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  1. Injuries and questionable 2nd half coaching cost us games... but we are what it says we are. A 4-12 team with the 3rd overall pick. Im fine with that. A new and hopefully improved coaching staff and a good free agency and draft we will bounce back. It'll take a few seasons to be a legit superbowl caliber team imo.
  2. Colts fans will love this I know I do.

    Plot twist: pats lose and BB gets fired. Ballard swoops in and throws everything including the kitchen sink and hires BB instead of JM. New England fan base implodes and BB and Luck win 3 superbowls together.
  3. Could we be in the playoffs? More than likely. Super bowl caliber? We would need a LOT to go right in FA and the draft and score a homerun on a head coach to be even mentioned with the likes of a superbowl. Chances are against it. Id say if luck is 100 percent and we do well in the draft and free agency we are still a couple years out, which is totally fine. Super bowl caliber teams dont happen overnight, if ever. But the nfl is a strange place.
  4. Fate of the "NEW" Colts era....

  5. Pagano Let Go

    Good luck in the future Pagano.
  6. Tom Cable...

    Consecutively. 16 years of Pagano over Cable. How is Cable even a rumor? He sounds like a loser and he hasnt proven anything and there are far better options. No way does this make sense.
  7. Tom Cable...

    I'd rather have 10 more years of Pagano.
  8. Browns name John Dorsey General Manager

    Good move in my opinion.
  9. The Mystery is over.... Andrew Luck Out for Season

    Not Scott Tolzein... i hope. Lol
  10. Realignment suggestion

    Umm wat?
  11. Colts @ Bengals predictions

    Is it possible to score negative points?
  12. Colts vs Titans predictions

    I think our defense will be sufficient to win... but our offense? I dunno. If our offense can get rolling we should be able to win.
  13. Watt injured

    You never want to see that... especially to a stand up guy like Watt. That guy is literally a hero to the people of Houston.
  14. Sunday night PRIMETIME

    Nice. Didnt know you could do that. The best thing about mohu in my opinion is that its a one time fee for hd content(the 50 dollars for the antenna). Granted you dont get stuff like espn but you get all the channels to watch football (fox, nbc, abc, cbs) for the most part. Great if you are looking to cut cable bills.