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  1. no political comments PLEASE I just removed one and you all know that we keep the peace here largely because we don't allow politics
  2. I removed several posts about a political issue. Please don't do that, even if it's a joke Thank you
  3. Please reach out to family and friends who understand and share your loss. It will help you through this devastating time. I'm so sorry for your loss. Let us know how you are doing
  4. Happy Easter to all my (marshmellow) peepsĀ :)

    1. 2006Coltsbestever


      Same to you!

    2. JPPT1974


      Right back at ya!

  5. She needs to do something for that dog to straighten him out. The other neighbors dog is a problem. He sounds dangerous. Glad yours is ok. That's good news
  6. Hopefully your dog is ok. I wouldn't hesitate to ask the owner to pay. My daughter was walking her dog on a leash when an unleashed dog from across the street ran over and attacked her. She was terrified and the other owner took his sweet time getting his dog off, never apologized, and continues to allow his dog to be unleashed in the yard. My daughter avoids that part of the neighborhood now. I would have called animal control on that one. But, in this case, the owner was being responsible (aside from having a dog that attacks for no reason). If she doesn't pay or if it happens again, I'd call animal control. If you know this animal has done this before, I'd call now. I'm sorry for her dog but, what's to stop that dog from attacking another dog or even a child? The owner does not have the dog under control and that needs to be addressed because they aren't out on their own in the country. They are in town where they have to make sure their pet is not a threat to the neighborhood.
  7. Yeah, I know a lot of people do that. always say, 'If the item is still posted, I still have it. Please don't ask me if I still have it. Instead, tell me when you are available to come see it' Even then, people often ask 'is it still available?' Even when I answer 'yes', they usually don't reply. My other thought was, there are just people out there who for some unknown reason just want you to reply. Either that, or they're collecting email addresses.
  8. Aiyiyi,, Most people cannot make those choices so, a gracious person would not bring up 'rich people problems'...not on first meeting someone. Especially when she's in the company of people who have regular people problems like......keeping their 15 year old car in running condition So, she's either socially clueless, very nervous, or money, status, and stuff are high on her list of priorities. Time will tell. Hopefully she turns out to be great. Reminds me of this movie. If you haven't seen it, it's worth watching
  9. I think it takes more than this to get the impression that someone is pretentious. I mean, if she were a doctor, would she say 'I work in the medical field' or if she were Jim Irsay, would she say 'I work at the Colts' If somebody is full of themselves, that becomes apparent in short order. I don't know what else she might have said or done. Was she interested in the other people there? Was she respectful or condescending? Even then, first impressions are often wrong.
  10. Wouldn't have bothered me. if that's what she does, that had to be her answer.
  11. Lots of memories of Don Rickles.........insulting the tar out of people. It was his gift. RIP Mr. Rickles
  12. Welcome! I've been researching my husbands genealogy and he's got ancestors that came from the Shenandoah Valley. It looks so beautiful! Glad you decided to join. We've got some great football minds but we also have every other kind of fan too. Everyone is welcome. If you have any questions, just message me or another moderator.

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