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  1. TJ Green on the coverage. Gives up the catch and gives them a face mask flag to boot.
  2. They are Cowboys announcers. They showing the Dallas broadcast on the NFL Network.
  3. Yeah! Thats two take aways and counting. We tied up!
  4. Alright it's about time. Geeze.
  5. Cowboys announcers laughing about how much time Dak has to throw the football.
  6. Cowboy offensive line is just destroying the Colts defensive front. SMH
  7. He lost his footing because Dez put a move on him.
  8. I know it's preseason but that was a horrible first drive by our defense. Vontae got abused on that touchdown by Dez.
  9. Luck will likely miss the first 2-3 games in my opinion. With our current backups and Luck's relative rust when he is put in there I expect the Colts to be behind the 8 ball early. In a division as tightly contested as the AFC South that could be costly. Titans take it this year.
  10. Looking forward to watch TJ Green tonight at corner. Hoping he has a solid showing.
  11. Don't know why anyone would be surprised or shaking heads. He hasn't done much while here. For a first round draft pick, Dorsett was very disappointing. Colts will probably get no more than a low draft pick for him. If it happens then good riddance...we have plenty of other receiver options here to replace what little Dorsett gave us.
  12. Agreed.
  13. I don't doubt that's true. But from the preseason games this year and last, Morris has outperformed Tolzien on the field of play which leads to the feeling among some fans that he is better. The coaches know more than we do of course but apparently they still don't know enough to see that both of these options are sub-par back up options.
  14. In my opinion, I think it will depend on Luck's future health prognosis...similar to Manning. If he is hurt worse than we are being led to believe then it isn't beyond the realm of possibility of him being replaced by the next new hyped up franchise QB wonder boy. However, if he has a reasonably healthy future prognosis, then the Colts could either keep the pick and take the best available defensive playmaker available or trade the pick for a king's ransom to a quarterback hungry franchise dying to trade up. I'd prefer the latter scenario.
  15. sounds crazy but at this stage of the game I could stomach a 4-12 type season because I now have confidence in the GM remaking this team. Ballard could give us an infusion of young talent and with high draft picks to work with. He'd be able to potentially add significant talent to the nucleus already in place.

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