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  1. Todd Haley

    This was my post and Albert Breer verified my earlier theory as to be exactly as I guessed it was, 5 days ago. Your response to my original theory is bolded at the bottom It's Josh McDaniels. If you think back to what recently cam out about the Colts knowing at mid-season loss to Jaxx that Pagano would be replaced, a little article/blurb came out that Ballard had actually sat down with Brissett and asked him a lot of questions about McDaniels. I can't remember where I saw the article, but it was out there but kinda glossed over as it was only 1/2 way through the season. Anyway, second point is what Ballard said at presser regarding not wanting someone coming here just because of Luck. This is obvious connection regarding McDaniels as he wouldn't be coming here just for Luck, as he also had Brissett, to whom Josh was very familiar. In the event something went wrong with Luck, having a familiar QB would certainly ease that transition especially one that already knows the system being put into place. McDaniels was the 1st interview and I'm almost 100% sure the first words of the interview was this blatant question: Are you ready to leave the Nantucket nest? I believe the answer was yes, and Josh was given a wink nod of acceptance. The reason why the Colts keep interviewing guys is simple and Ballard already gave the answer to this in the end of year presser as well. A great GM always has a folder full of info on guys, teams, etc.. of course I'm paraphrasing here but you get my point. What if while walking across the street toward the Pats complex Josh has a piano dropped on his skull... Exactly, gotta have a back-up plan in case S**t happens. The above I would be shocked if it wasn't the case, below is truly a guess/wish of mine. Based on news that came out today I wouldn't be surprised if you might see K. Richard signed as DC and no HC signing yet. If this Happens, Josh was okay with it. That would be awesome!! IMO Imagine the NE Offense with the Seattle Defense... WOW Anyway, come on guys and girls, your next HC is McDaniels and it's a no brainer!! Ice and rest is the best remedy for the muscle I am sure you pulled reaching for that.
  2. Todd Haley

    There you are Skinnz, I'm guessing your now awake from your nap...Ha!! Seems "My giant reach" regarding my thoughts on McDaniels being the pick from day on,e based on my assessments, wasn't so absurd after all huh?
  3. If you look at butler's stats over his career, in severe limited playing time, this guy is actually great. He is an example of a player not given "Full" opportunity to shine. I'm hoping that eberflus whispers in Ballards ear about this kid.
  4. Here is my take on who the Colts will go after (realistic), I left off RB's cause there is so many I can't even guess at that 1) Bashaud Breeland or Malcom Butler ( Melvin signs elsewhere ) 2) Andrew Norwell ( although I think the Giants may bid on him as well ) 3) Anthony Hitchens 4) Allen Robinson or Jarvis Landry and Brice Butler ( 2 of these guys will be a Colt, Butler should and would be a great signing ) 5) Marquis Flowers
  5. Rashaan Melvin

    I don't believe Melvin will get re-signed with colts based on age alone. Melvin is almost 30 I think, no chance he gets a deal here. look for the Colts to go after Breshaud Breeland
  6. What I'd like to know is where Skinnz is? An avid member of these forums is silent... Hmmmm? Skinnz told me I was nuts and was reaching in my theory when I laid out a possibility in another thread that mcDaniels was the pick the whole time and a relationship was built with josh and balllard, indirectly through NE trades and brissett right around the time of week 7 when eventually we learned that Colts we're moving on from Pagano after the jaxx game. I told him he should take a nap, when he called me crazy.... I guess he's still asleep... Ha!!
  7. Ian Rapoport‏Verified account @RapSheet 6s6 seconds ago More Copy link to Tweet Embed Tweet The #Colts have held strong with their pursuit of #Patriots OC Josh McDaniels and that is expected to be his choice when an offer comes, sources tell me and @TomPelissero.
  8. Here's how I see it. Titans interviewing Vrabel means 2 things. 1) They are trying to squeeze out how much colts like Vrabel, possibly putting Colts in a grab him now state (which is less likely to me ) or 2) they know Josh is going to Colts. reason I believe 2) is correct is because if there was a wink nod or even possibility to get Josh, Titans would only be interviewing minority candidtes to fulfill the rule before hiring Josh
  9. The Houston Chronicle's John McClain reports the Titans will interview Texans DC Mike Vrabel for their head coaching vacancy. Vrabel has also interviewed with the Lions and Colts, and he is thought to be a finalist for the Colts job along with Patriots OC Josh McDaniels, with whom the Titans have also been linked. Vrabel's defense had a rough season in 2017, but that has not slowed down his march to a head coaching job. Even if it is not this cycle, he should land one in the next couple years. Related: Texans Source: John McClain on Twitter
  10. What this will potentially do is take an awesome, tight llipped search by ballard and turn it into a "Colts had to settle" situation portrayed to rest of Nfl world. It will be suggested the luck injury and irsay owner junk played major part and paint disfunction in an organization that doesn't need it right now
  11. That's a huge assumption that will prove false. vrabel ain't bringing no pats offense here, he couldn't even stop it in practice when playing for the pats much less designing it..Ha!!
  12. what gets me is that virtually every media outlet is talking McDaniels to titans as if it we're a done deal, whereas yesterday it was same reported regarding Colts
  13. I really have no idea about anything Vrabel and for me it would be a huge letdown and uninspiring hire. In McDaniels we have seen countless success through the NE offense and the thought of having that scheme in Indy is what sold me as a fan hands down. Right now, it will be telling if Colts stay patient and quiet as they have so far in letting this play out. if word leaks we are taking more interviews then odds are they are worried and McDaniels isn't coming here
  14. I expect the Colts to release a video of Luck throwing 50 yard passes in about 5 minutes...Ha!!
  15. I know... It wasn't meant to be all that serious