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  1. Enter to win 2 tix to the @colts - Titans rematch on 11/20 >>

  2. I think they decided in the off season that it wasn't working. The decision was made at that time to do whatever they did to change things. Agree this season is bad. I don't know how many more seasons before you blow it up but certainly not the middle of the season
  3. When you see something that needs to be taken down, please report it rather than talking about how somebody who is not in the thread at the moment should do something about it
  4. I just think if they had held it together the last three minutes people would not be so completely hopeless. Hope this week is better cuz if it's not I cannot imagine what will happen
  5. I think blowing it up will be worse than working the plan is all
  6. He's working the plan he put into place. We've already blown this team up once. I think we suck it up and fix what needs to be fixed.....and that doesn't mean firing everyone in the middle of the season.
  7. perhaps there is some confusion caused by the fact that I removed the posts in question from this thread. They were 'name calling' which is a personal shot here you are correct, adding "hey stupid' would make that a personal shot. But, I can see where you saying someone is content with a mediocre team would be taken personally and therefore bait an inkind response. Just because they are not unhinged does not mean they are happy. That's just you inferring that because they are not as angry as you, they don't really care if the team plays well. Making insulting assumptions about people causes problems too. Before you assume that they are content with a mediocre team, maybe ask them if they'd like the team to play like this forever. I doubt anyone would answer yes to that......except possibly a fan of another team.
  8. you can say things to them.....just not personal shots
  9. What the heck? NO PERSONAL SHOTS
  10. What the heck? NO PERSONAL SHOTS
  11. What the heck? NO PERSONAL SHOTS
  12. no doubt
  13. Thanks for that. I'm still and it feels like a nice change of pace

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