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  1. Colin Cowherd Theory on Colts

    Love your optimism and in-depth assessment of the team and coaching staff (they’re garbage), as well as your ability to see into the future as to how well the Oline will play. What I find to be funny is how Ballard calmly explains that they expected the possibility of some soreness, but Andrew had good velocity and arm strength and that they were NOT talking about putting him on IR and now we have this nonsense, not only from fans, but from local and national media.
  2. Colin Cowherd Theory on Colts

    Here’s the problem I have with this, It assumes a few things I can’t assume: 1. Ballard convincing the coaches, owner and players to tank. 2. Convincing Luck not to play, even if he’s 100%. 3. Getting a cordesone shot means anything but a relief from the typical soreness from the surgery. 4. Colts will be out of contention when Andrew returns. 5. The Oline won’t improve. I heard NOTHING in Ballard’s press conference that would indicate the Colts will shut down Andrew for the year. I believe Ballard when he says they are not talking about that now.
  3. Colin Cowherd Theory on Colts

    Actually, the best case scenario for this team is getting Luck and others back, playing better and winning a SB. The NFL this year is wide open, especially the AFC South
  4. game changers

    If Geathers gets healthy, he could be.
  5. Colts Roundtable

    I remember reading something years ago that talked about Tom Moore utilizing play-action because Peyton was so good at it. I also remember Peyton saying if two linebackers bit on the play-action, he just “blocked” two guys.
  6. Colts Roundtable

    If the defensive adjustments happen right before the snap, how can Chudzinski make an adjustment? Besides, the offense was playing better but they had just too many drops, turnovers etc. We have the benefit of hindsight and we can pick out certain plays that didn’t work and blame Chudzinski but at what point does the responsibility of execution fall on the players?
  7. Colts Roundtable

    I thought one good thing was that the Oline played okay for the first time being together. If Clark and Vug can play well until Good gets back, it will help Brissett. If we didn’t have some pretty good players sitting on the sidelines, I would give up hope for this year. Geathers return would be huge because he can call plays on defense, should they be able to use him as a LB on passing downs. Good helps solidify the Oline. Swoope takes some pressure off Doyle and gives us another weapon. A healthy Rogers enhances the receiving corps. I’m hoping for a win Sunday. It’s just too early to throw in the towel, in this Division.
  8. Colts Roundtable

    You know, I got Game Pass and was able to watch a condensed version of the game. The fumbles and drops by Doyle, stupid penalties, the missed opportunities for touchdowns instead of field goals. So many self-inflicted wounds. And I know there has to be adjustments from the sidelines, but I think people over-simplify things by pointing the finger solely at the coaching staff (And I won’t specify which finger) Brissett just hasn’t been here long enough to do what Luck can do at the line and that’s not his fault. If there’s one thing I took away from the show, it was understanding where the team is at, until they get some starters back. Gruden eluded to the blown assignments on defense and the run by Henry to ice the game was one, along with the long pass against Hooker (or Hairston, whoever should have been there) and a few other long passes where a receiver was wide open. It looks like two or three weeks b4 Luck gets back. All I know is that they CAN play better. They win Sunday and their still in the mix.
  9. The Ghost

    I get what you’re saying and TY does have some physical limitations. As far as getting other options involved, some of that comes down to experience with the QB and Brissett is not there yet.
  10. The Ghost

    That’s one way to look at it. But could it be those games where he didn’t do well, he was double teamed? Maybe some passes were off? I suppose every silver lining has a dark cloud if you look hard enough. I’m just glad he’s a Colt. Maybe he can be stopped on occasion but there are other games in which he is dynamic. How many wins has he had a big part in? Just saying....
  11. The Ghost

    He took away coverage on others: Moncrief, Aiken and Doyle. Unfortunately, Doyle had a bad game.
  12. Colts Roundtable

    Sorgi and Reitz talk about the game; second half adjustments: The in-game adjustments are dependent upon the QB and ILB and they lack experience in this system. They also talked about players like Doyle pressing and things like penalties and missed assignments. I got a better understanding of where they’re at. If they can win this week (make Bortles beat them with great run defense) and get one in Cincinnati, all is not lost. Here’s the link
  13. Time to look to next season

    OR, maybe he needs to focus. We know he can catch. Talent vs execution- I guess we differ on what can change and what can’t. I’ve seen Jack Doyle play better than he did last night.
  14. Time to look to next season

    Listened to Bill Polian talk about the boost Manning have to his Colts. Said the trust factor enabled the whole team to play better. Luck can do that. In the meantime, the Oline played pretty good last night, the Dline stopped the run (other than the big run at the end), and so much crap play (dropped passes, missed assignments, etc) can be cleaned up. People point to the ineptitude of the defense but they were gassed in part, because the offense couldn’t move the ball. Truth is, things are wide open in the AFC South. The teams that get/stay relatively healthy and peak at the right time usually do well. I find it hard to believe the additions of Luck, Good, Swoope, Rogers and Geathers won’t make this team better. To ignore that is not being realistic. We don’t know how this is going to turn out but this season is far from over.
  15. Kuharsky: Mariota Will Play vs Colts

    I’m assuming the D will do a decent job of stopping the run. Mariota being hampered helps, especially if it takes away his scrambling ability. We need a big game from everybody but from the Oline and secondary have to play well for any hope of a win.