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  1. MB-ColtsFan

    Linebacker Jenga

    I read the title and was like "who is Jenga and when did we sign him??" , lol. Have no idea who is going where, but think that this will not be sorted out until the last pre-season game. New coaches, new players, and a new scheme...leads to a lot of tries with different combo's. Camp will be fun to watch, for sure.
  2. MB-ColtsFan

    2018 Colts Road Games

    You DEFINITELY don't want to wear your colors in Philly's stadium, and you don't want to be vocal. You will pay for doing that. Those fans are probably the least friendly in the league. Been thinking about going to a couple of games this year, but the timing is always off. Maybe the Bengals game??
  3. MB-ColtsFan

    Coordinators, Assistant Coaches, & More

    Thanks TK for the posts! I owe you a case of Apple juice because I'm starting to feel warm and fuzzy with this coaching staff and their approach. McDaniels still did us good by giving us good coaches. Now if Reich can get this team to help with a common mindset I feel we're going to get back to the Colts winning ways sooner than later. Coach 'em up!!
  4. MB-ColtsFan

    Colts make roster moves

    Another team captain. CB definitely likes his character guys. I think we'll see far less penalties and false starts this year. Discipline will be foremost in the minds of a lot of the kids brought in. Just my opinion.
  5. MB-ColtsFan

    Malik Hooker Update

    Such the nerd, and yet...
  6. MB-ColtsFan

    Tre Boston & Kenny Vaccaro visiting Colts today

    I don't think he was a liability, but he did get there late a few times from what I can remember? Of course there were also a number of times arriving a bit late was a bad thing for the receiver, lol.
  7. MB-ColtsFan

    Question about Quenton

    Love clip #2. Now THAT is superior field awareness! I don't know that I have ever seen a lineman pick up a blitz that deep. Really interested to see how he does this year because next year (barring injury this year) he is going to be even BETTER!
  8. MB-ColtsFan

    Colts Rookie Minicamp 5/12/2018

    Or maybe he has a sense of humor and you don't? It's not like he posted 20 times...this is just one occasion that I am aware of (though I don't do social media). He did have a laughing emoji in there.
  9. MB-ColtsFan

    Daily dose of optimism for Andrew Luck's return

    Comeback player of the year (I hope)!
  10. MB-ColtsFan

    Culture Change

    Just to add another perspective; has any other player made a remark about "the culture change" to warrant your opinion or are you basing this on what one player said? Culture usually refers to a common view of a collection of attitudes, not just one.
  11. MB-ColtsFan

    Culture Change

    It's waaay too early to be talking about culture change, in my opinion. Let's at least wait until camp is halfway done before evaluations are done. Talk is only that. Let's see the change on the field. Remember "Let's Build The Monster"...
  12. MB-ColtsFan

    The dreaded screen pass

    Pfft...all the planning in the world won't help if our QB's can't throw them. Briss got better at the end of the year but was still throwing bullets to everyone. I think Luck's skills on the screen and fades leave a bit to be desired as well - though more on the fade than the screen. Hopefully working with House will allow him to develop some "touch" on the ball.
  13. MB-ColtsFan

    Bryan Jones Colts UDFA Div II - watch this...

    Do a cut/paste and it should work.
  14. MB-ColtsFan

    Bryan Jones Colts UDFA Div II - watch this...

    I noticed the shed aspect too. From what I saw he did well, but I didn't see enough to know it's consistent or not. I did like the speed he played at in his reads. I thought his read and angle attack was very good, but that's just my unedjumakated opinion.