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  1. Yep it can be unpredictable. Thats what kept Manning out of the entire offseason in 2008.
  2. Hey, if I can make one person slightly chuckle then it's all worth it. And Terd Ferguson is funny, it's a funny name.
  3. Tomorrow's injury report, half the team DNP because of burned retinas.
  4. 24? Somebody call Jack Bauer.
  5. I think the surgery was for his hip labrum, not his shoulder. So as far as I know, he hasn't had any shoulder procedures recently.
  6. 4 career tackles and Hooker is already hurt. smh. The Colts safety position is cursed I tell ya.
  7. That's the thing with him that bugs me. I see the long speed, but I don't see elite quickness or lateral agility. Unless he completely smokes his guy off the line on a go route, there's nothing out of the ordinary about him. He's not like T.Y or DeSean in that regard. He may just be a DHB or Marquise Goodwin.
  8. Well..if we're going there. They were a few plays away from being 5-11 too. A lot of those games could have swung either way.
  9. Well they did pursue him. They just either got outbid or he flat out liked Cleveland better, we'll never know. However, when everyone was healthy I still think RT was the biggest weakness. Now if Zeitler was signed maybe Haeg would play RT but that is too much hindsight now.
  10. They're too used to tackling Frank Gore in practice who cant juke a vending machine anymore.
  11. Kelly cant be put on PUP. Considering Vujnovich started at RT yesterday and Clark has continued to look poor, I think they keep him. Plus he can play 4 out of 5 spots on the line. Also, is Daryl Morris hurt? I havent seen him play yet and I thought he was supposed to be the starting nickel.
  12. How was it ever a strength? Better on paper doesnt mean anything until they prove it.
  13. I dont know what they see in Walker. Morris must have run over Paganos dog or something.
  14. I know its just preseason but this is why Ive said people shouldnt call our defense "improved" before seeing them play.
  15. He played some in college I think and has been taking a few snaps this offseason. IF he could do it, Mewhort and Good sounds better than Bond and Mewhort too me.

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