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  1. Coltsman1788

    NFL adopts new Anthem policy

    Next the powers that be will be saying every fan in attendance must to stand for the anthem. Land of the free my eye! America is dying. Fake patriotism. This is about eroding our rights and high jacking the narrative.
  2. Coltsman1788

    CB Bashaud Breeland likely to sign with Colts

    Lol...Yeah I mean is there some question or doubt that his foot will eventually heal or something? Seems kinda odd. Hopefully his foot heals up enough for Ballard to sign him before another team swoops in.
  3. Coltsman1788

    CB Bashaud Breeland likely to sign with Colts

    I've learned not to get my hopes up when it comes to Ballard and free agent signings. We don't sign anyone of much significance ...just space fillers and camp bodies. It's all about the draft with Ballard.
  4. Coltsman1788

    Andrew Luck is Dr. Dre

    The analogy works on several levels. As Eminem said, “Y’all forgot about Dre!” Luck is fixing to remind the league what made him one of the top up and coming QBs in the game.
  5. It was a very good article which provided a lot of insight into the thinking of Ballard regarding the guys he ultimately drafted. I personally loved the first day of the draft and thought day 3 was a good day as well. While I think the Colts didn't really maximize value with their 2nd round selections, I can at least appreciate that Ballard isn't concerned with who the media pundits and the fan base had on their make shift draft boards. All that matters to him is the value of those players to the Colts staff and the schemes that they want to run. So hopefully, he did well there for us...time will tell. I would love to see that list of 49's to get an idea of what players the Colts weren't even considering drafting. All in all...kudos to Ballard for opening himself up this much. He is a very refreshing GM in many ways.
  6. Deon Cain is one of the picks that I liked the most outside of Quentin Nelson. He is a fly route killer but needs to develop his overall route tree. Hopefully, he can be coached up. Sky is the limit on him if he does. He can get downfield and into the endzone and could emerge as a very nice compliment to T.Y. Glad Ballard took a flyer on him in the 6th and didn't let some of the negative stuff from his freshman year get in the way. Our other wideout wasn't discussed in the article but Fountain has potential from what little I've seen from him. I expect him to battle for a roster spot and probably catch on as a back up or practice squad player. Not going to go into our 7th rounders as I think it's a throw away round. I don't expect much at all but am open to being pleasantly surprised by the two linebackers taken. Mike Adams seems to be quite a thumper and I do appreciate that aspect of his game.
  7. I like the running backs we drafted. First, I didn't understand what the Colts were doing...I was looking for them to take a bruiser to compliment Mack...thinking of our previous year's model. But as Chad72 and a few others kindly pointed out to me, the Colts seem to be following a running back by committee approach similar to what the Eagles and others have implemented using athletic backs. Given Frank Reich is our coach now...that makes sense. I feel Hines and Wilkins both bring nice skill sets to our RB group. Nyheim was the fastest back in the draft...even clocked a faster 40 than Barkley. He can also make plays as a kick returner and in the passing game. Wilkins is not as finesse as some say he is. He runs pretty tough to me using spin moves and stiff arms when needed. Given that we waited until the 3rd day, I think Ballard did a decent job upgrading our talent in this area.
  8. Gotta admit...that bit of insight makes me feel much better about the Colts taking Kemoko Turay. Hopefully our defensive coaches will be able to develop him and maximize his strengths.
  9. On Braden Smith...I'm alright with this pick. Considered the best lineman in the SEC last year. He will provide depth at guard with a chance to win a starting spot. Looking forward to seeing him play. From what I've heard and read, his arms are too short for him to move to Tackle so I don't expect to see him at Right Tackle. Scout compared his body to a polar bear's. lol That tackle position should be a battle between Joe Haeg and LaRaven...if any guard has a possibility of being tried out there I'd put my money on Mewhort possibly getting a few looks.
  10. Ugh...I'm not feeling Darius Leonard much at all. His tape against NC Central is less than inspiring...don't know what that Colts scout in the article saw at that game. I saw a guy who was consistently late to the ball and made a lot of tackles when the opposing player already picked up the first down. He also got caught up in the wash a lot. Made lots of weak arm tackles. Trails from behind a lot and makes tackles way down field. I'm not expecting much based from what I'm seeing. He made a handful of decent plays but overall he looks like he will provide the same kind of mediocre defensive play we are already getting from our defense.
  11. Coltsman1788

    *** Colts UDFA Tracker ***

    Skai Moore looks like a playmaker. Hope he makes the roster.
  12. Coltsman1788

    Chris Ballard on Dez Bryant

    Not happening. Not how Ballard is operating this off-season. Besides...that comment was made regarding Ballard's initial impression the first time he saw Dez while scouting. That was several years ago before Dez was even a Cowboy and Ballard may or may not be as awed by the current version of the player.
  13. Coltsman1788

    Colts Draft Matthew Adams LB Houston

    LOL...I knew it! Ok...well there you go. 7th rounder.
  14. Coltsman1788

    Colts Draft Matthew Adams LB Houston

    This guy can definitely lay the wood. I will give him that. Why is he in the 7th? Must suck in coverage or something. lol