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  1. Once McDaniels is announced, hopefully the cringeworthy moments from the media(forever referencing the Colts/Pats rivalry from the past) will be avoided/end. The fan base - same story. Doyel? Yes Gregg, this is the proper moment to end the clown show. Once hired, McDaniels is a Colt. No successful NFL HC has ever been identified with a team he was an assistant for. Is Belichick a Giant? No. Is Bill Walsh a Bengal? No. If McDaniels succeeds here, he's a Colt. If Peyton * Manning can become a Bronco, Josh McDaniels, an assistant coach, can become a Colt.
  2. It used to be said I-70 was the real Mason Dixon line, where the north side of Indy and northern Indiana were the north while south of I-70 was the south. Due to advances in technology and whatnot, all of that is changing - throughout the country. Today, no younger person grows up living an isolated life like people did decades ago. Through technology, they grow up connected to people throughout the country, throughout the world. For example, it's hard to find someone under 30 these days with a regional or southern accent anywhere - southern Indiana, Kentucky, South Carolina... anywhere. Among the young, regional accents, regional differences are dying.
  3. Not with where you were going with it - how you envision this 4-3 defense to operate as opposed to Chuck's/Monachino's defense.
  4. Here's what I was getting at: had you gone to this 4-3 last year, would you have signed any of those players? I don't know.
  5. What? You just said they have no quick twitch athletes up front and concluded Simon wouldn't fit. No, I don't think so. They went for the prototypes for that defense - of what was available, and didn't exactly get bang for their buck.
  6. I'm hoping he puts in a St. Louis-style fireable performance on Sunday.
  7. I don't know how big of a philosophical shift we'll actually see on defense, but I said this repeatedly last year when the decision was made to keep Chuck. You're just wasting another offseason. You're spending a lot of money filling out Chuck and Monachino's defense when neither will likely be here one year from now. Did you get bang for your buck on Sheard, Simon, Hankins? Hard to say yes.
  8. One Belichick tactic I do hope McDaniels brings to Indy - stockpiling QBs. With Luck's injury issues, we need to develop another QB... in addition to Brissett.
  9. Impossible to predict what McDaniels, a first time DC and Ballard will want or do personnel-wise. People will look at how things were done in New England, but I'm sure McDaniels has plenty of ideas of his own. I doubt it's a carbon copy of New England, let's put it that way. If... if the Colts went Barkley, with a top-notch OC like McDaniels, he would be a nightmare to gameplan for. Talk about having to defend every blade of grass. Just depends on whether or not you feel Chubb is elite and what you could get for the pick. One thing I'm sure McDaniels will want - a possession receiver. Outside of Reggie for a year or so, that's something Luck has never really had.
  10. Late in the game? He can't be hired for three weeks. I highly doubt they would have fired Mularkey, if there were no chance
  11. It didn't necessarily have to be pressure. Possibly, he couldn't play without it, so just allowing the situation go on was a problem. You can't force someone to get surgery, but if the player shouldn't be playing with the injury, you can shut them down. In this situation, if I had to choose between handled properly and mishandled, I would go mishandled.
  12. As for Toub, Reich or whoever, McDaniels coming here was never guaranteed. If they wanted to interview them, they would have.
  13. Well, if it is O'Brien, McDaniels in Tennessee and Vrabel here, they will all certainly know one another's phiolosophies and tendencies very well.
  14. Well, yeah - someone from that system. That's the point.
  15. Come on, man. Vrabel caught 12 career TD passes in that offense. lol