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    His size and played defensive back with 24 tackles and 15 solo and a good receiver for sure he has potential and young with time to develop why not give him a chance!
  2. ROSTER UPDATE: Colts Sign T/G Fahn Cooper

    This type of player has hope being in a place hoping he can improve the Colts, The Colts have been constantly overwhelmed in almost every position having a situation of bad leadership not being able to find players that have not improve the Colts! Leading up to next year Ballard seems sure this team by finding better that can come here to create competition at all positions with the talented players that should improve this team overall!
  3. Colts hire Chris Ballard as GM [Merge]

    This hire is a very good replacement coming a little longer then needed! Yet in regards that IRSAY was willing and had gave GRIGSEN plenty lee way and money helped to convince Ballard his future was being a Colt! Was his best choice. Chris knows he will have Jim fully engaged! He will have the keys t fully lead the Colts in his direction to succeed! I'm beyond the belief by most media cast of our Colts franchise! BALLARD understands and has the skills and tools to get things on track! The man could have stayed put or taken any GM position so him coming to the Colts bodes well. Better days are coming the new GM is holding the reins!
  4. Can the Colts win it all...this year?

    It seems like mentioned offensive players their is plenty to choose from (Done), OL not really addressed well enough and run blocking compared to pass is different beast (not complete). The defense with Mathis back will improve the linebackers to attack edges and pressure QB this will improve overall defense and will force the opponents to run strong at the middle. So this will test the defense's middle and they have to compensate (?). My Thinking about the secondary tackling with conviction and they hold their own (ok). Its alarming to see how bad the team has looked in preseason. This hopefully will improve as the roster starts forming. The injuries can change any team and next man up always comes to play but this is a problem all teams will face!