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  1. So, if a player is coached to protect the backside and doesn't do it, it's coaching? At what point are the players held accountable?
  2. I was at the game in Jacksonville in '06 when the Jags had 375 yards on them. All seemed lost as far as a SB but Dungy said they just had to work on technique. How did that work out? I know that was a different team but the point is, things can be corrected. I think it's good for them to see where they have to get to by playing a great Oline. Maybe what we saw tonight was their best, maybe they'll improve after playing together, as the Cowboy's line has, maybe not. We shall see....
  3. Hope to see Morris in 4th
  4. It's PREseason. Game plans are simplified. Relax and enjoy the positives.
  5. I equate it to renovating a house: at first, it's a mess, with rubble everywhere. It stinks and the Mrs. is complaining about the dust and debris. But the foundation is made level, walls are built, the new electrical, plumbing and HVAC are installed, walls are painted and finally the shiny new appliances and fixtures are put in their place. As Colts fans, we may have to bare the stings of National analysts and some fellow fans who do not believe there is hope for this year. But this thing could come together, if Luck returns healthy, the Oline and defense gel and the run game takes a leap forward. I'm hoping until there is no longer a reason to hope that the house will be solid and this year will be the start of something special. GO COLTS!!!
  6. I want to see whoever is in there have time to throw. Reports from yesterday's training camp had Tolzien throwing better. Hard to judge when the Oline couldn't keep pressure off either of them.
  7. To your point: decent draft profile on Bond. He might be ok,, although we do need to keep looking
  8. The last two years, the Colts were decimated with injuries to key players. Even Vonte was not healthy, going against Brown. Truth is, nobody really knows how good (or bad) this roster is, we don't even know the final 53 yet. I'm hoping the injured players get back and the team gels. Don't know why some consider that unrealistic.
  9. I think the depth will be better this year. The exception might be the Oline and maybe TE, but there is time for Ballard to pick up some backups after Sept 2. The silver lining to having some of these injuries is the young guys are getting playing time. This year is going to try our patience but things could unfold nicely, if the Colts can be .500 or better before Geathers, Swoope and Kelly return.
  10. Ouch! That stinks! But it is an opportunity to develop depth. Ballard just got busier. Just hope it's no more than 6 weeks.
  11. Green also looked pretty quick when they used him on a blitz Sunday. Be nice to see him try a CB blitz, even as a big nickle. If he can develop his cover skills, he could be utilized covering some of these TEs that are freaks. He'd probably be a decent gunner as well. I'm with New Colts Fan, why wouldn't we at least HOPE for him to do well ?
  12. Noticed that myself. He also sounded ticked off about players not being available after he praised Bug Howard last week. I think Chuck gets a bum rap sometimes. Does he make mistakes? Absolutely! So does every coach in the NFL. The headache involved in changing Coaching staff and schemes keeps me from not wanting to give this guy a chance. Let's see what he does this year, under Ballard and (hopefully) a healthy team.
  13. Pretty good group of players there. Makes you think Sunday's debacle has nothing to do with how the Colts season might play out.
  14. 1. As far as Luck cutting down on mental mistakes by throwing shorter passes - agreed. As many have stated on this forum, Chud needs to work in more screens, slants and dump offs. Hopefully, Marlon Mack will be utilized. 2. The right mixture of runs, short passes and occasional deep throws will keep defenses on their toes. 3. Finally! A national reporter who recognizes the Oline is improving. (A critical piece to make any offensive scheme work.) 4. The emergence of Swoope (once he gets back) could be a mis-match for some teams. Doyle is pretty reliable as a receiver. 5. Would love to see somebody step up as an above average blocker for runs. Maybe see some 3 TE sets in the red zone? 6. TY Hilton - King makes a good point about TY getting jammed. But to say he's not a no. 1 receiver...I would argue there's a lot of teams that would use him as their no. 1. 7. Probably one of our biggest concerns - the pass rush ( or lack there of). My questions regarding that are: Can the secondary be good enough to create some cover sacks? Can we get push up the middle? Will someone step up and be a double digit sack guy? 8. TJ Green - he looked pretty good Sunday. I wrote him off as being used as a gunner but IF he shows improvement, he could ease the pain of losing Geathers 9. DLine improvement- Hated to see a couple of big runs against us Sunday. With Hankins and Anderson back, it's not unreasonable to think this aspect of the run defense will improve and help the LBs in the process. If Morrison / Bostic are as advertised, the Colts could actually be stout against the run. 10. Loss of Geathers - see # 8. Farley could be a serviceable backup as well.
  15. Did you happen to see the list of players NOT playing Sunday? When I heard Terrell Davis say the Colts are a 3-13 or 4-12 team without Luck because "they haven't done anything to build a team around him" I said to myself, ok, he hasn't done his homework and doesn't know the Oline (starters) have improved, the draft looks to be good and there's a slew of FA on defense that could be improved. With all due respect, when Colts FANS utter this crap, it ticks me off. If it turns out we have to add better players to provide better depth, Ballard will do it. This preseason is as much about assessing depth and giving inexperienced guys playing time than anything else. The backups on the Oline were horrible, maybe Tolzien, Morris and Walker will improve with time to throw. So much bad play we saw can be corrected. As for predictions, who really knows how this season will play out? To me, the arrow is pointing up. Just need to get healthy, correct stupid mistakes, pick up a few players for depth and see where this goes. I know it's hard to be patient but this team could be pretty good this year. It's only mid August relax!

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