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  1. Yes Sir!
  2. All are current Colts and I will break it down further.... Player "A" will be 28 at the end of May and has 209 career targets. Player "B" will be 24 in early August and has 210 career targets. Player "C" will be 25 in early January 2018 and has 98 career targets. Who are they?
  3. Player "A": 27 years old with 5 years in the league: 51 games/20 started- 128 receptions (1,539 yds) for a 12.0 yd per avg- 9 TD's. Player "B": 23 years old with 3 years in the league: 41 games/19 started- 126 receptions (1,484 yds) for a 11.8 yd per avg.- 16 TD's. Player "C": 24 years old with 2 years in the league: 26 games played/7 started- 51 receptions (753 yds) for a 14.8 yd per avg- 3 TD's. Who are they?
  4. Simon is my favorite of all the LB signings as far as future potential goes. I like the Sheard, Mingo and Spence signings as all have value in regards to their contracts. Indy has upgraded the LB Unit and my hope is a future stud at the JACK is drafted to develop behind Sheard as I view Simon as a SAM and Mingo as ST and depth at possibly all 4 LB positions.
  5. Like I wrote earlier it is for depth and competition and both are a good thing. I do not understand the hate for Moncrief on here though? It seems as if there has to be a whipping boy or two every year, whether it is warranted or not?
  6. Nothing wrong with competition....
  7. Indy has no 6th or 7th round pick in this draft....
  8. I couldn't agree more!
  9. I don't believe that this will be the case....I truly believe that Luck will take Indy to at least one Super Bowl victory. My hope is that Ballard is a competent enough GM to surround him with the talent needed....on BOTH sides of the ball.
  10. LOL! Yup, that will be real interesting!
  11. I agree! How is the back Brother?
  12. Completely agree.
  13. This team needed help at LB'er and this signing is indicative of said help. I like the fact that Ballard is bringing in younger and more athletic talent to compete for positions.....while keeping costs down.
  14. Go to 2:07
  15. Wow! My Grandmother was 94 when she passed last year as sincerest condolences on your loss,

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