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  1. Interesting topic

    Guys dont get the wrong idea here. Im not saying to trade luck. Im just playing devil's advocate. When healthy, luck is the best football player in the league skill wise.Any franchise will die to have him
  2. Interesting topic

    not saying I want to trade luck, but sam is the closest thing we'll ever get to luck. Id rather keep luck, but keep in mind he holds all the cards. If luck feels the organization is not getting him the help he wants, he could orchestra a trade and force the colts hands
  3. Interesting topic

    So a friend and I were discussing if the colts got the first pick, would they draft Sam Darnold and trade luck or do they trade back with a qb hungry team like the 49ers or jets and get bounty of draft picks. Thoughts?
  4. First of many
  5. Luck officially out week 2.

    Just because he's out, doesn't mean he can't practice right?
  6. Gotta get in the right mindset as a fan

    I still think he'll practice next week, but won't play. Browns game is when I expect him to start.
  7. There's really nothing new in this report that we don't know already and nothing credible in terms of sources so take it for what it's worth
  8. Do you think Luck will play in week 2?

    I think he practices week two, but won't play. I think the browns game might be 50-50
  9. I respect BB and Brady. Their HOFers, but when you win time and time again and you hardly lose and you're always there at the end, you want some kind of moral victory. Also didn't help for 9 months that all we heard of dynasty this and 19-0 that.
  10. We can't be happy the evil empire got taken down a peg?
  11. Are we talking just qbs because Ray Lewis did it. Jerome Bettis too
  12. BB at the podium "we're on to new orleans"
  13. a good ol fancy butt kicking. Can I get an AMEN!
  14. Colts Release Depth Chart

    Well so far he is
  15. Colts Release Depth Chart

    God help Tolzien with that oline. Good thing Donald is holding out