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  1. Per Rotoworld...expect house cleaning at end of season

    No he doesn't, Jim is a Great owner.
  2. Per Rotoworld...expect house cleaning at end of season

    Oh yeah when Luck comes back next year with a better team and Coach, we will be saying Jacksonville who? We will be back next season and ready to roll with #12 and a better line.
  3. Per Rotoworld...expect house cleaning at end of season

    Only reason why I posted that is, I wanted to give this forum a feeling on how 1000's of people feel around Indy. I honestly could give a rats booty how anyone feels anymore because many think Luck is done. That to me is pure stupidity. When Luck starts next September I cant wait and see how those people feel that say he is done.
  4. New England (-3) at Pittsburgh (12-17-17)

    Why question her?
  5. John Salley won 4 and Robert Horry won 7, come on man. We know that but I am comparing alpha dogs when it comes to Championships. Role players aren't in that equation. If anyone watched Magic play and LeBron play and they think LeBron is better they need their brain checked. Magic was much more clutch and made players around him better more than LeBron has. It's cracks me up how Max and Stephen A just puts LeBron at #2. That is ridiculous, LeBron is awesome/Great but he isn't better than Kobe or Bird even. Top 10 ever - yes LeBron is. Best player over the last 5 years - yes, 2nd of all-time and compared to Jordan - beyond ridiculous. Magic was even better period. I think some these media people need to go back and watch film and see how Magic dominated as a Rookie and won a Championship without Kareem. They need to see how Jordan scored like 50 points in his sleep and won the Championship every year he was in it.
  6. Tim Duncan won 5 Championships and is underrated by the media, Shaq was a more dominant player than LeBron and has won 4 Championships. Bird would've won at least 5 had it not been for Magic. James is a better athlete than those guys, but player that is debatable IMO. LeBron isn't better than Kobe Bryant and I don't see any debate you can give me to dispute that other than the brainwash clowns on ESPN like Max and Stephen A that think so. Those 2 never watched Magic play I am convinced of that because LeBron isn't near better than Magic. Magic was the best ever by far before Jordan came along.
  7. @Jules, here's my Top 10 just for you: 1. Michael Jordan 2. Magic Johnson 3. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 4. Wilt Chamberlain 5. Kobe Bryant 6. Larry Bird 7. Shaq O'Neal 8. Tim Duncan 9. LeBron James - yeah I am a hater because I don't rank him 2nd but look who I have in front of him. James is special and made my Top 10 out of a million players, so I hate 10. Bill Russell - Great player and won 11 Championships so deserves Top 10. Was on loaded teams that only needed to win 2 series in 8 of his Championships though. Great Defender, Team Player, and Rebounder. His Offensive game was kind of blah so he is at my 10 spot.
  8. New England (-3) at Pittsburgh (12-17-17)

    Where is the 1990 Bills when you need them
  9. Per Rotoworld...expect house cleaning at end of season

    Could be but just wanted to let people know how many people feel around Indy.
  10. Per Rotoworld...expect house cleaning at end of season

    Maybe I am Volin jr
  11. New England (-3) at Pittsburgh (12-17-17)

    Hi I am David Carr, I am supposed to be better than Andrew Luck but I choke again and fumble to lose the game
  12. Kobe Top 5, yes sir! Closest thing to Michael Jordan ever. 1. Jordan 2. Magic 3. Kareem 4. Wilt 5. Kobe -that is my 5 -Bird, LeBron, Duncan, Russell, and Shaq are right there but Kobe has 5 Championships and an 81 point game and 4 other 60+ games, and a ton of 40+ games. He was the Jordan of this past era just not as Great as Jordan. Kobe won 2 Championships with Pau Gasol being his 2nd best player. LeBron didn't win his 1st until he joined Wade and Bosh. -Russell won 11 Championships but 8 of those, he only had to win 2 series, perspective. It was different in the 60's. Wilt was the better player actually IMO.
  13. Per Rotoworld...expect house cleaning at end of season

    I brought up Toub to a friend of mine tonight. He follows Football pretty well, not what I would call a Football junky but he is knowledgeable. He cringed when I brought up Toub as he told me he knew that rumor. He works at Fed Ex and talks to 1000's of people a day and he told me most will not be happy if we hire him. Don't know how much stock to put on that but many of the people he talks too has season tickets. The friend I talked to sees 1000's of people a day and he told me most people want Jim Harbaugh, Bill Cowher, John Gruden, Josh McDaniels, or even Peyton to be HeadCoach. He talks to 1000's people daily that comes through his work because he's a dispatcher.
  14. Is this the end of the LOB? (Seattle D)

    That would be cute wouldn't it
  15. Pacers win 109-97 over Nets, Dipo goes for 26 on 9-14 shooting. Sweet! Kobe retirement = excellent! He is in my Top 5 ever.