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  1. Great pick! Keep it up. Trade back into the 2nd round BALLARD!!!!
  2. Q. Wilson, K. King or Tim Williams
  3. I'm not necessarily comparing the two, but what I am saying is AS DEEP AS THIS DRAFT IS AT SAFETY, A PLAYER LIKE BUDDA BAKER COULD HAVE BEEN THE PICK. But again, I'm not saying Baker is better than Hooker...that doesn't matter really. What does matter is that edge, that d-line and the middle linebacker spot.
  4. It wasnt dumb. Its a fact you Hooker lovers wanna ignore.
  5. And Baker is a better tackler..clearly you don't know everything. Don't feel bad one does
  6. Which is what exactly? Hooker has injury concerns like the next player. I agree with Gruden, this was a need pick instead of BPA. Sure Hooker is a good player but tell me one thing that Hooker does any better than Budda Baker. Before you make a comment like that, go and look at Baker's tape. Baker is smaller but has more sacks, less picks but is a playmaker just like Hooker which makes them similar. Hate it, like it or love doesn't really matter. Tape doesn't lie. ~Facts~
  7. So Hooker's tape was better than Allen's and Foster's? Scratch that...picking Hooker at 15 over Foster when we could have got a similar player in Budda Baker?? Yes he has outstanding talent but so does Allen and/or Foster. You win though. The pick is made. Nothing to do but except the pick and embrace the player.
  8. Hooker is better, but not the BPA. Allen on the d-line paired up with Hankins..oh my. Or plugging in Foster in the middle hitting those gaps that the d-line opens up...would have been brutal for offenses.
  9. Ballad said himself "safety is the deepest he has seen in a long time". Which means we could have gotten one later. Plus we got Green still developing...
  10. We cut Art Jones...great! He was stealing money. We replaced him with Hankins. Foster would have had our defense looking that much scarier with the addition of the corner we should draft in the 2nd round. In just disappointed
  11. With all the players we signed in free agency, they are all unknown really. They have the potential to be good maybe great, but to pass on players like Allen and Foster confuses me. I like Hooker but he was not the BPA. Just because he was ranked top 5 doesn't mean he was gonna go top 5. If you look at his tape and compare it to Allen's or Foster's, it wouldn't even compare. We need monsters. Players that can get after the qb. And we took a safety? The damn 49ers killed the draft from the beginning to the end of the draft. I'm in no way bashing the pick. Hooker is a good player, but if BPA was the mindset or creating a monster was still the goal...we failed. My skin thick enough. Bring it
  12. I hear you, but the Falcons just did it
  13. Whether we draft him or not, we all know he's a good runningback. How great of a rb is unknown. He hasn't played a down in the NFL. Keep in mind too that its not about one particular player (unless its the QB) when playing the game, it's about how you use him and his talents. Ask yourself this "If the Colts drafted Cook in the 1st round, would you still be a fan? Or, would you beat a dead horse and jump ship?" He's a good player. If we draft him in the 1st, trade up to get him...whatever. I'll be ok with it. I love my Colts
  14. I understand that we don't want to sign players looking to break the bank but D. Poe and D. Hightower IMO deserves the money. I would fluff their pockets and look forward to the draft. I would also look to sign J. Sheard and J. Fluker at 1 or 2 yr deals.
  15. I never claim to be the smartest nor do i know what we are going to do in the draft. None of us do, but its fun talking about it. Here's my problem and this is my attempt to refrain from going off on you. I did not insult you nor your opinion(s) or intelligence. If you don't understand something, then say that instead of being an internet chump...I'm sorry. I'll just say bully. For those that can't read between the lines, let me make myself a tad bit clearer. Each player I named has a grade on them already, whether its a 2nd, 3rd or whatever. Taylor, Walker and Douglas have 3rd round grades with potential to move in the 2nd round. If we take Taylor then obviously Walker and Douglas would be gone by our next pick (because of their grade). With our next pick if either player are still available, you have the pick of the litter including the remaining players that have higher round grades. And etc...If you think they won't be there..ok. I'm hoping they will. I really hate it when a person insults another over a matter of opinion ON THE INTERNET like they're all tough and bad *. Have a debate socially, agree or disagree or agree to disagree. There's right ways to do it but insults Isn't one of them. You can keep those. I hope I cleared that up for you.

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