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  1. I don't think I am looking at it wrong and I'm not suggesting an imaginary cap on the number drafted. I'm just saying that I believe that if you spend too much resource on one area the other places on the team suffer and you don't succeed. It's not a slam dunk by any means but successful teams don't get built by continually drafting offensive line guys in the early rounds. That's just a simple fact.
  2. It's one line and it's one player. It's even a player who didn't play last year. They didn't spend more than 3 high draft picks on their o-line no matter how much you dress it up.
  3. Technically he's and UDFA as they didn't spend a first round pick on him. You can't make him something he factually isn't.
  4. Another post that has difficulty counting. I said 4 or 5 and you've shown me 3?
  5. I see we have an issue with counting. I said that the best lines aren't built on 4 or 5 guys who are top picks. You've then gone on to name a team who has 3. Collins is an outlier due to his situation. The example of Dallas is just proving what I said over and over again.
  6. It helps the offensive line clearly but as I keep saying I don't believe that good trams need to constantly use resources to have 5 top quality offensive linemen to succeed. Focusing so much draft stock into one area therefore doesn't help the team. There has to be balance. The best lines in football aren't built on 4 or 5 high draft picks. Their built on 2 or 3 and then the gaps being creatively filled. I'll keep believing that and providing examples but I have yet to have an example of an o-line which is built purely from day 1 or 2 picks.
  7. BPA is a fine concept but it has to help the team. You could have a situation where the BPA is a running back for 10 straight seasons but it won't make you a winning team.
  8. Because having 5 means you've neglected other areas in the draft and results in an unbalanced team. Draft resources are finite and you have to spread them around. So we can't find a team who has successfully drafted 4 offensive linemen in the early rounds but that is the standard we're measuring against?
  9. Collins barely played last year though so he isn't part of the line we're discussing. Dallas aren't the only good line in the league, it's debatable whether they are even the best. Can you name another successful team with 4 guys on the o-line who were picked in the first 3 rounds? If Clark wins the RT spot as he should the RG will actually be our only spot where we don't have a high pick playing.
  10. They were. I'm not doubting that those three are the bedrock of the line I'm just pointing out that the gaps are filled with lowly ranked players who are schemed and coached to make the whole unit better. You shouldn't need 5 stud players to make a good line and the Dallas example actually shows that rather than justifying another high pick on the o-line.
  11. I don't have a problem with your opinion at all. Just because I'm discussing things doesn't mean it's personal.
  12. Nah, I doubt he'd be interested but I can still have a point of view.
  13. It does make a difference because you'd said that there were exactly one first round on the line when in actual fact there are two. I agree that Luck gets hit too much however the quarterbacks that get hit less don't necessarily need their whole line made up of 1st, 2nd and 3rd round picks. Same goes for running back who rush more successfully that Gore. I believe that once you have some talented guys on the line that you should be able to fill the remaining gaps creatively by finding effective role players, coaching and scheme. Taking another OL at 15 is too much for me. I don't know if there's ever been a successful team whose line was chosen 22-59-18-15-82. It shows a lack of creativity in an area where successful teams plug and play low round picks and undrafted guys. Losing yet another opportunity to improve our defense and taking the option to invest in an area which could be improved without spending significant resource is a complete waste of an opportunity.
  14. Leary was the undrafted guy I was talking about...not Collins. The other guy was a 4th round pick which is a 3rd day selection.
  15. What round was our left tackle picked in?

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