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  1. spoke too soon lol vikings got him
  2. Wouldn't mind having him, but lets wait until after the draft and see what picks we get.
  3. For sure. I mean there are many different ways the Colts can pick and I'd still be happy with it. It all just depends on who gets picked at 1-14.
  4. I wouldn't be disappointed honestly as long as the top tier defense guys are gone by then.
  5. It will be "Ballard is another Grigson" thread day Just kidding ;D
  6. Wonder how many picks that would cost us.
  7. You got it that is Ballard as Superman! Below \/ is Ballard as the Punisher. I got bored one day with Photoshop
  8. Grigson would be proud. Na, I must decline. Much better prospects out there.
  9. My condolences brother... from one stranger to another, you need someone to vent at shoot a PM this way.
  10. I wonder when GR3 will be back...
  11. I'll be watching it from home. My neighbors will either hear A.) Me cursing for 3 hours or B.) Me laughing because Lance is trolling the Bucks. or C.) a combo of both lol
  12. Yeah, I think so as well. But who is available that would be a considerable upgrade?

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