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  1. What is the hold up??? All the other players have not only signed but are on the field learning the playbook, techniques and most of all the processes. The learning curve is steep in the NFL. I cannot imagine he is not on top of this. He is no Dwight Freeney or Robert Mathis. He has not even proven that he can do the job. He is a very enthusiastic kid who has bought into all the hype .... at the end of the day, you got to prove it on the field. The first part of any learning curve is very stressful, both mentally and physically.
  2. Ryan anchored the RT and I think he might be a tidbit smaller than Zach Banner. If Zach can conquer the speed rush with Robert Mathis in camp, he will be a very solid RT. I have watched many tapes where Zach just pancaked the guys against him. He has the size and leadership. A very good communicator and personality.
  3. I hope that this is not the case, but I could not but wonder if everything is good with Chud. In the video he looked like he gained weight and tired due to bangs under his eyes. Must have either been a rough night out or something..... His reply to the reporter was so "vanilla" that for a previous Head Coach of the Browns was disappointing. Chud owes the Colts Nation a redeeming year with getting our offense and play calling at its best. He is responsible as Grigson for the trade for Richardson. I could not imagine that he allowed Grigson to trade for Richardson, when he knew the product from the days as a Brown Head Coach.
  4. I want to thank everyone who sent mail to Kevin, especially from Brazil. Eu sou Paulista... meaning that I was originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil. I also want to send a shout out to Kevin for his insightful and honest answers about the team. I am also very glad about the addition of Caroline Cann. You both are doing a super job!
  5. Rubber meets the road..... play up or he is done. He has the physical/measureables but must prove this season if he has what it takes to be either a safety or CB. Ballard is not a patient guy.
  6. He can still play.... but not for the Colts.... I see him in a Brown uniform this season.
  7. Looking at the photos, I think Dorsett has really bulked up. If he has not lost any speed this could mean a year without injury. Looks promising and wish him the best. As a first rounder from Miami, I know Irsay was very up on his signing. That was a year we really really needed a Defensive pick. Hopefully Reggie Wayne has been helping his fellow Hurricane.
  8. Hopefully Pagano and Joe Philbin will ask and Robert Mathis agrees to work with our new OT, like Zach Banner and Raven/Denzelle with the speed and spin rush. If they can hold their own than there is a good chance they can do it on Sunday.
  9. Zach has a huge persona. Future sportscaster and TV commentator. The biggest thing for him is to get rolling with an NFL career as an OL for the Colts. He is a more verbal Tarik Glenn and to our benefit he is RT. I think he will be starting by mid season. Denzelle and Raven are OK but injury prone. Raven is about the same size as Zach but he does not show it like Zach does. I wish Robert Mathis will work with him and sharpen his technique.
  10. I am certain Pagano wants to coach at a high level and in Indy but I am not sure he will remain unless he brings us back from the dead. This is the do or die year, with no excuses. Ballard has given him players to work with. Now it is going to be SHOWTIME. He either has it or he is gone. If his health cannot handle it, then he needed to have step away.
  11. 1. Malik 2. Wilson 3. Basham 4. Banner 5. Mack
  12. The rubber has met the road.... Competition is the WORD. Steel sharpens steel. Players and Coaches alike. Pagano... has his work cut out. He can do it, but will he??? This is not a popularity contest, just ask Bellichek. Fans holds teams accountable because of their emotional attachment to being a winner. Somebody has to be the Sheriff after Peyton left town. There is a vacuum which Ballard is filling. My only warning to Ballard is to make sure he has Irsay's 1000% support. In management it is called Managing the Boss.
  13. The process allowed Chris to evaluate the scouting department. I guess they did not make the grade. It is time to get a new group of scouts which means out with Grigson and in with Ballard. Pagano is on the hot seat in my opinion.
  14. If he does play guard he will definitely give Gore a lane to run behind. The guy is huge and human bulldozer. I watched his game tape against UCLA and he just about pancaked whoever was in front of him. You felt sorry for the DE.
  15. Zach Banner is the son of Lincoln Kennedy, OL for the Raiders back in the days. Good player. He is bigger than his dad and with alot of charism. His future will be in somebody like a Tony Siragusa. But first he has to be an NFL player with some name recognition. He has the size but the only way to know how successful he will be is if he stop the speed rush. Watching his 2016 tapes, he is a "wall" against those DE. Those who tried to run around him got pushed out with his long arms. In the UCLA game, he pancaked the DE which resulted in a 35yd TD run. I hope he makes it. He is entertaining and a good kid.

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