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  1. OK, looks like we're drafting Nelson ...

    I really hope so. We need a sure thing. We need a for sure solution on the OL. No more "lets hope so and so falls to us in the 2nd round" or "i hope Clark can develop" Protecting 12 should be priority number 1, 2 and 3. Pass rush is number 4, 5 and 6.
  2. Browns to take QB at 1.

    I dont think Denver is gonna shy away from drafting a QB for Case Keenum. The only way they dont is if they feel Paxton Lunch will actually beat him out in camp and is thier guy long term. Its all about the QB. It always has been and always will be. Its the most important position in all kf team sports. And i bet there are 5, maybe even 6 QBs drafted in the first round by the time its all said and done. Im not arguing these guys are going to the hall of fame just that they will be drafted really high. I mean Colts fans are worried about the QB position and we have a player comparable to Davis Webb or Paxton Lynch or Case Keenum or any of these prospects AND Luck.
  3. Yeah this isnt a bargain hunting contest to see who gets the most value for thier money. Its a football game. And the team down in Jacksonville has been dishing out big contract, after big contract. And they have passed us up doing so. Its a balance. If you need the player bad enough, hes worth it. Its about what he does for YOUR TEAM, not how good he is or what position he plays. Last year if i suggested we go after Calais Campbell everyone wouldve said "too old" blah blah blah and he would have easily been our best defensive player last year.
  4. Browns to take QB at 1.

    The big thing for me is this......look at the Minnesota Vikings over the last 10 years. They have been all about Adrian Peterson. AP leaves. They have thier best season in a long time, not only without him, but also without his replacement. RB is just not that important to being successful because there are just so many talented guys who can produce at that spot readily available. You see guys come in off the street and produce every year. Its more about your schemes and offensive line play. And then you factor in the recent miss on Carson Wentz. I dont think the owner is happy to see Wentz in the MVP conversation while they are starting Kizer, who has already been scrapped for a pick. He has the ultimate say in this. Irsay actually decided we were gonna draft Andrew Luck before he knew who the GM was, and its no different anywhere else. Owners ultimately decide. So if he likes one of these kids, he absolutely can make the pick himself. Anything they do will be moot until they find that QB. He is gonna want his front office to find that guy this year. As far as this class.....I agree there isnt anyone who seems to be a Peyton Manning or an Andrew Luck. But there are like 3 different versions of Alex Smith. I dont necessarily think they have to be that good to warrant the pick because its just so important I think there is a much better chance they just draft the #1 QB, and maybe Barkley falls to 4? Or they can just draft one in the second round. There are a lot of good backs available this year, and Duke Johnson has some potential as well. They can have a very good running game without Barkley. So why take the chance someone steals your QB? Especially considering both teams at 2 and 3 are most likely willing to deal those picks? Thats just asking for it. I think the Giants are 100% taking a QB as well, for the same reason. Players as talented as Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen and even Josh Allen dont come around all the time. All 3 have prototypical size, athleticism and arm talent. I think Barkley will be there for us and i think we will pass as well and take Bradley Chubb. They might get Barkley but they will get him at 4 if they do. All three teams pass on Barkley for the same reason, RB is just an easier position to fill than QB or DE, it has nothing to do with how good he is. He is amazing and it wouldnt take me long to get exicited if we took him tho.
  5. Browns to take QB at 1.

    Where do people get that this crop of QBs isnt any good? Its like they just pulled it out if the sky. There are atleast 5 first round picks at QB this year. It is actually a very good class and they can take the best one of the bunch. They are not gonna say "well we will settle for whoever is at 4." Especially for a RB. Thats just dumb.
  6. The funny thing about this is, I actually agree with you about Josh Allen, I really like the kid. But, the idea that we should draft him with Luck and Brissett already in tow, is just ridiculous. This team needs way too much at this point to pass on these other players who will actually fill needs, just in case Luck doesn't recover from this. And people forget, his sitting out last year could have just been the best thing for all involved. Because if Luck did have to play last year, we probably would be talking about drafting Josh Allen. It gives Ballard two off seasons to improve his supporting cast, which I think he has done well so far. And it also allows him to get fully healthy, clean up his mechanics, and study the game from a completely different perspective. I feel like we are gonna see a new and improved Andrew Luck. A wiser and much more calculated QB. And honestly if hes even 80% of what he was physically, I'd still take him over Josh Allen.
  7. Loaded ?

    Ok but Mewhort is done. And the rest of those guys have a chance to be average nfl starters at best and arent difference makers. We dont need bodies, we have those. We need someone to make a difference for us. Thats Nelson. Its not Ragnow.
  8. Loaded ?

    Thank you sir. Dont outsmart yourself here. Take the sure thing that you desperately need.
  9. If I'm Chris Ballard Then I'm Taking Nelson RD. 1

    I dont think most people understand the kind of impact an OL of this caliber can have on an offense. I also dont think people understand just how good this kid is, I personally think he could play any spot on the OL and be a very good player, even LT if he slimmed down. He is a Larry Allen level talent. Incredibly athletic and has great feet. Could be a future HOF, as a Guard, which isnt easy to do.
  10. We cant afford to play these games with the OL again. Take Nelson. He can help protect luck and improve our run blocking tremendously. Dont overthink it. And certainly dont go into next year with Bond starting. Please.
  11. Jim Irsay letter to Colts fans

    No it's not, its the opposite. There are ton of fans. They arent all annoying everyone asking for daily updates on a long term health issue.
  12. Jim Irsay letter to Colts fans

    Well it requires people having common sense and understanding that they cant predict the health of a mans surgically repaired shoulder. Im not sure why anyone wants to be that annoying......asking questions they know cant be answered just so they can whine about the lack of answers. But it is what it is.
  13. So.....this is THE plan? (merge)

    Brilliant! Lets hire another guy who doesnt want the job! Why? Because he was a great QB! You have ZERO ideas. When someone asked you to be realistic you couldnt even do it. Anyone can be a monday morning QB in fantasy land, it is much different making actual decisions in real time. Manning doesnt want to coach. He likely wouldn't be a good coach. And this convo is stupid.
  14. I believe Matt Eberflus was the defensive coordinator at Missouri when Ansah was recruited.
  15. No, but there is one guy who fits their system better than any other in the draft and they can simply take him number 1 overall and guarantee they get him......or they can f around and miss out, again, just like they did with Carson Wentz. Take the QB. One of these guys is gonna be very good. Figure out which one and take him.