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  1. Follow this link to enter the drawing for two tickets to the Chiefs at Colts! You must be logged in to enter the contests. Joining the forum is free.
  2. It's awesome for hauling people but right now, it's got no seats in it, just the driver and passenger seats. I mostly haul 'stuff' but then when my daughters will ask 'who's driving?' I'll say, not me, I got no seats in the van and they'll be like 'well, isn't that convenient!' I wish I had one where you can lower and raise the seats without taking them out. If I ever get another car it will be a subcompact
  3. 12 year old minivan. Not glamorous or fuel efficient but everyone wants me to keep it incase they want to haul something
  4. Sounds silly but we got some injuries in the off season
  5. merged your thread
  6. no it wasn't down. what happened?
  7. Marvin Harrison because I like to watch him play
  8. I think it would be your fault
  9. love your user name and profile pic
  10. blizzard would shock me
  11. I know the Colts are doing some activities with prizes.
  12. Even if he doesn't want to?
  13. Sorry but discussion of online streaming isn't allowed here. It always ends with illegal stream discussion

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