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  1. Another signing....another who?? This team has a lot of depth. Only one starter in the front 7, but lots of backups!! This entire FA off season reminds me of when we used to be good. Teams in our division used to sign our hand-me-downs. How times have changed.
  2. These are some quotes over on Stampede Blue, and I cannot argue with any of them. Could someone name 1 position group we've upgraded? TE , nope we are down 1 guy OL, Reitz retired Harrison walk, sign Brian Schwenke DL, Kerr out sign Hunt & Harris OLB, Mathis retired, Cole walk, Walden walk, sign Sheard & Simon ILB, DQ released no signings DB, Adams out, Robinson released, Butler on market, no signings P Boomstick retired Locke signed We only have 7 draft picks This feels like the Grigson years all over again only Grigson never had this much money to spend. Sorry for the negativity but I am really frustrated. All the cap money that we had and we aren’t signing a single big impact player. Not one! Our answer to improve the OL is the second coming of Mike McGlynn (Schwenke). We have not addressed ILB. We have not addressed CB. We have not addressed pass rush or OLB as I don’t think Mingo, Simon, and Shepard are much of an upgrade over what we had. The last few years have been tough. Teams like the Broncos and Giants and Patriots have found a way to get the guys they want while we settle for depth players that help bring competition. I know the roster is a mess and cannot be fixed over night, but would it hurt to have anyone that is considered one of the best at what they do ( besides Luck)? Ballard lied to us all I remember in one of his first interviews he stated that when they do go into free agency they are going to get guys who have "earned it". All the Colts have done so far is Sheard- backup, Simon- backup, Schwenke-back up and loves to play video games, Mingo- bust, Hunt-bust, and Woods-back up. I had high hopes for Ballard, but these moves add zero impact players and the Colts HAD MONEY TO GET THEM. If I was Pagano I would go ahead and pack my bags. This team isn’t winning more than 6 games.
  3. You nailed it
  4. Am I the only one who is not liking what I am seeing so far with Ballard's free agent signings? He has signed 2 players who I guess could be considered starters in Simon and Sheard, and even they are not what I would call blue chippers by any stretch. Other than that, he seems to be getting rid of the Colt players who were here already and just replacing them with "guys". And I am starting to get the impression he doesn't really have any rhyme or reason to his signings. It is almost as if he is signing them just because they weren't Colts. As soon as he signed that punter a little part of me went "uh oh". I know he is just a punter but to me, it seems so much better to draft one then sign a guy like that. And that was just the beginning. Al Woods? Mingo? Schwenke? Hunt? And while their contracts are not large, they are still for $5 million or so and it is starting to eat away at our cap space and I cannot say we are any better off today then we were a month ago. I just get the feeling that he really doesn't know what they heck he is doing, and is making changes just for the sake of changes. Thoughts?
  5. Well again, I think if you go down the list of guys that the Colts have that are truly considered above average (excluding kickers), the list is very very small. Luck Hilton Kelly Maybe Davis though he was down this year Anyone else? I mean, that is pretty freaking pathetic. It has to be at the very bottom of the league as far as players that other teams would love to have.
  6. When you really look at the Colts roster, you start to see a trend throughout most of it. The pure lack of talent on all sides of the ball. Go back to the Glory years during the Manning era. You had Manning, Wayne, Harrison, Stokely, Collie, Clark, James, Addai, Pollard, Saturday, Glenn on the offensive side, and people like Freeney, Sanders, Mathis, Bethea, and a slew of good linebackers. Now? Compare those players to Luck, Hilton, I guess Moncrief and Kelly on the O, and who on the D? Davis? And that is just the starters. While the Colts have never been a particularly deep team, even our depth now is pretty non existent. There is just no talent here. Add in the VERY average coaching at best and it really goes to show you that without Luck, we are the Browns. Thing is, Irsay is in a tough spot. He wants to make a change to a big name coach and GM. And he should. But his main choices like Harbaugh, Gruden, and Manning, are just not available YET. So what does he do? Sit and wait and then fire P and G when someone becomes available? Or fire them now, hire a no name, and then have one of his top choices become available next year. Then the coach he just hired? What he should have done, and this would have been ballsy, was to go after Harbaugh the moment be became available. I realize that would mean firing Pagano after 3 good seasons, but if you want Super Bowls with Luck, it would have had to have been done. Now he has to wait....
