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  1. It would be hard to get upset. One, Luck's shoulder is currently in a sling, and two, you can't fix it all in one offseason. Not sure it matters which direction you go in at #15. The fact that Ballard showed interest in Zeitler early but, outside of Schweinke, hasn't addressed the O-line, tells me it's a good possibility.
  2. Opening highlight features Linkenbach. lol Almost forgot about the Kerry Collins era.
  3. Yes, but on this roster, average = twice as good.
  4. If you are questioning whether or not you want to pay Moncrief and believe you can find a comparable but cheaper option, now is the time to bring in someone like Aiken. He'll have a year together with Luck before you have to make a decision.
  5. When in year 5, the roster you have put together is worse than on the day you took over, a 20 interview tour filled with softball questions and tales of you building orphanages couldn't save you.
  6. Fresh blood and competition everywhere. Bring in Aiken or another WR. Push Moncrief and Dorsett too. Hopefully more than Schwenke will be added to the O-line mix. Push everbody.
  7. He tried to pay Poe and showed interest in other higher priced free agents early on. This probably is the model he prefers to follow, but if it's the right player, it doesn't appear he's opposed to opening the wallet.
  8. It's a much needed shakeup. If you hit on just one or two of them, if one or two of these players exceed expectations, you're a better team. And there is nothing to lose. The defense can't get any worse.
  9. Against whom? As it stands, he probably starts.
  10. Additional factor: division appears to be much better. Where they are on the spectrum of Super Bowl contenders, at this point in time, means little. They are in the midst of a complete overhaul. It will probably be two years before we fully appreciate this fact. Since Luck arrived, they have never been serious Super Bowl contenders. True, they lucked out and made the AFCCG. Unfortunately they lost 45-7.
  11. In free agency, the draft and during this offseason, we will probably add another 10+ players. Give it a month or two. Also, I'm not sure about lumping the Chargers in with the Browns and Jags. The Chargers have made a Super Bowl, and had some top notch teams in the 70's, early 80's and then again in the 2000's.
  12. I'm guessing he suspects Dorsett is a bust and is questioning whether he wants to pay Moncrief or not. If so, it's better to be proactive and give the guy a year of work with Luck before making a decision on either.
  13. A poll comparing 7 days to five years?
  14. Doesn't say much for Green moving forward. They chose a 31 year old one year stopgap over a 2nd rounder from last year.
  15. Yeah, why worry? When it comes to the Colt defense, you can't get any worse. In most cases, I would settle for different, especially in the short term. Any kind of shakeup is good.

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