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  1. I'd be disappointed if they drafted o line in the first. If the latter part of last year is any indication, they should be fine. Maybe add depth in later rounds. I remember hearing Chud talk about the issue of defending stunts. That is a matter of experience and coaching. Luck does need to improve on getting rid of the ball quicker.
  2. Interesting point of view. I have two problems with it: 1. Historically, teams that have had bad years have made turnarounds in one year and were in the SB (Carolina, Denver, Atlanta). 2. Ask Ballard, Pagano, Irsay or any of the coaches or players if their goal this year is to "win the division and maybe one playoff game" and see what response you get. If it takes more than one year, so be it. There's no reason to believe it CAN'T happen this year.
  3. Maybe they will be ok on the O-line, ILB and Safety. If that is the case, that leaves 5 or 6. People may be assuming the players returning aren't starters but that's pretty hard to assess now, considering some were injured and some were rookies.
  4. Another thing that comes into play is that there is only one ball to go around. Every receiver won't have 1,000 yards and 10 TDs although it could happen with TY and Moncrief. Given his age, I think his best years are yet to come. Like someone said, staying healthy is key. I'm glad he wears the horseshoe!
  5. Double post
  6. I thought a telling stat was that Brady only won 20 games, when his defense ranked below the top 16 in those years. Manning and Marino were on top of that list - Peyton went 93 and 7 and I don't remember Marino's record but it was just below that. It seems people forget the saying; "Defenses win championships" when it comes to the GOAT discussion. If the Colts can build a top 15 defense and Luck gets protection and a back that can take it to the house, we might see him in the GOAT discussion before he hangs up his cleats.
  7. He made some plays last year and has good size. Like you said, it's really hard to judge, due to lack of pass rush. At very least, he can provide good depth, should we lose starters due to injuries.
  8. Yeah, waaaaay too early to tell. Even after the draft, it's going to take some time for things to come together. He said he may make some moves when other teams release players prior to the season. I'll wait to see who's on the squad, one September and even then, it may take a game or two, to see.
  9. Good signing! I'm feeling better about the secondary now. If Green and Melvin end up being backups (by adding a corner or two in the draft) and the secondary can stay healthy, they could be a solid group.
  10. They say there is no defense against a perfect pass. Luck and Rogers can deliver those. But can the defenses be good enough to support them? A lot will have to change with both clubs but I would love to see the matchup, especially if both teams acquire good enough defenses to get them there.
  11. Would anyone be surprised if our starting NT next year is Aurthur Jones? He's 6'3" and 320. I know he's been hurt but he is a good run stopper, when healthy. If they don't go after Hankins or a NT in the first three rounds, they may keep Jones and see how he plays.
  12. Hmmm...Stampede Blue. Now there's a fan site with objective opinions......kind of reminds me of a bunch of spoiled little kids stomping their feet and demanding; "I want a championship and I want it now!" Can we wait until this thing unfolds a little before we assess Ballard? I would be a little more concerned if he spent all the money on FAs, trying to fill starting roles, for the sake of public opinion. Let's give this guy a chance to do his thing. We may be pleasantly surprised.
  13. I know the defense was bad last year but remember we started last year with a depleted secondary and some rookies. It may turn out that guys like Green, Ridgeway and Jackson are average at best but it may also be we see a big improvement this year. I honestly don't know. I agree about the NT and CB. I guess where I might differ from some other posters is I think it's possible to drastically improve this defense with one more FA and a good draft.
  14. Gonna be interesting to see who will start defensively for the Colts this year. Langford, Anderson, Davis, E. Jackson, Ridgeway and Geathers could start and I wouldn't be shocked to see Butler return and Green or Melvin starting in the slot. There is something to be said for continuity and even though Green and Jackson looked lost last year, another year of experience could help them improve. Add a guy like Hankins and get an OLB and shut down corner in the draft and the D could come together. Just seems like people are discounting any players from last year on defense that could have better years if they are healthy and with another year's experience. We don't need 11 new starters on defense.

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