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  1. I think Landry was also credited with speed and long run downs. Difference is Greene is still Green.
  2. The real question I want to know, was he the Big Whopper cha cha cha that we never landed?
  3. I agree with everything OP except weird D&D comment. Nothing weird about that it actually takes a lot of creativity and I see Luck as the Dungeon Master.
  4. Bottom line it doesn't matter if he was or was not worth 5 million. He is not a building block and without something incredible happening he doesn't get us over the edge this year. Time to move on and reload.
  5. Kyle Shanahan I just don't know what else to say except in the biggest game he fails with all the chips in hand. Run the ball and no way Brady comes back. He should be considered to be fired versus Head Coach promotions. Sad to see them give that game away and I am no Falcons fan and feel bad for their fans today.
  6. That was horrible OC calling that lost that game. Should have been running the ball end of story.
  7. So why is the story not on
  8. Jmv just said it isn't training camp
  9. I really enjoyed the flea flicker it gave me a shout and I was jumping around.
  10. Condolences to his family during this difficult times. I also enjoyed his comments as College ball I just don't follow.
  11. I was shot down on here for saying Werner plays half heartedly when started but that's beside the point. Perhaps if we take a step back maybe we aren't good at developing/coaching OLBs. Jerry Highes, Werner, Freeney, Cole etc all underperformed here as OLBs.
  12. I personally haven't noticed but after watching Manning do it for years this is my belief. One it is related to their internal clock, I have to get this ball out. Secondly, it is easier to create motion while you remain in motion. Luck does miss on reads sometimes and they are most often short sideline options from running backs. We can easily see these things as we have overhead views. Luck on the other hand is ground level with players blocking his vision and motion distracting everywhere. Its easy to be a coach QB.
  13. Curious, so could a coach be demoted and be forced to perform new role or resign? Does the employment contract lock you into position?
  14. Bengal's Marvin Lewis is an example of a HC that has been insanely retained year-over-year and can't win playoff games.
  15. If I was to advocate a change in 2017 I would be 100% on board with Assistant Head Coach and let him get the Offense Organized and let Pagano focus strictly on Defense. Let him learn on the job and move him to GM in 1 to 3 years depending on how things go. This would be ideal scenario. Scenario 2 would be being him in as GM with major support and hire Gruden as HC and see where that gets you. I guarantee work ethic would change with Manning around to push them as a lead by example.

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