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  1. IDK He can comment on that. I suspect he feels his country is not doing the best it can.
  2. I don't think that what he did has to make sense to anyone but him. He used his celebrity to bring focus to an issue he is concerned about. He's not the first to do it. I'm not going to get bent out of shape because of it.
  3. Please no more personal back and forth in here. Else I'll need to close the thread.
  4. you could create a free trial: and close after the game
  5. It was scary around here but way worse in Kokomo. My daughters drove home from work and they should have waited. I think if you've seen what a tornado can do, you respect it. Drove through an area in Illinois one night and it was storming. The next day I drove back and there was nothing left. Barns ground to dust, silos twisted up like tin cans. I don't travel for work anymore. Thank goodness
  6. remembering it makes me old enough lol
  7. no, too young but I remember it being in the news. Really different times then. Summer of Love
  8. I'm looking forward to seeing him. Reggie is an entertaining guy
  9. Welcome! Glad you decided to join in!
  10. I can see the reasoning. We'll see if it changes anything. I don't understand why players are listed as probable anyway. Does the team get in trouble if they are not listed as 'probable' but then they don't play?
  11. free stream here
  12. Please read the rules. Don't come into a thread taking shots at posters. If you don't like the thread, leave it. General rule of thumb here, be civil.
  13. Welcome! Just jump into any conversation. We're glad you are here!
  14. Reminder, this is a family friendly forum. inappropriate post has been removed from this thread

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