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  1. Notre Dame offensive tackle

    He did well. I saw Chubbs go against both Nelson & McGlinchey. Sometimes ND had a TE next to McGlinchey to chip Chubbs, but that was due to the specific play they were running. I would rather have Nelson. Dude is elite! I think McGlinchey is a RT in the NFL.
  2. Notre Dame offensive tackle

    I have been watching Notre Dame football this season and one of my best friends is a big Notre Dame fan. I can tell you, unequivocally, what was written about Quenton Nelson is the absolute truth. even though he is an OG he is worthy of a top-5 pick
  3. Mewhort to IR, Colts sign G Isaiah Williams

    I've been thinking the same thing. Brian O'Neill LT, Quenton Nelson LG, Beau Benzschawel RG, Kc McDermott RT are 2018/2019 college players i would like the Colts to draft.
  4. Roster Moves 10/3 (Merge)

    I am too, however I watched almost every game last season and I did Not like what i saw from Kalis. His Senior Bowl practices were worse than his regular season play also. IF he can turn it around that would be awesome, but right now I'm in a wait-and-see mindset. I would have liked taking Magnuson and putting him at RG.
  5. Roster Moves 10/3 (Merge)

    I thought he sucked at Michigan. He went to the Senior Bowl. I watched practices and he was thrown around or out maneuvered. There's a reason why he was on a PS.
  6. Trade Castanzo

    if we keep losing we can draft a great LT. Trey Adams, Mike McGlinchey, Martinas Rankin are 3 worthy contenders. We could trade AC for draft picks after this season .
  7. We need Rex Ryan as DC!!!!!!!

    Dave Aranda was the DC of Wisconsin and now the DC of LSU. I would take him over Rex.
  8. We need Rex Ryan as DC!!!!!!!

    I'd rather have Don Brown, the DC of Michigan Wolverines
  9. Colts @ Los Angeles Rams Game Day Thread

    I want to know who made the decision to keep tolzien and release Morris
  10. Wr speed

    Dorsett ran a 4.25 at his Pro Day
  11. Colts Vs. Bengals Preseason Game Night Thread

    I know it's preseason, but it means the coach(es) isn't willing to go after it! When ur down, something is better than nothing. I get tired of coaches taking the foot off the gas, so to speak
  12. Colts Vs. Bengals Preseason Game Night Thread

    What the heck! We're down by 6, we have 21 seconds left, they kneel down and run out the clock...grrrr!
  13. i thought Culliver sucked when he was with the 49ers. He was burned a lot. Hopefully he plays better now!
  14. free agency pass rush. i think tj green will transition to cb. vontae,tj,quincy,melvin will handle cb for '17 & '18.
  15. 1 Connor Williams, L OT Texas.. Castonzo's replacement in 2019. saving $6.25M 2 Mike White, QB, Western Kentucky.... We need a great backup if/when Luck gets hurt 3 Davin Bellamy, OLB, Georgia... One of the best, if not the best, edge LB in the SEC 4 Tyrone Crowder, R OG, Clemson... Mewhort has a bad knee that will catch up to him 5 Emmanuel Smith, ILB, Vanderbilt..converted SS to ILB. Can play both the Run & Coverage 6 Mitch Wishnowsky, P, Utah..Locke is doing well, but Wishnowsky could be the next "boomstick" 7 Tre Flowers, S, Oklahoma State... Darius Butler is getting older. Geathers injury may shorten career