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  1. Interesting, but teams have been doing what the Eagles did for years. #Hyperbole 2017
  2. coltsfeva

    Why kneeling misses the mark

    I was trying to find what Ben Schipero was quoting when he stated that black males are 2,000 times more likely to be killed by another black male than a police officer. Instead, I found a story from The NY Times echoing the same thought: If an officer kills someone unecessarity, they should face justice. Murder is murder. But this needs to be dealt with on an individual basis. I find it ironic that Pro Athletes in sports ( which is made up of mostly African Americans) are protesting social inequality by disrespecting the flag. To me, it makes no sense. Would they protest a far greater issue (black on black crime) by the same method? I’m all for Justice and people being treated fairly. I agree with those who say disrespecting the flag, is not the way to facilitate change.
  3. coltsfeva

    True or False: Week 1 Edition

    I voted no but really, who the heck knows?
  4. coltsfeva

    Emory Hunt: Colts draft grade and analysis

    The AFC South is going to be interesting. The National Media has, in my opinion, underestimated the talent on this roster, by discounting the players on IR last year. The biggest question mark is Luck’s health and with the additions on the Oline, scheme and running the ball, Luck should be somewhat safer than he has been. One could probably make an argument for any of the four teams winning the division.
  5. coltsfeva

    Colts HC Frank Reich LIVE

    Neither Mewhort or Castonzo have played along side this kind of talent. It will be interesting to see how/if they use Mewhort and if having a guy like Nelson helps Castonzo.
  6. coltsfeva

    Hope for Luck to stay healthy

    Getting the run game going will help as well: imagine having a lead late in 4th quarter and being able to run it at will !!
  7. coltsfeva

    2000's DT/UT vs. Current Roster

    Polian said he regretted not focusing on getting DTs like MacFarland and Simon before they did. Not those two in particular but addressing the positions.
  8. coltsfeva

    Colts Rookie Minicamp 5/11/2018

    Every “playmaker” is an unknown until they play.
  9. Spot on. Injuries are unpredictable and seasons are sometimes determined by the health of key playmakers. We really have no idea how Luck will be, come September or what the 53 man roster will be at this point. Things have a way of “unfolding”, sometimes the way we expect and sometimes unexpectedly. I suppose part of being a fan is hoping for the best. It’s not always unrealistic to be optimistic.
  10. coltsfeva

    Guards drafted

    If Nelson is going to become what Gene Upshaw was, this was s no-brainer. I wanted Chubb but he wasn’t there at 6. Guys like Kelly and Nelson are building blocks for what might be a long- term success. Let’s see how this plays out. How long have we heard the adage “games are won or lost in the trenches” ?
  11. coltsfeva

    Earl Grey

    I was always taught; “when you beat a guy, don’t rub it in his face”. I think this “literally” covers that. Don’t get me wrong, I am looking forward to him manhandling opponents. There’s just something that seems wrong about doing this on purpose.
  12. coltsfeva

    Earl Grey

    Fair enough. So, how would you define good sportsmanship ?
  13. coltsfeva

    Earl Grey

    I don’t have a problem with him playing with an attitude and I’m sure he will dominate. I’ve always admired players for their talent and he is absolutely talented. What is more admirable than talent is them being a decent human being at the same time. Good sportsmanship is a real thing. You can be great and have class. If you push the boundaries, you may find yourself on the wrong end of a chop block with a season-ending injury. I would not be surprised if the refs flag him for taunting. If that’s the case, he can correct things. He just has to grow up in that area.
  14. coltsfeva

    Earl Grey

    I like his assertiveness but does this cross the line of good sportsmanship? I mean, would we want Gronkowski to do this to one of our guys? Would we want our kids doing it? I don’t think Dungy would approve. I may be a minority here but I think it’s crossing the line. Drive the guy to the turf and you’ve done your job.
  15. Good points. People need to realize there were a lot of backups playing last year. There are some pretty good players coming back.