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  1. They do. I'm just saying those issues are likely overblown with sensational stories like Allen Iverson and so on. I think most of these guys are pretty smart with their money.
  2. I think you are having trouble interpreting how the word LIKELY makes my statement a broad but truthful statement. Most jobs aren't that difficult. Many are.
  3. Ok but I never said being an NFL player is harder than those jobs. That is something you all completely made up.
  4. So telling someone their job is LIKELY not as hard as blocking JJ Watt is wrong. But trashing a player long after he's gone for his performance is perfectly acceptable? I guess I just have a hard time with someone take the position that I need to be more sensitive while simultaneously arguing against my request for people to be more sensitive, in a thread about people being more thoughtful about what they say. Especially considering I didn't make a personal statement towards anyone. Also, your first point is just not true at all. Why did they play in the 70s, 60s, 50s & 40s and before then? These athlete didn't start getting rich until the mid to late 80s.
  5. That sports illustrated article was not accurate and has been disputed. The numbers I have seen are less than 15% wind up broke .....10 years or so after retirement. Edit: this is from the same page you linked "A Fortune magazine article states, however, that a working paper from the National Bureau of Economic Research found that the percentage of NFL players who go bankrupt after two years is a much smaller 1.9%, climbing to 15.7% after 12 years."
  6. So you think it's untrue to say that most people don't have jobs as tough as physically blocking a world class athlete who weighs over 300 lbs with an entire world of "experts" who couldnt block JJ Watts grandma talking % about your performance? Or covering a guy with world class speed? Or tackling an athlete like AP or Leveon Bell? I call that common sense.
  7. C'mon. It's a true statement. I didn't insult anybody. I'm just stating a fact. You're job is likely not as tough as blocking JJ Watt in front of the entire world. Yes there are exceptions. But I'll be the first to admit my job isn't that tough.
  8. I'm not talking about college. Professional sports has a long history and guys getting rich doing this is a pretty new thing.
  9. What is the point in continuously hammering home that point? Yes Werner was a failed draft pick, five or six years ago. He has since retired. He is having no affect on the team or their goals now. I think it's obvious, being a first round pick who only played a few short years, that he wasn't a successful pick. I guess I'm just frustrated because hearing something repeated that is so obvious seems like a complete waste of time, thoughts and words. People just enjoy being critical. But I promise you there isn't one of us who would appreciate receiving the treatment we hand out. And that's a problem.
  10. I think that's silly. Guys played these sports for a long time for almost zero money. I would play for free. Its about the glory. Which only can come from the fans.
  11. No, i wasnt suggesting you attacked me......I was talking about the suggestion that I am being passive aggressive. Not at all. Just don't want to make a broad issue into a personal one. I am honestly not talking about any one person.
  12. Personal attacks are counter productive.
  13. I'm not sure how anyone could disagree that former players should be treated with respect. You don't have to be a hero to deserve respect. I didn't ask anyone to worship anyone. I didn't ask anyone to give them more money. All I did was suggest people learn a few new words and put some thought in to what they say. It's child like behavior and needs to be called out. It's just being a disrespectful *.
  14. He was a pretty good special teams player who never should've been expected to play defensive snaps in the nfl.
  15. I'm more talking about after they stop playing. I think it's one thing to evaluate their game to voice an opinion on a roster move, it's another to trash them after they are gone.

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