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  1. What @Track Guy said!
  2. Prying the South from the hearts of all the Texans fan base(Too dark?), and knocking the Pats out of the playoffs would be a great start!!
  3. Sincere condolences on your loss. Prayers for you, in this tough time.
  4. Definitely needed to get younger/better at the olb position, but with that said I liked the hustle that EW brought to the field. Just didn't appreciate the stupid il-timed personal fouls!
  5. I haven't been this excited for football in a few seasons. Really like the direction the Colts are moving towards(bittersweet also, because outside of AV, the "old guard" is gone) and things seem to be looking up.
  6. Agree
  7. OLB or CB if the quality is there is the best move imo. But as @coltsfansince65 said, I also wouldn't feel bad if we picked up Lamp.
  8. Great write-up. We'll know for sure what we have in Clark these next two seasons as the game slows down for him. Hopefully he works on his weaknesses and improves them, because we need O-line continuity now, not later(Lucks body, and us fans sanity depends on it!).
  9. A good majority of NFL teams would drool at the prospect of having AL under center for their ball clubs. When healthy(also not to blame for lost playing time due to injury, in most cases), he's one of the best QB's in the league. The knock on him imo is his continued issue of locking onto his #1 receiver/tight end. Trying to force plays when he should just throw it away(I get that he's competitive). I wouldn't trade AL for anything, love the kid and I'm grateful that he represents the Shoe, and has already proven his ability many seasons, over his first few in the league. Conforna has an ax to grind with the Colts, because I have hardly ever heard him say anything positive about us that didn't seem forced. Don't know him personally, but he seems like a jaded little fella.
  10. And this keeps Gore fresh for our playoff push! One can hope right.
  11. Classics, are just that for a reason imo. Big fan of classic college unis also, like Penn States.
  12. I can take him!! Love me some bakery Doughnuts!!
  13. Great post!
  14. I know he's on a learning curve, but going on the knowledge of Allen being traded shows CB likes where Swoope is right now. I wouldn't consider him "new" so to say, young and learning nuances of the offense sure. JMO

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