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  1. Anyone watching NFLN right now? Reggie Wayne was just asked if he thought Luck was being given a pass regarding the Colts woes and he told it like it was. He said Luck was a good QB and that he (Wayne) feels that the problems lie with the front office decisions on draft picks and recent trades that haven't measured up. I know these revelations aren't news to anyone but it's interesting coming from Reggie.
  2. Insert gratuitous " Playoffs?! Don't talk about playoffs! Are you kidding me? Playoffs?! I'm just hoping we can win a game, another game! " LOL
  3. And ugly W is better than a pretty loss.
  4. And that's saying something. This move just floors me.
  5. Wow, another NM resident rooting for the colts. Me too! I earlier lived in Indy for 11 years and Indiana longer--but I'll take the weather out here and just pay a bit for my nfl ticket on direcTV.

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