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  1. It's just nice that the Colts are heading in the right direction. For my 2 cents, I haven't been this excited about football since AL was drafted. He'll finally have a D to lean on(not to diminish how hard our defenses have tried to be competitive), and bail our offense out from time to time. Balance has kept the Colts out of contention for far too long. Ballard/Luck is definateley the cornerstone, to build on and make the Colts a contender again.
  2. Love the optimism.
  3. I'm cautiously optimistic. If the team on a whole(for the most part), and can avoid serious injuries(here's where the optimism comes in), I think the D could be good/great. Here's to hoping we catch a break or two this season, because the Colts are due(imo).
  4. Agree. Pretty excited for the season myself.
  5. Great stuff @TKnight24! Keep em' coming.
  6. @NewColtsFan Thank you for your valuable contributions to the forum. Keep them coming. Classy OP by the way.
  7. Excited about the season myself. We're a Colts/Niners house hold, so we have much to look forward to this year.
  8. This 100%.
  9. We're screwed! He's a *
  10. Nothing but a positive for the Shoe, and all of us who love it!
  11. Here's to hoping right! Good stuff!
  12. QFT
  13. Bumped into Damon Bailey once, while buying diapers at Target in Bloomington. Super nice guy.
  14. 4-5 would be a great start for him, then we will see what he gets for the other 14 regular season games..................;) But seriously 4-5 would be a great way to start his career here w/the Colts. Anything more would just be icing on the cake for me personally.
  15. Even if Charles has lost a 1/2 step or so, he would make an interesting #2 behind Gore for sure. We have to be looking good as a team to prospective players imo. Especially now, with CB nailing this draft.

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