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  1. Thanks for the correction, I was giving Russ more credit even . We will have to wait and see what happens. I am just Pee'd the Pacers are about to be screwed. If anything we need to try and pry away future picks from the Lakers to build in the future but I definitely want Randle and Clarky too. If we cant get Ingram, Magic better be giving me Randle and Clarkson + some picks.
  2. Magic needs to give us Randle and Clarkson and several future picks and call it a day. Quit being stubborn Magic! Magic you are going to get Paul George and just got Ball + you have Lopez and Ingram and all kinds of Cap Space.
  3. D'Angelo Russell shot 3-19 in his final college game and they got smoked by Arizona in the Tournament, same round Ball lost in last season - bringing this up because you dis Ball for getting outplayed by Fox in the Tourney. Russell divided a locker room by his silliness to what he did to Nick Young, had he done that to me I would never be able trust him again. Russell shot 40% from the field in his 2nd season (last season) and was a poor Defender and was just immature with little Leadership. How on earth could you or anyone think he could lead the Lakers to anything? Ball will be so much better than him. All Magic has done so far is get rid of a horrendous contract in Mozgov's which is almost impossible to do so, so he can sign Paul George and another Great Free Agent in 2018 and he replaced Ball with Russell. He also added a Center that is a great teammate that can give him 17-20 Points in Lopez. That is all that has happened. I see that is a huge+.
  4. I have Posted this but I think the Cavs royally screwed up when they traded Wiggins.
  5. I am a huge Andrew Wiggins fan, I think he is close to being a Top 20 player in this league. A Big3 of Butler who is Top 20/Towns/Wiggins is a Playoff team IMO. That could prevent the Lakers from not making it in
  6. Can we just bring back 1998 but let me win one as a fan for Reggie. That series was epic.
  7. Yeah this isn't good for either team.
  8. Yeah everyone is piling on Lonzo so I am here to defend him. It's not his fault his dad is a turd.
  9. Good for Carr but I hear some people saying he is better than Andrew media wise. Lets see him win a Playoff game first before we anoint this guy the next coming. Andrew has won 3 Playoff games and been in a Championship Game with a mediocre Defense, no Run game, and bad O.Line. Many in here even think Chuck sucks, Andrew was a total powerhouse for 3 years when you think about it. Carr needs to win in the Playoffs.
  10. Wrong, Russell is the bust. He will disappear in stinky Brooklyn. Ball will be a Great Pro within 3 seasons. At least we now have something we can follow and debate because you think Ball stinks and I think he will be Great. I think Good in his Rookie season, as a rookie for someone to be Great is unrealistic. Russell was lousy in his rookie season, Lakers went 17-65 LOL. I guarantee with Ball the Lakers don't go 17-65. If the Lakers land George and only have to give up Randle and Clarkson and some future picks I would bet with Ball/Ingram/George/Lopez that the Lakers would at least be .500 (41-41). They were 26-56 last season so that is a bold statement saying they will improve 15 games but they need those 4 to do it.
  11. If the Lakers get George, George will be the #1 option but Lopez will be option #2 which means he will be around 20 a game. Ball will be around 10 Assists a game IMO if he has those 2. Regarding your Bulls and my Pacers - they both look like they don't have a leg to stand on.
  12. Yeah I have no idea what the Bulls are doing, that wasn't good but the Pacers future looks pretty bad too.
  13. If the Lakers would give us Randle and Clarkson I would probably take it right now. Both of those guys are real young, they are inconsistent players but they don't suck. Both can score around 15 a game, Randle is 15/10 guy IMO. I think he and Turner could mesh pretty well.
  14. Not sure what is going on, we have to trade him though at this point.
  15. you want everyone fired what else is new . I actually agree with you though, I think our Coach sucks too.

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