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  1. It is a setback and he is probably feeling really bad. He is very careful in picking his words and being a Stanford grad, he will not approach the microphone until he has all the data about his shoulder's progress to confidently project his future. There is no doubt in my mind that if he is not happy with the surgery he will have it again. Right now, he needs rest (conjecture on my part:because inflammation may have generated soreness and pain) before new assessments can be made. I really feel for this young man. When Peyton came on board, they made sure he had a solid OL. They had an OC and OL coach like Moore and Mudd, and Arians for a QB coach. None of that was made available for Luck. I think the Manning family made sure that Peyton was being solidly protected. Going forward, I think Luck will demand the same.
  2. With Malik and and a number of DB.... is Clayton done as well?
  3. AustexColt

    Labrum Tear and Recovery

    According to Dr. Luks an expert surgeon on the subject and who has a video on what a Labrum tear is and whether surgery is needed and also the recovery needed. What I came away with after watching his video was that I hope Andrew did not push too hard in his recovery process to have re-aggravated the tear. Here is the video and you make your own judgement.
  4. Yes, the Texans were really bad offensively but we won. I am not sure why we soften up our defense in the later part of the game? They know it doesn't work and yet they do it time and again. Why??? It seems to me that the play calling really goes lacking in the 2Half.
  5. AustexColt

    Luck perhaps a LONG way off....

    Whenever Luck comes back to play it will take at least two games before he gets rolling.... just like Cam Newton. I think JB is doing a nice job. I think the players are getting more comfortable with him pulling the trigger. He just has to stop making mistakes late in the game.
  6. AustexColt

    ILB's are bad

    Pass coverage is an area for improvement, but the front seven is stopping the run.
  7. AustexColt

    JB did really well....

    JB is showing the NFL that he belongs, and will more than be capable to step in for Andrew Luck. He has a great arm and mobility. He is not a scrambler but a passer first. He has size and you can see how he knew how to slide from getting the big hit. He has a calmness under fire. This was a SUPER trade by Ballard. So far, Ballard struck gold with Simon and Brissett.
  8. AustexColt

    The case for Jim Harbough

  9. AustexColt

    Steve Young's Comments On Luck 09/21/17

    At this time, nobody knows including Andrew. First thing is to get his arm and shoulder 100%. First things first. The change to Ballard was a positive move and what will follow is a big mystery. We can expect a new personnel strategy where no one is indispensable. Ala, Bellicheck.
  10. AustexColt

    Possible Luck Update

    Fortunately we have Jacoby Brissett, He could use the experience and play time. He give us a better chance to win any of our games and it helps his familiarization with the playbook and the offensive players. At the end of the day he will be our 2nd QB. I don't expect Andrew to be ready to play for awhile even after he gets to practice. He will be very rusty. The key is being in a position to have both QB's available if we get lucky to be in the playoffs. JB will be a starting QB in the NFL.
  11. AustexColt

    Keep chopping wood....

    I cannot picture Ballard letting JB go..... not with an IFFY Andrew Luck health. They are more than welcomed to take Tolzien
  12. AustexColt

    Keep chopping wood....

    Thanks for starting JB under center. Please give him all the snaps going forward. I see a future QB in JB. He has strong leadership qualities and I sensed that the entire offense resonated well with him as their QB. It will be amazing when he gets the timing down with our WRs.
  13. AustexColt

    Injuries .... NFLPA

    I have a question: Can an injured player, be it minor or major injury .... be released by the team without compensation?
  14. I think that JB is the ultimate backup QB to Luck. Having said that, it is logical that JB should start this Sunday and get in game shape ASAP. If he gets 5 plays down that means there are 5 plays that the offense can run versus 100 that they can't with Tolzien. JB has size, arm strength and mobility that Tolzien lacks. There is no tapes on JB with a Colts uniform and that is another factor which will keep the Cardinals guessing what to expect. If we are lucky and he produces a win, that will generate tremendous confidence throughout the entire team and organization.That is how I see it. Now let us wait and see what Pagano decides who starts.
  15. AustexColt

    Who likes a challenge? Defend Pagano

    I can't defend Pagano. I am not sure he can either.