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  1. We think this thread has run it's course. Also it's attracting some pats fans acting like colts fans so we're closing
  2. I think all of us need to remember that we SHOULD be talking with people and not yelling at them Talking to each other is the only thing that will help us unite.
  3. At least we focus on discussion here. It's an elusive goal but we try
  4. Anyone who uses his celebrity to share his enthusiasm for reading is first rate in my book. The world would be a better place if more people spent more time reading and discussing things with each other. There is precious little of that going on these days and we need more of it.
  5. You're are saying you would have preferred he tell the fire-pagano people to choose another thread.......but not they way he did? Personally, I enjoyed the comic relief........although I do come down on the pickle side of the argument. There are a few people here that have a gift for cracking me up. Superman is one of them. But I get it, not all senses of humor are the same. To your point though, when the 'beat a dead horse' posters get too terribly obnoxious, we'll pin a thread for them. But short of that, people just need to do the best they can to keep things from becoming too redundant. Your reaction to his post v my reaction is an example on how we don't all see things the same way. discussion is like that, that's fine
  6. Why they always gotta drag the Colts into their fights?
  7. No, I don't hate their fan base. Lots of nice people are pats fans. It's the ones who come here to bait and I'm tired of. Also tired of colts fans taking the bait. We don't talk about or trash other forums because it just leads to more of this sort of thing. so lets not do that. The team I hold a grudge against is the steelers and it stems from a game I went to there and the experience I had there. The actual organization seems top notch though. My likes and dislikes are based on just a few of their fans.
  8. I don't hate them but being on this forum over the years I've gotten really tired of their fans coming here to cause problems. Best outcome of the super bowl would have been falcons win because there would not have been pat fans coming here to gloat.
  9. True I guess we are disqualified from talking about whether or not we'd wear a clown shirt and so I should probably close this thread
  10. Disagree We've had issues with the commissioner and recently and just took it That's the deal when you are in the NFL
  11. you are not only my favorite pats fan but one of my favorite posters.
  12. Sore Winning I'm just glad that I cannot possibly imagine anyone on our coaching staff wearing a shirt like that. unprofessional to put it mildly It's juvenile
  13. I swear, this game brought out people who want to talk politics AND pat fans. Shouldn't they have gone to the falcons site?
  14. He can have the crown if he promises we never have to talk about it here again

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