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  1. Full albums Son!




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    2. TheRustonRifle#7


      I agree @southwest1…."The Black Album" showed their range and ability and it didn't sit well with the fans from the beginning...evolve or perish...

    3. southwest1


      @TheRustonRifle Well said brother! When I heard "Nothing Else Matters" for the first time, I was blown away that James could actually do that. Like you said his range was unbelievable. And "Sad But True" was a mixture of ballad plus metal too, so when some fans rejected this new sound; I knew that they just wanted copycat material that they had grown accustom to & they had no idea how landmark the Black Album really was. Sad really. 


      I really respect your knowledge of music RR7 as well as Lollygager8's & CC1's too.  


      Also, I know that Metallica used the movie "Spinal Tap" as inspiration for their Black album. I still LMAO when I see that scene when they unveil their new black album & nobody can see the album cover because of the glare coming off it like a shiny mirror. Rob Reiner was so hilarious chronicling those guys on tour in the movie. haha

    4. southwest1




      They made punk mainstream & incorporated Reggae in their work & still managed to sell out stadiums. Plus, Gwen Steffani is easy on the eyes & like DLR she comes up with unconventional lyrics. 



      Gwen is well versed in singing top tier ballads too.