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  1. I've got growing confidence in that group. I want to see them grow and develop. Even watching that video it's telling how long Luck holds onto the ball. If we can get the ball out quicker I think we can see big improvements in the effectiveness of the line.
  2. Agree. If you have a dominant pass rusher it will effect the opposition's thinking on every single offensive play. A dominant left tackle doesn't change the game in the same way.
  3. Agree but 6-10 with Bortles is progress for them. 8-8 with Luck isn't worthy of respect.
  4. I don't think they're respecting the Jags as such, they're just an obvious candidate on paper to turn things around. Overall though I'm not surprised that this team is being disrespected at this point. We've gone from the clear leaders of the division to the 3rd placed team. We've got to earn the respect back.
  5. I saw some analysis today that suggested that the colts line/running backs were pretty good already given the opportunities they received.
  6. And a whole defense consisting of a maximum of 2 seconds and 2 thirds. Eek!
  7. I'll be so disappointed if we once again ignore the defense in the first round. It will feel like an opportunity missed.
  8. CB is the bigger need clearly but I feel that the linebackers available at 15 will probably have more impact than the corners in the same spot. On the other side of the coin it looks to me like the corners in later rounds would be much more ready to contribute than the lower ranked LBs.
  9. Do you (or anyone else) know how many sacks Haeg gave up last year?
  10. That's not how the Dallas line was structured and built though. The best comparison in terms of draft pick usage would probably be the Browns line when they had Thomas-Bitonio-Mack-Erving-Schwartz.
  11. We didn't really have a time of possession problem though did we?
  12. I agree. You'd specifically said that Dallas spending high round picks was a differentiating factor though so just wanted to make the point that we have too.
  13. To be fair we have used more high picks on the o-line over the last 6 years than Dallas have.
  14. All fair points but these things weren't really an issue for us anyway. 11th best in time of possession and 7th highest scoring offense last year. So while there are ways a running back can take the pressure of a defense it doesn't feel to me like upgrading that position will make a significant difference to the other side of the ball.

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