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  1. I would rather listen to my garbage disposal than Dan Dakich.
  2. The Mystery is over.... Andrew Luck Out for Season

    They are just looking at the situation and deciding not to risk it given the way the team has played. It makes all the sense in the world to do this. We still need some work. I actually think Ballard did some really good things in the offseason and put us on the right track. But Rome wasnt built in a day. We are much more stout up front on defense. We have some young talent in the secondary. We just have been decimated by injuries. I think they need to look into the playing surface and practice field and try to figure out why we have so many injuries.
  3. Keep the pick or trade down?

    The fans anymore just kill me. Talking about the draft after 6 games. We don't know where we are going to pick, we don't know who is gonna be there, we don't know what trades are available. I feel like we need have some kind of idea of what out options are to have a meaningful conversation about it. We have a young team that is gonna improve over time and we still aren't sure if this is gonna be another 8-8 type of season or a 5-11 type of season, and those 3 wins could be the difference between picking 6 and 15, which are totally different situations. If we had 6 i would be willing to trade down as long as we are still picking in the front half of the first round. But if we have 15, I would rather stay put. I think it's important the Colts target blue chip talent.
  4. Possible reason for NFL ratings going down...

    What facts are those? I honestly remember a he said she said with no video and conflicting statements. And given the other instances which provided video evidence that the police are capable of this behavior, I definitely wouldn't just rule it out as a possibility. Idc what YOU think of Michael Brown, it doesn't mean he deserved to die. That's a really cold position to take. He is irrelevant to the overall issue, which not too many people don't agree is a real problem. These players are kneeling in protest of police brutality. But for some reason people want to make it about race and the military instead of just coming together and actually supporting each other for a change. Is this really worth all this uproar? I don't blame the players for holding strong and taking the heat on this.
  5. Possible reason for NFL ratings going down...

    You're idea of trying to win an argument is to provide evidence for the opposition's argument and make it about the race of the victim. You're not as smart as you think you are buddy.
  6. Possible reason for NFL ratings going down...

    I AM mad about that. That's why I support blacklivesmatter. Because I know police brutality is a legit issue and they are telling the truth. YOU don't care. Or you would see it that way as well. Don't project your views on me.
  7. Possible reason for NFL ratings going down...

    Not intelligent enough for your time?
  8. Possible reason for NFL ratings going down...

    No I think they just are speaking about the ones murdered by the police, on video. That's a pretty good excuse for not being successful, no matter what color you are.
  9. Possible reason for NFL ratings going down...

    They didn't fail. You say they are more rich and successful, then claim their protest is an excuse for failure. You don't make sense. Systematic racism isn't about money. You have been misinformed.
  10. Frank "The Tank" Gore

    Not sure why you would think it has no meaning. Someone gave him a personalized SB ring as a very nice gift. That means something. Fans buy SB rings all the time and pay a fortune for them. I wish someone would just give me one, I know that. It would mean a lot to me lol He isn't a SB champion. I'm sure he knows that. It's about the gesture, not the SB. He knows we love him in Indy, and he has remained close to the organization since retiring.
  11. Malik hooker's first int

    This defense is gonna be pretty good by the end of the season. They have so many young guys in the secondary it's ridiculous. Just give them some time. Getting Vontae back is gonna be a big help.
  12. It's because if a guy picks off a pass people assume he played well.
  13. Operation Clown Face...

    It's not a conspiracy theory tho. They clearly tampered with the football's. The Ravens suspected it and they were right. You can think it's stupid if you want. But the only reason to do what they did was to gain an edge, which is the very definition of cheating. And the only thing the Rogers statement tells me is that Qbs do have a preference and Brady likely did it. It's the exact same thing as a pitcher doctoring a baseball or a hitter corking his bat, which has always been considered cheating.
  14. Operation Clown Face...

    Yeah that's the part Pats fans never seem to remember. We were urged to check the balls by the Ravens because they believed they had cheated the week before too. WE might not have been able to beat the Pats that year, but I believe we matched up much better with Baltimore and would've had them at home like you said.
  15. Operation Clown Face...

    Patriot fans just need to grow up and get over it already. They got caught doing something shady and got punished for it. That doesnt make you a victim. Another issue is that people simply don't have respect for anybody these days. Roger Goodell is not the devil. He might or might not be good at his job, but thats irrelevant. He by all accounts is a good man, which makes this a classless move by their organization. For God's sake you won the SB, isn't that enough revenge for a little 4 game suspension? This just makes YOU look bad, especially when you wind up losing and your QB pouts on the bench and your coach pouts in the post game press conference. It doesn't paint a flattering picture.