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  1. IN 2013 the Colts lost to the Rams, Bengals, Dolphins, and Chargers But beat Teams like: The Good 49ers team, The Seahawks, & The broncos... Those 3 teams were all in the Conference championship games.
  2. Disclaimer, this is merely a prediction, I am fully aware injuries happen, players change, no win is guaranteed. This is just for fun. WEEK 1 @ Rams Colts Win - I'm giving the Colts a Win in this one. After slow starts Andrew Luck's whole career, I feel like this is the season the Colts start off with a W. I see the game being relatively close most of the game, but the Colts ultimately coming out ontop in the fourth Quarter. A win by 10 points or more is my prediction. Week 2 VS Cardinals Colts Win - This is one of those games in years past I feel like we would have lost. This is a very "lose-able" game. The biggest test will be containing David Johnson. However, with Carson Palmer on the brink of retirement & this being the Colts home opener, coming off a solid win vs the Rams. I think the Colts will take the cake in this game. My score prediction would be high scoring, Colts win by 5 or under. Week 3 vs Browns Colts Win - Hopefully the team comes out with a laser focus this game. Although anything can happen in the NFL, even if the team has a poor outing we could still walk away with a win. Especially being in Indy. Colts win by 20+ Week 4 at Seahawks Colts Win - Colts go into Seattle on Sunday night football and get a win. At this point National Media falls back in love with Andrew Luck. Seattle has average receivers, and their defense isn't what it once was. With the new found talent in the Colts front 7, the Colts limit Seattle's power running game. Colts win by under 10 points. Week 5 vs 49ers Colts Win - The Colts will win this game as well. As far-fetched as it may seem to go 5-0 I believe 4 of the first 5 match ups are very winnable, with the Cardinals being in Indy. Colts should win this game by 10 plus points. The 9ers just aren't that good. Week 6 at Titans (MNF) Colts Win - Luck is undefeated vs the Titans and I don't see that changing. Many people are expecting the Titans to make a big jump this season, so this is a game where the Colts could take a loss. However, in my humble opinion I feel like the Titans may take a step back this season. Colts win a close game. Week 7 vs Jags Colts Win - Colts beat the Jags, at this point I have probably lost all my credibility. I am acknowledging the fact that we could very well be 4-3 or 5-2 at this point. However, I genuinely think with this front 7 on the Defense the Colts wont be gashed game in and game out. The Jags aren't that good, and they are playing in Indy. Week 8 at Bengals - Colts Lose- Andrew Luck suffers an ACL tear first drive of the game. Just kidding. But the Colts fall to the Bengals, this will lead to questioning about our good start, and our forum will explode after a loss to the Bengals. However the game is in Cincy, and the loss will bring the team back down to earth. Week 9 at Texans - Colts Win - The Colts beat the texans in Houston. After being swept by them last season and coming off an upset loss the Colts will come out hot this game, and actually FINISH the game!!! Week 10 vs Steelers - Colts Lose - The Colts still can't get over that hump vs the Steelers, this game will be a close game however the Steelers have too much fire power, and I fear that Luck will force the issue and lead to some costly turnovers, trying to make up for our defense's shortcomings. Week 12 Vs Titans Colts Win - The Colts play a critical AFC south matchup and bounce back again. Andrew Luck has a redemption game after a tough game vs the Steelers and the Colts will show more mental toughness than last year. Like I stated earlier, the Titans will have a down year in my opinion. Week 13 at Jags - Colts Win - The Colts will win a close game in Jacksonville. Although I think the Jags are on the right rack, and consistently picking up top in the draft has to get you good players eventually, the Jags are just a few years out. Especially with Bortles not being a consistently good QB yet. Week 14 At Bils Colts Lose - In this game the Colts are fighting for a BYE week in the playoffs, however Buffalo's defense will overwhelm the Colts, I can see the Colts losing a close heartbreaking game in Buffalo. Week 15 Vs Broncos Colts Win - I see the Colts beating Denver. Their defense isn't getting any younger, and this time the game is in Indy. Unlike last year I think the offense will be able to get more of a rhtym going. Week 16 at Ravens Colts Lose - In this game the Colts are going into Baltimore. Baltimore is a physical bunch, and unfortunately I think they bully the Colts in this game. However I can see the Colts getting a win here as well. Week 17 vs Texans - Colts win - The Colts will beat the Texans and their no name QB once again, and end the season with a W putting them in the playoffs at 12-4. Season Review: The Colts will take advantage of an easier schedule at the beginning of the year which will help combat some of their later losses on the road vs the Bills and Ravens. They will also assert themselves as the top dogs of the AFC south as the Titans will take a step back, and Houston has a big question mark at QB. This team is not a superbowl team yet, however they are capable of beating almost any team if the ball bounces the right way. With a solid season like this, and possibly a playoff win I feel like it will push the team into 2018 with excitement and hope.
