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  1. Colts vs Titans predictions

    I think our defense will be sufficient to win... but our offense? I dunno. If our offense can get rolling we should be able to win.
  2. Watt injured

    You never want to see that... especially to a stand up guy like Watt. That guy is literally a hero to the people of Houston.
  3. Sunday night PRIMETIME

    Nice. Didnt know you could do that. The best thing about mohu in my opinion is that its a one time fee for hd content(the 50 dollars for the antenna). Granted you dont get stuff like espn but you get all the channels to watch football (fox, nbc, abc, cbs) for the most part. Great if you are looking to cut cable bills.
  4. Let's just be positive post!

    I got a feeling we may shock the NFL tonight on Prime Time.
  5. Sunday night PRIMETIME Best 50 bucks I've ever spent. I live about 40-45 miles south of Indy and it still comes in great.
  6. Sunday night PRIMETIME

    Mohu leaf is amazing. Looks great on my 4k and inexpensive. I was watching the dolphins/saints game with it this morning and it was a perfect picture. Highly recommend to anyone reading in.
  7. Week 4: Callin 'em out

    Players and coaches. If we manage to get a lead on seattle like we did with Cleveland, dont lose it(or nearly lose it). Play for 60 minutes and dont give the other team an opportunity to get back in it. Also, protection for Brissett. Period. O-line has gotta do their part and keep him on his feet especially against that Seattle defense.
  8. What is really going on here with Luck?

    He probably sits at home and eats ice cream and doritos all day. Or something.
  9. Send In Your Questions

    Tyler from Columbus - Why did Chuck wait so long to pull the cord on the Tolzein experiment? Was it not obvious it wasnt gonna work? Should we expect Brissett to start next? Also, why didn't Chuck challenge the obivous blown touchdown call with Mack? Any chance we could dump Tolzein and get Morris back?
  10. Colts @ Los Angeles Rams Game Day Thread

    Pagano out there coaching like
  11. pats getting exactly what they deserve for once

    When you are playing football and chill and he gives you this look
  12. Aaron Donald ends holdout, out for Week 1

    That helps level the playing field in theory... still gonna be a tough game offensively for us.
  13. Colts Waive 2 Players

    So ill never get to see Josh Ferguson go nowhere carrying the ball anymore? Darn.
  14. Jack Doyle on GMFB

  15. Chiefs Patriots Predictions

    Alex Smith is having a night. Wow. And despite the Chiefs 7000 yards worth of penalties they are still on top (for now).