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  1. Id rather get the 32nd and 2nd round picks from NO and then swap spots in the 3rd. It evens out point wise.
  2. Agreed. The only CB I really want in the 1st is Conley. But you're right on pass rushers and elite ILB prospects. They go early.
  3. I would love to get both Charles Harris and Jarrad Davis in the first 2 rounds. Awuzie won't be there in the 3rd though. If Ballard could swing a deal to trade down in the 1st, still get Harris, then swing back around and land Davis in the 2nd, and then draft Sidney Jones late 2/early 3 that would be quite the early haul for Ballard.
  4. I agree that CB is more important but I only see 3 possible elite ILB prospects in this draft. Foster, Reddick, and Davis. ILB is still a big need on this team, and the CB class is so deep that if they went ILB round 1 they should be able to still get quality players at CB in rounds 2-4. Again I wouldn't be upset with the drafting of Conley at all, I just see Reddick or Foster as better prospects.
  5. I like Conley but I'd prefer Haason Reddick in this scenario, possibly Foster if Ballard is confident in his maturation.
  6. Ballard should not be trading up with all the needs this team has. Plus Foster could very well last to the Colts 2nd round pick anyhow. If Ballard is convinced of Mixon's maturation, I would love the pick and getting Sidney Jones would give Indy their two starting CBs for the future in Conley and Jones. OLB should be addressed sooner though.
  7. Haven't they "reportedly" had the easiest schedule the past few years?
  8. I think KC would have to give up more than just their 2nd to move up 12 spots.
  9. I still would love Haason Reddick If Ballard can't trade down. Or Jarrod Davis round 2.
  10. Here might be a good trade down partner... http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/04/20/giants-g-m-says-hell-move-up-in-draft-if-he-can/
  11. I can't see Ballard trading up in the 1st. I could definitely see him trade down to add more picks though unless an absolute defensive stud is available at 15.
  12. I would be extremely disappointed with this draft. Fournette is overrated and doesn't fit this Indy offense. Not getting a pass rusher, ILB, or CB in the first 3 rounds would be a huge mistake.
  13. I would also be pretty disappointed if Boles was the Colts 1st round pick. Boles will be an older rookie at 25, and Clark has shown definite upside at RT, not to mention that Ballard has said that he likes what he's seen from Clark and Haeg.
  14. Glad to see he has discussed injured players and the value long term in them. That makes me hope they seriously look at drafting Sidney Jones at CB if he slides.
  15. If Indy goes Lamp round 1 they should definitely trade down first and then draft him.15 is a bit high for a RG who played at a small school.

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