  7. Here is Irsay's problem. He really wants Manning as GM and Harbaugh as coach. Reuniting two of the most famous Colts qbs of all time. But, Harbaugh is not ready to leave UM and Manning is not ready to assume GM duties. So he has to decide, "do I fire P and G now and bring in someone new, only to have Harbaugh and Manning available next year and then have to fire the coach and GM I just hired?" "Or do I just maintain status quo and wait for Manning and Harbaugh next year or the year after?" I think he decided it wasn't worth the aggravation of trying to find a new GM and coach NOW, among a group of candidates he could take or leave, and instead is banking on his 2 favorite choices being available in the next 1-2 years.
  8. Yes, but there have not been many players smarter at the game of football, let alone being a quarterback in the game of football, than #18. He has everything and then some you would want in a GM. Except experience. So why take a chance with giving him a chance to learn somewhere else? Like with the Titans for example. If he wants the job, you take the risk and let him do it. The reward far outweighs the risk.
  9. I remember bringing up PM as a Gm a year ago and being laughed off this forum by most, even a mod joined in. To me though, it makes perfect sense. Not only does it reinvigorate the fan base and give the franchise some excitement and flash, but PM is just a smart smart football man. He is known as possibly the smartest and most innovating QB to play the game. A true innovator who won as much with his head as his arm. Yet some would rather have some no name who has never played a game in his life as GM rather than perhaps the greatest football mind of all time????? Tell me how that makes any sense? This is a no brainer and every bit and then some worth the risk of him having no real experience. That is why you bring in "tutors" to guide him while he learns. And knowing him, it won't take him long at all to learn the job.
  10. To me that is the biggest thing. He is a smart guy. But wayyyyyy too passive imo. Manning, as seemingly laid back and nice as he is, had a mean streak and a take charge streak. If he didn't like a call, he was not afraid to change it at the line. I mean he was KNOWN for that. Luck very rarely audibles. Luck needs to get that if he is ever to achieve greatness.
  11. Pretty sure both will be fired. Not making the playoffs two years in a row during the AL era is pretty much wasting time.
  12. Said it before, say it again. Right now, TODAY, Andrew Luck is not reaching the potential that he should have. I blame the coaching, the OL, and the GM for not giving him the players to reach his full potential. He does not deserve to be the highest paid player in the NFL. He needs to get back to what he was. A QB who can beat you with both the run and the pass. I really feel the coaches have taken the run away from him, and he doesn't seem to be having the same amount of fun and playing the same way anymore. And yes I know that he has had a very good year. But he should be GREAT. I also put some of the blame on him. He has not progressed to the level he should have. He still makes some stupid mistakes, holds the ball, and I don't think he changes the calls nearly enough when he is at the los.
  13. I am sorry to all those that still want to defend him, but Luck still makes plays like a rookie. I was the biggest Luck defender for his first 3 years in the league, but he has just not progressed. In fact I think he is worse than year 2 and 3. Just the way it is.
  14. This is exactly what I think of Luck, and those here who think Luck is the Messiah. He is most certainly a very very good qb. One of the best ever? Or even top 3 or top 5 in the league right now? No. He makes way too many bone headed mistakes. Over and over and over to be considered that. I do think, if he had had the proper coaching from the get go....from lets say a Harbaugh....that he "could' be the best qb in the league right now.
  15. Luck is a very good Qb, but not elite. He still makes way too many bone headed mistakes to be considered top 5. If he had the proper coaching from day 1, like from a Harbaugh, he would probably be the top qb in the league bar none.

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