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  1. Vikings is new tonight!

    1. Synthetic


      Their color rush uniforms look a lot like something the Lakers would wear. 

  2. Follow this link to enter the drawing for two tickets to the Jaguars at Colts! You must be logged in to enter the contests. Joining the forum is free.
  3. I have found that a lot of colts fans do something to off set the price of season tickets. I met one woman who had a second job just for this purpose. Just because they cannot go to all the games does not mean that they should not buy season tickets. You have some pretty harsh rules that you are entitled to live by. You'll run into problems when you expect other people to also live by your rules.
  4. I also want to go to spain and see some of the festivals.....especially the andalusian festival and also gibraltar, although I think they've got some differences with the british there right now Want back to Ireland because there is lots there that I have not seen or done
  5. My neighbor is a season ticket holder. Told me 1.) you don't know who is buying the tickets 2.) He got offered $1K for his seats to last nights game A thousand dollars is pretty hard to turn down, especially when you are staring the holidays in the face and have a kid in college
  6. your first 10 posts have to be approved
  7. you have to have at least 10 forum posts before you can enter the chat room
  8. Hi Nadine, I've been looking at the posts that just seem to roll and it seems that all or at least most of them have tweets on them. I don't know if this helps or not but I thought I would say something.

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Nadine


      OK, the problem is Internet Explorer.  I saw what you are talking about and will ask IP to take a look.  In the mean time, please use another browser, that will take care of the problem

    3. 2006Coltsbestever


      I am out of likes, thanks Nadine.

    4. Coltsfan1953


      Thanks Nadine. That was driving me crazy.

  9. It was glorious!
  10. I just hate even the notion of losing to the Steelers that's all
  11. BUT IT'S THE STEELERS!!!!!! I mean.........get well soon Andrew!
  12. Only one home game in Dec. Enter to win 2 tix to Texans @Colts >>

  13. Staying home and making dinner this year. Usually I travel to my mom's and go out to eat with my extended family. There are around 50 of us. I totally agree about going out. It's nice to not have to do all that cooking and instead dress up and just enjoy catching up with everyone. We always gathered back at my mom's after dinner where she had a ridiculous number of pies and people would eat more pie than they should. When I was asking my girls what we should make the only thing they were clear on was pie. They said, we absolutely have to have at least 5 different kinds of PIE. I'm not a baker so, I'm not at all sure I can pull the pie extravaganza off!
  14. @shecolt What a fun thing to do. Reminds me once I was shopping with my daughter and we were walking through the dresses and this very sparkly gold dress caught here eye. We stopped and she tried it on as well as a few others. She didn't buy it but said, you know that dress would be nice to have for when I go to the inevitable gala in Paris. Of course she wasn't going to Paris and didn't but the dress. The next year, she had changed jobs and actually went to Paris twice. Beyond that, her company was winning and award and there was a gala. She wound up shopping for another dress and remembered that she should have bought that gold dress!

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