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  1. Train as you fight is one of my favorites. Best way to train.
  2. "Wish that Pagano guy would stop saying grit..."
  3. Unless he was checked out and diagnosed with a concussion by a medical professional, it didn't happen.
  4. Considering we nearly did last year and the year before with fossils occupying roster spots... and our defense, at least on paper, has drastically improved, yeah I'd say we can make the playoffs this year.
  5. Yeah I don't really care for him at all. He is a guy who likes to hear himself talk.
  6. i mean we ARE better, hard not to be after last year, but best in the AFC? Let's play a few games before we go that far thanks Big Hank! lol
  7. I have no doubt Luck will win one someday. He has the talent. Hopefulyl with Chris Ballard on board the talent he finds is championship contending talent. Heres hoping!
  8. Growing up - Shaq, MJ, Miller (I wasn't into football in my younger years. Now - Luck is my favorite Colt, Rodgers is my favorite non-Colt. All time - Reggie Miller, Michael Jordan, Andrew Luck I admittedly didn't watch the Colts religiously during the Peyton years, though I did manage to watch the 2006 Super Bowl Season.
  9. There's a Hooker joke in here somewhere...
  10. Lance Zierlein has NE at number 3... I personally think it's bogus because they only drafted 4 players. Trading away picks doesn't count IMO, but whatever. I'm just some guy on an internet forum ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. My definites: Hilton Moncrief My Most likelys Aiken Rogers Bray/UDFA (returner side gig gets him) I don't think we keep 6 wide receivers on the roster, one or two UDFAs go to practice squad
  12. Chris - "Look I will say this, he's a special player. He's got size and good ball skills" Pagano abruptly interrupting - "AND HE CAN CHOP WOOD!"
  13. I'm still hammered from Ballard's initial press conference when we hired him.
  14. Bold prediction: hooker leads all rookies in picks. Edit: assuming he starts all 16.
  15. He wont be out of a job long. Buffalo needs a GM.

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