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  1. Luck being shut down from practice this week.

    Just when we were thinking in Nashville that we might see Luck in the rematch game...
  2. AFC South

    A healthy Luck can field a bunch of scrubs and make them contenders. But not only is his health in question, but keeping him healthy with that O-line is a big problem for you guys.
  3. What needs to happen the last 2 weeks...

    The Colts still have our number, so to speak. One of these days we'll figure out how to defend an Andrew Luck offense.
  4. What needs to happen the last 2 weeks...

    We had no business winning that game with three T/Os. But the defense stepped up and stopped two redzone drives, one on the goal line, the other an INT in the end zone. Mariota didn't have a stellar game but got us into field goal range on the final drive with no time outs. And Succop had the kick of his life in a place he knew very well having been the old KC place kicker years ago. Everything is pointing to the final game against Houston on Jan 1st for all the marbles. Houston is trying to make a go of it with a backup QB who had success today. But he'll be playing in Nashville. The big problem is next week against JAX which is looking like the classic trap game with a fired head coach and OC. Will the Jaguars fold or will they play to make a statement?
  5. That Just About Does it

    Those of us in Tennessee were wondering which one of you to root for, either Indy or Houston. Houston has the easier schedule but Indy has beaten us twice this year. Regardless the best scenario is to win out and control our own destiny and that happened today in Nashville. We didn't play well on offense in the second half....most of us would have said that if we knew that Mariota would go 6-20 for 88 yards passing that this is a loss. But our defense was playing out of their minds. KC in Arrowhead will be the ultimate test. I think the offense will play better but we have to play a complete game in all 3 phases.
  6. the 6-6 plateau

    The Titans playoff scenario is to win 3 of the next 4 (splitting the Denver and KC game) and beating both JAX and Houston. After that, we'd still need help (Indy and Houston dropping a key game or two).
  7. Pagano: Colts-Titans "Playoff Football"....

    Well this is going well.... #forIndy
  8. Pagano: Colts-Titans "Playoff Football"....

    Bukafax is a regular contributor on the Titans forum. He's always a good read. The Titans aren't a bad team on the road. Heck the Green Bay game was almost a road game with all the Cheeseheads that descended on Nashville. But again, this is Lucas Oil Stadium where we've never won. I agree on the "watch Kevin Byard" comment. Probably the only real surprise with him is that he doesn't have an INT yet. He set the school record at MTSU and he's been picking up the NFL safety position really fast, gaining more and more playing time every week. The coaches really like him and he looks like a solid pick from last year's draft. As he gets better, so does the secondary.
  9. Pagano: Colts-Titans "Playoff Football"....

    Mariota's turnovers this year have had a remarkable amount of bad luck. The number of pick-6's on INTs or scoop and scores on fumbles is ridiculous. At least two of the loses this year could attributed to that alone. Thankfully, the trendline on this seems to be improving.
  10. Players ruled OUT Sunday vs Titans

    Titans players ruled out for Sunday: None.
  11. Pagano: Colts-Titans "Playoff Football"....

    I'm not sure whom you are speaking of but it certainly wasn't me. Are we playing better? Absolutely. But we're still a .500 ball club right now facing a team that has historically had our number. We've never beaten Andrew Luck. We've never won at Lucas Oil. 10 straight losses. And back in week 7, the Colts beat the Titans with only Hilton and Doyle to throw to. (yes, I know, saying "only" Hilton doesn't give him his due). The problems of the last game were an inability of the offense to maintain drives early on, resulting in field goals. We never led in that game. For a team that allowed Luck to be a pinata for much of the season, Indy's O-line all of a sudden looked a lot more stout. We failed to get the the QB and to make adjustments when we weren't succeeding. Mariota didn't have a terrible game but it wasn't a great one. He put two footballs on the ground, losing one and we can't have that and win against a team like Indy. Murray had a good statistical running game but Henry was barely used. We have to start fast like we've done in recent weeks. We hung three TD's on Green Bay before they had an answer and then we hung two more before the end of the first half. We can't afford to turn the ball over. And the defense has to step up and do better, both on the line (which was a surprise in the last game) and the secondary (which wasn't).
  12. Lets talk Tennessee...

    Different team? More like an evolving team. But we are hanging some pretty interesting offensive numbers on people in recent weeks. Not sure it lasts but it has put the league on notice. And while our secondary is still a big problem, keep an eye out for Kevin Byard, our rookie safety. He's coming along very fast. What has me worried? We come out slow, Mariota comes out inaccurate or turns the football over a few times. Then we'd be screwed. Also, Luck has a healthier team around him with all of his primary targets expected to play (unlike the last game where he made do with Hilton and Doyle and still beat us).
  13. Lets talk Tennessee...

    I know how the Titans are responding. Coach Mularkey gave the team Tuesday off as a reward. Monday is a regular off-day. The entire team on Monday showed up anyway to work out and review tape. I suspect the facility is full of people today too.
  14. Lets talk Tennessee...

    The last game plan resulted in a loss. So yes, I would expect changes. I'm not sure if we'll amp up blitzes as much as trying to disguise blitzes better. But that's still hard to do with a QB like Luck. But we had decent success against Rodgers last week. Gore ran for 61 yards last game. I'm more worried about us defending the pass. Turnovers is our big key. We're not built to come back from those kind of mistakes.
  15. Lets talk Tennessee...

    Our O-line is stout but the Colts game in Nashville was one of their weaker performances. And Mariota didn't read the pressures as well. But what was inexcusible was allowing Luck to basically go untouched the whole game when we knew that the Colts O-line had a pretty porous reputation. Once Luck had lots of time, our secondary was toast.