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  1. No. It's crazy idea. I'd rather draft all defense with the first 4 picks if I'm honest.
  2. Nice player. Very good player in fact. Can't take a guard at 6 though and feel like we'll have spent too many draft resources on the line (there 1st rounders and potentially a 2nd and 3rd) at the expense of other areas....mainly the whole defense. Got to go in a different direction for me and fill the guard spot using a less valuable resource.
  3. Maybe. Cleveland could actually end up with Barkley and Chubb which would be an impressive haul if they didn't need to nail the QB position as much as they do. I really hope we haven't done this with the aim of getting Nelson. Seems like the wrong direction to me. Those 3 second round picks are going to be interesting though.
  4. Disappointed that we might now be out of range for Chubb but it's a great value trade. Just got to nail the picks now.
  5. Maybe but when they find decent players in the draft they also manage to keep them around and they also supplement this with free agents. Unfortunately I see more similarities between us and the Browns of recent years than I do with the Pats. Can't keep our good players, can't attract the best free agents. Let's just hope that Ballard can do better than them in the draft but if that's the strategy it might take 4 years to turn this ship around. It will be much longer if we actually have a poor draft or two.
  6. Definitely Penny. I'm less sold on Michel.
  7. No doubt. A positive set of results will always help draft stock obviously. Him being drafted in the 2nd round wasn't caused by his combine results though. It's where he was always predicted to be even before those results. It hasn't stopped him becoming a very effective player which is why I think you're putting too much empahis on that particular result. We will have to see though.
  8. Was he projected as higher pick than that before the combine?
  9. Demarcus Lawrence is another one. Ran a 7.46. A slow time in that drill isn't helpful. Obviously. But it doesn't stop a player being an exceptional pass rusher. You're right though. We'll have to wait and see.
  10. Not sure he classifies as an edge rushed per se but Calais Campbell ran a 7.45 and I'd take his sack production all day long.
  11. It's one disappointing event. It's doesn't negate the rest of the combine and - more importantly - his actual film.
  12. Was hoping he'd be there when we turn in our 2nd pick before the combine. Don't think there's too much chance of that now.
  13. Imagine going into the draft thinking we're getting Barkley or Chubb and coming out with a guard! Utter nightmare.
  14. If I'm Chris Ballard Then I'm Taking Nelson RD. 1

    I like Nelson as a player, I think he's going to be good. I also agree that we need to improve our offensive line play. Having made both of those statement though having a line which is potentially made up of 3 firsts, a second and a third will be the biggest misuse of resources I can remember.
  15. Frank Reich HC - #3 is Barkley or Chubb

    Still Chubb. Philadelphia built their team around drafting defense in the early rounds. Especially pass rushers. Let the trend continue.