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  1. BProland85

    Biggest rookie defensive impact?

    I went with Leonard just because he plays a position where he could have the opportunity to make a lot of plays. Outside of Leonard I think Tyquan Lewis has an opportunity to make some plays due to the ability to play all over the line in my opinion. Turay is more raw and I think he is strictly an edge rusher.
  2. BProland85

    Biggest rookie defensive impact?

    He doesn’t have near the speed of Mathis. I’d say Lewis is more like a Brandon Graham type of player.
  3. BProland85

    Oline lineup

    I feel like Clark will be the odd man out at OT. Hoping that Good, Haeg, and Howard all provide great competition at RT and may the best man win.
  4. BProland85

    Your Surpise Starter(s) for 2018

    Yeah that'd be extremely early to give up on a higher draft pick.
  5. BProland85

    Your Surpise Starter(s) for 2018

    I'll go with Anthony Walker at MLB and Daurice Fountain as a starting outside WR.
  6. BProland85

    Your Surpise Starter(s) for 2018

    Really hope they can find a use for Simon but if not I hope they can get more for him in a trade than they did for Anderson. But I too have a good feeling about Turay. I can see him making an impact provided he gets quality coaching. He has great physical abilities and is capable of being a great pass rusher.
  7. I've always gone on record to liking Darius Leonard very much. He was a top 5 LB in my opinion in this draft. I had Smith, Edmunds, Evans, and Vander Esh rated higher than him, who all went in the 1st round. So in that regard I somewhat understand why Ballard reached a bit on him if he feared he would miss out on him. I just thought he could have been had with the mid 2nd round pick as opposed to the very early 2nd. I would have rather went corner with one of those 2nd round picks. Someone like Carlton Davis who I really liked.
  8. Really hope Ballard is able to get one of those stud DT prospects in next year’s draft. DE we hopefully should be fine with drafting Turay and Lewis and already having Basham, Sheard, and the fella from Oakland who’s name is escaping me. We need our Fletcher Cox for this DL.
  9. The Defensive Line class in general is supposed to be great in 2019 which bodes well for the Colts. I could see DT being near the top of their needs come next offseason. They released Hankins and never really replaced him. They are currently counting on Ridgeway and Grover Stewart to show something this year.
  10. That would be neat to see but I highly doubt they end up picking top 5.
  11. I’ll say the Bills end up with the worst record. Their roster is the worst in the league in my opinion.
  12. BProland85

    Doesn't It Feel Wonderful?

    Everything hinges on the full return of Andrew Luck. With him back and healthy, this team is an AFC South title contender. Without him, they’re a below average team.
  13. Perhaps every time Nelson makes a huge block or pancakes someone the crowd at Indy can do a loud "Q" chant. It would sound like the fans are booing, but people would catch on and it would be kinda neat to have a new player to chant for.
  14. BProland85

    Le'Raven Clark

    I think the RT spot will be a battle between Haeg, Good, and Clark. I could see Haeg winning the starting spot, at least to begin the regular season. Hopefully the solid play from the other 4 starters on OL will make the RT's job easier.
  15. Well that's what Ballard will need after loading up on OL this draft. This team needs pass rush from the DT position and to also add playmakers at LB and CB.