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  1. Playoff experience is valuable. It's different. Far more important than a feel good win to end a disappointing season.
  2. Doesn't the integration of a multiplier imply that BPA is at best, a very misleading term, and every team drafts almost entirely based on need? That was my point. I think people bring up QB because it is such an obvious example. But you could extend that to almost any position of strength. Of course there are exceptions, but you can't create a viable strategy focusing on the exceptions. I feel like it's a term some GM threw out there to justify a controversial choice and everyone took it way too literally.
  3. I agree, I dont buy that crap at all. Every single team goes into the draft trying to fill a need with a quality player with every pick. It's also extremely subjective when comparing a CB to a RB and determining who is the better, more valuable player. Is Mixon a better player than Charles Harris? That's not even really an answerable question. I agree that at some point you can't pass up a great talent for a marginal one, but what are the odds of that, at least until the latter rounds? Last year we picked Kelly because we needed him. And it was the perfect choice.
  4. Idk, Vontae has been pretty damn good playing man coverage with no pass rush. The expectations are out of wack. Football is a very tough game and if you think you are just gonna bring someone new in and they are going to magicly become a 16 game starter with consistent top level play, good luck to you. Vontae has played hurt and probably been our best defensive player since he's been here. Not exactly the highest of praise but no other defensive player ranks as highly league wide at his position as Davis. You can't build a great defense if you allow your best players to walk and are forced to use your resources to replace them, and likely take a major dip in level of play to boot. That's not really a recipe for success. Davis has already proven it in this system, so why take the chance the next guy might not fit as well and risk getting in that cyle of dumping resources to fix problems you created in the first place. Yeah he's gonna be 31, but he easily has 3-4 good years left, and could always move to safety later in his career (and I think he could be a damn good safety). Now an injury or poor play this year could change that thinking. But I see no reason he shouldn't be priority #1 next off season. Mewhort might change that this year if he can stay healthy and the rumors about his knee are overblown. Davis is a great player and I think the Colts would absolutely regret it, as long as he plays up to his standards this year of course.
  5. No other QB could do what Andrew has done except maybe Rogers, and I personally don't think he could take the beating Andrew has endured. To do the things he has done with a really bad OL, no running game and a very poor defense is truly remarkable.
  6. Some people don't understand that you can only do what you can do. You don't get to just go out and have your pick of the litter. There are 32 teams going after these guys and so sometimes you just miss out and never really had a chance. Ballard brought in quite a few top players, like Poe and Minter. But for whatever reason they chose to sign elsewhere. I felt like he put a lot of effort into what he's done so far and done well. We need playmaker but we don't only need playmakers, we also just need solid depth. I think Jabaal Sheard was a big signing. I like Simon a lot. I also like Aiken. I think they will make a lot of plays for us. We just have to wait and see and criticizing Ballard is meaningless when his team isn't complete, hasn't had a draft yet or taken the field for as much as a single practice together. Slow down. I think that's what he meant when he said build thru the draft. Add quality pieces in free agency but we need to add our cornerstones thru the draft. It's gonna take a couple of years, we just fired our GM so it's not like we are in the best shape. But I like his approach. He's hoarding cap space because he is waiting for the right guy.
  7. I remember watching a lot of his tape when he was at Miami the year he was in the draft, and when I watch Rueben Foster this year he reminds me of Spence. Spence is a nasty tackler just like Foster and was around the same size coming into the league. He did have that nasty injury, but I believe he played really well last year in limited snaps. This is a very good pickup for the price.
  8. I loved when he admitted he isn't ready to be a GM just like he wasn't ready to be a coach or a director of pp, etc Great answer to a really good question
  9. Yeah, lol Let's make up a roster that has Brandon Stokely AND Austin Collie on it (who were both just average anyways) and Edgerrin James AND Joseph Addai and compare a collection of players that played here over a 7-8 year span to the 2016 Colts roster without Andrew Luck. Cmon man.
  10. I agree I get sick of hearing that, it's ridiculous. The Colts have something teams dream of having. A guy like JJ Watt is considered a super talent but the Texans would give us him and 2 first round picks for Luck, and instantly become a legitimate SB contender. And despite being MUCH more talented than us, top to bottom, Luck levels the playing field and we are right there with them. You can't take a player like that away from a teams roster to make some lame argument. He is on the roster and will be for 10 more years. And if you remove the franchise QB/player from almost any team, their roster is gonna look a lot worse. I'm not really sure whats the point in doing that other than to try to make a point that isn't based in reality. Luck is a part of the Colts roster, let's not live in a fantasy land.
  11. Chip Kelly sucks. Jim Harbaugh doesn't suck. And 1 season is hardly a glaring indictment when you consider his track record. Jmo
  12. I'm curious....how is Harbaugh responsible for Kapernick and his collapse when he hasn't been there? Doesn't his collapse suggest he was essential to his success in the first place? I find it interesting that Harbaugh recently wore an Andrew Luck Jersey to a recent camp he had in Indy, considering how he reacted when asked about it last season. I say offer him full control and more money, two things he always wanted. I also struggle to understand the thought that he's a college coach because he's abrasive? So is BB in New England. So was Bill Parcells and Tom Coughlin, and many other great coaches. That's a myth. They just need to be in control and allowed to do their job with the owners support.
  13. I agree, I don't see the point in cutting him now, there isn't much out there to use the money on, and we have enough cap space anyways. When he's healthy, he is one of our top 3 defensive lineman, easily. He's a good player and has been a difference maker on the field for us, when healthy. Yes, he has had some issues staying on the field. But this could be the year that he is finally be healthy for us down the stretch and into the playoffs? Its worth taking one more chance on him. I don't think he will get released this year or they would have done it already, once they learned about the suspension.
  14. Great points, in all your threads. I would also add that stats only tell half the story. Luck has not only surpassed Peyton in numbers, he has also performed better in the playoffs. It took Manning a long time to be able to handle the pressure in the post season. And Luck already has a very respectable 3-3 record, including a legendary comeback performance, under his belt. This kid was given an impossible task, and I would argue that no other QB, even Brady or Rodgers, could do any better than Andrew has with what he's been forced to work with. He's been battered, under constant pressure, no running game (1 single 100 yard performance from a RB, HIS ENTIRE CAREER), constant 3rd and longs, average coaching, very young supporting cast on offense, average defense......AND he has managed to STILL throw less picks than Manning and have more post season success. That's beyond impressive to me. People forget Manning had a pretty good OL (Glenn, Meadows, McKinney), good TEs (Dilger, Pollard) + Harrison & Faulk, FROM DAY 1. People criticizing Andrew Luck are gonna be served some crow this year and I can't wait.
  15. I want to see us be really good against the run. I think if we can do that we will force more long yardage 3rd downs and put more pressure on the QB.

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