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  1. Depends on who else is on the board. I have been anti-RB in the first 2 rounds but Cook would be a tough call. Unless his injury history and off field issues are legitimate.
  2. That would be great but I doubt he gets oit of the first 4 picks with GB, Sea, and Jax.
  3. I was watching NFL Network. Was he pouting? Maybe hes getting layed off by ESPN next?
  4. Im thinking Cook goes to Green Bay but if hes at 46 do you take him? Id want one of Willis, King, Awuzie, or Lamp but I honestly think they'll all be gone.
  5. Gotta think GB takes Cook and either Sea or Jax take lamp in the next 3 picks
  6. 9ers will take Foster here I bet.
  7. Takk dropping F bombs lol.
  8. No doubt. Or Kevin King. Lamp is probably their dream
  9. Who cares if he'll miss OTA's. All our players get hurt in OTA's anyways so at least he won't.
  10. I think if you want one, you gotta trade up. There will be a run on them coming.
  11. I can't believe some people don't like this pick. I love it. Although I'm still hoping against hope we trade up to get back in the first to get a pass rusher.
  12. One of Allen, Foster or Hooker will be there. HAVE to take one of them.
  13. Houston moves up. Watson?
  14. Malik Hooker may be our guy?

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