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  1. I am pretty sure his rookie contract will be up so no cut just no resign.
  2. I think our strategy is use up clock if possible to keep score under 60.
  3. GB didn't have a balanced attack and that's when we struggle most .
  4. For the record I meant Joe Thomas but we could use Haden as well.
  5. Our tackles are playing like crap totally manhandled.
  6. Wow I really liked Ferguson but he is a liability bottom line
  7. Ok so I finally agree we should go after Joe Haden.
  8. Replay shows good clean tackle but the late slide with the body hit causes his head to bounce off the turf.
  9. Additionally the returning players got a year older which isn't helpful for those over 30.
  10. This
  11. I am pretty sure I saw Cromartie kneeling.
  12. If it was me, I would have to strongly consider keeping Haeg at Guard and bring Clark with a TE to help chip. Why keep complicating it and if Good is available then I would replace Clark with Good.
  13. I agree on Mathis but this should change when we get a couple linemen back who can get. Proper push and force QB back a couple steps.
  14. I am confused as Thornton is on IR perhaps I am missing something.
  15. It is only awkward if the consensus wasn't that he was a product of his environment and supporting cast.

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