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  1. Ongoing Colts 2018 draft talk........

    I don’t think you can pin ALL of those sacks on the Oline. Both Brisset and Luck held it to the ball too long, in some instances. I’m hoping for a pass rusher AND an Olineman or two, that can start. That’s assuming Luck is okay.
  2. Matthias Farley - Trade Bait??

    Some say this year was a waste. I disagree: At very least, guys like Farley, Desir, Wilson, Melvin, Hunt, Stewart, etc have gotten experience to provide some depth.
  3. Pagano's Monday Presser.....

    I respect coach Dungy but he had a healthy Manning making half those adjustments. Losing Luck meant some of the chances for last second audibles were gone as well. As far as defense; how many times did we hear how they had to make things simpler for the young guys. And how they had to manufacture a pass rush, because they just didn’t have a “Von Miller” type of player. An inefficient offense mandates that the D is out there longer. Give them a pass rush, a playmaker at ILB, a solid Oline and some vets returning and Colts will be okay.
  4. Pagano's Monday Presser.....

    I’ve always respected Chuck Pagano as a man. As a coach, he’s made his mistakes, as have other winning head coaches (I.e. last night’s onside “kick” from Bill Belicheck). But, as the article states, he’s 19-26 from the playoffs on. Without Luck, without a dynamic pass-rusher, a healthy Oline, a playmaker at ILB, their first round draft pick and with a bunch of inexperienced players and FAs that never played together. But this is a business and the record is what it is. Even though the Colts made a specific statement about a decision not being based on the record, perhaps a change will be good, eventually. I just think Pagano gets WAY too much criticism, given the circumstances. If he is to blame, he should get credit for some things that have improved: special teams, better run D, the running game and depth. Brissett is gaining experience and in today’s NFL, a good backup QB is huge. Now, one could argue a bunch of the sacks given up are on Brissett. He has a long way to go but has flashes of being dependable. He needs this experience to make him a better, should Luck go down (God forbid). So, at least, that’s something. Add 2 Oline players and that could be a strength next year. Hopefully, a great draft and some dynamic FAs and next year will be a lot more fun than this year! GO COLTS!!!
  5. Best Way to Describe the 2017 Colts

    Groundhog Day???
  6. Worried about Carson Wentz?

    Your profile doesn’t show it. R u in Philadelphia as well?
  7. Worried about Carson Wentz?

    Trent Cole Hank Baskett Todd Herrimans But the biggest reason for me is living near Philadelphia. Some Eagles fans (as with all teams), are pretty obnoxious.
  8. Worried about Carson Wentz?

    My least favorite team = NE My second least favorite team = Eagles. That said, I hope Carson is ok, long term. I’d love to see Rogers come back and the Pack win it all.
  9. You may be right but nobody really knows the “odds” of Luck playing. He may be better than ever. The pick will tell us more about their confidence in his long term health. Personally, would love to see a trade where we get some additional high picks.
  10. Wait... Who?

    It takes a lot of pieces to make a championship team, including solid backups. One step at a time... I’m thankful for ANY good news about the Colts.
  11. Worried about Carson Wentz?

    I agree with OP. Wentz seems to play instinctively but does try to extend plays and takes chances in the process. Same as Luck.
  12. Does Moncrief return next season?

    Wouldn’t mind seeing him get signed to a short-term contract. I also wouldn’t mind a big receiver in the later rounds or FA. Like a few have said, there are much more pressing needs, than a WR.
  13. Colts vs Jags score predictions

    And don’t forget: the sky is falling !
  14. I just wanted to pass this along

    When I hear rhetoric like this, done in a slanderous foul-mouthed way, I’m saddened by people’s perceptions of what is funny and what is in good taste. I realize those things are subjective, but I would hope that most people would consider dehumanizing others to be objectively wrong. There’s ways to say things without ridicule. And I wouldn’t want little kids to hear the kind of thing
  15. Stampede Blues article

    Thank you for the spelling correction. In your scenario, bringing in a new coaching staff will make everything right. You assume that to be true. I think it’s more of a crapshoot. It may make things better, it may not. Look at the coaching carousels around the league where change didn’t produce success. I don’t think any of us are qualified to know what is best for the team. Maybe those who feel it’s better to make a change are right, maybe not. But whatever decision is made by Ballard, I’m trusting it will be after careful consideration of all the facts.