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  1. I would love to see Celtics/Rockets. It would be something different and great for the NBA. Great to me anyway. LeBron making 8 straight Finals and Warriors making 4 straight is getting a bit stale. I get it, most people think LeBron is the best thing since sliced bread and the 2nd best player ever. Most People love the Warriors because they have an All-Star team and Durant vs LeBron is always fun but I want to see something new. Unless you are a LeBron lover or a Warriors fan, how could you not root for the Celts and Rockets with the Pacers out of it anyway? I do love it when the Cavs lose because when they lose, the media always says LeBron doesn't have enough help. When they win they say his supporting cast is the best in the East . I remember when the Cavs played the Magic in the 2009 ECFinals, ESPN was saying the Cavs had one of the best teams ever going into that series. They were 66-16 and 8-0 in the Playoffs at that point. Then Dwight Howard and a bunch of 3 point shooters beat the Cavs who had HCA, then the media said LeBron didn't have enough help. They went from best team ever to LeBron not having any help. That has been the theme for 10 years with him. Actually last years Cavs team was better than this Rockets team and apparently James Harden has enough help to at least go 7 with the Warriors and they may beat the Warriors. LeBron had Kyrie and Love + Korver. Harden has CP3 who is equal to Kyrie, last years Love is better than Capela. LeBron is better than Harden.
  2. Yeah I don't get it either, strange. I still think the Warriors will win Game 6, if CP3 is out they will win Game 7 as well. If CP3 plays in Game 7 then it's 50/50 IMO.
  3. CP3's injury is gigantic if he cant go the rest of the series, I agree. Warriors will win Games 6 and 7 if he cant play. Not sure yet how bad his injury is?
  4. Here it is, 96-94 Rockets and Warriors ball with 7 seconds left!
  5. Harden can shoot lousy and still make a huge impact on the game because he draws a Foul every time he drives. He scores like that when he's cold.
  6. CP3 is throwing up slop and it's going in . This may be Houston's night?
  7. Anyone's game after the 3rd. Warriors lead 72-71. Who knows how this 4th Qtr will go? It's a make or miss league so obviously who ever makes their 3's down the stretch will win.
  8. Yeah I seen that, great stuff about MJ and Phil. Kerr has been there and done that.
  9. See Curry is getting aggressive now and driving. Warriors by 3 now. CP3 done made babyface mad!
  10. CP3 is on fire, CP3 showboating/shimming in Curry's face but he better be careful because he's flirting with disaster. That may get Curry going. 59-59 as of now.
  11. I am surprised Iggy isn't playing tonight, in the pregame the other night the guys were saying if needed, Iggy could play. Maybe he had a set back?
  12. Yeah Vic made 3rd Team All-NBA, so did PG-13. That 3rd team looks great on paper.