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  1. Time to look to next season

    Fan since 66. Never stopped rooting for my Colts no matter how bad things got but this all time worse coaching staff is sucking the life outta me. It's way past time to let them go. Come on Irsay give us some hope NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. tolzien

    Thanksgiving game vs. Pitt. Saw a few good things from Tolzien . Agree we need running game and new D to step up for a change.
  3. Colts @ Raiders Game Day Thread

    My lord haven't all us fans seen enough of this crap with this non - coaching staff.Pagano a good man horrible coach .Get someone tough in here. PLEASE
  4. What can be done to be a contender next season?

    Throw out the trash
  5. Colts Vs. Chiefs Game Day Thread

    Thought i was getting a stomach virus. But nope this coaching staff makes me sick to my stomach. Puke puke puke