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  1. Agreed. The Colts came out strong in that game (can we credit Pagano for that) and went toe to toe with the Pats. They had a shot in that game until....That being said, the Seahawks fiasco was heartbreaking. I remember how happy I was to KNOW the Pats were going to lose and then...The gift ring. What if Pete Caroll thought we are going to run it, try and stop us? Makes perfect sense to me, with THAT back, 1 yard out, a timeout and 3 tries. Funny how. people are giving other coaches a "pass" but not Pagano. Truth is, they were all bone head plays and all coaches make mistakes, but from the "risk-reward" perspective, for me, that Seahawks Decision was the worst I've ever seen.
  2. Worst part is NE getting two more rings. Yeah, they did what they had to do to win, but those were gifts! ☹️
  3. Double post...
  4. Just saw a replay of the 2009 game against the Pats in Indy. Where the Colts came back from a 31-7 deficit and won it when Bill Belicheck went for it on 4th and 2 from the NE 30. The Colts score a TD and leave Brady 13 seconds. Colts 35-34.....BEAUTIFUL! Anyway I know how much we all loved the fake punt a few years later against the same team but it got me wondering which call was worse. Consider the poor execution was in part, why the play failed Pagono said we wouldn't see that play again. So here's my poll and I'm curious to see How people answer.
  5. We don't know how many times the play was supposed to be short and Luck forced it downfield. Regardless, both things can be corrected. If the thought is to run more short plays we need quickness. This is where having Dorsett "control his speed" as the new receivers coach said and having Mack would give us a new dimension.
  6. A lot has been said about Luck's habit of holding the ball to long and making bad decisions. Part of that is play calling and part rests squarely on Luck's shoulders. And we don't know how much his injury affected him. Part is due to an inexperienced Oline. All of those things are being scrutinized and can be corrected. Hopefully, he'll be healthy. Having a guy like Mack can help. This could be a great offense with a bit of "fine tuning".
  7. Agreed. And if that doesn't change, he'll probably be gone. We can understand a player growing for the better, why not a coach? You are right, if the Colts are going to succeed, that's one of the things that has to change. I just think Pagano has the capacity to learn and grow. That goes for all the coaches and coordinators.
  8. True. But I don't think he's ever had the potential talent level of this group to work with. Let's see what happens this year. I'm just not sure he is as bad as some fans say he is.
  9. Exactly what would Toub bring that Pagano can't? Let's see what Pags does this year, with a better roster. People are assuming we can't beat top-tier teams and Pagano is a horrible coach. I know things have to fall in place ( staying healthy, better Oline and defensive play, etc) but this is game of inches and split seconds that separate wins and losses. I agree with the OPs assessment. Playoffs are in the realm of possibility and once there, anything can happen.
  10. I recently saw Joe Montana and Tom Brady weigh in on 2 points about being the GOAT which I thought were valid: 1.Using success alone for the QB GOAT is so subjective: the era, fellow players, defenses, coaches, competition, system, etc that allow for a QB to have success. That said, the individual talents: arm strength, vision, good decision making, scrambling ability, movement in the pocket, accuracy, football intelligence, etc are probably more objective measurements to assess a QB as an individual player. 2. Tom Brady himself said he was the product of coaching and scheme. Add to that, 2 of his rings were the product ( in part), to 2 terrible coaching decisions. I'm not saying Brady isn't great but I don't know if ANYONE definitively be the GOAT, when it comes to QBs. Do you ever wonder what Peyton would have done with Bellichick as his coach? He had a winning playoff record against Brady and won almost 5 times as many games as Brady, when his defenses were in the bottom half of the league. Give Brady his due, he is one of the greatest to ever play. But the same could be said for Montana, Elway. Marino, Otto Graham, Johnny U, Bart Star and Peyton. Maybe one day, we will see Lucks name mentioned. So despite the "hands down" comment from Gronkowski after the Super Bowl, and what many talking heads and fans believe, I'll agree with Brady and Montana and see the whole argument as subjective. All things being equal, I'd take Peyton over anybody, if I was starting a franchise.
  11. There are so many questions to be answered this year: will any of the FAs or rookies start and shine? Will Chud, Ted and Pags develop and adjust as coaches? Will the opposing teams be better than last year? Will the Colts stay healthy? (particularly Andrew) It does appear that Ballard has added depth and as a result, the special teams should be better, if Locke and Hennessy perform well. I would be shocked if this team doesn't win ten or more games but right now, we don't even know who's going to make up the 53 man roster and practice squads, (there still may be some players picked up from the final cuts). Respect from the National media will come, if the Colts play well and those who start praising the Colts as a dark horse team may come off as "ain't I smart for seeing something no one else does!" But that's just part of the crap we have to put up with, like another poster said, it really doesn't matter what they say, but I get the feeling that a new era is dawning in Colts Nation.
  12. Makes you proud to be a Colts fan!
  13. I'm excited about this year. Just wondering how this will all play out between Mack, Gore and Turbin. Because Mack can run, even as a 3rd down back, we still have the option to run it on 3rd and long.
  14. To answer your question, I don't see that happening. I think Chuck might surprise some people and do a good job with the changes that have been made. We are not privy to the dynamics between him, the new GM, other coaches and the players that respect him, so I get a little irritated at some fans who mock his style of coaching, but everybody has a right to his/her opinion. I'd love to see him prove them wrong.
  15. I hope things improve in the pass rush department. Not only from the outside but from the middle of the D line, selective DB and ILB blitzes and better coverage in the back end. Having Mathis' input for the OLBs can only help.

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