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  1. Was in Michigan and saw a bill board with a picture of the girls and a plea to call police with any information. With all the eyes in this country, somebody knows the man in the picture
  2. I'd like to add that, when you see a person posting politics, please report it and we will deal with it If you take the time to take shots at the person, you are in violation of site rules. Everybody needs to follow the rules and not use a political post as a reason to be a jerk
  3. I haven't been to much this year. Went to a master gardener plant sale and bought some ferns. Went to the art fair on the old north side but it was SO HOT that day. There's a craft fair up in Pendleton that I like to go to.
  4. @shecolt fair food is getting pretty weird. I like junk food at the fair but stick to the fries and the lemonade shake ups I don't need all the deep fried things in the world in one sitting
  5. That didn't appear for me but, I have a tracker blocker on my browser so, that may have stopped it. Your telling me that they intentionally posted fake news as a way to bring up deflate-gate?
  6. Well, there is no link or even specifics on the date of the post in the Indy Star Not sure what to think other than it's Florio so, grain of salt
  7. Welcome!
  8. Experimenting on dinner guests this evening.  Making one of Emeril's coleslaw recipes.  It's got horseradish in it! BAM! :Nuke:

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. HungarianColtsFan


      Well, horseradish goes well with pork meat.

    3. JPPT1974


      Hope it was really good!

    4. BR-549


      "Pork Meat" and Bloody Mary's.  I love it, used to have a patch of it next to my asparigus back in Indian and put several pints up every year to share with my friends.  It was HOT!


      That sounds really good, will have to try it Nadine.

  9. Watched Manchester by the Sea last night.  While I really did like it, I hated the ending, a lot

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Nadine


      He's good in it.  It's a tragic story but I did like it.  Just the ending was abrupt

      I guess it was an artistic statement but, I like a little more closure than that

    3. southwest1


      I don't wanna rain on anyone's parade here, but I didn't care for this movie at all. Casey Affleck cannot act period & there's no way the Academy should have given him as Oscar. I think his older brother Ben paid off the judges. Just Kidding! 


      There is a fictional tragedy in it that I won't reveal here. None of the characters resonated with me. They seemed either wooden, stale, or forced to me. 


      After I saw this flick, I was like what's all the hoopla for? I don't get it. Clearly, I must have seen a different film than the Academy did. Hands down the 2nd worst film I've seen this yr. Suicide Squad was by far the top train wreck I've sat through in 2017. 


      Again, if you found this picture appealing in some fashion that's perfectly fine. I just cannot recommend it unless it is used as a disciplinary device. Behave or I'll make you sit thru Manchester By The Sea & write a summary of it. Oh the humanity! 

    4. southwest1


      "One example is "City of Angels" . The movie was interesting, but I didn't like the ending; therefore, I considered it a bad movie."


      I know what you mean TS. I was not a happy camper when Meg Ryan died in this film either. I've always liked her as an actress & when this fictional doctor perished I was pretty upset. Plus, Nicolas Cage giving up his angelic powers for that physician only to later lose his first human lover on Earth was definitely a raw deal. 

  10. It's true that we will be losing more an more jobs to robotics and artificial intelligence. Will they have robots watching the game instead of us too? I agree, it's a game. Let people play it
  11. Thanks for sharing. Very interesting
  12. This! I honestly have no idea what to expect but, I hope to see some consistency. Last year I had no clue what to expect from them.
  13. From what I saw in the interview, he wasn't asked about Grigson at all. I would agree though, if he was asked about why he dislikes him so much, it for sure would have been a fair answer. Even then though, I would have been ok with him sharing what he Grigson said, still would not be OK with saying he deserves to be removed from the country. It's not like anyone was disagreeing that Pat had a reason to dislike the guy so much. I know a lot of people love Pat and hate Grigson. I'm not trying to say they shouldn't feel that way. My comments are just about this interview. The way I see it, he's trying to make Grigson feel how Pat felt when he was called a 'thing' I get the motivation. But, to me, this makes Pat look the same as Grigson. Both were personal shots. In the end, I don't feel bad for either of them. They both landed on their feet.
  14. Fair enough He's in the entertainment business now. I did know it would be about bashing grigson when I clicked the thread That doesn't mean I don't get go add my pennies to the mix of opinions. I know he's a comedian. This one flopped for me though

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