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  1. Took the words out of my mouth!
  2. Well said. This pretty much sums it up for most Colts fans.
  3. I'll still watch, not only because I'm jonesing for some Colts football. I'm excited to see what the re-vamped D can do in getting pressure on opposing QB's, and creating turnovers which can put any QB in favorable situations. Not to mention our O-line should be much improved, which can lead to more time for play development and running lanes. As others have said previously, keeping a tight lip never hurt no-one on team info. Take every competitive advantage you can! JMO
  4. Great news indeed. Health of the team is paramount to success, and it would be nice to actually have our starters on both sides of the ball suiting up for a change.
  5. Thank you @TKnight24 for all you do, keeping Colts nation updated!
  6. The disrespect for the Colts, seems to be the norm. Manning and Marv not making the list for greatest combos, is another. On one hand it p****s me off, on the other hand it shows me that because of the continuous success we normally enjoy, we get hated on. I love watching the so-called anylists and insiders eat crow. As others have said before, I wish management/coaching would wallpaper the lockeroom walls with the negativity aimed at the franchise. Motivation is not in short supply by the media. I hope we crush our apponents this year, and take our division back, where it belongs. So sick of the Colts related negativity. SMDH /rant
  7. Class act for sure. IMO, Indy and Colts fans everywhere were lucky to have him representing us. Even luckier that he decided to make himself a permanent fixture at the Colts complex!!
  8. Jason B hands down. He feared no-one that I remember. He also played at a great lvl for a decently long career. His pop was a great Db also, I believe. Also like that Cota's name has been raised, really liked his attitude/motor when he played for us.
  9. Trenches Man! Finish them in the next Draft/Free Agency, and we should be good-great in the foreseeable future.
  10. It just stinks when a player who has the "Want To", has to deal with nagging injuries the way CG does. All we can hope for is that the training staff are up to the task of getting he, and all the other main contributors up and going to game-speed health. If they can manage this, then look out! Hopefully CG has learned a trick or two to possibly avoid future injuries(working smarter, not harder).
  11. I hear ya bud. Bought that 1 as a long-term investment, because it appears to be mint. Just need to have it graded. And my wife, whom is a life-long Niner fan agrees with you whole-heartedly!!
  12. Great read. TY @RockThatBlue
  13. The effort that went into your post is astounding. Why I come here Supe! Keep em' coming!
  14. ^This
  15. An autographed Colts team ball, with the signatures of Manning/EJ/Reggie Wayne/Dwight Freeney/Dallas Clark/Polian/Saturday/Dom Rhodes/Glenn/ and about 20 or so more past Colts players on it as well. An autographed Eric Dickerson football from his HoF induction. An autographed official jersey of Mannings rookie season(Framed) #1 Rookie cards for Marshal Faulk/Marvin Harrison/EJ(#1&2) Troy Aikman's best rookie card. Autographed Nolan Ryan baseball. Went up to Indy 2 years in a row, and stood outside of the convention center to get autographs at the combine. Got the likes of Bree's/Brady and many other good-great players to sign. Even got a Heisman autograph. And much more, just don't want to type everything. I haven't collected in a very long time, most of my collection came around the time the Colts Tripletts were running roughshod over defenses.

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