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  1. Both have won their divisions
  2. When will people learn that dumbell press is far superior and safer than barbell press #BroTip
  3. He's climbing up draft boards apparently so 15 may be where you have to take him. If Lattimore or Foster or any of the other near-elite guys aren't there for me I would look at Reddick but would totally understand Harris.
  4. Well, people wanted us to sign Brandon Williams and we signed A Brandon Williams, just not the one they wanted.
  5. He's the player I want the most but I don't see him being there. How mad would everyone be if he went to Philly right before us?
  6. Quite possible, but I also heard rumors he wanted a long term deal at 9m per year and we were offering 7m. The truth will likely never be known.
  7. I don't see us getting either unfortunately. Ballard seems pretty unwilling to get in a bidding war for anyone.
  8. He signed with Atlanta per Shefter.
  9. Poe to the Falcons. We all can move on now.
  10. Same here. If those 3 are gone, I'd either take a corner or try to trade down.
  11. They have been relatively quiet this year so far. They've got massive extensions for Carr and Mack looming.
  12. He was quoted as being "very excited" about the Indy visit too.
  13. None. I would assume he left without a deal and is on to his visit to the Bengals.
  14. Butler was given a first round tender. So wouldn't they owe the Pats a first rounder if they choose not to match Tennessee's offer to Butler?
  15. I've heard this same story before. I'm not gonna buy into it just yet.

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