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  1. Colts @ Bengals Game Day Thread

    Sorry to hear that.
  2. Colts @ Bengals Game Day Thread

    What happened?
  3. Colts @ Bengals Game Day Thread

    I might have missed something awhile back, but why didn't he get it fixed back then?
  4. Mathis arrested

    Yep that's what the article said: "Police confirm to FOX59 that Mathis’ BAC was .052, which is below Indiana’s legal limit of .08. However, officers at the scene determined Mathis was too impaired to drive and arrested him for “OWI: Endangering a person.”
  5. Colts Vs. Jaguars Game Day Thread

    Has Irsay ever made a HC change during the season? Or does he usually wait until the season is over?
  6. You are th OC today... game plan

    Considering the score it might have been better to have posted the question earlier in the week so the coaches in question could have a look at the suggestions and plan accordingly. Maybe a good idea for next week.
  7. Time to look to next season

    Nope. Let him continue to heal IMO.
  8. Five Weeks in a Row - Ahead in the 3rd Quarter

    Could he still be feeling the effects of the concussion?
  9. Isn't he from Denmark?
  10. Name is Forrest, Forrest Lamp
  11. 2017 NFL Draft Day 1 Thread [Merge]

    Deion gave him some good advice.
  12. 2017 NFL Draft Day 1 Thread [Merge]

    Someone wanted him to drop, perhaps?
  13. Ryan Grigson complaints (merge)

    Anyone watching NFLN right now? Reggie Wayne was just asked if he thought Luck was being given a pass regarding the Colts woes and he told it like it was. He said Luck was a good QB and that he (Wayne) feels that the problems lie with the front office decisions on draft picks and recent trades that haven't measured up. I know these revelations aren't news to anyone but it's interesting coming from Reggie.
  14. Wow, another NM resident rooting for the colts. Me too! I earlier lived in Indy for 11 years and Indiana longer--but I'll take the weather out here and just pay a bit for my nfl ticket on direcTV.