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  1. Full albums Son!




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    2. southwest1


      I have a soft spot for Dokken. Tremendous band with vocal harmonies, killer Lynch guitar riffs, & they were solid at cracking out memorable tracks. Don Dokken crossed over into radio very well meaning even people who weren't really into metal liked those guys. 

    3. southwest1


      I actually liked this album much better than Dr. Feelgood. Vince, Mick, Nikki, & Tommy did their best work together on this one in my estimation. 



      Everything on this album just clicked. Incredible studio production. 'Bad Boy Boogie' & 'Five Yrs Dead' are next level great & Tommy just killed it on drums. Hades, even music critics loved this entire album from start to finish. 

    4. southwest1


      The Black Album by Metallica is pretty groundbreaking. Just to hear James Hetfield actually sing vs shout or growl. They toured for like 2 straight yrs across the globe just off that release & it took those guys to a whole new stratosphere of fans. Never seen anything like that before in heavy metal. That level of frenzy, adoration, & popularity inside that genre overall. 


      The weird thing I remember about that whole time period is this: It was like a mutiny among Ride the Lighting fans who hated this more mellow, ballad centric album like they feared Lars, James, Kirk, & Jason had lost their edge & gone soft. 


      I was like what? Can't these fans see how revolutionary the Black Album is? Very bizarre. 

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