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  1. #12.

    20 years ago today....

    20 years... and he's been gone for six years, retired for two. Hard to believe.
  2. I'm assuming we would still have at least one relatively high 1st rounder, and it's all a crapshoot anyway. In this situation, when you need everything, I'll take my chances with more picks. That was obviously the thinking behind the first trade, so I see no reason not to double down, if given the opportunity. If you are willing to pass on Chubb or Barkley for more picks, you certainly then pass on Roquan Smith at #6.
  3. What difference does it make? You need everything. Might as well get more picks. One play-making LB, if he turns out to be such, won't turn around your fortunes in 2018.
  4. So bad they can go anywhere with any pick. True
  5. Yeah, we really have no idea until we see him in action. Agree with the Basham comment Also, people seem to be thinking in 2007 Indy 2 terms. I doubt the finished product will look all that similar.
  6. 3 and 1/2 months until camp? Not throwing, not good physically? Hardly encouraging. In a few years, I'm not sure how the trade down in the first will look.
  7. That wasn't by choice. We were turned down by every free agent we pursued, and this is why. If there's no Luck, why would any free agent choose this situation?
  8. Not sure I understand the rationale for choosing only those three. Depending on trades and how it falls, it could be between 10 different players(or more), or someone no one is considering like Hooker.
  9. #12.

    Colts select Tarell Basham, Edge, Ohio

    Reich as a head coach is a complete unknown. The guy has yet to coach a practice. Better players? To this point in free agency, this team is weaker. We lost four starters we have to replace. Gore, Hankins, Moncrief and Melvin were some of the better players on the team.
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    Colts select Tarell Basham, Edge, Ohio

    In this defense, if you are relying on your front four to get pressure - blitzing, attacking less, etc. - you must have a stud pass rusher... or two. Sheard and Basham? They ain't it. Basham, at best, with a lot of work and much improvement, is a rotational player while Sheard was, let's be honest, picked from free agent scraps when you had no choice but to find bodies to fill out the roster.
  11. I'm guessing the final product won't be all that similar to what we saw a decade ago. At least, I hope it won't be. Still amazes me that we had the most difficult pieces to find - two all-world pass rushers - and couldn't find a way to make it work. With Freeney and Mathis as the cornerstones, it shouldn't have been that difficult. Of course beating your head against the wall with 250 pound DTs and undersized LBs doomed it. A few fat boys in the middle and another playmaker or two - that's all you needed.
  12. #12.

    Ballard's 2017 draft vs. Grigson's 2012

    Hard to say. The rookies didn't get much of a chance under Chuck. Hopefully a few of them make a 2nd year leap.
  13. If you want to drive up the price, that's exactly what you should say. Means little.
  14. If we trade down again, Landry is the one player I want to come away with, and I doubt he's there at 22, so I would be fine with it. Look at where you started. Say at #3 you could have had either Chubb or Barkley. Instead, you come away with both a pass rusher and a running back, plus three more 2nd rounders. Hard to be upset with that.
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    Frank Reich Rejects the Notion of a Rebuild

    Rebuild? It was never built. For how many years have we had one of the worst Ds and O-lines in football? For years, you could add special teams to the list. Of course there's a significant difference between a flawed Polian team and the joke Grigson put on the field. At least Polian teams could pass protect and rush the passer.