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  1. LOL!! In my head I responded................"People".
  2. 10-12 wins is an accomplishable goal for this years Colts squad. Of course barring a rash of injuries(fingers crossed), our trenches should be much improved. We actually have pass rushers, who can actually rush the quarterback. Which in turn should help our Db's out, and allow our lber's to maintain their gaps. All in all, there's allot to be excited for as a Colts fan IMO. Great thread by the way.
  3. Great to just hear from Coach. He always was a favorite of mine, but I truly believe coach Philbin has the tools to make our line, one of the greats if they stay healthy. JMO
  4. @Lucky Colts Fan very classy post. Agree with the entire thing. Was a lingerer(reader) on this forum for many years, but was lured in as a poster because of the "All Things Colts" related knowledge base the posters here bring to the table. I have learned more from this forum than anywhere else.
  5. Vinnie=Money! He's usually a "lock" for points. Love this guy, and he's an avid outdoorsman who loves living in IN. Good dude imo.
  6. Totally agree with what you said here, but I would like to add that the last 6 games of the season were pretty solid performances Oline-wise imo(which bodes well for a healthy Luck). With another offseason of conditioning/classroom work, the O line could be an emerging unit in the NFL. In Philbin we trust! I think/hope our "Trenches" (both sides) are gonna be much better rated this upcoming season.
  7. TY @RockThatBlue good read. After putting up the #'s he did this past season, I thought he graded out better than where he was slotted. It's one of the many instances of undo bias against the Shoe that many on this forum talk about on a regular basis. Small market=very little national love. But I say "Nuts" to the outside noise. We here know more about what's going on with our team than the " Pundits" ever will. I try to tune it out as much as possible, my hope is always that the product on the field does the talking. On an footnote, Marv's 47 td's at that point in his career was insane!
  8. It's just nice that the Colts are heading in the right direction. For my 2 cents, I haven't been this excited about football since AL was drafted. He'll finally have a D to lean on(not to diminish how hard our defenses have tried to be competitive), and bail our offense out from time to time. Balance has kept the Colts out of contention for far too long. Ballard/Luck is definateley the cornerstone, to build on and make the Colts a contender again.
  9. Love the optimism.
  10. I'm cautiously optimistic. If the team on a whole(for the most part), and can avoid serious injuries(here's where the optimism comes in), I think the D could be good/great. Here's to hoping we catch a break or two this season, because the Colts are due(imo).
  11. Agree. Pretty excited for the season myself.
  12. Great stuff @TKnight24! Keep em' coming.
  13. @NewColtsFan Thank you for your valuable contributions to the forum. Keep them coming. Classy OP by the way.
  14. Excited about the season myself. We're a Colts/Niners house hold, so we have much to look forward to this year.
  15. This 100%.

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