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  1. A little off topic but for fun to follow this up, here are the QB's that have won multiple SB's as a starter: Brady 5 = Elite Montana 4 = Elite Bradshaw 4 = Elite Aikman 3 = Elite Peyton 2 = Elite Elway 2 = Elite Staubach 2 = Elite Starr 2 = Elite Big Ben 2 = Elite Griese 2 = Elite Eli 2 = Elite, you have to say he's Elite. He had 2 game winning drives vs the Pats Plunkett 2 = NOT Elite but he was Good. -11 of the 12 multiple SB winners have been Elite as a whole when you take their full career's into account.
  2. Winning SB's is definitely a team thing but normally you need an Elite QB to win multiple SB's. You may get lucky and win 1 like Dilfer or Johnson or Hostetler, crap happens but really other than Jim Plunkett every QB that has won more than 1 has been Elite. Peyton wasn't Elite in winning his last one but he was for most of his career.
  3. Villanova losing in Round 2 was shocking. Same for Duke. A lot of people had Arizona winning it all as well and they lost to Xavier.
  4. I don't think Kansas will have much problem with Oregon. I was surprised Oregon beat Michigan. If Kansas ends up playing KY now that will be 50/50.
  5. Kentucky looking really solid. They are very capable of winning it all. At least my pick of UCLA went to the Sweet 16, last season I had Michigan St and they lost in Round 1. I had never had that happen before, pretty silly!
  6. Thanks for Posting the rushing numbers. I wasn't sure what they were but I knew it wasn't close and that is a huge part of the game in todays game.
  7. What the Colts did before Andrew Luck has no relevance to his success because we totally rebuilt the team coming off a 2-14 season. Yes we kept Reggie Wayne and Robert Mathis but got rid of 70% of out Roster. We weren't even close to being the team we were from 2003-2010. Yes our franchise has been much better than the Lions but the team Andrew came into stunk and he still led us to an 11-5 record. You keep disregarding wins but that is the name of the game. Why does 99% of the media and most fans label Brady the GOAT? It's because he is the ultimate winner at the QB position. Luck has had better success than Stafford in winning games. Also compare each QB's Rushing Stats which you didn't mention in the OP, Andrew is much better. You have to factor that in because that is an important part of Andrew's success much like it is Cam Newton's. Stafford is a Good QB but Andrew is definitely better all-around, I don't even think it's a debate.
  8. Turnovers killing UCLA, KY up 60-53 with 10 minutes to go. I haven't seen UCLA play this sloppy in a while. Fox is a great player for KY.
  9. This has been a very disappointing season. The worse in a while because of expectations. The year PG was injured I expected us to lose but we still almost made the Playoffs. We are a far cry from our 2013/2014 teams. We are just plain soft!
  10. Some of these rankings are based on impact a player had on our team when they played. For example Dickerson only had 3 Great seasons with us but his impact coming to the team in 1987 was priceless. Same with Booger McFarland, he played 1 season with us but when we got him that was the NT we needed to clog the middle and we won the SB.
  11. Whoever wins that game has a great shot at winning it all. I picked UCLA to win it before the tourney started but I did have this matchup in my bracket as a huge hurdle. Villanova, Duke, and Arizona all history. Still Kansas and NC lurking though, Gonzaga is solid too.
  12. A little off topic but I will list my Top 3's at every position in Indianapolis Colts history 1984-2016 seasons RB's/FB's = Runners - which is the main topic 1. Eric Dickerson 2. Edge James 3. Marshall Faulk QB's 1. Peyton Manning 2. Andrew Luck 3. Jim Harbaugh WR's 1. Marvin Harrison 2. Reggie Wayne 3. TY Hilton TE's 1. Dallas Clark 2. Ken Dilger 3. Marcus Pollard OT's 1. Tarik Glenn 2. Kevin Call 'The Creature' 3. Will Wolford 4. Ryan Diem OG's 1. Chris Hinton 2. Ron Solt -I went 4 Tackles and 2 Guards because we had 4 Tackles that were Great Centers 1. Jeff Saturday 2. Ray Donaldson 3. Ryan Kelly (already) DT's 1. Tony Siragusa 2. Booger McFarland 3. Raheem Brock DE's 1. Dwight Freeney 2. Robert Mathis 3. Jon Hand LB's 1. Gary Brackett - MLB, the QB of the Defense 2. Tony Bennett - Led the Colts in Sacks in 1994 and 95, Great Pass Rusher 3. Cato June - Great in Pass Coverage, led Colts in INT's in 2005 CB's 1. Vontae Davis 2. Jeff Burris 3. Kelvin Hayden Safety's 1. Bob Sanders 2. Jason Belser 3. Marlin Jackson, if people consider him a True CB, then I would go Mike Prior at #3 at Safety. Punters 1. Pat McAfee 2. Hunter Smith 3. Rohn Stark Kickers 1. Adam Vinatieri 2. Mike Vanderjadt 3. Dean Biasucci HeadCoaches 1. Tony Dungy 2. Ted Marchibroda 3. Jim Caldwell - I know but he was 3rd IMO
  13. Ballard cleaning house! I love it.
  14. I know I have sounded like a Faulk hater on here but I don't hate the guy, I just think Dickerson was more important to the Colts Franchise so I am just getting my points across in different ways. Dickerson put Indy on the map, then Harbaugh was the leader of our team in the mid 90's, then Peyton took it over and got us a Ring.
  15. Yeah I work nights quite a bit and when I get home in the morning she is always on when I check out the weather. She's not a knockout or anything but I just wanted to throw out a name you probably never heard of.

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