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  1. Watched alot of interviews .... and I must admit that Chris Ballard did a nice job with the press Q&A. I believe that Chris Ballard will keep bringing in competition long after the DRAFT. Claims off teams wire. The only player that can feel 100% secure is Andrew Luck. Rest will need to prove themselves in every game, and hold each other accountable.
  2. Appreciate his sharing on the chronology of his injury and his attitude to patiently await till the doctor releases him at 100%. I am surprised given the chronology that Irsay retained Grigson and Pagano, because they definitely failed in protecting Andrew. For Grigson and Pagano Coaching they exposed him to being injured, and that is outright IRRESPONSIBLE. Let us hope that we don't relive this behaviour this season. If Andrew is 100% and he stays that way throughout the season, I see us definitely regaining the division and going deep into the playoffs. 5
  3. Impressed that after all the NFL meetings, he came back focused and is giving Pagano and Ted a group of good defensive player which should help us stop the run and improve the pass. Pagano has to focus on the secondary which is his forte, and Ballard has given Ted what he needs to stop the run and put up a good pass rush. Showtime for many coaches and players. Better stay healthy because the competition is only for those who can get on the field.
  4. Misdirection by Irsay/Ballard....... they will add more picks but only in the 3rd Round for more 4th and later Rounds. First two round is very important and they will the draft come to them, with Talent, Defense and then Offense being the priority. Talent, Talent, Talent is the mantra. Why???? Because coaches need talented players to mold them into their schemes.
  5. It was the right thing to do.... it was win win for everyone. No explanation needed.
  6. I am not asking that Andrew practices injured or if he is not ready. I am just saying that his lack of availability during training will hurt. I agree the right thing to do is to be 100% healed so there is no set backs. What I am concerned which often happens is that even being 100%, Andrew will not have the full motion and strength like he had before
  7. We signed Kamar, Brandon, Erik Swoope is new... and maybe a ton of new draft picks. 2nd year OC playbook and strategies. A young OL with moving parts...... Need I say more about how important it will be without Andrew under center. My biggest fear is that the surgery will not only reduce his throwing during camp and preseason, but that it will affect his confidence in his throwing motion. This is no small surgery and it has really messed up alot of great QB's. Can you see why Irsay does not want to rush him!!!???? His franchise QB is on the line. The entire AFC South will be very much improved this season. We could be in last place if Andrew is 60% healthy
  8. The addition of Caroline Cann to go along with Kevin Bowen was a well thought out decision. The Annual Meeting interviewing format was definitely a favorable change even in comparison to the ESPN. It is not just because she is a women but she brings the "upbeat and good feeling" like when Suzy Kolber came on the scene. Reporting is as much entertainment as it is news. Good Job. Go Colts.
  9. Pats are asking for a 1st round pick, plus you will be paying alot to get him. I think we should pass this up if the Saints don't sign him. It is TOO much for this guy. Whenever Bellichek releases a top notch player after a SB, it is a setup to maximize his future picks with diminishing return to the other team. In other words, they are great finding Suckers. The only one that backfired was Adam Vinitieri. (took Polian to work that one) Rest of them : Ty Law, Richard Seymour to name a few. Bellichek knows something the other guy doesn't. Buyer Remorse. Thank Goodness, Grigson is gone.
  10. Moncrief just needs to stay healthy. If he doesn't Kamar Aiken will replace him
  11. You all maybe taking this too lightly..... based on HOW and WHAT Irsay and Pagano said about Luck's progress I am concerned. They are worried and their reply is to set the expectation that Luck maybe out for a longer time than the first mini-camp. Whenever you go under the knife there is all sorts of things that can go wrong, not to mention infection and other type of complication. Surgeons are not PERFECT and so don't assume anything.
  12. Historically speaking across the SB teams, the later rounds will determine the success of your draft. I believe that is when we get our Pass Rusher, Defensive Back and Running back. This will definitely tell you alot about Ballard as a GM. My guess is that he will not trade out of his 1st round pick, if his top defensive player is on the board. He will not reach with the first round pick if he can get more 2 or 3 round picks. Last and very important..... Colts have to be VERY LUCKY because Irsay is correct that the draft comes to you and not the other way. Irsay should know, he has been in a lot of them....picking some real losers (Art SchlisterJeff George) and big winners (Peyton/Andrew/Marvin)
  13. If Pagano gets us back into the playoff and we are in the top 12 on defense.... he will stay on. Pagano is an emotional decision on part of Irsay and his daughters. Ballard will be the one who could swing that if he has a better alternate coach in mind. 5
  14. One big lesson that Pagano needs to learn is to be more like Bellichek. Bellichek is actively involved in preparing, analyzing during the game and adjusting throughout the game. Pagano is a good motivator/communicator but he needs to sharpen his analytical skills. Bellichek is the opposite. His analytical skills are off the chart with limited communication skill. Players and his coaches respect Bellichek because he is the PROFESSOR. Hope Pagano/his coaching staff can turn the corner this year, if not this might be their last year.
  15. Finally!!! He owes Pagano a cut on the monies he got from the Colts. 17 out of 48 = 35% actively earning his keep. Irsay should be really upset as any owner of a business would.

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