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  1. I accidentally hit and posted this note which I would like to retract. I had no right to challenge Andrew and Oliver in this manner. I am sorry.
  2. Having been following Colt McCoy who was a UT QB and got hurt during the National Championship... and his father went into the locker room at half time and pulled his son off the field. Then Coach Brown caved and the Longhorns lost a game which I think it was winnable. I think Oliver Luck is doing one on Andrew and Oliver is not just some regular dad but an NFL exec who worked the Europe circuit. AD candidate for big universities and has alot of pull. Contrary to Archie, Oliver is a meddling parent and that is bad for Andrew.
  3. The QB coach is Schottenheimer and again it was a Pagano/Grigson move which in my opinion was a terrible hire. I think Luck is underserved by having Schottenheimer. When you compare having had Tom Moore/consultant, Arians and Clyde Christianson... Schottenheimer is 2nd class. No wonder Tolzien and Walker are terrible. Luck will move on or Colts Nation would see the demise of a HOF QB. Chud has alot of problem with Philbin and Schottenheimer not delivering. It is time he stands up and speaks out to Ballard and irsay.
  4. Pagano noted that maybe this game they might gameplan. So let me ask: Did the Lions and Cowboys gameplan against us, or did they just run some of their plays that they inserted for this season. I saw the Cowboys OL just push the DL with misdirection and using formations that were not vanilla, whereas the Colts came out in standard sets and absolutely no design to confuse the defense. The Cowboys defense were going 1000% all out. No thinking just reaction. So what is the deal? What should we have been game planning for a preseason game? Doesn't the coaches learn how to adjust their calls during the preseason game to sharpen their skills?
  5. That is what these guys say.... and we just sit here waiting. Bellichek does not use that as an excuse. You either perform or your out of the lineup. He holds nobody as prima donna even less marginally talented players. This is a paying sport where the objective is to WIN.
  6. Does Chud know how to design plays to exploit Mack's mismatch and coach him to run in order to extend his durability throughout the season.
  7. You said since you were hired that we will be better on OL and DL. That it all begins there..... I don't see it. I hope you can still fix it before the season starts. Was it the coaching or the stable of players that is just not making it happen? I will add that our secondary sucks and they can't play physical or tackle even after the receivers catches the ball. Its heart breaking. Tell the DB's the honest truth about their capabilities. Maybe then, they may play with some urgency that their career is on the line. Pagano is a DB coach and I am dumbfounded by the lack of production in that area.
  8. If we thought we had an answer for the OL.... think again. AC, Mewhort would not make it on the Cowboys OL. So what does that leave the rest of them? AC and Mewhort are overrated. I could not believe how Taco Charlton ran right by AC to sack Tolzien in the 1H. Even Marinelli was laughing at the Colts OL.
  9. I think Pagano realizes what Chris Ballard and Irsay realizes as to the quality of their players and coaching staff. The next two weeks is rev up time and Scott Tolzien is not what they thought they had as a backup. Watch his short throw on the first two drives. The guy has no guts. It might be interesting if they would consider CK at this point. I can see Ballard pulling that trigger if Irsay gives him the green light. He is the answer to a poor OL and his escapability and arm is a sure thing. PS: Forget about the politics... and baby win!
  10. Dorsett will be on the 2017 roster because of the injury bug. Neither TY, Chester or Moncrief are 16 games kind of players. I do agree that this is a make or break year for Dorsett. The player that has a chance to stand out is Kamar Aiken. He is solid and has the staying power over 16 games. We just wish we had a Marvin Harrison who is a HOF because he was great and durable.
  11. I don't understand the injuries being noted by our OL. Has anyone bother to look into the possibility that the scheme and techniques which the coaches are designing are generating these injuries? You don't see this happening with the great OL. During Manning days we did not have all this flurry of injuries with the OL. Jeff Saturday played year in and year out with no problem. I am just curious if anyone has studied this possibility.
  12. I think the entire Offense took this game off. (Now there maybe the fear of injuries but that is also telling on part of our coaches) Considering they jointly had two days of practice, Maybe the coaches were not concern with the entertainment factor of this game, so they let the 3rd string players play most of the game. It does not help in selling was ugly for a Colt fan. Ballard and Irsay should regroup the entire coaching staff and Pagano, and lay the expectation going forward.
  13. Poor Grade all around. Entire Offense - Poor performance. OL not much improvement from last year. DL and LB - See signs of improvement CB and S - Poor performance. Except for Vontae the rest had a very poor performance. Lion's WRs just gave a clinic performance on our DB's. Poor tackling and coverage. Caldwell and staff just made Pagano and staff look bad. I thought Pagano was a DB guru when he was in Baltimore. What happened?? If you watch the other preseason games, we never showed up. Time to be concerned because we cannot discount this performance because of not having Luck.
  14. The Colts always do better when they come under the radar. Remember Manning's 2nd year where we turnaround from 3-13 to 13-3! No one was looking and we just charged away. We missed the opportunity when we played the Titans in our first playoff game. This time will be different because Luck is emotionally balanced whereas Manning felt all was on his shoulder, and freaked out. We will also have a balanced defense. and not old veterans, like Cornelius Bennett. We will have more mature WR/RB than back in those days. Last but not least is that we will have a better coach : Pagano vs Mora ...... Playoff!!! Playoff!!!
  15. I was one of the first to post months ago about his reluctance to keep us updated on his availability. Now, I feel sorry for him. He is doing the right things including not creating any false hopes regarding his recovery. I for one have total trust in Andrew Luck's judgement. It is his body, his career and he is a super smart guy, graduate from Stanford. He';; tell us when he is ready. There is a saying: Plan for the worst and hope for the best. The plan for the worst is the remaking of a solid defense and OL with Tolzien, The hope for the best is Andrew Luck under center during the preseason.

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