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  1. Regression of Mack and Hooker?

    So every time a player gets beat or has a vision mishap they are regressing? These guys are grooming this year and will only progress through learning and failure.
  2. I didn't see this posted and don't think I missed it. Redmond gone after one game sounds like Kelly is definitely a go and doesn't look good for Doyle if we are signing TE to Active Roster.
  3. Brandon Burlsworth - Greater

    I thought it was a very good movie
  4. Offensive line fixed!

    All injuries aside, when you proclaim the oline is fixed your starters should play like Dallas oline and your backups should play like our starters
  5. Chuck - Where is the line?

  6. What must be Done

    Our offensive play calling is horrible imo and I don't think we do a good job maximizing individuals talents.
  7. Colts Practice/Injury Report 9/8/17

    So is it possible that Luck and Rogers are practicing together inside? It would be totally within the rules and easy to use him since he was out leading up to now.
  8. Colts sign another Safety

    Don't have to move Geathers to IR as he will be on PUP and won't count. He can go to IR later if needed.
  9. Delvin Breaux Being Shopped

    He also has a fractured fibula so there is 6 plus weeks alone.
  10. Ryan Kelly will miss multiple weeks [Merge]

    So does Mewhort go to Center and Vujnovich take his spot?
  11. Kevin Bowen let go by Colts

    Perhaps they were concerned from a brand standpoint as there was a spelling or grammar mistake in every article. I very much enjoyed most of them, but that was annoying. I do wish him the best of luck.
  12. Colts release Kendall Langford

    I want to personally thank everyone who called me crazy in the surprise cuts thread. Saw it coming a mile away.
  13. Donte Moncrief has MC sprain

    Actually that was Dungy's favorite line and preceeded him.
  14. Quincy Wilson

    He will be an improvement over most of what we have if he knows how to cover and look back at the ball at the same time.
  15. I think one surprise cut could be Langford due to younger depth.