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  1. BYU had their pro day. Kai Nacua ran a 4.5, 39" vertical and a 10'7" broad jump. That's athletic!
  2. BYU had their pro day yesterday. My pick for Safety, Kai Nacua, had a 39" vertical, 10'7" broad jump and had a 4.5 40. The last 2 seasons he was targeted 59 times, gave up 0 TDs, 12 INTs and 5 PBU.
  3. ya, i have thought of that also. My choice for #15 is an OLB/ILB (Reddick) even though we added Simon & Sheard & Mingo. I'm not opposed to the Colts taking another OLB in Rd 3 if he is rated high enough on their board to warrant that selection. It's just my personal opinion that they probably won't take another in Rd 3 bc of the additions of players through FA.
  4. I like it! Because Simon and Sheard were added I don't think we'll go after an OLB in Rd 3 but I like the players you have.
  5. I don't mind drafting Stevie T in the late rounds or even Coward, but I have a feeling that Daylon Mack, Texas A&M, will go into the draft in 2018 and from what I have seen that would be the NT I would go after!
  6. Edge, OLB and at 6:20 he's lined up at ILB. He can cover. His versatility makes him a better player to pick @ #15. He has instincts and a knack for getting to the football.
  7. 1)Haason Reddick .. versatility! Rush LB, ILB, OLB + he can drop into coverage 2)Fabian Moreau .. Mayock's comments from Shrine game. Measurables back it up. 3)Nico Siragusa .. Opened holes for pumphrey. 320 lbs + short shuttle & 3cone @ Combine show his athleticism. 4)John Johnson or Kai Nacua .. Either one is great at Safety. 4)Ahkello Witherspoon .. Great size & measurables. I think he mirrors well which is why he had 22 PBUs. He HAS to get better vs the Run though. 4) Stevie Tu'ikolovatu .. NT from USC. Senior Bowl showcases some of the best players in college. Stevie T. held his own against Offensive linemen.
  8. i think today's NFL, no matter the position, hands out big contracts that have too much guaranteed $$ and not enough incentive $$. Players may not like that, but I've seen way too many players get their big contract $ and kick back for a season or two. If teams began putting big $ into incentives it would force players to stay "hungry". This Poe contract should be that way. Incentive laden. Pay the man, by all means, but do it through hard work & determination on the field. If an injury happens there should be $ in the contract for that also.
  9. I hope he tries adult stem cells directly injected at the nerve. It is amazing what they can do. I hope he fully recovers. He has the God given talent to be one of the best...
  10. That's usually a 6 month recovery, so he could still play for a team this year, but he will be behind. Sad. It probably affects his draft position ($$). Hate to see that, hope he heals quickly.
  11. DEN #20 & #51 for IND #15 & #80 are equal... 1240 pts. I believe Foster lost some teams bc of the Combine situation, so he may be there at #20, but Reddick had already been talked about as a late 1st Rd and then he blew up the Combine. I have seen mock drafts of him at CIN #9 now. Personally, I would rather have Reddick and his versatility of being a Rush LB, ILB or weakside OLB.
  12. http://drafttek.com/NFL-Trade-Value-Chart.asp?RequestTeam=IND If we were to trade down with Detroit we could trade our 2017 1st Rd & 2018 3rd Rd for their 2017 1st & 2nd ...IF they wanted someone enough at #15 to do it.
  13. You mean the era where we had one of the all-time great QBs and below average Defense so we only won 1 SB...that era?!! A lot of us remember that era and want to change it to the exact opposite! I agree the Colts shouldn't go after every big $, big name FA, but certain positions are bettered by a vet FA, while others should be addressed through the draft.
  14. idk if he's too slow. we'll find out on March 24 at the BYU pro day. he seems to always be in the right spot to make an INT though. Whether we pick him in the draft or udfa I would like the Colts to see what he can do in the NFL bc he's that good.
  15. With the measurables & college productivity that Jordan Willis showcased I don't see him making it out of the 2nd Rd.

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