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  1. They are considerably younger on D. The O has more experience and that is good as they were already pretty young across the line. They will definitely be a better team IMO. Its just a factor of how much better everybody else is. Youth on D has a positive factor usually as younger players are more fearless having not been hurt as much.
  2. I understand the voting system perfectly. I am simply saying 51 statistically is too high for a player the caliber of Andrew Luck. I require no assistance, thank you.
  3. Number 51 means every team in the league had a better player and 20 of them have 2 better players. Doubt it.
  4. In terms of the Super Bowl, the Colts are not the favorite. That being said, I believe they easily have a team comparable to Eli's 2 Giants teams that won it. If the D is just solid and not great, they still have a very good punchers chance with Luck. Anytime the offense gets hot they can put up 30 a game, even on good defenses. Last year for example the D was injured and bad and they still won 8 games.
  5. In all the years I have been watching football (more than I like to admit), I consider this off season for Chris Ballard among the best I have seen for filling needs with quality impact players. I can see scenarios where each of the eight draft picks could make significant contributions. The DBs will make or break the defense IMHO. I am worried about the O-line being young but the offense still scored pretty well. I just want to see Monachino and Pagano do their defensive coaching thing. If so, the Colts just might be pretty good.
  6. I have very high expectations for this defense with one caveat. Its a big one, though. Henry Anderson and Clayton Geathers have to be healthy. If they are, the defensive coaches should have loads of options for packages previously unavailable. We'll see if Pagano can really coach up a defense. I for one believe he can.
  7. When Henry was healthy he was a force. You could see him progressing every game. With a healthy knee and improved technique, he may be a real terror in there. I hope he doesn't think about it too much. Go Henry!
  8. As much as I hate to say it, I believe injuries will end up defining who our sleeper pick turns out to be. I think the O-line is close to being set but with injury, Banner may emerge. The D-line has a lot of depth but given injuries and his (hopeful) progression, Grover could be the man. Inside linebacker injuries could bring in Walker. Basham and Mack could get increased reps. The way the NFL seasons go anymore, injuries are a certainty and Ballard drafted some rookies that could step in if they haven't won the job already.
  9. I agree with this assessment. One other thing is Chris Ballard just got here and he may well be following the traditional wisdom of starting up front when building a defense. I can't think of a great defense that is not great up front. Certainly, some very good corners will get let go that can help provide depth.
  10. Making predictions in May is a tenuous activity. That being said here are three areas that will define their relative success: 1. The front 7 should be drastically improved with the free agent signings and healthy return of Langford and Anderson. The competition at D line will be intense as will the linebacker groups. Good stuff that should net an obvious improvement. 2. Also improving is the back end that has the potential to do great things in the passing game. Note that I said potential as much depends on the rookie development and the return of a healthy Geathers. 3. Cutting down on picks and other turnovers will be a big key to the statistics of the D scoring wise. I do think that with an improved D, Luck will be more careful with it, not feeling that he has to score every possession. Having defined these areas it is of interest on how they feed and fuel each other in that an improved front 7 will give opposing QBs less time making the DBs better and the DBs can improve the sack and hit numbers by providing another 1/2 second of tight coverage. The offense hanging onto the ball better is self explanatory to improving the D statistically. If healthy (big if) this D should be in the top half of the league by game 6.
  11. Yeah, this team has already proven it can score. The O-line should be better and I like the Marlon Mack pick. Go Frank and Andrew! With a #1 D the Patriots would definitely have some competition.
  12. One thing I see, besides agreeing with this being a great offseason, is that the sportscasters are starting to pay attention to what is going on here. It makes me feel kind of good for some reason. I think this year's team will be a tough out (as they say somewhere).
  13. As I mentioned earlier today, one of the things that I think is intriguing about Grover Stewart is the fact that he was on the track team and threw the discus in college. Discus throwers have to have great footwork and that coupled with 6'4" and 347 pounds could work really well in the NFL. He is just a very big man and has some quickness to him. If he doesn't work out I'll be very surprised and disappointed. Go Grover!
  14. One of the things I love about this pick is the fact that he threw the discus in college. That may sound silly, but those guys have to have great footwork. That's just gotta work in the NFL on a guy that size. He doesn't look particularly fat, he's just a big big man. I'm rooting for him.
  15. I have been a Colts fan since Noah was a messcook, and I can honestly say this is my favorite draft. I think every single one of these guys can get reps this year. The DBs are obvious. Basham looks like a stud. Walker and Mack can ball some. Banner will be hard to keep out of the starting lineup by mid season. Grover can move that big body. Love it!

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