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  1. Hey guys. Sorry I haven't been on. I'm on vacation in South Africa. Missing a lot of football news So I'm scrolling and I see hankins's comments and was shocked. So can our defense atleast match the production of our offense
  2. Hello from south Africa. Good news
  3. The roller ball of butcher knives
  4. The left side of the line is not an issue at all
  5. Maybe he's still butt hurt we passed on him in 06 and took addai
  6. One in 2007 I think vs the Steelers
  7. Thought this was a very interesting quote by Sean Spence about luck “I remember when I was back in Pittsburgh and we played (the Colts),” Spence begins. “We beat (the Colts) pretty bad and jumped out to an early lead. We were hitting Luck a lot and sacking him and knocking him down. When we turned on film the next day, that Monday, he never flinched. He never backed out of a throw. He never curled up before he threw the ball. He stood strong in the pocket. I respected him. I respected him even much more.
  8. He's only dropped two balls
  9. 50 yard td vs the Vikings. 70 yard td vs jags 50 yard catch vs Darius slay
  10. Dorsett has shown he can be a play maker. Now he just needs to keep improving and be consistent
  11. Davis mewhort and moncrief will all be free agents Mewhort imo is the most important to resign just for his youth, production, and our need to have that continuation of the same line together to protect luck. Davis needs to have a big year imo to be resigned. He's battled injuries the last two years which has hindered his production, but he's still performed at a high rate, however he's going to be 30 and Wilson could give us reason to move forward without Davis. Moncrief has the talent to be a one no question, but he's yet to put it all together. He's tremendous in the red zone, but seems to vanish during the course of the game and has dealt with injuries as well. I want them all to be resigned, but I'm not sure if that will be the case.
  12. Jackson has a better chance to start then Morrison imo
  13. I rather let wilson play. McCourty isnt even that good
  14. This defense could be really fun to watch. Only ILB needs work Imo.
  15. Vontae sounding like a leader

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