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  1. Mike and Mike

    They were funny too. Last halloween they were going on and on about how the fun size candy bars weren't at all fun anymore
  2. Mike and Mike

    Makes me sad. I like them together
  3. Will You Be Renewing Your Tickets?

    This thread had a person offering to sell tickets, another taking a personal shot, and then several political posts. All of these are against forum rules. Thread closed for these reasons
  4. a touching moment

    My God. I could feel his pain. My sympathies to Marquise and his wife on the terrible loss of their son.
  5. Follow this link to enter the drawing for two tickets to Broncos @ Colts You must be logged in to enter the contests. Joining the forum is free.
  6. Stop Blaming Pagano

    See? Cookies change everything! Thanks to you as well!
  7. Brissett in concussion protocol

    He took a beating today. I hope you are ok Jacoby!
  8. Stop Blaming Pagano

    It's been suggested that we bring cookies into threads. Everyone is always happier with cookies. Hey @Mr Coffee The never ending battle is between optimists and pessimists. When they each see the other post, they come to the conclusion that the whole board is biased.
  9. Jack Doyle is terrible

    Locked this thread because you started it with no real OP and then abandoned it. You should do that sort of thing with status update rather than a thread
  10. Colts Vs. Steelers Game Day Thread

    just back from the gas station. It was full of Steelers fans. ugh
  11. What type of coach would you prefer?

    Should it say that on his resume list of skills and abilities?
  12. Maybe a different title would set your thread apart. Making it about recovering from labrum surgery which I would think that people would be interested in Just a throught
  13. To be fair, the media created a lot of this drama. No boring conclusion will suit them
  14. YUM, I'd need to buy them though. Never made them