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  1. He also has a fractured fibula so there is 6 plus weeks alone.
  2. So does Mewhort go to Center and Vujnovich take his spot?
  3. Perhaps they were concerned from a brand standpoint as there was a spelling or grammar mistake in every article. I very much enjoyed most of them, but that was annoying. I do wish him the best of luck.
  4. I want to personally thank everyone who called me crazy in the surprise cuts thread. Saw it coming a mile away.
  5. Actually that was Dungy's favorite line and preceeded him.
  6. He will be an improvement over most of what we have if he knows how to cover and look back at the ball at the same time.
  7. I think one surprise cut could be Langford due to younger depth.
  8. Who the heck is Jack Scott? Come on media the quality control now is horrible! It's Jake not Jack
  9. Eli Manning
  10. Eli Manning
  11. Don't forget Nicks & DHB although his hands were pretty bad here. Manning threw the ball up Nicks made plays.
  12. I could easily argue that we don't know how to use big receivers and their abilities in the Luck era. Look at the big body receivers we brought in and they weren't used to their strengths. I get that they were outside of their prime but they still weren't used as they should have been.
  13. It is naive to say anyone is locked in unless it's gameday and they are healthy.
  14. I found one particular comment from Tolzien very interesting. He mentioned the QB 7 step drops he has working on but he also stated drop steps are different this year with the new Receivers Coach. This makes me wonder how much influence they have and whether that been holding us back some.
  15. Ok, so I attend training camp multiple days every year and I am extremely disappointed with the recent announcements. I love the opportunity to see the rookies, free agents and core team battle it out. I also enjoy interacting with the players and getting my fair share of autographs. I was even lucky enough to appear in a video last year which I shared regarding how important camp is to fans especially those that can't afford to go to games. I understand that it is a hassle to pack up and go to Anderson or Terre Haute so training here in Indy makes sense. I do believe they will also lose some of the team building that happens when rooming together. Why couldn't they just continue the format and allow open practices through the week at West 56th? By condensing down to 2 open practices one of which is Sunday and in environments that aren't condusive to player / fan interactions you actually take a step back to what the NFL is promoting. Fans aren't able to engage as much, the interactions will be less likely, and the crowds will be rediculious. I used to plan time off work to attend and now I don't know if I will even attend this year and my guess is others feel the same. You know all those fan updates you get on here related progress, kiss them goodbye. The only positive is maybe, maybe the players will concentrate better and work harder which might produce better results on the field but I doubt it. Colts and specifically Marketing/Fan engagement you need to find a much better compromise. Only positive is when I die, my autograph collection and memorabilia might be worth way more since opportunities will be significantly less.

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