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  1. CB is the bigger need clearly but I feel that the linebackers available at 15 will probably have more impact than the corners in the same spot. On the other side of the coin it looks to me like the corners in later rounds would be much more ready to contribute than the lower ranked LBs.
  2. Do you (or anyone else) know how many sacks Haeg gave up last year?
  3. That's not how the Dallas line was structured and built though. The best comparison in terms of draft pick usage would probably be the Browns line when they had Thomas-Bitonio-Mack-Erving-Schwartz.
  4. We didn't really have a time of possession problem though did we?
  5. I agree. You'd specifically said that Dallas spending high round picks was a differentiating factor though so just wanted to make the point that we have too.
  6. To be fair we have used more high picks on the o-line over the last 6 years than Dallas have.
  7. All fair points but these things weren't really an issue for us anyway. 11th best in time of possession and 7th highest scoring offense last year. So while there are ways a running back can take the pressure of a defense it doesn't feel to me like upgrading that position will make a significant difference to the other side of the ball.
  8. Nkemdiche wasn't really a top 10 talent though was he? The medical concerns about the shoulder are still the biggest issue to me. All the rest of it is just putting him in our range. Hopefully we won't be in a position to be picking a top 10 player again for the next few years. If we get the opportunity to grab one I don't think we should pass it up.
  9. Tunsil smoked an actual gas mask full of weed on camera and still got picked at 13. Foster will fall a little bit but I doubt he makes it to the second round and still hope he doesn't make it to 16.
  10. I can find more. I simply searched 'NFL big board' and every one I found on the first 4 pages except ESPN had him outside the top 20 with plenty of them having him outside the top 30. I don't know who most of those guys you mention are, I didn't call you a liar though just said I hadn't seen them. If we're talking about him being clearly 100% the best player available at that number 15 I'd expect a little more of a consensus.
  11. They are. I like that bit.
  12. Half of the players you have them drafting are offensive. Is Lamp going to cover Williams as well?
  13. If we draft Lamp I hope never to see Luck on the floor again. The way some people talk you'd think nobody would lay a finger on him if we make that pick.
  14. No doubt. It doesn't quite reflect the constant occurrence that was mentioned though.
  15. Reddit? That wasn't quite the draft expert I had in mind.

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