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  1. interesting analysis, I find the Nike Jersey I own for the Colts kind of weird compared to the old rebook ones. Whenever I left my arms above my head the whole jersey kind of scrunches up with it, just kind of weird fitting. I have the "cheap" $100 game jersey though.
  2. I don't know much about Mack. I don't watch much college football though. If he is as talented as people say he is, then how come he was picked in the fourth round?
  3. Your initial post said professional athletes in general. But I thought it was basically common knowledge that athletes have money spending issues? They have TONS of money coming in and going out when they are playing, and they don't know how to cut back after they retire, and don't have that huge check coming in.
  4. I actually think it's the other way around, most athletes aren't good with their money:
  5. I will be honest, I stopped reading at the bolded part above. I never said that.
  6. I agree that TY his a great receiver, and Aiken is a good depth piece, but the rest of yet to reach their potential. Sure Dorsett can FLY but we've seen time and time again, the guy cant catch. I liked Chester Rogers as well, but he's still a question mark. He may become the third receiver honestly (once again just a POTENTIAL guy) Moncrief is another guy, he got a lot of touchdowns in limited time last year, but being consistent and burning defenders, or playing up to his size, or even beyond it, he lacked in that area. Another guy with just potential that has yet to show any consistency at all. God for bid if T.Y missed a game due to an injury, it would truly show that our receivers is actually a weakness. You can come back at me that they are still young and could turn it around, but right now, stats are stats, facts are facts and everyone besides TY has shown very little. (Aiken is solid) .
  7. Imagine a conversation with Chuck & Chris. "Look - you've just got to do what you can" Chris Ballard. "Exactly uhh, you just got to uhh keep chopping wood, he's a bowling ball of butcher knives."
  8. Oh god... You're not one of those people who have zero understanding of basic economics and don't see why professional athletes make more money than doctors/lawyers/military etc are you??
  9. Not going to lie, at first I thought this was some spam post!
  10. Your comparison of cutting Anderson isn't valid. Anderson is young and has potential and is still on the up rise. Langford is getting older, and did have an injury which only can expedite his "aging process as a player" I would say Ridgeway, Anderson, and Hankins should be the starting defensive line. I'm not opposed to Kendall being on the team by any means, but I just think we will see a significant drop in his play this season, so maybe it's best to rip the band-aid before that happens.
  11. I see what you are saying, but last season he got 0 sacks. Yes he was injured, but the NFL is a "what have you done for me now" type of league. For example: Peyton Manning went from 55 touchdowns, to 39 touchdowns to 9 touchdowns in 3 seasons. Arguably the greatest QB of all time, and has taken limited punishment. Langford is a defensive lineman, who literally has contact every single play he is on the field. Which makes you ask this question: Is a player of his caliber (never GREAT but solid his career) worth keeping on the roster when you could clear up some cap, and also get young guys some more playing time. I think the smart thing to do is trade him for a 6th or 7th, or just cut him. As for veteran talent, offensively we have: Luck, TY, Costanzo, Gore, and Doyle at each position group to help be a veteran presence. Defensively: Vonate Davis, Jabaal Sheared, and I would expect Henry Anderson to become more of a leader this season as well.
  12. Believe it or not the Colts had a less "average yard per attempt" than the Patriots last season. Source:
  13. It wouldn't surprise me if Langford got cut during the Pre-Season. Ballard is going to the youth movement, and Langford is 31 years old coming off some knee issues. With some decent depth at the D-Line It wouldn't surprise me if Ridgeway impresses that Langford would get the axe.
  14. Lol! Speaking of Madden, I actually run a very successful Madden 17 online Franchise for the PS4 with like 3 teams open at the moment. We do podcasts, and are very organized. We have many rules, such as fourth down rules, team management rules, etc to help mimic the NFL as much as possible. DM me for details if you're interested.
  15. I was thinking about Locke doing holding duties, wasn't he the one that had the laces facing the kicker during that Seattle game in the playoffs where Blair Walsh missed that kick? Every holder does it, but that's all I remember Locke from haha!!!

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