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  1. Anyone have any advice on buying a hot water heater? Been searching it and all I find are complaints.  Cannot seem to find any brand/model that is well thought of. Good reviews seem to be for heaters made before 2016. Any help would be appreciated

    1. crazycolt1


      I am not sure if you are interested in a tank less water heater but they do pay for themselves with the savings. The water is not heated till you need it. Less cost that keeping the water heated all the time. Might check it out.

    2. Nadine


      We're open to tankless but I read bad things about them as well.  Before I call a plumber, I'd like to have some idea on a brand or a model that is good.  They always push whatever it is that they are a dealer for.

  2. It was the times. I'm not much of a crooner fan so, never understood why he was so popular.
  3. I'm so sad. My favorite album of his is Laid Back which I have both in vinyl and on cd I play it all the time. One of the best albums of all time
  4. What's everybody grilling this weekend?


    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. JPPT1974


      Hope to get steaks my favorite.

    3. 100GFB


      Lol!  Baked/oven ribs!  Got a pot luck meeting tonight so that's my grilling for the weekend!

    4. 2006Coltsbestever


      Just put the Bratwurst on. I have 8 of them for today and tomorrow. I am pretty much staying in all weekend and away from the crowd. Next 2 nights will be Brats and Beers and Baseball watching.

  5. Welcome Conor! Looking forward to your posts
  6. Sigh, the thread, while a bit silly doesn't have any personal shots.
  7. Hey now, the reasons people have for steering their kids away from contact sports are valid. They don't need to suck it up. Yes, kids get hurt in other sports. One of my daughters snapped her wrist in two in gymnastics, while being 'spotted'. I was thankful when she opted for swim team after that. My dad and brothers played football, baseball, basketball, and hockey. Dad with a leather helmet. The experience was incredibly powerful for him and I have no doubt shaped his life for the better. However, he started having brain bleeds in his 60s which gradually robbed him of all his memories until a major stroke killed him. He was otherwise extremely healthy, no cholesterol or high blood pressure, not on any medications at all. But he had been a football star and I have no doubt that the blows to his head played a part in his brain issues. My brothers all had injuries and surgeries when they were in high school and now that they are older, those injuries cause them more problems. They can't play tennis or many of the sports they used to play. They can golf, so that's nice. My sister was a fanatical exercise instructor. Obsessive actually. Now her spine is damaged from all that impact and she cannot even vacuum the floor. I was talking to her yesterday and she said, she just wants to be able to keep her house clean, garden, and go for walks. All things that she could be doing now, had it not been for her choices (as an adult) The reasons to avoid wear and tear on your body are self evident. The role a parent plays in steering their children is difficult, because they know what can happen. So, saying that they should suck it up is not really a valid answer. The most you can say is what you would choose for your own children. Implying that others who choose differently than you are not tough enough isn't valid. Toughness has nothing to do with it. When you are making choices for a minor, the responsibility is real. Heck, I wouldn't let my girls pierce their ears or get tatoos. Not on my watch. Told them if they wanted to do it when they were 18, it was on them. One more story, I payed $$$ to put all my kids in braces so they'd have straight teeth. Once the braces were off, it was on them to continue wearing the retainer. It's about as hard to get a kid to wear a retainer as it is to get them to practice for music lessons. Now that they are older, every one of them asks me why I didn't force the issue more. As a parent, there are always going to be things that your kids hold you responsible for, even if it's not your fault
  8. I made that comment quite a time ago. It was made Feb. 2016. It was not meant to be a shot at all. I ask the question out of curiosity and explained it as so.

    The only reason it came to your attention now is because of King Colt and his attempt to harass me. I have put him on ignore as to curb anymore problems.

    I did not appreciate his remark about sucking it up in regards to my grandson's life changing concussion issues.

    He has since made two more disparaging remarks to me after I ask him not to bother himself with commenting to me.

    Hopefully he will just leave me alone in his insulting attitude.

