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  1. Buffalo?

    If Buffalo offers another first to move up, you take it. If not? No.
  2. The 2nd Rounders

    You have to get Sony Michael (RB Georgia) if you are Ballard. Even if you have to trade and give up a 2018 2nd and the 2019 2nd to move up and get him in the first round, he is almost if not just as good as Barkley. You get him. No questions asked.
  3. Hankins Released

    I said it yesterday and I will say it again. It is like Ballard has no plan whatsoever. He is just throwing darts at a dartboard.
  4. Maybe. But I have seen enough from him the past year and a half, from last years draft and FA signings to Tolzein to keeping Chuck last year to McDaniels to see there is a very definite pattern of "not good" going on here.
  5. I'm not upset in the least. Actually just amused at the amount of Ballard lovers there are that defend his moves. So far the guy has not impressed me in the least. Although if you ask him, he and his black book are the smartest kids in school.
  6. There doesn't seem to be a plan, That is the point. Unless the plan is to spend as little money as possible to improve the ball club. People can talk all they want about improving through the draft, But cmon, even the best drafts are a crap shoot. You are lucky if you can get 2 to 3 starters out of any draft, and 1 really good player. To think you are going to improve this team through 2 drafts to the point where they can compete for the playoffs is crazy talk. Look at last year.....a few decent players, maybe a really good one in Hooker, but even he is a risk. When you have a very weak OL, a franchise QB who has been hurt because of that OL, $70 M to spend, and you do nothing to improve that line??? That is insanity.
  7. Here is all I can say at this point. After watching Ballard perform now, from last years draft and FA signings to the Tolzien fiasco to the McDaniels blunder to this years FA signings... Ballard is in way way wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy over his head. It is literally like he is so afraid of doing anything because he is afraid to make another mistake that he has become a comatose man. That is no way to run an NFL franchise.
  8. If Ballard signs this guy, after letting some WR's with size go like Moncrief and not signing Robinson, it will just verify in my mind that Ballard has absolutely no idea what he is doing. He is just throwing darts at a dartboard, So far during his reign, color me not impressed. From a so far average draft and FA sign up 2017 to the Tolzein fiasco to the V Davis faisco to the McDaniels screw up, it almost seems as if he has no idea what it means to be an NFL GM.
  9. Bottom line is if you are going to overspend, and I don't mean stupid money but enough to get a deal done, you do it on the OL. Reason being is there is ONE person on the team that is important. A Luck. If the OL is not improved? What difference does it make having a bunch of average to slightly above average younger FA's who got paid average money? I would rather over pay on the OL knowing that it will protect Luck to the best of its ability from further injury and have a slightly below average LB core or something than have an OL that is the same as its always been. If we go that way, Luck won't last another 2 years.
  10. Totally agree. Not only has he now missed out on pretty much every main FA target both last year and this, but he also missed out on his head coaching choice. AFTER he announced him as coach. That is a pattern. Not an aberration. Perhaps many of these guys are getting the impression I have of Ballard. A too smart for his own good, cocky guy who may rub some people the wrong way. SOMETHING is going on.
  11. Colts FA - no news is good news

    I am telling you flat out what this is. I am a pretty good judge of character, and I can tell from watching Ballard that he thinks he is the cats meow. That he is smarter than everyone. So he thinks he can sit back, not spend jack, and get scrubs for "value" that he thinks will turn into world beaters. He is just one of those guys that thinks they are better than everyone else. Grigson was too, but he did it in a much more apparent way and non authentic way. He did it partly because he was insecure and deep down didn't really believe it. Ballard actually believes it.
  12. Colts FA - no news is good news

    If that is the case and I was Luck? I would ask for a trade. He carried this team for his first 5 years, and then broke down like a $2,000 claiming race horse his last 2 years because the front office couldn't build a solid OL. To ask him to go through more rebuild, and risk his future doing so? I would start looking at my options.
  13. Colts FA - no news is good news

    No one is saying you need to over pay for a bunch of free agents. But paying Robinson, Norwell, and the Dallas LB a little more than they got was certainly what I would consider to be in the ball park of what they deserve. Especially someone like Norwell. Even Robinson who is still super young. I see people saying what is the point in signing really good free agents to higher contracts now when we aren't any good. Two things. We won't be good unless we get good players, and relying on the draft is a crapshoot. And two, OL is wayyyyyyyyy different than almost any other position considering the status of Lucks health. He is the franchise. And the franchise is hurt and has been for 2 years. I don't care if the rest of the team completely blows. The OL needs to be GREAT at this point to protect Luck. So saying we shouldn't pay high for the OL because the rest of the team sucks is absolute craziness. If we don't have an OL, there will be no more Luck in 2 years. Not to mention, when Luck is good, that creates good vibes and the team does better and that makes more FA's want to come here. If he struggles or is hurt? They don't.
  14. Colts FA - no news is good news

    I understand but those 3 players are not going to magically change and sign with the Colts.
  15. Colts FA - no news is good news

    I agree. I said that was the contract that seemed extreme to me. I said Robinson, Norwell, and the Dallas LB all seemed VERY reasonable and something that we should have been in on. Cmon.....Robinson signed with the Bears and an iffy 2nd year qb. We couldn't beat that? On a side note, what is going in with Frank Reich and these oversized sports jackets he seems to favor wearing? He looks like a guy from the 1990s going to a wedding in a sports jacket from 1975. Get a new wardrobe bro! (and a teeth whitener) I's vain of me haha. I just look at him and those are the first 2 things I notice.