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  1. congrats to kelly. hes only gonna get better.
  2. just like trent richardson right mayock
  3. Billy winn is long gone my friend
  4. Ty McGill can play nose as well
  5. Jones wasn't a NT and we already signed woods
  6. I think I speak for all of us when I say it's about freaking time. (Gotta keep it PG)
  7. There's nothing about his game that impresses me. Not sure why he's still here
  8. Sean Payton met with manziel according to NBC
  9. Maybe if he goes undrafted, but Def not worth drafting
  10. rivera signed with the jags
  11. Just looking at the roster and I stumbled upon him. Who is he? he did have 29 sacks in his collegiate career. not bad
  12. From a talent standpoint, it's foster no question, but his struggles understanding a playbook will hinder him
  13. I think a lot of people here would throw a brick through their tv if foster is there at 15 and we pass on him
  14. Brown left Miami without a deal. Going to visit the bills next
  15. Definitely one of the worst first rounds in recent memory

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