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  1. Unpopular Draft Strategy

    I dont see Buffalo as a trading partner for us anymore. They should really be lookinG at trading with the Giants if they have a QB they want or Cleveland at 4 to get ahead of Denver. After Denver no team needs a QB until Miami at 11 so they would really just need to jump them, not go all the way to 6. To answer the question though I would probably take this deal but would need to see who is available at 6 first. Chubb and Nelson would haveto be gone for me to do so.
  2. Armchair GM's post-Jets trade mock

    Still need a pass rusher.
  3. Here is my crazy..bold prediction:

    Jimmy Hoffa. He's alive and has been coaching football on a private island for years. But in all seriousness I think he means Harbaugh.
  4. Vea is a NT. The release of Hankins implies that they want quicker upfield penetrators at DT. Vea is not that. Hurst, Bryan and BJ Hill come to mind.
  5. The 2nd Rounders

    According to the trade value chart. #36 and 37 would get you back up into the mid first round. Also a possibility if youre willing to sacrifice a pick for a more premium player. I doubt Ballard would do that though.
  6. In this scenario I would stay put and take Chubb at 6. Tampa will take him at 7 if we dont. Bills wont need to jump up that far as nobody in that range except Miami at 11 would need a QB.
  7. Not necessarily. If Cleveland goes QB at 1, NYG could take Barkley, Clevelnad could take Chubb at 4, and Denver could take Nelson. Only if Cleveland takes Barkley at 1 do I see a better chance of Chubb or Nelson being there.
  8. Pugh to Cards

    Good lord. Maybe Luck is backin Indy to give Ballard a stern talking to.
  9. Ryan Jensen Visiting Colts Today

    Last year when we brought guys in for visits I think Sheard was the only one that signed that day. The others that visited signed a day or two later. Several days later in Hankins case.
  10. I dont think we've heard anything about Pugh actually making a visit yet. The only report was that they wanted to bring him in. Also dont know if Jensen is still in the building or not, I think we would have heard if he left without a deal.
  11. Ryan Jensen Visiting Colts Today

    Of course they did. Add it to the list of Purdue misfortune.
  12. Mike Pouncey

    Ok, either Kelly is not recovering from his concussion problems or we're planning on moving him to guard. Otherwise I can't understand why we'd be interested in Pouncey.
  13. Jeesh Bashaud, didn't Die Hard teach you anything? Always wear shoes!
  14. All these Redskins players failing physicals.