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  1. Coltsman1788

    The rivalry is back on

    Yet Pats fans continue spew vitriol over Deflate gate and regurgitate nonsense regarding Deflate gate curses towards Colts fans. They are angry because they were hurt to their core over what happened to their beloved Brady. Maybe the recent on-field results don't merit this being a rivalry but it goes much deeper than that and we all know it. The bad blood that exists between the two franchises and fan bases is what makes it a rivalry now. Ballard tried to cool things down but like he's back on! That is the mandate that has been given for the Colts organization to rise to the challenge of making this a rivalry again. Not too hard to comprehend.
  2. Coltsman1788

    Colts Sign CB Acker

    Sorry to hear that but not surprised honestly as most of our free agent additions have been underwhelming this off-season. Just add another to the list of depth signings. Colts will live and die by how well Ballard drafts.
  3. Coltsman1788

    Andrew Luck will speak with media tomorrow

    Last year I fully expected Luck wouldn’t play a snap even before the regular season started. While disappointed...I wasn’t surprised. The Colts were acting too secretive and there seemed to be too many similarities to how they handled the Manning injury. Ultimately I was shown to be correct in my expectations. However, this year...I expect Andrew will see the field. I believe what he is saying and appreciate how much he has opened himself up in regards to this. Make no’s hard for him to be this vulnerable. I believe he made some mistakes along the way but has learned from them and is close to being able to get back into action. So the vibe I’m getting is that he will play. That said...I also expect him to struggle on the field as he tries to find his way again. He will take some lumps. But ultimately, if patient the Colts should have a few more years of good Luck down the road.
  4. Coltsman1788

    Andrew Luck will speak with media tomorrow

    Geeze SW1...I believe the poster’s name is called the Anarchist...not the Anti-Christ. He might not be a popular take on this but my goodness man! Lol. You know I’m just having some fun with you buddy. Ha, ha.
  5. Coltsman1788

    Colts host former Raiders OT Austin Howard

    Sounds like solid depth if we can get him.
  6. Coltsman1788

    Colts have Signed Former Eagles LB Najee Goode

  7. Coltsman1788

    Mel Kiper: Colts & Dolphins in deep discussion of trade

    How excited should we really be about the Colts reverting back to their small, fast, cover 2 defensive ways? More problems stopping the run and more corners playing off coverage. Hard to get fired up over that. Drove me crazy in the Manning era. However, we did manage to win a Super Bowl with that scheme so the key will be getting the playmakers necessary to make the scheme work. If we don’t then watching this defense every week will be an excercise of frustration. If trading back again helps Ballard get the talent needed to run this scheme effectively then so be it.
  8. Coltsman1788

    Tennessee Titans Unveil New Team Uniforms Ahead Of 2018 NFL Season

    Wow...I like the look of them. Love the dark blue helmets and how the Titans logo pops against it. Very nice upgrade.
  9. Coltsman1788

    Raiders Cut Marquette King

    It's ok to have an unpopular opinion sometimes when you are right. This time I believe you are. I'm not a very big fan of Gruden either. King is a good punter but his half hearted disrespecting of Gruden by saying stuff like "who the guy from Monday night football?" when being asked about him in an interview, might have been his undoing. He is certainly one of the better and more entertaining players at his position. However to me his on the field antics seemed to make him little more than a Pat McAfee wanna be. Pat simply did it better.
  10. Coltsman1788

    Ravens sign RG Knee

    Why is it cool for some to make derogatory remarks about RG3's knee injury but if some one was to insult Andrew Luck about his gimpy shoulder it would be viewed as a problem? I don't get the hate by some fans here for RG3. To me Luck has shown to be the better QB and that is enough for me without having to mock Robert Griffin III over an injury. .
  11. Wouldn't surprise me too much if Ballard took someone other than Chubb, Nelson or Barkley with the 6th pick. Could be Edmonds, Roquan or a safety or corner he has an eye on. The thing is the Colts have so many needs that its practically impossible for them to take someone who couldn't conceivably improve their roster.
  12. Coltsman1788

    Colts have Signed Former Eagles LB Najee Goode

    Point taken. People know I like to needle the team a little...I was only half serious. That said...this guy is probably a solid addition but special teams "ace" and "stud" might not be the most accurate way to describe the addition. 42 special teams tackles in six seasons isn't a special teams stud to me. Still he should provide solid depth with the occasional play here and there on special teams. Nothing wrong with that but these type of signings aren't going to be what puts this team over. For me...watching Ballard operate in free agency is just passing time till the main event...the draft.
  13. Coltsman1788

    Colts have Signed Former Eagles LB Najee Goode

    Too late...Colts woke me out of my slumber by doing something. lol I was just poking at the Colts a little but any player who does this against the Pats is alright in my book. So welcome aboard.
  14. Coltsman1788

    Colts have Signed Former Eagles LB Najee Goode

    Back up and special teams filler. it time for the draft yet? Wake me when it's time to try and add some actual play makers to this roster.
  15. Coltsman1788

    Ryan Grant and Eric Ebron Highlights

    Well it is a highlight video so I hope he is catching the ball. lol Anyway to your point...Ebron has about a 7.3 career drop rate but has steadily improved in that area over the past 2 years with more time in Detroit's offense. Last year, I believe he actually dropped less passes than Doyle did...believe it or not.