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  1. Mack Morris Natson Brown with the TD catch from Morris TJ Green (considering it was his first ever NFL game at corner) Mingo with the strip Margus Hunt with the blocked fieldgoal
  2. #MackTruck I'm pumped. I wanna see more.
  3. Yeah thats what i heard yesterday. It makes sense i guess. Wow Tolzien about lost it just nkw
  4. Very impressed with the few carries that Mack had. Tolzein had some good passes too!
  5. But.... Tolzein knows the playbook.
  6. TJ Green at center and quarterback. Blitz on 5 Mississippi.
  7. The comments will be glorious
  8. I just want to see the development of the revamped defense. If they can show promise at the team and individual level in the pre-season thatll be enough for me. I couldn't care less about winning games in the pre-season. We know what we have with the offense when Luck comes back. Yeah, Kelly being out til week 5-ish is a big blow, but it's not like we weren't winning games before he got here so I think we will be okay until he comes back.
  9. Based on what we've seen from this preseason so far and last year, I'd rather them give Morris a shot.
  10. I like Morris. Id like to see him get more game time than he did against the Lions.
  11. Well, that sucks. Wonder how long he will be? Also
  12. Man im glad some of the anti-green guys arent the GM. Give the kid a break. Not every great nfl player that steps out on the field kills it their first season.
  13. I'd really love to see Mack and Hankins play the next game! Especially Hankins up against that Dallas O-Line
  14. Yeah the kid looked good yesterday. Good awareness when he went down on one of his returns but the ref never blew the whistle so he kept going.
  15. Ouch... never wanna see this happen.

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