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  1. "Old Man" Gore still our RB. And this is why:

    Two thoughts. First, Gore is a humble and responsible man. He took responsibilities and apologized several times to fans. He truly loves football and fans. Second, I have a hard time evaluating his performance. I think his performance was below average for sure, but he was also the best RB we've had in Luck era. At least it suggests that our line should take partial responsibility for Gore's performance.
  2. Since 2012, Colts are 6th best team at........

    A good piece for some exercises of critical thinking. From some data, plus a methodology, you get some conclusion. But this whole process may show either the conclusion is right or the methodology is problematic, or the data are not complete.
  3. Patrick Robinson Released

    I have mixed feelings toward Robinson. He has done a very decent job defending players of his type. But I also remember that he REALLY struggled when defending receivers that were taller than him.
  4. Grigson fired.

    kudos to Irsay for his courage to fire his lovely son.
  5. Let's Talk Chud

    I am fine with Chud. He is not the best for sure and he has some questionable game plans. But I just do not know whether there are better options and, if there are, whether its worth replacing Chud with a new system. Also, I think the primary problem is the defense not the offense.