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  1. Doyel from INDYSTAR really lays into some Colts.....

    Agree. Far too many blowouts for them to be playing hard. I think people misconstrue players not bickering and complaining behind the scenes as playing hard and being behind their coach rather than actual game day effort.
  2. Doyel from INDYSTAR really lays into some Colts.....

    Imagine that happening on the Patriots. Would NEVER happen.
  3. Doyel from INDYSTAR really lays into some Colts.....

    I don't know how many of you watch Ballers on HBO, but TY reminds me of wr Ricky Jerret.
  4. Doyel from INDYSTAR really lays into some Colts.....

    You should have access. But you can only read a certain number of articles without a sub. Clear your history/cookies cache and then try. Should work then.
  5. I am surprised no one posted this article yet from Indy Star. In it, the writer really gives some insight into some of the Colts and their attitudes. Sounds like many of the rookies and undrafted FAs are humble and hard working, which make sense. Also sounds like Pagano's relaxed attitude is letting some of the players with lets just say more narcissistic personalities get even worse. Moncrief wearing a t shirt with a pic of himself on it the day after a terrible game? And TY sounds like a jerk to be honest. I have always liked TY as a player, but I never respected him as one because I do not think he is a fighter the way Reggie was. He disappears way too much and lays down much too often. Interesting read....thoughts?
  6. Marlon Mack

    That is what irks me about this coaching staff. They seem to do things that 99% of other coaching staffs would not. For example playing Tolzein. And stick with Gore when he offers NOTHING for the future. There probably is not another team he would be starting on. Ridiculous at this point for Mack not to be the full blown starter.
  7. Please God no!! I would hope any solid football man would know that Pagano is not going to lead this team anywhere. IF he is brought back I will be stunned. Actually I don't expect him to last past game 5 or 6.
  8. Nice! Yeah it is amazing just in the past 3 years how much traffic has increased on the 5 both north and south bound And as you said it is only going to get worse.
  9. You nailed it! What a miserable experience.
  10. Awesome! I make the 10 minute drive there once a month to get my haircut in Castaic. Not much to do otherwise there haha. I live right off Copper Hill in Te Soro across from Albertsons. Funny thing was we had just returned from Cancun over Labor day where it was HOTTTTTTT with 95% humidity, and we still were not prepared for the heat sitting in the old stadium yesterday!
  11. Send In Your Questions

    Matt from Valencia CA: In what reality is it that a GM and a coach can both come to the conclusion that Scott Tolzein gave the Colts a better chance to win than Morris? And to now only believe that, but to release Morris as well. It is almost as if there is a conspiracy or secret agenda to purposely lose games, the decision was that bad. And how do the GM and coach still have jobs after a decision like that?
  12. First let me say that I am a huge Colts fan, have been since I was 3 years old living in MI, and I am now living in S Cal. So my wife and I went to the game yesterday. First let me say a couple of things. The Colt fans turnout was huge. LA is not a great sports town for their Rams, but the amount of Colts Jerseys, hats, and shirts we saw walking into the stadium was impressive. I would say at least half the people I saw had Colts stuff on. Big turnout. And you have to love the 30 dollar lower level tickets and the $40-$80 parking!! Second, it was VERY VERY hot there. I am surprised no one has mentioned this. Most all of the Colts fans sat behind the Colts bench, and the sun and heat was relentless. I live in Valencia, about 30 minutes north of LA, and it has been 90-105 there for the past 2 months, but usually in LA it won't get past 80-85. But yesterday it was scorching. 97 or so and sun. We were all sweating our butts off sitting there and finally we had to move under the big scoreboard in the far endzone to beat the heat. I felt bad for the players, especially the Colt players, who had to stand directly in the sun that way. With their being such a nice Colt fans turnout, I wish I could say the game was better. I told my wife a week ago the lock of the year was betting the Rams minus the points. I knew it would be a blowout, but it was even worse than I expected. I have never felt this bad being a Colts fan before. And I go back to after the Bert Jones era and the first move to Indy with Pagel at QB. But this team just had no fire, little talent, no organization, and not a lot of things to look forward to RIGHT NOW. Of course in the NFL things can change quickly. But anyone who thinks that Pagano is the answer needs their head examined. And it blows my mind that Irsay and Ballard cannot see this. He and much of his staff needs to be let go now. Today. They are literally poisoning this franchise with their incompetence. How can you possibly not see that Morris gave them a better chance to win? Anyone who didn't see that needed to be fired. Yet not only was he not named the starter, he was waived. Let go! Its truly mind boggling. And I don't think he is the second coming, but at least he had some skills and gave the team a chance. After we moved to the far endzone I ran into a couple Colts fans who had moved there as well, and we were just amazed at bad Tolzein is. It is literally like a skinny little manlet trying to play football. Just no athletic ability. And then, to stay with him as long as they did and to not put the new guy in? You could just see the Colt players losing their excitement and motivation the longer Tolzein stayed in. It was honestly so bad that I told the Colts fans that this has to be some sort of conspiracy. Some sort of master plan to let Pagano hang himself so that it makes it that much easier to fire him. Or maybe they are stalling for Harbaugh. None of it makes sense otherwise. Because anyone can see that this team has no shot with the current coaching staff. Its laughable. And Ballard should not go unscathed. He had a ton of money and time to bring in who he wanted this off season, and I don't see much talent if I am being honest. I said this last spring and I say it even more now. I am not impressed with what he did. Honestly even my wife remarked that they didn't look that much different than the Valencia high school team that we watch on Fridays. It was that bad.
  13. Ballard seems to be signing guys just "because".....

    Another signing....another who?? This team has a lot of depth. Only one starter in the front 7, but lots of backups!! This entire FA off season reminds me of when we used to be good. Teams in our division used to sign our hand-me-downs. How times have changed.
  14. Ballard seems to be signing guys just "because".....

    These are some quotes over on Stampede Blue, and I cannot argue with any of them. Could someone name 1 position group we've upgraded? TE , nope we are down 1 guy OL, Reitz retired Harrison walk, sign Brian Schwenke DL, Kerr out sign Hunt & Harris OLB, Mathis retired, Cole walk, Walden walk, sign Sheard & Simon ILB, DQ released no signings DB, Adams out, Robinson released, Butler on market, no signings P Boomstick retired Locke signed We only have 7 draft picks This feels like the Grigson years all over again only Grigson never had this much money to spend. Sorry for the negativity but I am really frustrated. All the cap money that we had and we aren’t signing a single big impact player. Not one! Our answer to improve the OL is the second coming of Mike McGlynn (Schwenke). We have not addressed ILB. We have not addressed CB. We have not addressed pass rush or OLB as I don’t think Mingo, Simon, and Shepard are much of an upgrade over what we had. The last few years have been tough. Teams like the Broncos and Giants and Patriots have found a way to get the guys they want while we settle for depth players that help bring competition. I know the roster is a mess and cannot be fixed over night, but would it hurt to have anyone that is considered one of the best at what they do ( besides Luck)? Ballard lied to us all I remember in one of his first interviews he stated that when they do go into free agency they are going to get guys who have "earned it". All the Colts have done so far is Sheard- backup, Simon- backup, Schwenke-back up and loves to play video games, Mingo- bust, Hunt-bust, and Woods-back up. I had high hopes for Ballard, but these moves add zero impact players and the Colts HAD MONEY TO GET THEM. If I was Pagano I would go ahead and pack my bags. This team isn’t winning more than 6 games.
  15. Ballard seems to be signing guys just "because".....

    You nailed it