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  1. Want to get off the field? Get a stop.
  2. Agree. Might already be the 3rd and 4th best players on the team. If Hooker forces turnovers, it's him. Hopefully they just play better as a unit, and I think they will. How could they not? Can't get any worse.
  3. Don't minimize it. It's still a difficult moment.
  4. No, I think he'll get another year. Probably. It's not guaranteed though. A better option could be released.
  5. Check him out in the receiving game, Krunk. Return game looks good, too. While watching his receiving skills, I remembered all the balls bouncing off Frank's chest over the past two years. I think he could help.
  6. Ballard gave up on a 3rd rounder before his rookie season. When it comes to Green, he re-signed Butler, and drafted Hooker. If that doesn't tell you everything you need to know about our 2nd rounder from last season, I don't know what would. I realize you were a Grigson supporter, but some friendly advice - cut your losses. Move on.
  7. One area, one draft at a time. Ballard said, had Hooker not fallen, he was looking at offensive players. Lamp, I'm sure. I can't imagine he loves Castanzo or this O-line, but only so many picks. Give it a few years.
  8. Yep. We're in agreement.
  9. The guy who made that questionable decision is out of the league. Ballard has nothing invested in Green, and expecting Ballard to show years of patience with a Grigson project player, given everything I think I know about Ballard, seems like pure fantasy to me.
  10. Anything is possible, but I feel the same as I did after a year of Richardson and Werner. My guess is he isn't long for the NFL.
  11. When I watch his film, I'm not sure why people aren't higher on him, especially compared to what we have. Might surprise some people.
  12. Asked what he wants from draftees/prospects, Ballard said a unique skill set - a player who brings something the team doesn't have. That explains Crossan and the big WRs. Based on the film and the need for such a skill set, I would think Crossan has an excellent chance, especially if he shows something in the return game.
  13. I'm just going by what I see. Not overly concerned where he was drafted, or where some may have projected him to be drafted.
  14. Basham looks like a high effort guy who could be a solid member of the rotation, but I doubt he's our next Freeney/Mathis. Still need to find that player.
  15. Seems nearly impossible that Chuck will survive this season. A new GM wants his own guys.

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