle is all. Keepin' w/the positive vibes.
  15. Swoope Placed On IR

    And because of this, we actually have a shot to make a push in the latter 1/2 of the season. Just gotta win some division games while our starters are out(fingers crossed), then finish them off when it matters. Hopefully our 1's can come back w/minimal rust! lol, I sound like a kid writing their Christmas wish-list. Still excited for Colts football regardless.