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  1. Okay, we shouldn't go RB because we don"t have the O-line to make him look good, but then we don't want to go O-line either because, apparently, we're all set there... even though we can't run the ball and are poor in pass protection.
  2. - Winning record. - Compete occasionally with playoff teams and teams outside of the AFC South. - Inch closer to average on defense, the O-line and in the running game. It's year 6 of Luck, yes, but it's year one of trying to clean up the Chernobyl level disaster left by Grigson. It will likely take a new coach to finish the job.
  3. Stephen Holder‏ @HolderStephen Chris Ballard says they will take a potentially elite player even if the position is loaded Do we have that problem anywhere?
  4. I'm still trying to determine why, how and at what point a majority of this forum decided O-line is not an area of need.
  5. Already being spurned by Poe probably had something to do with it. He might have overpaid, but after two 8-8 seasons and given the state of this roster, perhaps it was the only way.
  6. If at NT he returns to his 2013-2015 form, he's probably currently the third best player on this team.
  7. Luck missed half of last season and is currently recovering from surgery. If I were Ballard, I would be inclined to protect Luck and worry about everything else later. No Luck, no team. With no Luck, the overall difference to the team between Reuben Foster and what we currently have would be negligible. Plus, you can't fix it all in one year anyway, so protect your biggest asset first.
  8. He was ready to pay Poe.
  9. Are you talking about what he just said last week or so to Holder? That's the way you interpet it because it fits what you want to see in the draft. It's not the way I interpret it, taken with his earlier comments and the fact Zeitler was the first free agent he showed interest in. I have a feeling the people opposed to going OL early will be disappointed in a few weeks. Seems pretty likely to me.
  10. Probably better to laugh at yourself a little. It was pretty funny.
  11. Possibly the most undisciplined team in football during his tenure and a failure in big games - 0-6 in the playoffs. I'd rather have Chuck.
  12. Pundits? Ballard said the same thing. "Need to build on Haeg and Clark." "The starters aren't currently on the roster."
  13. April Fools Day was last Saturday, right?
  14. No doubt. Didn't mean to derail his thread.

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