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  2. Kinda hard to answer that. I guess it depends on rather we have any trade partners to move back with. I have no issue with Nelson. He's a great talent, but I feel we need to get out of this draft with as many starters as we can to help with all the holes we have.
  3. We don't really have any proven talent at wr other then Hilton and luck needs more weapons. I think with Price being available in the second, we could go after another position of need and still get luck the protection he needs
  4. I'm not against it. Just think we have other needs we need to focus on
  5. You just want rashaad penny
  6. Because Mack is unproven, but he did flash. He just needs an opportunity to be the main guy
  7. Just don't see a need. I honestly think Mack can be our workhorse when given the opportunity. We also have depth with turbin, jones, and Michael
  8. He's still undersized. He's not gonna hold up in the run game. I wouldn't be mad about taking him. I just think Holmes has the size and potential to excel when given the chance
  9. Sorry im not sure whos available. Can I get an updated list
  10. CR91

    Colts 2018 Schedule Announced [Merge]

    I'll go dolphins to open the season
  11. If he's up to 235 already, then he just needs another 10 pounds.
  12. I appreciate your insight on my mock. Yes Jackson is undersized, but he has the speed and ball skills to play inside or outside. True Carter hasn't lived up to the hype, but it would be great value at the third round. Holmes never had the playing time because of playing being Bosa and Hubbard, but he is a skilled pass rusher. Senat is a project, but so are most 5th round picks. We dont need Flowers to be a starter, just depth and ST mostly. imo, Callaway is off a lot of teams boards because of his background. Getting him the 7th is not unheard of. Some even think he will go undrafted.