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  1. I think this team continues to get a bad rap from these so called "analysts," saying that Luck has no talent around him and the whole team is based on Luck's performance. I strongly disagree. Yes, this team is obviously much better with Luck out there playing at a high level. But also, this team continuously gets ravaged with injuries year in and year out, thus not allowing to see the full potential of this roster when players are able to build chemistry with each other. Continuity, especially at positions like OL and secondary are so vital to the players, since they rely on each other and trust that their teammates have their backs and will be where they need to be to make plays. For once I would love to see the full potential of this team by hopefully having a mostly injury free season, which can happen by the way. I live in Nashville and watched the Titans go relatively injury free for the most part last season, hence their rise from the bottom of the division to potentially the winner of the division this coming season. Obviously their new GM Jon Robinson played a part into their rise also, but again being mostly injury free can do wonders for a team. Hopefully this issue gets resolved sometime in the near future for the Colts, as I hate seeing and hearing about players going down left and right, as I'm sure you all do too.
  2. I'd love to get S Marcus Allen to pair with Hooker at safety, and a power RB who has great vision to pair with Mack. Then with the rest of the picks, get another CB, ILB, OL, and OLB. Free agency I'd go out and get DT Timmy Jernigan to make this DL even better, and another quality OL player who stays healthy.
  3. I think that may be where we get the most value for trading Dorsett, by trading for another player who isn't exactly fitting their scheme. So I wouldn't be opposed to doing something like this, if we are confident in our depth at WR.
  4. I'm not submitted a mock draft just yet, but I'll give some names I really want to see on this team... OLB Dorance Armstrong RB Bo Scarborough RB Saquon Barkley RB Royce Freeman S Marcus Allen CB Jaire Alexander CB Jamar Summers ILB Azeem Victor
  5. The Colts have been long overdue to draft a later round QB to groom as a long term backup. And I'm not talking about just bringing in an undrafted guy, I'm talking about investing a 4th or 5th round pick on a talented passer to learn and grow in the system so when we have situations like we're in now, we won't be as panicky.
  6. I would love to see Luck's prognosis be completely fine going forward and his velocity from his surgically repaired shoulder is better than ever. I would be fine with giving him the year to fully heal up, then get a king's ransom for a top 5 pick from a QB hungry team. That would set this team up for a possible championship window of 5 or more years.
  7. Given the fact that Luck is being paid top dollar, I highly doubt they would trade him. I'm willing to bet they would take offers from teams needing to draft a QB. They could easily get a 1st this year, 2nd, and a 1st and 2nd in 2019 just to move down 5 spots or so. Ballard could then use all those added picks to load up this team on young talent.
  8. Completely agree. They may ease Luck if he is not ready to fully go this season. Since bringing Luck in, they really haven't had a very down year to reload with very high draft picks. Tennessee had very good fortunes of having a down year the year they drafted Mariota, then wound up with the 1st overall pick the year after which they were able to get a bounty for since they already had their QB. Indy could benefit from a scenario like this. I think in the long run it would benefit the future more than having another mediocre 8-8 season.
  9. I think a lot of it depends on Vontae's asking price. Ballard doesn't strike me as the GM to dish out mega deals, and especially not to players 29 and older. If you look at his free agency from this past offseason, the oldest player he signed I believe was Sheard at 28. So unless Davis has a great year, I'm leaning towards a no on resigning an older Vontae. Plus Davis never gets a bunch of INTs, something Ballard really wants in his secondary players.
  10. To clarify to the people thinking I want them to tank this year, I certainly do not. But when it comes down to what this team will be able to field, if I could pick a record of 8-8 and missing the playoffs vs. 5-11, I'm picking 5-11 because it gives Ballard so many more options for trading down and getting more draft picks to load up this team.
  11. The Colts had a really down season, such as a 5-11 season? Indy wasn't projected to make a run in the playoffs this year anyhow and with all these recent injuries that furthers their chances even more. I keep getting the feeling with everything surrounding Luck's availability, and the surplus of injuries elsewhere on this team, that we might be in for a long season. Especially if they don't wanna throw Luck out there until he is completely healthy and has a healthy OL around him. If that happens, the Colts could be looking at a 5-11 year or so, which actually might benefit them in the long run. How so you ask? 1) Pagano will finally be gone 2) Ballard will have a GREAT draft pick to try and trade to a team needing a QB, which would give Chris a surplus of added draft picks, something this team hasn't had the opportunity to do in a long time. 3) Hopefully this poor season will finally make front office find a capable backup QB in the draft (rounds 4-5) Just my opinion since I'm more of a big picture thinker myself.
  12. I'm the same way. I feel Luck will miss at least a few games, and we'll probably yet again deal with injuries. I feel 2018 will be Indy's year to get back as being a contender.
  13. I'd rather have him miss a few weeks, at least until Kelly is back at Center. Don't wanna risk seeing Luck injured yet again.
  14. What is wrong with Mack?
  15. Lock the thread. Very misleading title.

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