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  1. What's the cap space situation with his release? I'm guessing somewhere around 30 mil
  2. Having a great running game will only make Luck better. At the very least, Indy needs to come out of this draft with a talented RB for the future in round 4 or earlier. Potential guys include Kareem Hunt and Jeremy McNichols.
  3. I would be absolutely thrilled with the 2nd outcome you have. Lamp would solidify the OL on the right side, Harris would add to an already improved pass rush with Sheard and Simon, and Mixon would give Luck a supremely talented RB to work with. The Offense could be unstoppable with the addition of Lamp and Mixon. I'd then use all the 4th round picks on secondary help.
  4. I'm not saying draft Mixon in the 1st, but I think he'd be a great fit and would make this offense elite if Ballard got him early in the 3rd. If he starts rising in draft stock, may have to get him late round 2. -First, he would have veteran leadership at the RB position to help him mature in Frank Gore and Turbin. -Second, he wouldn't be asked to be the guy right away, since Gore is still here. He could take over possibly mid season if he's ready or in 2018. -He's a great pass catching, space RB which Indy needs since Andrew needs an elite option out of the backfield to throw to. -I believe he is best in a zone blocking scheme, which I believe Indy has switched to now. -And finally, because Ballard has shown to take a chance on a player who made a bad mistake before (Marcus Peters, Tyreek Hill) Obviously Ballard would have to be sure that Mixon has shown signs of maturity since his incident, but this locker room seems to have gotten stronger with the addition of Simon and a strong RB group to help guide him to be a star.
  5. Why? Indy already has 4 quality WRs if Dorsett comes through, 5 if you count Rogers.
  6. Unless he has a big breakout season, I don't see him commanding more than say 7 mil per year. Indy can afford that.
  7. I really like Reddick and would not be upset at all if he was the Colts pick at 15. I'd prefer a trade down, and Ballard may end up doing that since he recognizes Indy has a lot of needs.
  8. I could see that number just being temporary until the final 53 man roster is named. 68 is an odd number for a DT.
  9. I think this signing was made purely on bringing in competition for both Moncrief and Dorsett. Ballard said he wants competition at all positions, and that will only make Moncrief and Dorsett better if they have to compete more for their starting jobs. Chudzinski still loves using his TEs so I could still see Doyle and Swoope getting some good action.
  10. I've been hearing that if the Saints offered Butler a nice contract and the Pats don't match, then the Saints would have to surrender not their 32nd pick, but their 11th overall pick!! Why in the world would you give up that high of a pick for a 28 year old corner who I think is more a product of that New England system. If this actually happens the Pats are by far and away the luckiest franchise in history.
  11. This signing is the first that doesn't make a lot of sense to me. I'd much rather draft a TE later in the draft (rounds 5-7) in a loaded class than sign someone with hardly any production.
  12. I'd rather draft very young talent in a draft class that is loaded with corners.
  13. Still, a 5 year/60 mil contract for a NT is top dollar for that position so I can't see him getting much more than that even if he has a big year. I'm actually happy he didn't sign with us since he's not worth roughly 12 mil per season.
  14. There may have been "talks" but I don't buy that the deal was actually offered to Poe. Or else he would be here right now.
  15. Where did you see that Indy offered Poe a 5 year $60 mil contract?!? If that's the case Poe was insane for taking the Atlanta deal for 1 year $8 mil.

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