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  1. Neither would until you realize that it is easier to be patient when you have a great defense and can run the ball effectively.....
  2. You won't get an argument from me are preaching to the choir my Friend.
  3. Top Defenses win in the playoffs and teams that pound the is a formula that has been relevant for years....
  4. Thanks for the update NCF!
  5. With excellent defenses and a superior running game though, youngblood.....
  6. Shouldn't Anderson be projected as a DE in this defense?
  7. Agreed!
  8. I share your enthusiasm!
  9. I saw where he received a lot of run with the first team in OTA's...which means nothing. I will be paying close attention to Walker this pre-season.
  10. Happy Father's Day to all the Fathers out there and please remember the ones that are not with us any longer!



  11. I see Sheard at RUSH and Simon at SAM.....other than! My hope is that Spence shows he is starting caliber but after that...
  12. They came out with an energy that has been lacking at the start of games, with the exception of this game and a handful of others, since Indy parted ways with Polian and Caldwell. Indy can ball but they often come out in a funk and then have to play from behind, instead of playing 4 quarters. I believe that the kickoff return was the accelerator that the team needed for a full 4 quarters of good football. I wish you luck as well. I have known many Packer fans over the years and have not run in to one that I didn't like.

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