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  1. My lord haven't all us fans seen enough of this crap with this non - coaching staff.Pagano a good man horrible coach .Get someone tough in here. PLEASE
  2. Throw out the trash
  3. Thought i was getting a stomach virus. But nope this coaching staff makes me sick to my stomach. Puke puke puke
  4. Can't take much more of this garbage. Can smell the stench all the way in Pa. Any kind of change at this point is welcomed. Staying the course won't turn this season around.
  5. Sickening! Win or lose changes must be made now. I'm not thinking about this year. Next few years I'm more worried about.
  6. Pagano &other coaches just keep your bags packed . Unless Irsay is blind enough is enough. I've had it !
  7. Anyone sick of 3 & 4 yd. passes yet ? 2 yard pass if Gore catches has no chance for any more then 2 freanin yards.
  8. My lord ! Same crappy scripted plays every start. With 3 rookies on line you need to employ a moving pocket. Gonna get # 12 killed.
  9. Just so tired of Luck's inability to hang onto ball. Should have been called dead but still inexcusable.
  10. I like Pagano and wasn't displeased when they brought him back. But sorry to say it's time to go. Don't want to hear about injuries and such. Speeches in the locker room don't wun games. This team needs an attitude
  11. Tired of the good guy attitude of our players &especially coaches. Bring someone in to light a fire under their arses. After 50 years of supporting my Colts . Where's a Mike Curtis ?

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