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  1. Chuck Pagano was a DB guru and so he should know if he has an empty cupboard when it comes to DB and Safeties. Intuitively, I think the Colts will wait for the draft. There were alot of past drafts that went to IR.
  2. Time for Mr. Good to step it up..... first step is to stay healthy. Hopefully the game will slow down a little.
  3. 2015 He took over when Steve Smith went down, and did a great job as Flacco main man. His confidence factor is very telling. He only planned to visit the Seahawks and the Colts. Donte is good but in today's WR world it calls for you do it all, including blocking down field. The reason Marvin and Reggie were great was because they took pride in doing that. Hopefully the coaches will push for improvement this year.
  4. Great Great Signing for both the Colts and Kamar. He is upbeat and has the experience and potential to be the no. 1 guy. He will be what Reggie was to Marvin. Because TY is small his durability is a concern. Kamar can pick up whenever TY is hurt. He is better than Donte Moncrief because of his experience and durability. Ballard, you did a great jpb with this signing. It gives Andrew the options. Now go get him the final pieces in the OL and a RB. OL needs depth and RB needs young legs to go with Gore. I am hoping Ferguson lites it up his second year. He has the potential for sure.
  5. Evidently he must be better than what we currently have.... so good luck.
  6. Nice message. Very sincere and desire to make us regain the AFC South. I don't recall any past GM put a video communicating directly with the fan base his focus. Best wishes and Go Luck!
  7. What interested me about this possibility is that this FA WR only wanted to interview with the Colts and the Seahawks. It tells me that this guy knows that he would be a great fit for Andrew. He has the speed to stretch the field and goes over the middle. Good hands and route.
  8. Like this WR alot more than what we have in Dorsett and Chester. Grigson really blew it with 1st round pick.
  9. I did not know much about him but after looking through his 2015-16 highlights he will stretch the field and be a perfect complement to TY Hilton. I hope he has a good visit today.
  10. Ballard is resigning the right guys so far. Guys that the coaches have versatility due to schemes and injuries.Butler will be better at safety and come down to cover as a nickel back as needed. The player I want to see how Ballard and Pagano will deal with is Arthur Jones! He has taken in alot of Colts money but not much to show. Pagano was his main sponsor on that deal.
  11. Ballard is doing just fine per my estimation. Guys he is picking up seems to bring on some competition, and competition is not a bad thing. The guys that are leaving couldn't get it done and that was obvious.
  12. You never know. The key is effort and locker room. Ballard considers measureables more than Grigson did. Guys like Al Wood and Jenkins, the plus is that they made another teams roster so that is one step ahead of any UFA. Plus there are tapes under NFL competition to do their evaluation.
  13. I like what Chris Ballard is doing. He is signing players that will not only compete but improve the team. In the case of Schwenke he will be competing against Austin Blythe. I think both of them will make great backup at center and guard. Ballard has a great eye for the Trench OFF/DEF players. He is going to make Joe Philbin's job alot easier. Both Raven and Haeg are durability issues throughout the season.
  14. Current releases and signing seems to indicate that they have an action plan and moving forward at warp speed. Seems to be so different with past few years. What will be very telling is the 1st Pick of this year's draft. So far it is looking very positive and encouraging for an exciting season in recapturing the AFC South.
  15. Later Draft rounds and UFA.

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