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  1. Can't hurt I guess. He is more experienced than that Brian Williams guy. Sign him and continue to increase the competition level for the #2 and #3 TE slots.
  2. Nice signing! Aiken should slot into the 3rd WR role. Provides another red zone target to help offset the loss of D. Allen. Also puts Dorsett on notice. Time for him to put up or kick rocks!
  3. Good point. I really had my eyes set on that pass rusher for the Chargers as the free agent period approached but he never even made it to the market. Hopefully the draft is fruitful for us.
  4. Yeah...after I seen that I perked up kinda quick. lol
  5. This is true. I still was hoping for a better free agent haul. Would have like Zach Brown here over Spence for instance. And yes I know that Ballard was very clear that he would not be trying to buy a locker room so to speak. I will wait to see how the draft plays out and to see how all of our acquisitions look on the field next season. This rebuild will take a couple of least.
  6. I'm trying to find something to be excited about here...this helps a little. Ain't seen a Colts player hit like that in years. lol
  7. Unfortunately this probably is it for free agent I doubt we sign Zach Brown now. Ballard looks bent on pinching pennies in a year when the Colts actually had some money to spend to add at least one to two real play makers to this roster via free agency in addition to the draft. Hope this approach pans out...he better kill this draft. We have a linebacker core full of mostly solid backup types.
  8. Colts currently have the least amount of talent on their roster in the division. Sans Luck this team is way behind even the Jags as far as overall talent goes. Ballard has a lot of work to do.
  9. Richard Sherman is one of my favorite non-Colts players. I'd love to see him as a Colt. Realistically, I don't think the Colts are competitive enough right now to make that kind of move.
  10. Gotta give Ballard some time before we can really evaluate him. Thus far, my thoughts are he best hit on this year's draft since he seems to be putting most of his marbles on that.
  11. Wasn't taking out Derek Carr for the post season sabotage enough for ya? Lol
  12. Meh...just another depth type OL signing. I wanted the Colts to add a front line vet starter at RG in free agency. No one good left now.
  13. Thanks. I guess the remaining pool of available decent free agent RG prospects is even worse than I thought. lol
  14. Thanks for this. If we don't get Poe, Hankins or Logan would be solid acquisitions in my opinion. I'm disappointed that Ballard did not get one of the better free agent right guards. I was hoping we could nab someone like Ronald Leary until I saw he has already signed with the Broncos. Not much left now. Maybe DJ Fluker...he is a good run blocker but sub-par in pass protection though. Disappointing pickings left for OL free agents...unfortunately. I was really hoping we could add that missing veteran piece on the right side to help solidify our line. I'm not too high about drafting another rookie and rolling the dice again.
  15. If I am a defensive player I would rather play on the Jags defense than Indy's joke of one. And as as far as them not having a QB. They have recently had enough success beating the Colts defense without one. Just saying. Our defense has been abysmal.

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