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  1. I can second this, although it could get a little messy since we alternate two owners in each league. Where would the "newly demoted/promoted" owners rank on this scale of choosing a spot?
  2. I'll reach out to the Joe's League members for plans on returning.
  3. We are doing well. Some pretty good competition to determine the last seeds for the playoffs.
  4. I don't have a need for him.
  5. Here is my crew: QB Cam Newton, Jameis Winston RB David Johnson, Jeremy Hill, Bilal Powell WR Eric Decker, Amari Cooper, Emmanuel Sanders, Marvin Jones, Tajae Sharpe, Willie Snead TE Travis Kelce K Brandon McManus DEF Bengals, Packers
  6. Draft starts in 50 minutes!!
  7. Hey Fireman818!


    We have had an opening for one of our teams, so I'll send you an invite to the league.


    Feel free to change the team name and team logo/picture to customize it since you'll be inheriting a previous owner's team name.


    If you need anything let me know!





  8. We're all filled up, but I'll put both of you guys in the queue to take a spot should there be any emergencies. 1st alternate: jvan1973 2nd alternate: Fireman818 Thank you!
  9. ONE spot remaining! First come first served. Even if the league fills up I will accept alternates if we have any emergencies that require owners to leave before the draft.
  10. You've been removed. Good luck in the Elite League!
  11. Hello Colts Fans, The Colts Joe's League has open four (4) potential spots for fantasy this season. The top two teams at the end of the season will be promoted to the Elite League. (members may NOT be in both leagues at the same time) If you have any interest in participating this season please send me a PM with your email so I may invite you to the league. Settings subject to change per request / Elite League determination. Scheduled Draft Date/Time: Sunday, Sept. 4th, 4:00pm EST Indianapolis (USA - Indiana) Sunday, September 4, 2016 at 4:00:00 PM EDT UTC-4 hours San Francisco (USA - California) Sunday, September 4, 2016 at 1:00:00 PM PDT UTC-7 hours Dallas (USA - Texas) Sunday, September 4, 2016 at 3:00:00 PM CDT UTC-5 hours London (United Kingdom - England) Sunday, September 4, 2016 at 9:00:00 PM BST UTC+1 hour Corresponding UTC (GMT) Sunday, September 4, 2016 at 20:00:00 : League Settings Divisions No Weeks Per Playoff Matchup 1 Week Playoffs Weeks 14, 15 & 16 - 6 teams Teams 8 Viewable to Public No Max Adds per Season No Maximum Max Adds per Week No Maximum Max Trades per Season No Maximum Trade Review Type League Votes (by team owners) Trade Reject Time 2 days Trade Deadline 2016-11-27 Waiver Period 1 day Waiver Type Move to Last after Claim, Never Reset Post Draft Players Follow Waiver Rules Free Agent Lock Type Yes (player locks at game time) Roster Lock Type Game Time Allow Roster Options No Start of Season Week 1 Winners League No Keeper Settings None Standings Tiebreaker Head to Head Record Allow Matchup Ties Yes Undroppable List Fantasy Starting Roster Positions & Roster Limits Quarterback: 1 Running Back: 2 Wide Receiver: 2 Wide Receiver / Running Back: 1 Wide Receiver / Tight End: 1 Kicker: 1 Defensive Team: 1 Bench: 6 Reserve: 1 Scoring Settings Offense Passing Yards: 1 point per 25 yards Passing Touchdowns: 6 points Interceptions Thrown: -1 point Rushing Yards: 1 point per 10 yards Rushing Touchdowns: 6 points Receiving Yards: 1 point per 10 yards Receiving Touchdowns: 6 points Fumble Recovered for TD: 6 points Fumbles Lost: -2 points 2-Point Conversions: 2 points Kicking PAT Made: 1 point FG Made 0-19: 3 points FG Made 20-29: 3 points FG Made 30-39: 3 points FG Made 40-49: 4 points FG Made 50+: 5 points Defense / Special Teams Sacks: 1 point Interceptions: 2 points Fumbles Recovered: 2 points Safeties: 2 points Touchdowns: 6 points Blocked Kicks: 2 points Kickoff and Punt Return Yards: 1 point per 50 yards Kickoff and Punt Return Touchdowns: 6 points Points Allowed 0: 10 points Points Allowed 1-6: 7 points Points Allowed 7-13: 4 points Points Allowed 14-20: 1 point Points Allowed 21-27: 0 points Points Allowed 28-34: -1 point Points Allowed 35+: -4 points Other Use Fractional Pts Yes Use Negative Pts Yes
  12. I went last year and got Boom, Josh Robinson, and Moncrief's signatures. It seems they rotate defense vs. offense on who gets to go sign things for that day. I was lucky enough to be on the perimeter of the field, so it seems like there are a few changes for this upcoming training camp. Have fun and take a hat!
  13. As of right now here is the user-breakdown for Joe's League. 1. Luck Dynasty - Dan - RETURNING 2. The Legion of Blue - Colt92 - RETURNING 3. Luck at my TD's - Curtis - NOT RETURNING 4. VU Cru - Valpo2004 - ??? 5. Bluefire Squad - Bluefire4 - RETURNING 6. Hillbillyzfromhell - John Dee - ??? 7. Eat Drink and Demaryius - Spoonfish? - ??? 8. Phillip my balls to 13 PSI - Narcosys - RETURNING 9. Nailed Right in the Adongo - Barrett - ??? 10. Btown_Colt - Btown_Colt - RETURNING 11. The Steel City Dee Dars - SteelCityColt - ??? 12. Luck of the Irish - MTC - RETURNING
  14. I still can't view the full breakdown of the entire league SilentHill. I will try to contact each member and try to get confirmation of participating in the league this year by July 3rd.
  15. Hey everyone! I tried to view the standings from last season but I no longer can see it from the history tab. I'll try to put the standings together from the final week of matches...

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