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  1. High spirits huh? So he's in Amsterdam?
  2. Malik Hooker Update

    He's played limited reps the past 3 weeks. Sub packages and punt coverage. A couple of tackles, not much of note.
  3. The best case scenario would be us finishing #2 and the Giants finishing #4 or 5. IMO the Giants woild definitely be looking to trade up for a QB. I dont see it happening though, I think we beat either Den or Hou.
  4. Best Way to Describe the 2017 Colts

    I hear ya man. Fans overrate their own teams all the time. I had an "argument" with somebody on here before the season started who said we could win 9 games with Tolzien this year because the D was "vastly improved".
  5. Best Way to Describe the 2017 Colts

    They are who we thought they were!
  6. Np, sometimes I type things that make sense in my own head that dont translate well to written word. lol
  7. Right, thats what i was saying. Its not head to head, SoS is the first tie break and if thats a tie its a coin flip. If it were head to head like I thought before that, Philly (via Minnesota) would have had it outright.
  8. Yep, head to head does not matter. Learned that last year when we had to coin flip with Philly even though they had Minnesota's pick and we crushed The Vikings.
  9. I wouldn't say it makes no sense. The FDA has their heads up their butts here in the US on many helpful techniques and treatments that have been around in Europe for years. Tons of athletes go over there for treatment. Let's not act like he's going to some third world nation.
  10. Lance Zierlein on Bradley Chubb

    I think Chubb would be a great pick for us. He can stand up, but in our sub packages most of our rushers have their hands in the dirt anyways. However, I think we might win two more games and not have a shot at him.
  11. Multiple first and second rounders. But realistically, if the Colts are willing to deal Luck it means he is damaged goods. Would you really want that? He probably wouldn't even pass a physical. Luck to Denver ain't happening unless it's in the very twilight of his career.
  12. Correct me if I'm wrong but New England ran a 4-3 when Sheard was there and he had some of his better years. I'm not sure if Anderson could and Simon might be relegated to a situational joker pass rush role.
  13. I think people in this thread are referring to Bradley Chubb, the pass rusher not Nick Chubb. I think theyre cousins. Id be ok with Bradley in the first and Nick in the 3rd.
  14. I would imagine he would not as he's under 200 lbs at 196 and SaQuan is 230 and is the better receiver and pass blocker. I've seen Love as a late first/early second in Mock Drafts Behind Barkley and Guice from LSU.
  15. Other than the whole doctor-patient confidentialiy thing? Luck is an introverted dude. He doesnt like being the center of attention, epecially when he isnt even playing. He doesnt even really like talking with the media. He's not the typical young person that needs to snapchat what he eats for breakfast everyday. He values his privacy and good for him.