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  1. Route running, route running, route running. Then his speed will make him a difference maker. If he just goes out there like a gazelle with a bee on his behind, he may me gone.
  2. Banner has already been found to be a value by Ballard. It is human nature to see the same things over and over. If Banner stinks it up in camp he'll go. If he only plays tackle so be it. He'll make the 53 because there is no one available to make Ballard change his mind. (YET)
  3. The winning record for the teams having a bye is no doubt the result of them being the better teams with the better records. Whether the bye is of benefit is far more clouded. For "skill" teams the bye seems to be of no value or maybe even harmful as their timing suffers from a layoff. For the more physical teams the healing properties of rest may make a rest valuable. I believe the value of an off week varies individually by specific team makeup.
  4. That's just what the government told you. Excuse me, my tinfoil hat just blew off and my brain has been irradiated by the "greys". I'm not sure what's going on now. Phooey.
  5. All of the guess and crystal balling is of no value. Andrew's rehab consists of 10,000 operations of his flip phone daily and its going very well. He should begin throwing during this decade.
  6. Banner has that difference that Ballard is always looking for. He is huge. You can't coach that. It is also rare for GMs to cut there own draft picks if they have any potential. He'll make the 53 because you probably can't hide him on the practice squad.
  7. My actual floor number for the Colts (barring significant injuries) is 10. I have to think the addition defensive help in the front 7 along with the little considered healthy return of Anderson and Langford are almost worth 2 additional wins alone. If the rooks in the back end can truly play the only other requirement (and a big one it is) is that the O-line keep Luck upright. What I've read and heard about the pass block skills of Turbin and the tight ends leads me to believe Andrew will have a great season. With the easing of the schedule 10 is the floor for this team IMHO.
  8. I also think that we have some decent depth with Schwenke, Goode and Banner. Having 2 proven NFL players as backups along with that gigantic rookie should help a lot when the inevitable dings occur throughout the season.
  9. With regard to Pagano's future, I remember when it was first announced he was coming here, many were excited as they thought Pagano was a contributor to the defensive success in Baltimore. He was by the way. Never since he has been here has the defensive side of the ball gotten the attention it deserves from the GM. Now that Mr. Ballard has given him some tools, I'm looking forward to seeing what they do with this new talent. I bet they'll play good D. I should stipulate that once in awhile I'm wrong.
  10. Zero sacks! Let that sink in a minute. That is freaking wonderful for a rookie. Stay healthy Ryan.
  11. I was unaware he had more knee surgery. My bad. Good Luck Pat.
  12. We'll never know how good a career he could have had. If he had played a full career he still would've had decades to pursue a career with his personality. I can't imagine what he was thinking. There is a world of guys out there who are funny, but only a very very few who could do what he could with a football. Amazing!
  13. I'd really like to see Chud install some of that old Hasselbeck offense. If that old man could do it (and do it he did), Andrew can do it. Plus its a good way to let the O-line gel and give Andrew a way to ease back into it. Let the league get used to it and then spring the regular offense on an unsuspecting team with a weak back end, like say the Steelers and let the chips fall where they may. It could work.
  14. The O-line has some nice quality depth. They have 8 proven NFL players that are very young and I see from their swagger that they think they have something going on. They also have 2 nice discoveries in that Robert Turbin's numbers make him among the top 2 pass blockers (PFF) and among his many talents Jack Doyle is among the better blocking TEs. Barring injuries Luck is going to pass for 5000 yds. I think they can ball a little.
  15. I agree. I would, however, exercise extreme caution with this congenital deformity because while it is not really unstable, the player could be at "high risk for neurological injury". The doctors hopefully will protect this young man.

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