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  1. Welcome Coach Reich!!

    He's a very tall guy
  2. Welcome Coach Reich!!

    He said when McDaniels backed out, he intentionally did not ask his agent to call the colts. Said he and his wife decided they were not chasing anything. Says his work speaks for itself
  3. Welcome Coach Reich!!

    Pat McAffee in the press pool
  4. Welcome Coach Reich!!

    "Character matters, it matters a lot Details matter" He sounds like a leader to me
  5. Pats fans predictably coming here to defend yet another one of their own and defy Colts fans to find a legal loophole make me want to ask them the question that Aibileen asked the horrible Miss Hilly Ain't you tired?
  6. Sorry to infer that the mods weren't doing their job. Won't happen again.....

    1. Nadine


      No worries, Just wanted to be clear about the rules :)

  7. Colts hire Frank Reich [Merge]

    @Four2itus @Narcosys Politics and religion are not allowed If we haven't removed it it's because we didn't see it and nobody reported it FOR THE RECORD: Don't!
  8. I've removed name calling and quotes of name calling from this thread
  9. Colts Plan To Interview Leslie Frazier

    Just reminds me that no one should ever try to look 'cool' Years later, when people look at your photos, they think you're a doofus Go Classic. I see pictures of Jack Kennedy and his clothes look current

    I'm calling it #Grudge2
  11. Should we really keep McDaniels hires?

    It's a perma-grudge!
  12. Should we really keep McDaniels hires?

    creative thinking
  13. Colts Fans are sending snakes to Josh McDaniels

    This thread took a disturbing turn. Don't organize targeting anyone