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  1. Would love having Nelson on this OL. Costanzo, Nelson, and Kelly would be beastly together on the left side.
  2. The 2nd Rounders

    I'd love this... 6h overall - DE Bradley Chubb 36th overall - OG Will Hernandez 37th overall - DT Taven Bryan 49th overall - LB Malik Jefferson
  3. I think it's pretty safe to say that one of either Nelson or Chubb will be available at 6 overall. I would be wiling to bet on that.
  4. It makes ZERO sense to release Hankins to bring in Vita Vea. Vea fits only the 3-4 scheme, and Hankins can play both schemes. Maybe this is more about what Ballard and the coaching staff thinks of Grover Stewart? I'm thinking if the Colts stay at 6, Ballard will have 2 of these 3 players available (Bradley Chubb, Quenton Nelson, Minkah Fitzpatrick) The pick will be one of them. If Ballard trades down yet again, I could see us targeting Tremaine Edmunds or Roquon Smith.
  5. Hankins Released

    Completely agree. If nothing else I would think we could get a 4th for him. He was a good player last year.
  6. Hankins Released

    Why didn't we try to trade him first before just outright releasing him? He has good value being that he was one of our better defensive players and is only 26.
  7. Fitzpatrick at CB to replace Melvin. Or trade down again and get Roquon Smith.
  8. One of them should be available. Probably Nelson.
  9. Hoping for either Nelson or Chubb at 6. There’s a possibly Chubb could still be there at 6 with how QBs and Barkley will go early.
  10. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/03/17/jets-send-three-second-round-picks-to-colts-move-up-from-no-6-to-no-3/ Love it!!!!!!!!! Didn’t think we could get three 2nd rounders just for moving down 3 spots!!!! Hopefully either Chubb or Nelson is still available at 6. What a trade!!! This is what I was hoping for with Ballard. Be able to get a haul just for moving back 3 spots and hopefully still landing an elite player!
  11. Cardinals sign Pugh

    I did not see Pugh and Jensen getting money like this! Not worth it.
  12. Oh I would not be in favor of signing Jensen for the money he ended up getting. He plays a position where we are already set and if we were to pay 10 mil a year for him, might as well pay an extra 3 mil per and sign Norwell.
  13. Where things stand now, we are by far the worst team in this division, even with Luck. Unless Ballard has some ace up his sleeve in the draft that will make up for the lack of activity in free agency, I don’t see how you can argue that.