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  1. Patriots Press Conference
  2. Patriots Press Conference

    So let me start by saying I despise the Patriots, but I respect them and watched their press conference today. It had me rolling especially Danny's interview. Did anyone else watch and what did you think if so?
  3. So how far up could we trade if we bundle Brissett and our #2 pick?
  4. Should the Colts trade for Bobby Wagner?

    No way I would invest those picks this year and that money as we aren't that close yet. If you could negotiate an extention as part of it then maybe as our ILBs are in need of an upgrade.
  5. One major plus imo is that if things work out Luck and others only have to learn one more system regardless of OC changes.
  6. All of that has been removed so she was either hacked, didn't know she posted in public or didn't mean to post it yet.
  7. McDaniels Co-Ordinators Lined Up

    Perhaps she was hacked as it just changed back to his pic in headset. Also the update and pics either got deleted or went private.
  8. McDaniels Co-Ordinators Lined Up

    I just visited her profile, unless she was hacked which seems totally unlikely this seems locked in.
  9. 2018-19 Colts vs 2006 Colts.

    No, unless we take Freeney and Mathias to the foutain of youth and sign them in free agency.
  10. Schottenheimer to Seattle

    Pure speculation on my part, but with all these coaches Colts coaches being granted to seek opportunities I feel someone who interviewed must have listed who their staff would be and none of them were these coaches.
  11. Actually Saban gets 6.9 million per year, but this year he received a 4 million dollar signing bonus which put him at the approximate 11 million.
  12. Colts to Interview McDaniels on Thursday

    Agree 100 % on this. First Attempt In Learning
  13. So if your Cleveland do you trade up one spot with Colts and pair your new QB with Barkley? I would be thinking long and hard about that one and how much easier it would make the QB life.
  14. Colts to Interview McDaniels on Thursday

    It was just reported on 1070 that the interview was moved up and happened yesterday(Wednesday).