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  1. Ridgeway is my wildcard for Langford.
  2. Who is your starting front three on the defensive front line? Barring any draft picks...
  3. That is one way of thinking and it isn't entirely correct or incorrect. I am glad that around half of the deal is guaranteed. I want him to live up to his contract but won't be surprised if he doesn't and becomes the next "whipping boy" on here.....
  4. I am hopeful too. EDIT: Sorry for the triple quote.
  5. I never said he was "bear" or bad as you probably meant to write. I am glad he is a Colt and hope he lives up to the contract.
  6. He needs to earn it though...he has shown little in the past few years to have earned it. I would have been more accepting if it had been 8 per but 10 per................he needs to show it?
  7. In Free Agency they are most of the time. I bet you are one of those who would have dropped their drawers for Suh. Miami can't get out of that contract soon enough.
  8. Yet no one did?
  9. Because some team flush with cash over paid for middling talent, not a difficult concept to grasp.
  10. The cap rising is not an excuse to overpay for middling talent though, that only continues to drive up the price for all players at that position. I am glad Indy signed him, just wish it would have been more in line of what the market dictated.
  11. His own team nor anyone else was willing to pay him that...I am HOPEFUL that he earns it as he is a Colt. I will always cheer on a Colt, regardless of how I feel about them or their contract.
  12. LOL, I thought it was 1950!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EDIT: Taking the high road
  13. Why post such a ridiculous statement?
  14. For 30 million over 3 years...I am, lol!
  15. Definitely better than thinking that this was the most bestest signing! I showed comparable stats for two players at the same position (so to speak) is on a rookie deal and one received a ridiculous amount of money for their production. I am glad he is a colt but I hope he lives up to the contract.

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