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  1. What is up with the Umps and Zobrist, that ticked Maddon off! God glad we won this game, this is one game had we lost I would've really been mad about. Huge win too. Up 1.5 over Brewers and 2.5 over Cards now.
  2. Cubs win 7-6! I guess the Reds didn't want to Pitch to MVP . A win on a Wild Pitch! I'll take it, I felt good with Bryant being up there.
  3. First Rondon gives up 2 HR's and now Edwards gives up a 2 run HR. This stuff is ridiculous. The 8th Inning has been a huge pain all season. Cubs need to pull this out.
  4. Carl Edwards really?? Man I am starting to hate our BullPen. 6-6 now against the freakin Reds!
  5. Cubs still up 6-4 going to the Bottom of the 7th. Just need 6 more outs. Cards lost 5-4, so a win here puts us up 2.5 over the Cards. Brewers catching fire again though, won their 4th straight so they will be only 1.5 back if Cubs do indeed hang on here. These 3 teams = Cubs, Cards, and Brewers are so inconsistent! They sometimes win 4 or 5 in a row then lose 4 or 5 in a row. Tough to figure these teams out
  6. Cubs up 5-1 going to the Bottom of the 4th.
  7. Great stuff! We need to win because last I looked the Cards were up 4-0 over RedSox. Brewers won today as well.
  8. The Draft is still really a crapshoot and a lot of luck is involved. Tom Brady going in Round 6 at 199 looks silly in hindsight. Blair Thomas going 2nd and Emmitt Smith going 17th in the 90 Draft does as well. Joe Montana got drafted in Round 3 as well. Look at how many QB's that have been busts that have been drafted either 1st and 2nd where draft experts said they would be a sure thing - J. Russell, Ryan Leaf, Jeff George and a ton more.
  9. I think Hooker will pan out, just a gut feeling. He shouldve went Top 10.
  10. Yeah you are right, some QB's that have went #1 have sucked!
  11. I always try and explain this to people but they wont listen. Unless you have sure Franchise QB at #1 the Draft is a crapshoot, it always has been and I can give 100's of examples to why it is.
  12. Payton and Tomlin both have won 1 SB but they also have missed the Playoffs several times. Anyone can get lucky once. It took Dungy 11 seasons before he won 1.
  13. Yeah Marvin Lewis has Coached the Bengals for 14 seasons and has no Playoff wins. At least Chuck has 3 and has been in a Championship Game. Imagine if Chuck went 14 seasons without a Playoff win, people in here would go banana's. Some already are over 2 8-8 seasons.
  14. Not to be a whiner but they always have the REFS on their side as well. It's always been like that dating back to the 70's vs Dallas - they got a couple of huge bogus calls in those SB's, then against us in 1995, then the Seahawks getting screwed bigtime in 2005.
  15. Yeah I cant put Carr ahead of Luck either. Carr hasn't won a Playoff game, Luck has already won 3 and has had the better career to date. Regarding close games, that happens a lot with teams. One season they win 75% of them, then they lose those same type of games. We lost several last season including both Houston games that could've easily went our way - that was the Division.

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