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  1. So long as Moncrief stays productive in the red zone, he'll keep his horseshoe. I believe he will have to battle for the number 2 receiver slot but he's sure to get Luck's attention when a tough catch is needed in the end zone. It would be nice if he could stay healthy as his availABILITY is necessary especially if he wants to really get paid.
  2. In general I like what Mr. Ballard is doing regarding the rush linebacking situation. Trying to get a proven double digit sack-master is very difficult and dangerous. The way the Colts are now being managed takes into account how different schemes and utilization can make a huge difference in statistics. If I were a betting man, I would say that at least two of the guys acquired will make a significant impact, especially considering the Colts less than great situation at outside linebacker. Coach Pagano could go to war with the bunch he now has and have a very good chance to improve the defense. Spence looks like a good gamble to me. If they can score a keeper in the draft, they're good to go. Now on to other things.
  3. So far I believe he has done 2 things. Reduced age of OLB and improved special teams. If you reduce age 7 years per player at 3 OLB spots and do not lose productivity, you've improved. So far, so good. Still plenty of time in free agency until the draft truly tells the tale.
  4. With the amount of depth the Colts have at corner, it makes little sense to cut Robinson if he is healthy. There is already tape on him. Either slot or edge, I'm unaware of anyone we have that is much better right now. We'll just have to wait and see how it pans out.
  5. I thoroughly agree. This talk of a running back in the first round is not thought out well. The Colts need some defensive studs. Gore, barring injury, is fully capable of playing another year. When a draft class is as deep at running back as this one, pulling the trigger early is pointless. Running back might be a good selection for the compensatory pick. Please, Mr. Ballard help this defense.
  6. True but in each case Grigson was the GM who has not had a good history with defensive picks. With an extremely young offensive line and a lot of players long of tooth on D, 8 and 8 is decent if not good. I'm not a Pagano for life enthusiast but I would say another year has been earned and a knee jerk reaction is not called for.
  7. The logic behind keeping coach Pagano is simple. The players play hard for him. The fastest way to turn into the Cleveland Browns is to turn everybody over every couple of years. Maintaining continuity is vital to a team's success. Another year of continuity and some bodies will improve the defense and get a good shot at the divisional championship.
  8. LOL. The rubber will hit the road when the evaluation of talent begins. That coupled with rudimentary math skills for the cap is the majority of the GM job. His history is good, he speaks well and seems to have a good concept. I'm encouraged (a little now).
  9. IMHO the o-line play overall improved last year. Obviously, there is room for more improvement. Only the coaches and now Ballard know their long term plans. It does look as though a starting-quality offensive lineman at almost any position would be a good pick up. If Philbin is worried about any of the rooks from last year, we might see more. Protecting Luck better must continue to be a priority. A better defense would serve to tire the opposing D to a greater degree and certainly help the offense. I think concentrating on the D is key this year.
  10. My only comment at this point is regarding Frank Gore. We get a thousand yard rusher and because of his age some are doubting him? Until he shows definite degrading of his skills, his experience and drive merit renewal of his modest contract. Hell, I'd give him a raise (and bring in a young running back for him to teach).
  11. From the comments of his teammates and coaches, Frank is very deserving. Congratulations and continued success.
  12. I have long stated that I believe the players respect Pagano and will play hard for him. This last Jacksonville game shows that. I have also felt that Chuck has been asked to produce results with some less than top level talent, particularly on defense, that many would make excuses and Chuck doesn't. Give him some talent and he will win many games.
  13. It sure seems like Pat was waiting for his opportunity. The Reggie Wayne interview certainly indicates that he was not alone in his feelings for Grigson. If more players felt that way and it looks like they might have, then Jim Irsay appears to have made the right decision. Couple this with the draft failures on defense over the last few years and my opinion is this was the right decision. Pat has always been outspoken and has spoken once again.
  14. He's certainly looking like a player. Reading his bio I couldn't help thinking he might have matured physically fairly late. He seems to get better every year so who knows? He might be the best next to D'Quell by year's end.
  15. Hopefully they can stay healthy long enough to continue to evolve. I think I see some progress out there and they don't have that many excellent pass rush teams in their last 7 games. If they can get some confidence going I believe it would really help them. It is still potential but there is progress.

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