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  1. I'm told you get a notification on facebook when it starts
  2. why were you always trying to convince people of thinks?
  3. Absolutely targeting Jim Irsay it's fiction
  4. I don't think there's one chance in a million that any one that close to Jim Irsay would share any confidential information. So, I think the source is NOT REAL I don't believe that Jim see's Grigson as the son he never had. However, this gives me some insight into the motives of whoever wrote this. They intend to dismiss and demean..........while they hide in the safety of anonymity I have no idea what 'PR' spin they are talking about the colts trying to spin. There hasn't been anything out of them on this at all.......ever so, is it an uber double secret PR plan that only pixies know how to implement? People know that colts fans are desperate for an answer and they know that making people super angry is the best way to get attention This looks like nothing to me other than some small minded, mean spirited person who craves attention.
  5. And I don't think it takes kahunas to do what he did. It just takes a desire to drive angry traffic
  6. Matches the circus theme. come on!
  7. What lies?
  8. Well, I didn't think his opinion was informed. it was certainly intended to 'stir debate' or a lynch mob
  9. yeah, I thought that piece was over the top click bait hatchet job
  10. I don't get the people stopping by to say they don't like the thread. My husband reads books and takes classes on 'alternate history' I always ask him 'Doesn't that mean something that didn't happen?" He's like "yes but, what if it had?" It's a genre for history. very reasonable to me to see this sort of a discussion on a colts forum
  11. Situations like this, everybody disagrees We let it go for as long as we can but, who knew it would go on this long? it got too messy
  12. There were also people that said they hate merges. The other threads had gone off topic this one works well for all......or so I thought
  13. I just merged the gruden plans topic because the topics were similar. What coaches?, what fee agents? This one is just general speculation This thread wasn't merged, I linked the other threads to it so, it's not a mega merge. Just 3 pages right now
  14. That and people were complaining about all the threads with the same topics The thread titles were no longer accurate to what was going on in the threads so, I just opted to keep the most recent one (fewer pages for people to wade through) You can please some of the people........etc.....etc.....etc

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