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  1. I saw Passengers. I guess I'm with your fiance, I'll see about anything Chris Pratt is in. That plot had some holes but, overall, entertaining I thought
  2. @NewColtsFan and @aaron11 We are receiving complaints about your squabble. Please stop. You are making the boards unfun for other people here Thank you
  3. I'll say, La La Land broke my heart. But, it was beautiful and real Logan lacked the tongue in cheek humor I've come to expect from the X men and left me in sensory overload. I literally closed my eyes through several scenes. Sad to see wolverine end that way.
  4. I saw it because I'm a wolverine fan in general and of Hugh Jackman in particular . The little girl was pretty amazing but, I was disappointed in the film overall. It leaned way too hard on some very gruesome violence. Also saw it in one of those dolby theaters where even the theater seats vibrate with the violence. Sensory overload. On the other hand, saw lala land and loved it. Very moving, especially the last song
  5. This man has options. I'd do the same thing
  6. A baiting comment and several replies to it have been removed from this thread. Don't take shots at people on the board. If you are smarter than everyone else, just be grateful for your good fortune
  7. Nah, I'm hopeful that people will stop tormenting each other
  8. I like this show. Lots of great voices
  9. I'm so sorry. My best to you and JT's family.
  10. We think this thread has run it's course. Also it's attracting some pats fans acting like colts fans so we're closing
  11. I think all of us need to remember that we SHOULD be talking with people and not yelling at them Talking to each other is the only thing that will help us unite.
  12. At least we focus on discussion here. It's an elusive goal but we try
  13. Anyone who uses his celebrity to share his enthusiasm for reading is first rate in my book. The world would be a better place if more people spent more time reading and discussing things with each other. There is precious little of that going on these days and we need more of it.
  14. You're are saying you would have preferred he tell the fire-pagano people to choose another thread.......but not they way he did? Personally, I enjoyed the comic relief........although I do come down on the pickle side of the argument. There are a few people here that have a gift for cracking me up. Superman is one of them. But I get it, not all senses of humor are the same. To your point though, when the 'beat a dead horse' posters get too terribly obnoxious, we'll pin a thread for them. But short of that, people just need to do the best they can to keep things from becoming too redundant. Your reaction to his post v my reaction is an example on how we don't all see things the same way. discussion is like that, that's fine

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