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  1. This surprises me.  What's the context of him saying that?  Not nice But I was also disappointed to hear people boo Tom Brady at the SB. 
  2. Mcafee sets world record

    I know that is offensive to some but I hope you understand that it is not intended as you perceive it.
  3. He got grit.  Whatever they work out is fine by me
  4. Irsay has asked Peyton to retire as a Colt

    I don't think it's meaningless.  It's a chance for the fans to share the love.  We got some of that when Peyton came and played here the first time.  Everyone criticized the colts for doing a tribute to him but, it's how we do here and it turned out great.  Meant a lot to the fans and meant a lot to Peyton I think.   Anyway, I'm not sure he can do this without offending his bronco fan base so for that reason, and that reason alone, I don't think he will.   Doesn't matter, we'll still put him in the ring of honor and he'll come back for that.   Indy loves Peyton and we'll find a way to show it
  5. Cam's Gold MVP Cleats

    ah, it's shoes.  I know lots of guys that have a shoe thing you guys are tough  
  6. Conspiracy theory about the super bowl

    I think that your friends conspiracy theory could lead to arguments here.  Closing this 
  7. Worst TV Shows!

    I think TV is a lot more sophisticated than it used to be.  Granted there is a lot of garbage but the shows that I like are so much better than shows used to be   In general many are on the old big three networks but there are many on cable channels as well and also shows specifically produced for Amazon and netflix that are quite good.   Problem with cable is they've been experimenting with giving less and less for more and more money.  I had ATT for a while and found that I was paying for dozens of shopping channels........which means I was paying directly for Ads! D'OH!   you can easily get rid of the DVR and all the equipment they want you to have and go back to antenna tv.  You get an HD picture with an antenna now. There are even more channels broadcast for free than there used to be.   I know what you mean though that people used to gather for a show.  But, we still gather, just when we want to.  At least in my family we do.   Don't know what the worst shows are because my problem is I often don't give them much of a chance.  I don't hang around to find out how much I don't like it. Sometimes, I have to go back and catch up after somebody tells me a show I thought was terrible was actually good.
  8. Didn't mean to imply that he shouldn't enjoy his family But I understand you feel that he should not come back because the colts released him
  9. That's a really nice post
  10. Personal argument carried over from another thread is the reason this one got closed.  
  11. Glasses, Contacts & Lasik Surgery

    I've always had bad vision and always worn glasses.  I cannot wear contacts and never considered lasik I'm used to it  If you just have a little problem in one eye you'll probably only need glasses for driving.  I'd start there anyway
  12. Cam Newton walks out of post SB interview

    When I saw that happen it made me want to stop watching the game. He assaulted another player on National TV and we all just kept watching Made me question myself   I don't understand why there is not a rule right now to remove someone from the game for doing that.
  13. Cam Newton walks out of post SB interview

    yeah I don't get the intensity in this thread.  Also don't get why people are so super irritated with Cam and feeling like anyone who isn't super irritated with Cam is a 'defender'   Some of us saw it as a mistake on his part but not really warranting this reaction.   I think he must be one of those guys that people love to hate.
  14. Irsay has asked Peyton to retire as a Colt

    Be fun for brothers to do this. I wouldn't take that as bad news.  I doubt he has revenge on his mind.  He's got too many more pleasant alternatives
  15. Irsay has asked Peyton to retire as a Colt

    Tweet or it didn't happen? 

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