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  1. Per Rotoworld...expect house cleaning at end of season

    QFT. Don’t judge someone because they sin differently than you. It took this being said to me once. Then I woke up to the fact we all have our personal crosses to bear. Glass houses and all. JMO
  2. And this is Irsay’s to own. This is a glaring comparison between Peyton and Andrew. Something that was publicly talked about being learned, because the Manning Year’s should have netted more titles. One player just can’t overcome a teams deficiencies all the time. That’s what made all of those one and done playoffs hard to take back then. Keep hearing balance, but it’s not happening up to this point. The future is still bright though. AL needed appropriate time to heal up. 2018 could be huge for us! Looking forward to it.
  3. Pagano's Monday Presser.....

    My #1 complaint on the entire staff is their collective inability to make in-game adjustments. Coach Dungy spoiled me!
  4. Whats causing all these injuries?

    @strt182Seems that since D-Free was battling his injuries in the Super Bowl against the Saints, we have had a seasonal problem with team-wide injuries or IR’d players unable to compete. Ergo, one can ONLY deduce that Cajun magic, and a powerful Voodoo curse is at work. Undoubtably placed on us by Greg Williams, when he was “head hunting” for New Orleans!
  5. Quincy Wilson..... inactive again

    It’s because the “Keystone Cops” are out there on game days, and practices coaching em’ up!
  6. The Edge

    He always seemed to be smiling, even during the game. Loved his attitude.
  7. Painting over Unitas and Manning

    Thankful for logic, on a day for giving Thanks!
  8. Painting over Unitas and Manning

    Are you even a Colts fan? Sure don’t come across as one. And as far as Manning/Brady goes. Peyton never had Hoodie for his whole career, making life easier for him. Dungy helped no doubt. Everyone from Irsay down rode on Peyton’s back to get to that Super Bowl. He carried this team. Hoodie carries the Patriots. Ask Kraft who’s more important Brady or Hoodie.
  9. Painting over Unitas and Manning

    Agree. Weren’t there some Baltimore Colts greats there at Peyton’s statue unveiling?
  10. Painting over Unitas and Manning

    QFT, THIS^ is called the reality of what it was to play against that Bears team. Not to mention that they had Hester on special teams.
  11. Painting over Unitas and Manning

    And a Happy Thanksgiving to you also Gramz
  12. Painting over Unitas and Manning

    The QB playing in the super bowl. Not saying Grossman was anywhere near elite, but he sure enough was the QB who started the entire season for the Bears. Not to mention the Bears were pretty good at running the ball, monster defense, and were well coached by Love Smith. Don’t sit there and act like we were just pitted against Grossman in that game. And if you don’t know Who Grossman is, you didn’t watch much football then. SMH
  13. The Edge

  14. Painting over Unitas and Manning

    Bears D was smoking dang near every offense they played that season. So tired of hearing “but it was the Bears” all over the place. The Bears must of had something going that year, considering they were participating in the Super Bowl. While all of the supposed better NFC teams were sitting at home watching the Bears play us. If what I quoted was misunderstood sarcasm my apologies. Just tired of that line of thinking.