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  1. He gave it all he had! 1st ballot HOF!
  2. So, if the Colts do well this year (make it to the Divisional round or better), would you consider changing your assessment of Pagano? Let me ask another way: what would it take to change your mind? Do you think coaches have the ability to grow and change? What if, for instance, the Colts start strong in their games this year and play well every game? How much blame goes to Pagano for level of talent, poor execution, mental mistakes and injuries? And how long do you think it will take for a new regime to turn things around? Let's see what happens this year, maybe he's as bad as you say, maybe not. To me, the jury is still out.
  3. 2 Ints by Hooker seems low. No Ints by LBs as well
  4. There was a lot of speculation that Geathers would be in the mix in dime packages. I'm guessing his neck injury and having better lbs has eliminated that possibity but who knows? If he's totally recovered he could be in the mix, in certain situations.
  5. Carroll is # 2 after what might be the WORST Coaching Decision in SB history. Not saying he doesn't belong there but I wonder what Colts fans would be saying about Pagano, if he had done the same?
  6. So many question thing we do know is the depth has improved: if guys like E Jackson, Morrison, Melvin, Magill, Goode, Butler, Farley, Rogers and Tolzein end up having to play a game or two because of injuries, we should still be ok.
  7. I would agree that LAST year's team would get destroyed by the above mentioned 3 teams. But this year's team COULD be vastly improved and contend with anybody. It's just way too early to tell. But predicting this year's success based on last year's talent is short-sighted. We shall see...
  8. I'm interested to see if there is a tackling issue league-wide, with a limited amount of tackling in training camp. Even if that is the case, it's one of those things that can be cleaned up as the year progresses. Hate to see injuries again, before the season starts but you have to get the reps in. My biggest concern is Geathers but they have backups should they need them (hopefully not for a full season).
  9. IMO it's like asking who is the prettiest actress, or best guitarist or drummer. Totally subjective. That's why it was irritating when Gronk made the "Hands down" comment after the SB. I'm sure in some people's eyes he each his own. But they can't discount how much Coaching had to do with Brady's rings. Belicheck, Quinn and Caroll all did their parts.
  10. I've noticed there are some fans on the forum that like me, rooted for both Baltimore and Indianapolis franchises. I was born in 1955 and my grandfather got the Baltimore feed. So, my first recollections of the NFL were a split between the Eagles and Colts games. I live in Delaware, in between the two cities. For some reason, my heart went with the horseshoe. I remember being depressed after SB III and elated after SB V. I saw a few games live in the 70s when they had Bert Jones and loved the atmosphere. When the Colts moved, I may have been less critical because I didn't live in Baltimore. When I took my son to Indianapolis in 1996, I was disappointed at the fact that college basketball and football were more popular than the Colts. I'm assuming that has changed since 1998.
  11. 1970 and 2006. Colts were SB champs, NFL Network did these two years. My two favorite years as a lifetime Colts fan. A lot of players and coaches to be proud of. I know to most, they don't belong together but I can't help it: both were my Colts, both wore the horseshoe. Unitas, Jones, Peyton and Luck. Moore, Mitchell, Dickey, James and Gore. John Mackey and Dallas Clark. The list goes on. To be a fan for all these years has been rewarding and frustrating. But I'm glad to have been a Colts fan and look forward to possibility seeing a team that ranks up there with some of the best that has ever worn the horseshoe. It may take a little time but I'm hopeful! C-O-L-T-S Colts!!!!
  12. I can't wait to see how he plays with time to throw and an exceptional run game.
  13. Luck has a shot to end up with multiple SB rings, provided the Colts can play well defensively develope a top 10 Oline and get run game going. Manning had the Oline and run game but was hampered by bad defenses most of his career.
  14. Having that experience is going to help. Even if Green, Ridgeway, Morrison and/or E Jackson don't start, they will be experienced backups and ST players. I just hope we see a defense that will react and tackle better.
  15. I thought it said it MIGHT be a cervical fushion. And that is only one way to deal with the problem surgically. Does any one know exactly what was done and are there any doctors out there that might shed some light on this?

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