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  1. It is a strain of marijuana. lol
  2. That's the thing with Grigsons' drafts. They look good a season in, but wait until 2 or 3 seasons down the road. we have no picks left from 2013, 2 from 2014 which we had no first rounder for because of the TRich trade, 2015 looks better but we already cut our second pick, and this year looks better but time will tell.
  3. I know I will get killed for this but I say give Ray Rice another chance. What he did was wrong, but you got to give the guy a chance to redeem himself. There have been other players who did this much and much worse, who have, and still do play in the NFL. Give him league min. Low risk high reward. He has even pledged to give every game check to domestic violence programs.
  4. Great trade by Bird. Teague is a combo guard, same as Hill. Both really good players but Teague is more athletic, a better scorer and IMO is better than Hill at running the point. I really like Hill and he was/is really great to the community. Good luck to him.
  5. If we win the division they will just say we are in the weakest division. The same with all the people who claim it has been a weak division since it started. They forget about the old Tennessee teams with McNair and the old Jacksonville teams that played fairly well for a decade or so. We have one of the best organizations in the league and people are gonna hate.
  6. Colts vs Pitt. My Brother is a big sqealers fan.

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