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  1. Just felt listening  to some Crue!



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    2. Synthetic


      Hey 2006 if you like Vince Neil, you should check out his solo album 'Exposed' from 1993



      Steve Stevens played guitar on this record...You might remember him from his guitar leads and solo on Michael Jackson's Dirty Diana from the 'Bad' album. He was a hot shot studio guitar player from the 80's, very skilled player. 


      Vince's solo effort was better than Crue's 1994 album they released without him. 

    3. crazycolt1


      I am very familiar with Steve Stevens. His work with Billy Idol was fantastic .Not only does he smoke on the electric guitar he tears up an acoustic.

    4. TheRustonRifle#7

      TheRustonRifle#7 worries CC1!.  I like Tge Beatkes but am more of a Stones fan.  Synthetic...I have posted Dokken in the past and saw tgem live a few them.

  2. He needs more reps for least he doesn't get as many passes batted down like Walker did, that was ugly. While Walker's issue may improve, Morris has shown he can lead the team to a TD...despite the competition. I may eat my words on Saturday but will if necessary.
  3. Well that just sucks.............
  4. I agree and have supported patience with Green. My comment was in reference to all those who constantly complain about who was or wasn't taken in the draft....or when. Green showed up last Sunday, still needs work in coverage, and I believe that anywhere he can be of use is welcomed....we just need to be patient and let him develop.
  5. Woulda, coulda, shoulda......the answers to all of life's complexities.
  6. The voice of reason...kudos!
  7. I am glad someone else was not pleased with that decision...Chuck, you and NCF so was a poor football decision. He underwhelmed in the first game as well...don't fall for the "tea leaf readings" of the pre-season....especially early on.
  8. He didn't impress me but it is his first NFL game action....Tolzien didn't either.
  9. Green had some nice plays and I was glad to see that. Quincy was up and down but showed enough that I am very encouraged. Hooker showed the range that we have been hearing about. JoJo looked good, same with Pope. Bug had some moments and why did Rogers field that punt inside the 5? Why isn't Morris getting more run at QB?
  10. Yeah, he was supposed to be at the very least a quality back up at Center and Guard. He has had health issues over his career...not sure what the issue is now? He should be the back up Center but hasn't practiced yet.
  11. I saw a tweet that TKnight posted that Redmond was in the mix. I didn't realise that he coukd play center.
  12. I am curious to see how Green fits in and will be paying atention to Ridgeway...Quincy and Nate as well.
  13. Congrats Dad had me propped in front of the tv during Colts games back in the 60's. I started recognizing them around 1970, so 47 years for me and each coming season holds the same excitement as the first.
  14. Rod Stewart and Jeff Beck.......................nuff said, "Faces".



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    2. southwest1


      SW1's personal favorite of his...I always get nostalgic when I hear this number. Almost fall into a trance actually. 



    3. crazycolt1


      Rod's Blonds Have More Fun and Foolish Behavior was my favorite stuff by him since his Faces days.

    4. southwest1


      "I can't work & I can't sleep...Infatuation" I like the synthesizers in this song. Cheesy & yet effective. This number was HUGE in the mid 80's when I was growing up. 



      Along with this companion single as well. 


      I still have this compilation album in my music collection even today. 



  15. That is definitely part of the equation...I just can't wait for the season to start and to see how this team responds.

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