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  1. Are you using Safari on your mac?
  2. If you are using Internet Explorer, make sure you are using the latest version. In fact, whatever browser you are using, make sure you have the most recent version. If the problem persists, let me know
  3. I like chome quite a bit. Firefox is also very fast.
  4. To sign out, if it won't let you. Try clearing your cookies. I'll report this issue. Check if the IE on your work computer is the most recent version. If not, update it.
  5. You mean upper case 'I' looks like lower case 'L'? I don't know if there is a font change planned. I'll check
  6. I honestly don't know but, I'll pass this along
  7. @Savage @NFLfan @2006Coltsbestever What browser and what browser version are you using? When you use another browser, is it better?
  8. That's in IE11 right? What happens when you try to quote someone. Is the like not working properly anywhere?
  9. what device and browser and browser version are you using? What happens when you click the quote button?
  10. it should be working with IE 11. What is wrong? Have you tried chrome or firefox?
  11. Nadine

    Max and Stephen A on luck throwing the ball

    I don't know if it's a blessing. Team already realized they needed to protect Luck. I don't even know what it means for a feud to hinder team thinking. I guess I disagree I think the blessing is that Luck took the time that he needed to heal
  12. I just watched the movie I Tonya and it gave me some perspective on people who don't really fit into the sport. Whether or not she was part of the attack on Nancy Kerrigan, the sport never recognized her the way they should have before that. She wasn't the image that they wanted for the sport so, they gave her lower scores than they should have. IMO, the punishment of her accomplices (who actually executed the attack) was far less than what she got. TO is similar. Nobody liked him. Whether it was deserved or not, I honestly think it's fine for him to not pretend otherwise. Hearing that they wouldn't have voted him in had they known he wouldn't show just reinforces that for me. He didn't fit in, he still doesn't fit in. I think loving to hate him is just as unbecoming as his antics.
  13. I think it was a gracious decline
  14. maybe, it's def the guitar that is triggering some kind of memory that is unwilling to reveal itself
  15. I hear that but, no that's not it. I hate it when this happens