    1. Nadine


      my apologies, nobody should take shots like that

  9. My boy Jack is so photogenic, he was in an online ad. He does this work for free just to share his natural good looks with the world. He's in the very first part of this commercial so you don't have to watch the whole thing
  10. Guys, please don't take shots at each other, especially not in a thread that is supposed to be a support thread. @crazycolt1 congratulations on your good fortune. But, if you've never had difficulty finding work, it does not necessarily mean you are somehow taking work more seriously than other people. I've been through unemployment as have many people I know. Trust me, looking for work is one of the hardest jobs in the world. You have to keep your chin up and your confidence high at all times in the face of non stop rejection. I have a good friend who was laid off at xmas, and has had many interviews but, the best they've come up is second runner up. This last one, had 170 applicants. So, lots of people out there looking for work. She's taking in free lance work while looking but, as you may or may not know, paying the 'self employment' tax makes this not very profitable/livable. When I see people who have had the very good fortune to never have been laid off, I always think that they have no idea how extremely fortunate they are.
  11. @southwest1 I too love how low maintenance and independent cats are. They chill during the day and cuddle up with you when you park it on the couch in the evening. I never let my kids have a dog when they were growing up because I had my hands full with kids. They all had pent-up dog wishes and my oldest took on a standard poodle when she bought her house. I love her dog but, she is so needy all the time, it is like a permanent 2 year old. Also, she chases the cats and I really hate that. When she's at my house, the cats stay in my office because they know. Thanks for the DVD tip! I like cats 101 and My Cat from Hell on Animal Planet. My first cat used to climb the christmas tree and knock it down. That's the reason I now have an artificial tree and non breakable ornaments. But, my current cats mostly leave it alone, except they wreak havok with any under the tree decorating scheme I try. I call this picture, The Monster of Christmas Village
  12. @Jules Exotic Short Hairs are just like plush toys, you just want to hold them Both my cats were bought as 'pet quality', they don't meet breed standards so, were sold at a discount. I love their imperfections. Jack has an underbite, which to me, is adorable. Anya, doesn't have the curly fur that the breed is known for but, she has the best personality of any cat I've ever known. She loves the sound of people talking and music. When my daughter used to practice the flute, Anya would come running and would 'sing' along. Her fur is just the worst though and it knots constantly. I have to be patient and gentle when I groom her because she will use her claws to stop me. I'm considering falcon gloves. Jack on the other hand, I can just call him and he comes running for a brushing. I know many people don't believe in pure bred cats because there are so many animals in shelters. I understand that. But, my first cat was a stray and he never got over it. He would eat anything that was left unguarded (including a loaf of bread and an entire pan of lemon bars) He knocked over the trash on a daily basis and sprayed all over my house. He was afraid of water, and as a result, had constant, life threatening UTIs. He was a difficult pet for many years. When an animal is in your house for so many years, they really should be tolerable. Anyway, he got so fat that the vet told me I had to put him on a diet........which made everything much worse. He eventually started spending more time with a neighbor because they gave him free access to food! Cats need to be cared for as kittens. I have fostered rescue cats and kittens because I know they need to be handled as babies in order to make good pets and also because they get spayed before they go out as pets.
  13. oooh, a cat thread! I have a male exotic shorthair. They are sweet tempered cats, essentially Persians with short hair, Also have a female named Anya, she's a selkirk rex. She doesn't behave like a cat at all. We think she might be an alien. They are the sweetest little creatures. Himalayans are sweet cats too although, their fur can be a chore to deal with. Your new baby is adorable. A few years ago, I lost 2 cats I had had for a long time. It was excruciating not having them in the house. They become such a part of your home that their absence is felt constantly. I could not replace them and I think of them often but, I too, against advice of nearly everyone got new babies. I have never regretted it.
  14. Well, it's hard to be a far away fan but, when you come to a home game, it's all the sweeter. Everybody in town wearing blue. It's fun!

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