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  1. NFLfan  asked for some Cars...going to add some OLD Police as well...please feel free to add!



  2. Colts on pace to give up 100 sacks in the last TWO years

    Agreed...still need O'Line help though.
  3. Matthias Farley - Trade Bait??

    He would need to be re-signed before he could be traded...I hope he is re-signed and kept though. Edit: My bad, he is under contract next season, I would keep him and continue to develop him regardless.
  4. Ross Travis

    Yes, I saw that as well and I believe it was Collinsworth who commented on it.
  5. Ross Travis

    He certainly impressed me last night. Good played fairly well and despite a couple of mistakes Wilson held his own...needs more playing time to further develop.
  6. Open Mic always feel free to add! 



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    2. TheRustonRifle#7
    3. TheRustonRifle#7
    4. NFLfan


      :) Any music from the most recent enshrinees into Music Hall of Fame?? I would love me some Dire Straits or the Cars. Bon Jovi is great too.



      (Different artists but I like this video of the song best)

  7. Contract projection for Jack Mewhort

    Poor dude, his knee issues may cause him to retire...not sure it is worth trying to re-sign him at this point.
  8. Once Indy establishes what type of offense and defense that will be run next year, answering this question will be I have to think at least one offensive lineman will be signed though, who depends on scheme? Just for chits and giggles, here is Spotrac's list of possible FA's for this coming off season.
  9. Kelly Ruled Out

    Ok.....if Kelly and Nelson were drafted in the bottom of the 1st...I would be happier. I hope your weekend is going well? Finally received some cool weather down here...:-)
  10. Kelly Ruled Out

    I hope this year is an outlier for him as I didn't like the pick to begin with...get well!
  11. Steelers Ryan Shazier my not play again (BR)

  12. I know you like this!


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    2. NFLfan


      I was not familiar with "I'm your Boogie Man". I know the the others. I have not heard "Don't go" in some 25 years. Lol. The others I know well.


      I love "September". What a fun song! Listening to it right now...

      "Ba de ya, say do you remember; ba de ya, dancing in September..." :)


    3. NFLfan


      And of course I love Marvin Gaye. "What's Going On" is just a great song. It always makes me think about the world beyond myself. 


      I appreciate it. 

    4. TheRustonRifle#7


      I like the Boone signing and LOVE the Stanton deal!

  13. Indy - Buffalo Game

    I am from New York and I was the ONLY Colts! Bert rocked and it was a shame that his career was cut short due to injury....I am hopeful that Luck returns to near 100%....
  14. Indy - Buffalo Game

    Me neither! Rock on Brother!

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    2. southwest1


      Johnny Cash is the best. His work is timeless, poignant, & always relevant no matter what decade we are in. "Hello, I'm Johnny Cash." Yes, you most certainly are. A friend to preachers, pimps, prostitutes, & politicians as well as the downtrodden. Love the Man In Black. 


      You're a good man RR7. I wish your pop was still around too. Just so I could have the pleasure of meeting him or at least hearing entertaining stories about him anyway. My condolences RR7. 

    3. southwest1


      You know how much I revere Rainbow man. 



    4. southwest1


      Oops! My bad. I put Rainbow in the wrong status update. My apologies Cash. LOL! 


      Cash would lay down a spectacular cover though. We both know that.