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  1. When i watched highlights of Sickels it reminded me of Henry Anderson. If Anderson gets hurt again we could have someone in Sickels that can step right in as his replacement.
  2. Garrett Sickels looks like Henry Anderson on the field. Several of these 18 UDFAs could make the team. Ballard and the scouts have done a great job, IMO.
  3. Ronald Jones II may leave early. He would be my first pick
  4. true, but scouts have been watching him play, not just watching some "highlight" tapes. He had a good NFLPA game against other prospects trying to make the NFL also. I don't think he's going to start day 1 like other personnel. He will need time to adjust to the power & speed of NFL players, but he's very athletic for a guy his size which is always a good starting point.
  5. on a side note, how many women do u think will wear his jersey since his last name is Hooker
  6. sorry for your loss. my condolences.
  7. Getting Reddick & Jones would be awesome! I would take John Johnson (Boston College) over Delano Hill though
  8. ^^^ that would actually be a 1st, 2nd, Three 3Rd picks, Two 4th Rd and a 5th. A total of 8 picks in 5 rounds.
  9. I would trade #15 & #121 for Denver's #20,#82,#101. That would be our 1st Rd + first 4th Rd pick for their 1st Rd + Both 3rd Rd picks. We would have a 1st, 2nd, Two 3rd Rd, Two 4th Rd and a 5th. Thats 7 picks still. We've moved down 5 spots & up 20 spots.
  10. He's good, but not great. Will Fuller plays for the Texans now, but in college he played for Notre Dame. Adoree Jackson got lit up by Fuller. I believe DeAndre Hopkins would do the same thing against Jackson. Hopkins isn't as fast as Jackson, but i believe him to be better at his craft than Jackson, so Hopkins would win most 50/50 passes coming his way over Adoree. Both Texans wide receivers would out battle him, Fuller would ran past him, so my thought is, why bother?!
  11. I was just thinking about McCaffrey earlier today. While he isn't my first selection, I would love to have him on the Colts... even if it means at #15.
  12. BYU had their pro day. Kai Nacua ran a 4.5, 39" vertical and a 10'7" broad jump. That's athletic!
  13. BYU had their pro day yesterday. My pick for Safety, Kai Nacua, had a 39" vertical, 10'7" broad jump and had a 4.5 40. The last 2 seasons he was targeted 59 times, gave up 0 TDs, 12 INTs and 5 PBU.
  14. ya, i have thought of that also. My choice for #15 is an OLB/ILB (Reddick) even though we added Simon & Sheard & Mingo. I'm not opposed to the Colts taking another OLB in Rd 3 if he is rated high enough on their board to warrant that selection. It's just my personal opinion that they probably won't take another in Rd 3 bc of the additions of players through FA.
  15. I like it! Because Simon and Sheard were added I don't think we'll go after an OLB in Rd 3 but I like the players you have.

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