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  1. A lot of teams aren't very forthcoming about injuries especially if it involves a star player
  2. I wasn't. I answered a question
  3. Great read, but kinda lengthy
  4. Landon Collins
  5. I don't mind the move. It could save his career in the long run as he's never starting if geathers and hooker are healthy. What bothers me are the first team reps Wilson isn't getting because of this experiment. Unless they plan to start green week one, I don't see the merit to this.
  6. Hmm I was expecting more hell fire and brimstone
  7. Well with Melvin out, Wilson is the assumed starter
  8. I maybe the minority, but I find this green to CB move weird. You would think with Melvin out, Wilson would be getting the majority of first team reps. Perhaps it is for green to get better at coverage, but we play the rams in less then a month and imo Wilson needs all the reps he can get with the 1s if he is going to start week 1
  9. It was mixed. You saw there were some miscues between Clark and mewhort, but I put that more on them not playing together for too long.
  10. Good read
  12. It's funny how green has gone from forum whipping boy to Savior after one preseason game
  13. Hooker can't keep missing reps
  14. Great to hear so many guys back at practice
  15. Green at corner? That's interesting, but if his coverage at safety is lacking, how is covering at CB gonna be any better

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