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  1. 98 is coming can see it bit by bit, he is so close so often, and today he plays vintage and wrecks the Bucs chances with a game changing play.....
  2. i love the way matt gets the ball out
  3. even on the interception you can see the difference how matt just gets the ball out and that is going to help if everyone is on the same page (route)
  4. Colts need attention on Jones, Freeman and Tamme on every play. When you watch the video of the Falcons it's those 3 playmakers over and over that they go to.
  5. If the Colts can't win the 3 more division games left and run the AFC south then I don't think the Colts really belong in the playoffs anyway. The Texans/Jags/Titans don't belong in the playoffs and if we can't dominate the division we're not that good.
  6. 9-7 most likely record...
  7. Simms said it early but i went back and rewatched the game and phil was right harrison really blocked well.
  8. Nonsense.
  9. Nonsense.
  10. Pep was a predictable and unimaginative play caller and Grigson had nothing to do with that. Pep's own words, many times, after losses.....always the same.... I have to do a better job of putting the players in the right situations. Pep deserved to be fired but that being said, it's also true that the Colts have multiple disfunctions and problems. Grigson wanting players to play to validate his choices and Andrew playing poorly and without confidence are other problems not addressed by Pep's firing.
  11. I do.....Henry Anderson....I just love watching that guy play.
  12. keep grinding...
  13. I forgot to say if you don't think coaching THE key factor in player performance (player underperformance), go to NFL rewind and look at the first 4/5 Dolphin games this year and then look at the video of the last 2 weeks.....that's not a drastic change in talent it's a change in how those players are coached and the gameplan.
  14. Can't disagree more. This was just another game in a series of games where the Colts staff was out coached (the offense was completely unprepared). It's also a 3 year pattern where the Colts dig a big hole at the beginning of the game because they are unprepared to play and then (sometimes successfully) play furiously to get back into the game....BUT ALWAYS, ALWAYS when they get in that position (behind by big numbers) they throw the game plan out the window and ad lib so what does that say about the original game plan and preparation? The great 49er's teams under Walsh were well known to very successfully "script" the first several series of plays and they always got off to good me this staff doesn't do that. Chuck broadcasts his game plan every week...."we're going to run the ball and stop the run". Right now most people agree that the Pats are the "best" team in football and I think most would agree they are well coached but is there any doubt that if they feel the way to win is to go 5 receivers that might do that all game one week but the next week it might be heavy sets and power football. When we see the Colts do something like that and change what they do based on an opponents weaknesses then we'll know that the Colts too are well coached. Here's the reality about Chuck.....he's a head coach/head a result the players are loyal and play hard for him but that's not enough at this level. As for the players not SHARING the blame they certainly should. Against the Saints some players played well (Frank, Pat, DQ, Davis, Billy Winn) and some players stank (Andrew, Griff, AC, Colt Anderson) But that does not....absolutely does not address this 3 year pattern. When players play like they did against Dallas last year and then a few weeks later go into Denver and win a playoff game that is not explained by the players played bad and then played good......the disparity in performance is too great to be explained by's preparation, game plan and coaching. Unreal disparity in play quarter to quarter, half to half, week to week.......that's not normal.....that has to go on the coaches. My 2 cents
  15. inspired play call pep inspired

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