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  1. Their QB is known to be brittle, they had the best offensive line in football and: Had a top running game - clinched the first seed in the NFC with a Rookie QB (good QB I know, but still that o line had a lot to deal with it)
  2. Yeah this post isn't meant to beat a dead horse. Obviously the offensive line does need to improve. We do have some young guys in place that will help protect the QB, however we do lack depth, and I still feel like it is justified to spend an early round pick on a lineman.
  3. Here is an interesting video made by NFL stating that Luck has minimal pocket space roughly 2 yards per play to the nearest defender.
  4. Those are strong words, especially since Aguayo is such a talented player. Obviously the odds of us signing him when Vinatieri is gone are very slim. But Aguayo's problem seems more of a "mental" issue, meaning that the pressure is in his head. He has all the talent to be great. Maybe a change of scenery can be good for him, he's still young.
  5. Thanks for the feedback guys, also one more question: Would you rather it just be my face most of the time with my room in the background, or m voice for the main part? It's hard to include NFL tape due to NFL copyright laws on youtube.
  6. Got it, thanks fellas, I am solid at editing, I will see if I can get things going!
  7. Hi, I was considering making a youtube, news channel for the Colts, obviously it wouldn't contain highlights, but it would just have recent news, and talking about various other colts information. There aren't many Colts outlets on the internet so I figured maybe I could start something big. I am looking for Ideas on how you guys would like to see the channel turnout. Mods feel free to move this if it technically isn't colts information! Thank you.
  8. Passing the physical is an easy part - preforming at a high level throughout a 16 game season is what he has to prove in order to warrant a multi year contract with a larger amount of guaranteed money.
  9. I think he was just stating the obvious saying they were making a youth movement, however he definitely could of used better wording as it does seem as a subtle shot in a way. Or it can be taken negatively, even if that's not what he meant.
  10. Title says it all, saw it on Twitter.
  11. I don't think he missed much time, but his play wasn't the same this year. I have a feeling he will sign a one year "prove it" deal with any team he signs with.
  12. I agree that this is unlikely, however possibly for a different reason. I don't believe we trade off our best defensive player on a defense that lacks talent - everywhere! However, I do disagree with you, I think he'd be worth maybe two thirds, or a third and a fourth. He is coming off a underwhelming season, and is having injuries pile up.
  13. I'm very encouraged so far, making the obvious releases of the players who needed to go. I'm not so sure Grigson would of made the same moves, whether it was he didn't want to admit his mistake, or he just sees talent differently than most. Ballard is making the common sense moves, which is new in Colts land.
  14. Could be smoke and mirrors. Guess we will find out on draft day.
  15. The 89% rule does not apply to a single season, but rather a span of four years. Therefore, it doesn't matter if the Colts spend less than 89% in 2017, or if they spend less than 89% in 2018. By the end of the 2020 season, though, the cumulative spending from 2017-2020 must be at least 89%. Therefore, if the Colts spend very little in 2017 and 2018, in order to meet the requirement in 2020, they would have been basically forced to spend a lot of money in 2019 and 2020.

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