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  1. Hankins?

    No pass rush. From his days at Ohio State to NY Giants to us he was able to stop the run, but never got into the backfield for sacks or tackle for loss.
  2. Hankins and Jets Trade

    Stewart's pro day is strikingly similar to DaRon Payne
  3. Hankins and Jets Trade

    Maybe CB did ask around to trade Hankins. We don't know. The two things we do know are 1) he would've gotten guaranteed $ tomorrow and 2) he didn't get pass rush which you need in a 4-3 attacking Defense.
  4. Hankins Released

    When Colts.com reports that it's a scheme fit issue they're half correct. Hankins can stop the run, but he gets No pass rush. One thing about the Seahawks & Giants 4-3 Defenses were DT that could get pass rush which in turn led to Tackles for loss.
  5. Hankins Released

    Nah, Ohio State runs a 4-3 & sometimes 4-2 Nickel. Hankins played 3-tech and sometimes 5-tech. NY was 4-3 also. Spags had Fred robbins & Barry Cofield, both were big DTs that could generate pass rush. Hankins couldn't, so they let him walk in FA after acquiring Damon Harrison
  6. Denzel Ward, Roquan Smith, Tremaine Edmunds just off the top of my head
  7. If there are two other teams besides Cleveland wanting Allen @ #3 then it will become a bidding war. The Jets have #6, #37 and #49 which equal 2540 points. If Cleveland wants Allen more than that they could offer #4, #33, #101, #123 and #138 which equals 2561.5 points. There should still be a top QB on the board if another team wants to pay a king's ransom also. If a team values these QBs as franchise QBs then they are worth A Lot more than the typical point valuation.
  8. ^^^ This would probably be the maximum.
  9. If the Jets are willing to trade 6, 37 and 49 that = 2540 points. Cleveland will have to do better than that to get #3. That would be 4,33,101,123 and 138 which = 2561.5
  10. Ya. I'm just saying if the Colts took his current contract.... and then added no kicks to the groin, stomping on people, etc.
  11. He's a dirty player, but still Elite. He's owed 16.9M, 18.9M, and 18.3M over the next 3 seasons. This team could do that. I'm on the fence about it. We could use that talent, but we have to put up with that character....
  12. I don't want his cap hit either . But i believe he is an elite talent thats worth the $.
  13. He's listed at 290 lbs, but so is J.J. Watt and Aaron Donald. I think he's quick off the snap bc he doesn't have another 30 lbs on him like other DTs.
  14. So we trade them #36 for #42 and take Suh. I personally can't stand the guy bc he's a dirty player, but he's still an Elite DT. We play the Pats this year. If we had Suh and he tackled a RB on the sideline and accidentally ran into Josh McDaniels it wouldn't be a bad thing