  3. Trent Richardson **
  4. Not trying to get too political, and I could be way off base here - But based off of Ballard's many interviews I've watched, I am going to take an educated guess that he would be one of the GM's to take Colin off his list because of the kneel during the anthem. Ballard strikes me as a guy with conservative values, I'm not saying that's right, wrong, or indifferent, what I'm saying is that's what my analysis is. Based off of that assumption, I would have reason to believe that Kaep wont be a Colt. Especially seeing how the Colts released Antoinio Cromartie two days after he took a knee, (obviously he was playing like garbage too, but I would assume that Irsay didn't like that very much.)
  5. I would disagree with you, Romo's back is more likely to get injured on that type of shot than say Ben Roethlisberger (someone close in age) Why? Romo has had multiple surgeries on his back, it is a known issue that he has back problems. I would also say that people not in the NFL are far more brittle in MOST cases. The guys who play in the league are freaks of nature. You can't compare them to regular people, however once you start comparing them to eachother, then you can say okay, Tony Romo has an injury history, he is far more likely to injury than tons of quarterbacks. History speaks for itself.
  6. Their QB is known to be brittle, they had the best offensive line in football and: Had a top running game - clinched the first seed in the NFC with a Rookie QB (good QB I know, but still that o line had a lot to deal with it)
  7. Yeah this post isn't meant to beat a dead horse. Obviously the offensive line does need to improve. We do have some young guys in place that will help protect the QB, however we do lack depth, and I still feel like it is justified to spend an early round pick on a lineman.
  8. Here is an interesting video made by NFL stating that Luck has minimal pocket space roughly 2 yards per play to the nearest defender.
  9. Those are strong words, especially since Aguayo is such a talented player. Obviously the odds of us signing him when Vinatieri is gone are very slim. But Aguayo's problem seems more of a "mental" issue, meaning that the pressure is in his head. He has all the talent to be great. Maybe a change of scenery can be good for him, he's still young.
  10. Thanks for the feedback guys, also one more question: Would you rather it just be my face most of the time with my room in the background, or m voice for the main part? It's hard to include NFL tape due to NFL copyright laws on youtube.
  11. Got it, thanks fellas, I am solid at editing, I will see if I can get things going!
  12. Hi, I was considering making a youtube, news channel for the Colts, obviously it wouldn't contain highlights, but it would just have recent news, and talking about various other colts information. There aren't many Colts outlets on the internet so I figured maybe I could start something big. I am looking for Ideas on how you guys would like to see the channel turnout. Mods feel free to move this if it technically isn't colts information! Thank you.
  13. Passing the physical is an easy part - preforming at a high level throughout a 16 game season is what he has to prove in order to warrant a multi year contract with a larger amount of guaranteed money.
  14. I think he was just stating the obvious saying they were making a youth movement, however he definitely could of used better wording as it does seem as a subtle shot in a way. Or it can be taken negatively, even if that's not what he meant.

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