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  1. Whitesox are up 1-0 in the 2nd Inning.
  2. I was too but I think he will be fine.
  3. Yeah I am watching that game now. It's 0-0 in the 2nd.
  4. Yeah we aren't messing around tonight.
  5. Cubs are up 10-1. Is there a mercy rule?
  6. I almost usually can get most games on Comcast sportnet Chicago which is a Chicago channel (741) but tonight's game isn't even on that tonight. The game is actually blacked out here on ESPN but I have it on WNDY. They are showing the Whitesox on 741 tonight.
  7. I have U-Verse and lucky to have WNDY, it's channel 10 on U-Verse. When games are blacked out on ESPN or MLB, I can always count on good ol' WNDY.
  8. Yeah sad to hear she passed. She was only 56. I wonder what Scott Baio thought are on it? Anyway RIP to her.
  9. I know, it's insane isn't it . I have a feeling we can retake the Division but we need our defense to step up.
  10. We are up 9-1, this is a demolish!
  11. You have guts of steel. After that happen I wasn't feeling so well.
  12. He probably did when Chap gave up that 3 run HR against the Indians. That almost made me puke.
  13. It's blacked out here on ESPN, but I have good ol WNDY channel 23 so I can still watch it.
  14. 4-0 Cubs in the 1st Inning over the Pirates. It's safe to say the Champs are out for blood tonight after getting embarrassed by this team a week ago.
  15. This is why they will never win anything. Lucky for us. -As in anything big like going to a Title Game or a SB/winning a SB.

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