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  1. "re: Tolzien possibly playing in LA, "That's a long way away" In other words, Luck still has a month to get ready.
  2. I assumed Ballard was talking about shoulder strength - stability in the shoulder. If his shoulder feels better than at any time in the past year and he has 7 weeks to throw and prepare, I'm guessing he's going to play. He still has a month to throw and prepare.
  3. I think he plays, game 1 probably, but even if he does, a winning season is not guaranteed for this team.
  4. I see nothing that says he won't.
  5. Wasn't overly impressed with anyone, to be honest. No one really jumped off the film. Locke had a nice punt. Vontae made a play on the ball. That's about it. I will say that Spence must be a much better game player than practice player. Not sure how he dropped so far on the depth chart.
  6. 20 seasons of preseason games - trust me, it doesn't matter. This team, without its QB - Manning or Luck - has no prayer. When they don't play, when they play sparingly in preseason, you see just how weak and thin these teams are. Perhaps Ballard can change that with a few more drafts, but 2017 looks like the same old same old. Pray Luck is back.
  7. Cringeworthy. I pray NFLN has the Dallas feed next week.
  8. I wasn't expecting Grigson's mess to be cleaned up in one offseason, but was hoping to at least see some encouraging signs. Looks like the same old same old. Just hope the QB is back and can carry us.
  9. I find it hard to believe he won't play week 1. If his strength is better than in the past year and he has 7 weeks to prepare(nearly half a season in game weeks), he's going to play.
  10. Browns, Jags... Does it matter? Okay, so we needed a huge comeback against one of the worst teams in the league in game 16 just to hit .500.
  11. You do realize we went .500 with Luck last year, right? ... and needed a huge comeback in the final game against the worst team in the league to do so.
  12. With Luck, we'll be lucky to hit .500.
  13. Locke's punt - something encouraging, at least.

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