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  1. Andrew up to this point has had a Good Career. Hopefully it turns into Very Good to Great. He has had 3 11-5's, a lot of comeback wins, and a Title Game Appearance. This season coming up is going to be real interesting.
  2. I feel for Jay because he works days. That would suck if you had to get up at 5am.
  3. It only will be if the Cubs Repeat as World Champs
  4. This is great, Cards at Dodgers is on the MLB Channel. Cards up 2-0 in the 4th so far. Nothing like midnight Baseball once you get off work and don't have to get up in the morning.
  5. Yeah our BullPen really concerns me. Even our starting Pitching has been shaky at times. I thought Lester pitched a Great game last night but that was the best he pitched all season IMO.
  6. Cubs win again, Wade Davis tried to blow it LOL! 2 solid outings in a row against a hot Giants team though, I will take it. Just .5 game out of 1st place now. Current Standings: Brew Crew 25-21 Cubs 24-21 .5 Cards 22-20 1 but pending, they are playing the Dodgers in LA and the game has just started. -I would like to see the Cubs start playing at their World Champion level like last season, still haven't seen it yet but being only .5 out of 1st place in the Division isn't all that bad as we head towards the last week of May. The Cubs Pitching is definitely a concern so far, it's been inconsistent from the Starters to the BullPen. Last season it was lights out.
  7. Brew Crew lost again, if the Cubs hang on and win they will be .5 back in the Division at 24-21. The Brew Crew is now at 25-21. Cards/Dodgers just starting up, Cards are at 22-20.
  8. Yep, that was close!
  9. Work was a pain today, off now and just able to tune in. Looks like the Cubs up 4-2. Edwards just got out of a bases loaded jam! Bottom of the 8th now.
  10. I have no comment other than I came here for the comments . This Thread is going to cost me all of my LIKES.
  11. Cubs only 1.5 games out of 1st place at 23-21, Brew Crew lost, they are now 25-20.
  12. Well I think LeBron is in the GOAT convo, never said he wasn't (if you are Top 10 you are in that convo) and yes Bogie is a Peyton hater. It is what it is. I have seen him bash Peyton so much on your Profile Page that it's comical. If I even mention he is the GOAT he brings up Peyton's MVP's being meaningless and his nice pass to Tracy Porter for the game winning TD in SB 44. I am over it anyway because no matter what I say to you either, you will take his side. No biggy, Go Warriors!
  13. Yeah I mean how can anyone say LeBron is the GOAT or 2nd best, then in the same breath poo poo Peyton because he doesn't have the Rings that Brady has. That is so nuts it's comical. Even Duncan has more Rings than LeBron and Duncan was an alpha dog/greatest PF ever if we are playing the Ring argument for GREATEST PLAYERS - not ROLE PLAYERS.
  14. Also bringing up guys like Robert Horry and Derek Fisher is downright silly regarding a Ring argument and everyone knows that. The Ring argument is mainly between the Elite of players of all-time (best player on their team or 2nd best player on some teams), not Role players. Quit reaching.
  15. The problem with debating with you is, you think just because I don't have LeBron in My Top 5 I am a Hater or don't think he's Great. That is completely false. Saying someone is only Top 10 and not Top 5 isn't a dis at all considering there have been thousands of players that have played the game. Even when I compliment LeBron like say he is Top 10 ever and I would consider him Top 5 if he beats the Warriors, you just point out when I bash him for some reason. I say he is the best player today and better than Durant but you ignore that too! Out of curiosity I would love to hear your criteria for ranking players because if it's based on Stats and Championships, than it is very debatable that LeBron is Top 5. Peyton Manning won 5 League MVP's and is better than Tom Brady in every key statistical category but you poo poo that because Brady has more Rings. It's ok for you to do that but when I criticize LeBron for anything I am hater in your book. You are actually the biggest Peyton Manning hater I have ever seen so 2 can play at this game. I cant debate with you because you don't see both sides of my argument, you just see me as a hater and for the record I cant stand Skip Bayless either. He is a Luck hater and I disagree with him about 90% of the time.

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