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  1. On offense, I'll go with Marlon Mack. Gore could really start to wear down by mid season and then it could be time for Mack to shine. Mack is a 3rd round back who went in the 4th round, and has very good agility in the open field and could be a great check down option for Luck. On defense, I'll go with Henry Anderson. He started showing signs of being a really good player in 2015, until his injury. From what I'm hearing, he should be hopefully 100% and that could allow him to really break out this year, especially with Hankins taking some pressure and added blockers off of him.
  2. That's awesome where in south Arica are you vacationing? My bucket list includes visiting there and seeing Victoria Falls and Cape Town to do a little great white cage diving.
  3. Of all the new additions to this team, both in free agency and the draft, who do you see making the most immediate impact? My pick is NT Johnathan Hankins. It was between him and Hooker for me but since Hankins is already proven I went with him. Indy hasn't had a NT like this since the 3-4 defense was brought over to Indy. Could make everyone else better on the defense.
  4. Don't count Clark out yet. He showed promise towards the end of last season and has all the tools. I think Banner is just as much of a project.
  5. I would think if nothing else he should be a very good run blocker. Has to develop his pass blocking since he isn't quick footed though.
  6. I'm really excited to see what Ed Dodds adds to this front office. He was supposedly GM John Schneider's secret weapon in their front office in Seattle. I believe he was 4th ranked in their hierarchy, just after Scott Fitterer and Trent Kirchner. Hoping to build a very talented and balanced team like Seattle has had recently. Hopefully our OL will look better than anything they had though. That was probably their weakest link.
  7. I think our later draft picks may surprise too. Really like the potential of this draft class!
  8. Thanks stitches!! I would have posted this being that I live in Nashville where this station airs, but I've been super busy with work.
  9. Could Hooker's success be attributed to having both Lattimore and Conley at corner while at Ohio State, or is it the other way around? Watching Hooker, if he cleans up his missed tackles and bad angles, I think he could be special with the vision/range and ball skills he has.
  10. ESPN has complete bias against the Colts. Stop watching!! There are only a few people who actually think highly of the Colts on that network, and they are Jeff Saturday and Bill Polian.
  11. Would love Royce Freeman in the 3rd or so next year. Freeman and Mack would compliment each other well going forward.
  12. We need to keep all our future draft picks because I believe Ballard knows what he's doing in the draft and I trust him to bring in more talent each and every year with his superb scouting abilities.
  13. Dorsett doesn't necessarily need to bulk up. He mostly needs to improve his route running tree and be more consistent with his hands.
  14. I don't see why not. Indy has improved at DL with the addition of Hankins and Woods at NT to help free up others, and they also added younger pieces at OLB in Sheard and Simon who are in the prime of their careers as opposed to older players in Walden, Mathis, and Cole that they had last season. Plus Ballard added a talented pass rusher in round 3 of the draft in Basham.
  15. If Walker can get back down to his weight and explosion he displayed in 2015, he could be a steal for the Colts!

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