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  1. So here's the way I see this as Ballard stated the board will be set come draft day. If he is on the board and the board is ranked by BPA regardless of risks and he falls to any of your picks including 1st and he is your highest ranked player at that point you take him. Talent is there and you have decided to take the flak since he is on your board. You shouldn't hesitate unless you get an awesome trade. You take him and move forward and absorb the heat a few months as Ballard stated.
  2. We don't have a healthy Luck yet. Remember when we were told Peyton Manning would be ready for the season and then he wasn't? Nothing easy about an NFL schedule especially with injuries.
  3. Well here's the thing, I think Pagano who is ultimately responsible for coaching decisions has made some really poor choices as crutial times. He has excelled and failed at risks. His overall philosophy is very inline with our new GM. They talk about very similar things and to like it dislike one or the other is gonna be close to liking or disliking both.
  4. To your point you mentioned value I am stating value as BPA with risk, need and character part of that evaluation. I don't see why you wouldn't consider O J Howard at 15 because he is TE. He would be on paper and college tape best value and helps OL and puts points on the board. He has potential to be as good or better than Gronk. I would take a healthy Gronk at 15 all day long hesa gamewrecker lol.
  5. So you wouldn't take O J Howard at 15 because he is a TE? Better go back to definition of BPA and read again.
  6. For me all these off season additions mean one thing. Pagano and his staff have to excel at their job which is coaching and scheming. Really should see improvements and if not then it is time to go.
  7. Bowens articles are silly some times. When you sign a guy to 10 million a year he is the starter.
  8. I may be a little off on the $$ but the way I see this is we took Jones and $4 million and traded it in for year 1 on a healthy young stud in Hankins.
  9. Ballard brought Hankins in so that the Forum complainers would quit crying about why we aren't pursuing Hankins. Now they can complain about why we didn't sign him regardless of terms then finally move on.
  10. I just tried the free 3 round Draftwired and traded back with Houston to 21 picked up their 3rd and 5th(I think). Round 1 Forest Lamp Round 2 Joe Mixon Round 3 Tarell Basham Round 3 Tyus Bowser
  11. Marvin Lewis is horrible and should have been fired years ago
  12. Loved the interview and Ballards charisma. What kept cracking me up though was around the time they start talking about Mixon Ballard starts eating and his smacking was loud on my car ride home from work.
  13. I don't disagree with your statement, but if that's the reason then why wait until now?
  14. I would bet PEDs were taken because of the injuries so in theory no injuries no PEDs.
  15. I agree no mistake here but another unfortunate series of events which were mostly injury related.

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