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  1. I guess we will see. Belichick was making all those picks for the Pats and it really has no bearing on what Ballard does. Right now I still feel the Colts are shifting into a more offensive mindset and they will set that tone with their first pick. It will be interesting to see how it actually plays out. Either way this team needs alot of help on both sides of the ball so as long as we get a very good player it's hard to be too upset one way or the other.
  2. If Josh McDaniels is the new coach it's almost guaranteed that the Colts will go offense in the first round. They have sent a message that it's about offense again. Ballard will do all he can to set Josh up for success out the gate. Irsay also said he wanted to pair an Edge type runner with Luck. I don't really see the Colts going defense with the first pick. They will address the D with their later picks in my opinion.
  3. Sick of Gregg Doyel

    Read the article yesterday and didn't think anything was wrong with it. It's his opinion and not a far fetched one to me. Not everyone is going to be on the McDaniels fan train. The concerns Doyel raised have been expressed ad nauseum by several here. With that said...I'm willing to give Josh a chance and trust Ballard's decision. We have no reason yet not to trust Chris Ballard. But as Doyle put it..."let's not act like the things he did in Denver didn't happen." The arrogance, the cheating, losing games & eventually losing the locker room. It all happened and Josh McDaniel will have to live that down and forge a new reputation for himself. Hopefully he will be successful in so doing.
  4. Why does anybody care about this Westside Fireman? Who the heck is he?
  5. Wow...went to the movies and get back to see all of this. A lot must have happened since this morning. This has been one crazy ride. Lol
  6. If true...that tweet seems to indicate that the health of Andrew Luck was an issue for McDaniels. We all heard what Chris Ballard said at that press conference about coaches who didn't want to come here because of uncertainty around Andrew Luck. He said that means that candidate is "not the right guy". To me that might be telling.
  7. I'm just going to say it. If we end up with Mike Vrabel...something went wrong in our process in my opinion. It is what it is. lol
  8. Agreed they are the frontrunners...and I know he isn't in the running here. Just speaking on qualifications of others out there. Not sure why Vrable is in such high demand based on his experience.
  9. I'm aware of that just talking qualifications here. Heck I'll also throw in Matt Patricia. Wilkes, Richard, Patricia...all more qualified defensive coaches than Vrable.
  10. Better qualified defensive coaching options still out there. Richard and Wilkes for starters.
  11. No way. Vrabel better have a very good offensive coordinator if he gets the gig. He darn sure is going to need it.
  12. Not sure it was a pro MV argument as much as just a recognition that his defense had a lot of injuries. Statistically they still didn't do anything that would warrant all of this attention he is receiving from NFL teams in my opinion. After only 1 year as a DC for a bad team he is now a hot commodity? You would think an assessment of his abilities would rest on a larger sample size. I really don't understand it. I guess having worked with or played for Bill Belichick counts for an awful lot. Or it's just the next generation of the "good ole boys" network getting their preferential opportunities and breaks.
  13. Here is a very underwhelming pro Vrable article by Peter King if anyone is interested. I was looking for a reason to warm up to this possibility. Can't really say I found it here. Just references to his having played in the NFL before, his youth and his "commanding" presence for whatever that's worth. IMO...he is very inexperienced and his one year as a DC didn't go so well for a Texan defense decimated by injuries.
  14. Hey! That's OUR David Cutcliffe. OUR as in Duke University's. He turned down chances at Michigan and Tennessee to continue coaching those Blue Devils. Got so much respect for him for that. He has bought that program back from the abyss. Hands off! lol
  15. You all know I have not been an advocate for McDaniels BUT I do prefer him to Vrable. I really wish there were more alternatives in the running. Not feeling like a very thorough search was conducted at this point.