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  1. Maybe, but then again, Chuck has more wins than Einstein...
  2. Well said. We accept that players (Luck, Moncrief, Geathers,etc) can learn and grow and become better. So why not coaches who openly admit they're got to do a better job? Do you know how many times I've heard Andy Reid or Bill Belicheck say those words? Belicheck had ONE winning season in his first six years. Let's see what happens this year. Truth is, none of us really knows enough about Pagano to assess his coaching potential, let alone his intelligence. Give the guy a break.
  3. At. very least, he could improve STs. Still say a blue chip pass rusher or CB at 15 (if available) is best move.
  4. I can see 12-4 to 10-6, if everyone stays healthy and the Oline and defense improves. I say 10-6 because I don't know about going 6-0 in the division. But, this could be a turnaround year like the Falcons had last year and the Panthers before them. We don't even know who will start on defense at this point but I like the way things are going.
  5. Win the first of multiple SBs. If that doesn't happen, knocking the Pats out of contention would be sweet. If someone else knocks them out, that would be great too!
  6. I get what you are saying but there should be a starting CB or pass rusher at 15. The three offensive positions one could make a case for is Oline, RB and TE. IMO are not as pressing, since the Oline started to come together, the emergence of Eric Swoope and Robert Turbin.
  7. So much goes into a player's assessment: health, scheme,age, continuity with other starters, coaching, etc. We don't even know who will start, at this point. It's going to take time for this team to gel, once the starters are named. But the potential is there for a 3-4 game improvement.
  8. many others have said, so sorry for your loss. I can tell you that it's healthy to grieve, tears and time can mend a broken heart. At first, memories are intertwined with pain but at some point, the pain subsides and all you have are memories, some of which that will make you smile. Have faith that you will see her again. It's hard, I know but you can get through this.
  9. I feel the same way. The draft will give us an idea of what Ballard thinks if the FA acquisitions. Cool to have Marvin and Robert involved.
  10. The guy is 6'3" and runs a 4.3". If he can develop, I've seen crazier things happen. Half of his problems last year were due to inexperience. He's also got to be smart when it comes to taking stupid penalties. Maybe he will never life up to his potential but he could end up playing much better this year. Either way, I hope they draft 2 corners, but I'm really hoping there is a blue chip pass rusher available at 15.
  11. The thing that excites me is that we haven't seen the best of Andrew. Imagine what he can do with time and an exceptional run game!
  12. I don't know where you get that. I know he was asked if the five that started at the end of season were going to be the starters this year and he did say; "I wouldn't say that" but that is because he wants to build competition. It doesn't mean they won't be the starters. Adding another lineman in the late rounds of the draft or FA makes sense but if Haeg and Clark end up staring, they could be pretty solid.
  13. I shutter when national pundits repeat the mantra; The Colts need help on the right side. If Clark and Haeg end up being above average, I could see a late round draft pick making sense as a backup but o-line is definitely not their most pressing need. Pass rush trumps all other positions, if one isn't there CB would move to the primary need.
  14. I live in Delaware but I'm hoping to see an early game with the roof open. Hopefully someone like SF.
  15. I'd be disappointed if they drafted o line in the first. If the latter part of last year is any indication, they should be fine. Maybe add depth in later rounds. I remember hearing Chud talk about the issue of defending stunts. That is a matter of experience and coaching. Luck does need to improve on getting rid of the ball quicker.

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