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  1. I am pretty sure I saw Cromartie kneeling.
  2. If it was me, I would have to strongly consider keeping Haeg at Guard and bring Clark with a TE to help chip. Why keep complicating it and if Good is available then I would replace Clark with Good.
  3. I agree on Mathis but this should change when we get a couple linemen back who can get. Proper push and force QB back a couple steps.
  4. I am confused as Thornton is on IR perhaps I am missing something.
  5. It is only awkward if the consensus wasn't that he was a product of his environment and supporting cast.
  6. My observations are he is a good hitter but not a good wrap up tackler. Teach him that and his potential is exciting.
  7. Score as often as you can by any means neccessary.
  8. I don't think the value is there I would keep the roster spot to develop someone.
  9. So if you go back and watch game Hilton grabs his hammy early then goes back out and plays and really hurts it pretty dumb.
  10. I believe Butler is safe due to position flexibility of both Corner and Safety. Thornton will be released as soon as he clears injury to much potential behind him for another 1 year prove it deal. I would say Harrison is also at risk and the only thing that is an advantage is his experience and low salary cap. I would say that Trent Cole is another risk depending on how these Rushing linebackers do in preseason.
  11. That is a random thought, but for me thinking what do they play to kickoff a game in England?
  12. Personally unless the rookies get hurt I would be cutting Thornton. History shows he can't stay healthy and you have low cost rookies with possibly high ceilings.
  13. Not sure if this fits in this section or not. If you watch the video around 1:03 seconds you will see me being interviewed about camp. Pretty cool experience in my opinion. I have been going to camp since its last year at Terre Haute many years of great times.
  14. On a semi positive note Greene has to be better than ole "Hulk Roids" so it could be worse.

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