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  1. Chuck Pagano Press Conference

    I would agree in principle, but my problem is the knowing of the playbook while important, shrinks in value should Jacoby happen to get injured in which case we are back to a totally failed Tolzien at quaterback.
  2. Chuck Pagano Press Conference

    I believe Chuck's QB decision dalliance goes along with their practice philosophy. Everyone said Morris wasn't so much at practice and Chuck rewarded Tolzien's hard work. That being said, I could work hard at practice and still be nothing like a QB. A team philosophy is important but the time comes when the obvious must be considered. I would go as far as bringing Morris back and cutting Tolzien as sadly he's never ever EVER going to make it. Also, there are other QBs (other than Kaep) that could be brought in for the short term.
  3. Breaking: Jacoby Brissett named Starter

    Hey, they got a win with 2 QBs they picked up off the street last year. There's hope!
  4. Jacoby Brissett Must Start in Week 2

    As I said in another post, with Tolzien having the entire offseason to prepare with the starters, this outing proves that you could literally start any other QB on any other NFL roster and have at least as good a chance as with this guy. Play Jacoby, bring Morris back or someone else to back him up and get this dead weight out of the discussion. C'mon Ballard do some of that GM stuff. I can't stand much more of this.
  5. DBs?

    Let the rookies learn while the team is struggling (TJ too). When the O comes around they may be better by then. Butler remains what he has always been, a quality backup.
  6. I can't predict the score, but it will be an L. Someone needs to point out to the coaching staff that Scott Tolzien has NO CHANCE of making it as an NFL quarterback. You'd have as good a chance with Mewhort under center.
  7. R-E-L-A-X Everyone

    You could literally start any QB on any NFL roster and get as good as Tolzien produces. I personally would cut him and bring back Morris, but the coaching staff obviously has something against him. Jacoby needs to start game 2 or I'm going to be forced to finally begin to question Pagano's coaching. Scott Tolzien is NOT an NFL quarterback.
  8. Good, bad and ugly of the game

    The good: LA Rams The bad: Indianapolis Colts The ugly: I just can't bring myself to list it all. LOTS.
  9. turning point

    Even without the red flag on that play, where in blazes was Turbin? Plain vanilla gameplan on offense and poor QB play, poor pass protection and in general a pure stinker. Cac in blue.
  10. same tolzien we saw in the preseason

    I'm sure Tolzien works hard and tries to exhibit leadership qualities. That being said Scott Tolzien is by no stretch of the imagination an NFL quarterback. Change it now or I for one will quit watching entirely until its changed. Pitiful display or gameplan and execution. YUCK.
  11. Do you think Luck will play in week 2?

    Tolzien will play so well in LA, they'll cut Luck.
  12. Your Reason Why Luck Wiil/Won't Play This Year

    No reason to be silly or disrespectful. Of course the docs are the final word, but it is obvious to the casual observer that is not simply wanting to be argumentative that the players input is of value. Get a clue.
  13. Your Reason Why Luck Wiil/Won't Play This Year

    Oh come on now. Let's see, I'm a head coach and my star QB believes he's feeling pretty good and I ignore that? Unrealistic statement there. Also science has proven that a positive mental attitude aids in healing.
  14. Your Reason Why Luck Wiil/Won't Play This Year

    I have a reason why Luck will play this season. He as much as said so. He also said when he gets back he's going to be BETTER. In that Andrew has never been much for braggadocio, just him saying means he believes it. If he believes it enough to say it, I believe it. Andrew likes practice and he's going to get a lot more practice. It is important for him to continue his development.
  15. Week One Colts vs. Rams Prediction Thread

    The Colts will turn Goff over 4 times and win in a walk!